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BOEREMARK Next Market on 4 May 2019 @ BOSVELD CENTRE 2.2KM out of town on R40

The paper that encourages dreams, supports people and builds the community! Vol 17 Issue 12, 26 April 2019, Kruger2Canyon News, Shop 12, Kamogelo Centre, Hoedspruit. Tel 015 793 2617 email: heidi.lee@mweb.co.za

Balule acts to save its rhinos

BALULE - Ten months of discussions and planning under strict security came to a successful conclusion when the rhino population of Balule was dehorned during a seven day operation. Balule, a private reserve open to the Kruger National Park and its neighbours in the Associated Private Nature Reserves (APNR), has been hit hard by illegal poaching and lost nearly 70% of its rhino population since 2012. According to Sharon Haussmann, Chairperson of Balule, this was possibly the largest project of its kind undertaken world-wide, and in one sense an experiment. No dehorning in an open system on this scale has been done, and a very active post-dehorning monitoring programme will be implemented. She is satisfied that for the first time something proactive has been done for the rhinos on Balule. Even the surviving rhinos are suffering, from a skewed gender ratio and from the loss of natural family groups. Balule is not the only reserve to take this drastic measure.

The endorsement was signed by reserves in the Greater Kruger region, including Kruger National Park itself, and many will proceed with dehorning or have already done so. Sharon admits that the dehorning was both a drastic and emotive measure. Three years ago she would possibly not have supported it, but the reserve is fighting against organised crime. The justice system doesn’t support the anti-poaching activities; poachers caught and let out on bail were reoffending within weeks. Acting only to threats and incursions had become insufficient and there was a strong case for buying the time needed to put in place proactive measures. If rhino poaching continued at its present rate, the Balule rhinos would become extinct within the next two to four years, in spite of substantial financial investments into security, both in terms of manpower and technology. The necessity to keep the planning stage secret was the most difficult part. If the plan had leaked, it could have led to an unstoppable onslaught of poaching. The stress continued right through the final days of ... cont on pg4...

For the best info on where to stay and what to do in the Lowveld pop in @ Hoedspruit-info, Kamogelo Tourism Centre. You can also do all SANParks bookings and now also all FGASA registrations for 2019. Let us help you! 015 7932617

Office: 015 793 1530

Photograph supplied by Balule

Kerstin Nyberg Peart

FREECopy! 5000 copies


26 April 2019 Kruger2Canyon


Hoedspruit Town Watch Tourism Blood Lions The new committee members are: Chairperson: Deputy Chair: Secretary: Treasury: Add. member:

Victor Swan Danie Strydom Marie Helm Ronel Engelbrecht Chris van der Westhuizen

Victor thanked the members for their trust in his leadership and for the support from all present. Again, he thanked the outgoing Chair, Peet van der Westhuizen, for his contribution to Town Watch. He wished him well and expressed his hope that Peet would often visit Hoedspruit and volunteer to do a patrol or two! Victor congratulated all new members on their election

and thanked them for their willingness to participate in building Town Watch. He said it is important that we continue to get new members. The Town Watch is a necessary and very special organisation, and everybody must contribute to make sure that it grows and flourishes. Town Watch is responsible, along with other parties, for keeping our community safe. Hence it is of utmost impor-


Stuart Woodhead’s letter sent to The Star and published on 3 April 2019 tance that as many residents as possible participate in an organisation in which members give their time and resources willingly to our community. He encouraged members to keep working at visible policing, which is one of the most efficient ways to keep communities safe. He was very excited about his new role and looking very much forward to working with the new committee. Left: Victor handed over a gift to the outgoing Chairperson and thanked him and his family for their contribution to the town. A big thank you and a gift were also handed over to Lee from Thirsty Giraffe for their kind donation of salad, bread rolls, and the venue. Thank you so much for allowing the Town Watch to use your facilities. After all the wonderful expressions of gratitude and congratulations, the members enjoyed a wonderful typical Hoedspruit braai.

The Little Field Mouse Market Crafts made by locals for locals! @Kamogelo Tourism Centre +27 83 518 1452 www.facebook.com/estmarkets

It would appear that the only possibility of creating much needed new jobs in South Africa is in the tourism industry. I live in Hoedspruit which has become the hub of tourism for Limpopo as well as the adjacent Mpumalanga province. There is an excellent airport at the nearby Eastgate, but the main road leading to Hoedspruit from Gauteng is shocking to say the least. On leaving the N4, which is private and well maintained, the road (R540) leading into Belfast and then onto another tourist destination such as Dullstroom is rapidly deteriorating. The roads in Belfast and Lydenburg are so bad that they can hardly be driven on except in 4x4 vehicles. From Dullstroom to Lydenburg and on to Ohrigstad (R540/R36), the road is so full of potholes that it is becoming extremely dangerous. The road has been badly repaired over the years, but the underlying problem seems to be the inadequate drainage below the base course, which has never been attended to. Hence, the repairs continue to fail and the potholes reappear merely months after being repaired. I have seen a number of vehicles on this section, including those of tourists, stranded on the side of the road with burst tyres and damaged wheels. As not everyone can afford to fly to Hoedspruit (one of the most expensive 50 minutes flights in South Africa), surely Sanral can do something about repairing this section of road, from Belfast to Ohrigstad, for the sake of tourism as well as for all of the buses and trucks that use this particular route.

muzzled at WTM Dr Louise de Waal

CAPETOWN - The Blood Lions presentation by campaign director Nicola Gerrard at World Travel Market Africa in Cape Town last week was abruptly cut short after only five minutes of a planned 20-minute presentation. ‘Blood Lions has been welcomed and received huge support from leading travel operators during the WTM Africa show and we are shocked by the treatment of our organisation on a responsible tourism platform today,’ Nicola said. Winners of the Overall African Responsible Tourism Award in 2017, Blood Lions was invited to speak on their achievements. However, on Friday morning, a fourth speaker was included last minute, and another speaker was allowed to go well over their allocated time, leaving the Blood Lions campaign with a mere five minutes to speak. ‘I didn’t handle the situation well and apologise once more

to the Blood Lions team and the audience in the venue for the way the session ended’, said Dr Harold Goodwin, host of the Responsible Tourism Sessions. Blood Lion’s Ian Michler stated, ‘Our message leaves little room for confusion, and if this wasn’t another attempt to muzzle it, then it was an incredibly ham-fisted and unprofessional way to manage an international travel show.’ An estimated 8,000 predators are held in captivity in small enclosures on 250-300 breeding facilities in SA. These animals are exploited at every phase of their lifecycle; captive lions have no conservation value despite the claims made by the breeders. Over 140 leading international tourism operators have already signed the Blood Lions Born To Live Wild pledge, committing to stop supporting any exploitative wildlife tourism activities, such as cub petting and walking with lions, and the senseless killing of predators.  Pippa Hankinson

HOEDSPRUIT - The new team has been officially elected and is ready for action. Victor Swan, newly elected chairperson of the Hoedspruit Town Watch, thanked his new team for their willingness to participate in this very special organisation.

Email: heidi.lee@mweb.co.za


Private Guided Safaris

Premium Camps and Lodges | Specialist Wildlife Photography | Professional guiding in South Africa | Botswana | Zimbabwe | Tanzania | Zambia | Kenya | Uganda (+27) 82 745 0522 or (+27) 82 351 7225 www.africa-unlocked.com

26 April 2019 Kruger2Canyon


Tamsin Putter

Rhino Tower @Montecasino is going up!

Gareth Putter JOHANNESBURG - It’s been a rather manic whirlwind getting ready to go up the tower. I first came up with the idea over the Festive season, so it has manifested rather quickly with the main aspects of the production coming together in around two months. It was tough leaving home and knowing that I wouldn’t see the family for over a month, especially missing our

son Thorne’s 5th birthday, but fortunately he understands it’s for a good cause and to help animals. However I don’t think he really comprehends for how long I will be gone. There have been many different challenges for me on this project and I think one of them is being thrust into the limelight. I’m generally not one for centre stage kind of exposure but when it comes to conservation issues it’s important to stand up and make yourself heard, no matter the


ELEPHANT RUMBLE Alan McSmith | www.alanmcsmith.com

cost of personal fears or concerns etc. I am really looking forward to starting the main part of this journey which will see me living on top of the 16m high platform for a full month, trying to spread the message of conservation through social media platforms via live streaming footage, as well as challenging corporates to spend an Hour Up The Tower with me for a donation of R10 000 or more. There are some real fear factors here for me and one of them is the height factor. I have never really been that fond of heights, but I seemed to have got used to going up and down the tower on a daily basis. It may be a bit different when the tower starts swaying in the wind while I am trying to sleep etc. Another big fear is that of lightning, although the engineers have assured me I will be fine on the tower with regards to lightning strikes etc as the tower is earthed correctly. I have decided that in the event of a severe lightning storm I will remove myself from the structure as an added precaution. The other big challenge I see for myself is that of being stuck in such a small area for so many days. I am generally a very active guy doing mountain biking and other adventurous things but fortunately I will have my artwork to help keep me focussed. All in all, I am excited to get going with the project and hope and pray that we get the support we need from the public as well as corporate SA to help spread the message of conservation, as well as raise the much-needed funds for our various beneficiaries. I would just like to thank the entire Rocking for Rhinos Crew and Pit-Track team members for their involvement with this project. This is by no means a one man show and credit goes to each and every person from crew, to sponsors to media and construction workers for all getting involved in such an important cause.

ZAKOUMA, BEYOND THE FRONTIER Wildlife, not only in abundance, but layers of abundance. Animal colours differ, some with a soft Garfield-like brown tinge. Sunsets eclipsed with Harmattan dust blown in from the Sahara are other-worldly as the sun disappears high in the sky, followed by pastels of crepuscular light that render West African lion, Lelwel hartebeest, giraffe and Buffon’s kob incredibly invisible. The largest population of Kordofan giraffe and Central African buffalo are around. Birdlife is astounding with Sahel specials such as Abyssinian ground hornbill, grasshopper buzzard and stone partridge, culminating in massive flocks of northern crowned crane and northern carmine bee-eaters. That’s if you can see them, as cloudy flocks of quelea, snapped at by desert crocodile while on the wing, may block out the light. Night drives are off the charts and produce amongst others diminutive pale fox, variations of mongoose and jackal, serval and a ballet of standard-winged nightjar. And then there are the elephants; possibly the most persecuted population in Africa that have returned from the edge with the help of a select group of people who have put their lives on the line. Forever will I speak out against those who claim that Africans do not care about Africa.

Once down to a few there are now 600 in the 3000 km2 reserve. Their habits and ecology, adapted to the critical conditions and resolute need to stick together, redefine the laws of elephant behaviour making the Zakouma herds the largest in the world. The story of Zakouma with the elephant poaching and security issues, within the storyboard of recovery and hope, is absolutely unique. While watching a breeding herd in the remote south we were chased by a young male in defiance, yet similarly aged bulls, some carrying AK47 lead, tolerate being touched at the HQ waterhole. This is the backdrop; and a tapestry of remoteness requiring three time zones to access. A bonanza of beauty, conservation success and incredible hope from the most unlikely of regions; Chad and the so called dead heart of Africa. A safari here, beyond the frontier, is more experimental than experiential. Not for the faint of heart, and despite extreme conditions, Zakouma will leave you stirred and speechless. These are my first impressions as I return home from the desert, in body at least, with my mind and soul due to arrive anytime soon. Beyond expectations. Inshallah!


26 April 2019 Kruger2Canyon


Shooting the big cats Zanne Kruger

SABI SANDS - Ever dreamed of taking those postcard shots of your favourite cat? No matter where you fit on the scale of novice to professional wildlife photographer – a Big Cat Photo Safari with At Close Quarters should be on the top of your bucket list. At Close Quarters was founded in 2015 and is the brainchild of two brothers-in-law, Michael Dippenaar and Joshua McPhail. They merged their passion for Africa’s wildlife and photography, combined it with their desire to share their experience and brought it all together with some good business skills. Teaming up with the owners of Djuma, Jurie and Pippa Moolman and their staff, as well as adding professional photographers Lance van de Vyver and Villiers Steyn, presented the perfectly tiedribbon factor to their success. Few things beat the thrill of the open-vehicle, off-road tracking of the big hunters to get up-close and chase that perfect shot. Unlike your regular safari, these guys take you as close as you can get to the local lion population or they line you up in the path of a wandering resident leopard. You get to spend more time at a sighting and when possible the chance to try your hand at various angles and settings under the guidance of photographic specialists. ACQ offer Big Cat Photo Safaris 64 days of the year at the luxurious Vuyatela Lodge and Galego on Djuma in the Sabi Sands, as well as annual trips to Botswana and tracking tigers in India. The Djuma safaris are small and intimate, and the camp

is exclusively booked out for the ACQ guests. Drives are conducted by a team consisting of an At Close Quarters specialist photographic guide, accompanied by a ranger and tracker from Djuma. The Djuma ranger-andtracker teams are absolutely extraordinary at what they do. They know the area well and seem to have developed a codesire with the ACQ guides to present the patrons with the best possible photographic opportunities. The ACQ guides are bril-

liant. Their nearly tangible passion and enthusiasm for their work ignites your desire to improve, to learn, to grow. Both are well qualified and experienced in their field and are obviously keen to share their wealth of knowledge and experience. They are commissioned to ensure everyone gets the best possible images while advising on settings, and optimal use of your camera and equipment. They also provide practical lightroom processing training afterwards.

It is clear that they are just as passionate about educating as they are about the animals and photography, and they live up to the ACQ website statement ‘Our passion is your experience’. The intimate set-up provides immeasurable hands-on opportunities to learn and develop your photographic skills and is undeniably worth every cent. I found it an empowering and very educational experience.

...from pg1...waiting for Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism (LEDET) to issue the appropriate permits to proceed with the operation, when a neighbouring reserve had already started theirs. Once given the go-ahead, a specialised team comprising the Balule management, four wildlife veterinarians, a fixed wing spotter aeroplane and a two helicopters carried out the multi-

disciplined operation. The whole operation required the highest level of security. Sharon praised the assistance given by SAPS, Rhino9 and Endangered Species Unit of Limpopo. The process was never easy at any level, but passionate supporters among the landowners helped through their donations to fund the project. The horns that had been removed presented an obvious risk, and were flown

off site daily to be stored in a specialised security facility in a city. The entire operation was closely monitored by a LEDET official who also ensured that DNA samples from every rhino are entered into the RHODIS system at the University of Pretoria. Balule can now look into new initiatives, and they are driving a process which will bring in top level technology to help track and trace criminals in

a very accurate and tangible manner. The ultimate outcome of the dehorning operation is of course to save the life of rhinos, but it has already worked positively on the people involved. Sharon was amazed at how the team spirit at Balule increased daily during the operations. The stress on everybody involved in trying to protect our rhinos is intolerable, but at last they were given hope.

Balule acts to save its rhinos


Photograph supplied by Balule

PRINTERS info@crocprint.co.za

013 752 6057


26 April 2019 Kruger2Canyon

Maruleng Auto’s Annual Shavathon bigger and better than ever before!

Christine du Preez of Holokomela with Derik Scorer owner of Maruleng Auto.

HOEDSPRUIT - On Saturday 12 April, Maruleng Auto, Hoedspruit’s local Nissan, Datsun and Mahindra dealership, hosted its annual Shavathon in support of the CANSA Foundation. This year the beneficiary was Hlokomela women’s clinic – this will assist in supporting treatments for patients who cannot afford the care. Maruleng Auto matched all donations made on the day. ‘Close to R15 000 was raised on the day – thank you to the people of Hoedspruit and our partners for

your excellent support. We look forward to next year’s Shavathon’, said Derik Scorer of Maruleng Auto. This was by far the largest of the Shavathon events held by Maruleng Auto over the past three years. ‘We are hoping that next year we will do even better with the support of other local businesses. We have to thank Pick n Pay, Buco and Hoedspruit FM for their support this year, as well as Sonja and her team from Hlokomela whose participation was invaluable’.

Silke Gadeyne

Beside the fact that this new space is about five times bigger than the old one, we also got a new stove (the old one wasn’t working well) and a commercial sized sink, and the walls got a coat of beautiful light blue paint. A soothing colour to calm frantic cooks! Obviously this whole transformation wouldn’t have been possible without the help from this community. We would like to thank everyone who helped us make this dream a reality. Besides those who donated through GlobalGiving, we would also like to thank the individuals and companies that helped us make this kitchen great. Thank you to Koen and Wilma Barends, Sausage Tree, Hirsch’s, Sephaku cement, Stonebuilt, Buco, Electrolux, Italtile, CTM Hazyview, Transtech Africa Global, Macsteel and PG Bison. A big thank you also to Steven Gandolfo and the French travellers. And, once again, thank you to all our donors on GlobalGiving. We’re especially grateful for the fact that we have grown enough to need a bigger kitchen in the first place! With your assistance, DAKTARI is even better than it already was.

A dream kitchen

DAKTARI - A few months ago DAKTARI set up a fundraising campaign on GlobalGiving to raise funds for a new kitchen. Here at DAKTARI our kitchen staff cook for 20+ children and volunteers every day, which wasn’t an easy task in our old kitchen. It was too dark and small for our cooks to work efficiently. The idea of renovating our kitchen began when two previous DAKTARI volunteers, Wilma and Koen, made a big donation to change a few things in the kitchen. We then decided to actually start a campaign so we could do it right. Lots of people quickly came to our rescue and donated funds to build the kitchen of our dreams. A few months later, we were able to start planning and designing. Once the workers arrived, things happened quite quickly. In just a few weeks, our old kitchen was completely gone and the new one took shape. Walls went up in just a matter of days and the old kitchen was no more. Once the windows and new roof were installed, we could start imagining what the end result would look like.


Sister Laverne and Joey Kloppers, of Salon Moniquue, hard at work during the Shavathon.


26 April 2019 Kruger2Canyon

HALO homes

HALO occasionally has dogs who are looking for a new loving human (or family) with whom to share their lives. All the dogs are neutered, vaccinated and well socialised, both with other dogs and people. If you think one of these dogs could be your new canine best

friend, please contact HALO, either via the HALO Facebook page, https://www.facebook. com/Hoedspruit.HALO/, or Christine Otto by phone, 072 437 7006. Adoption fees apply, R1200 for females and R950 for males. Prehome checks will be done.


Grade 8’s clean up Hoedspruit Sterna Marx

HOEDSPRUIT - Hoedspruit High School’s Grade 8 volunteers, armed with black refuse bags and willing hands, took to the streets during the Hoedspruit Town clean-up on 16 April. Counsellor Christine du Preez made an appeal to all businesses, schools and residents to join in the town clean up so the Easter visitors are welcomed by a litter free town. Hoërskool Hoedspruit didn’t hesitate to help with this massive task. They cheerfully picked up the trash that people carelessly throw around our beautiful town. HHS is involved in every town clean-up and without efforts like these the town would turn into a dump. Afterwards, rain came down over Hoedspruit as if nature thanked the Grade 8’s for the huge effort they put into the clean-up.

Above: Hoedspruit High’s Grade 8 volunteers

SIBI is an elderly gentleman who still has a lot of sparkle. He seeks an active and comfortable retirement and would be suitable for someone in a similar situation. He has excellent social skills and could take a younger dog under his wing.

Nina van Eeden 078 778 9014 | Dina de Waal 083 327 0325 info@moov2move.co.za

SARS to expand administrative penalties to corporates Drikus Lee

Creditors Clerk Vacancy - Hoedspruit

Requirements: - At least 3 years creditors and pastel experience - Basic accounting knowledge - Systematic and organised - Good communicator and team player. - Reliable and honest - Consistent processing, reconciliations and filing - Hard worker Salary negotiable Send CV to : johan.magda@gmail.com

ACCOUNTS INFO - With effect from 28 January 2019, administrative penalties will also be levied on non-compliant corporate tax payers, which is defined in terms of Section 210 and 213 of the Tax Administration Act. ‘The main problem with these administrative penalties is that they are charged monthly at a fixed amount for as long as the non-compliance continues, unlike late payment or other penalties, which is charged once-off, as a percentage of the amount in question. This can quickly add up to a large sum of money that must be paid to SARS, over and above your normal tax and other penalties. Basically, it boils down to a penalty being imposed upon failure to submit your tax return on time. These penalties can vary from R250.00 per month to R16,000.00 per month for the duration of the non-compliance, even if the company or CC is dormant, but possesses more than R1000.00 worth of disposable assets”, says the partners of Proforum Accountants Hoedspruit. NB Proforum Accountants has recently expanded their network to Hoedspruit and

Bushmaster Solar & Electrical

are ready to assist anyone who may require assistance. For any queries or further information contact 015 590 6761.

HOEDSPRUIT – BBI PACKERS Bookkeeper VACANCY Job purpose: Overseeing of financial and administrative processes

Responsibilities & Duties •

• • • • • •

Qualifications & Skills • • •

Diploma or university degree majoring in accounting will be an advantage Minimum of 5 years’ proven experience in accounting Knowledge of Pastel accounting will be a prerequisite

Competencies • • • • • •

SOLAR DESIGN INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE | WATER PUMPS & ELECTRICAL NETWORKS Call or Whatsapp Louis on: 073 947 0821 | Email: marlene@radioactive.co.za

Prepare, examine and analyse accounting, and other financial reports to assess accuracy, completeness and conformance to reporting and procedural standards Ensure that correct procedures are followed for statutory reporting Assist with internal and external audits Perform general administrative duties as requested Stock reconciliations, managing general ledgers and all financial input documentation Participate in preparation of annual budgets Assist with monthly wage processing and calculations

Strong communication and interpersonal skills Excellent problem-solving, analytical and numerical abilities are crucial Strong organisational skills with demonstrated ability to meet deadlines Excellent computer skills (Excel, MS Word, Outlook and electronic banking) Able to work independently with minimal supervision Effective handling of detailed information and consistent attention to detail

CV(s) must be sent to Rika Ferreira at: rikaf@bavariafruit.co.za Closing date for applications: 7 May 2019 Please consider your application unsuccessful if not contacted on or before 31 May 2019.

26 April 2019




Summiting Mariepskop on a bicycle!

Louisette van Helsdingen

MIGHTY MARIEPSKOP MOUNTAIN - It takes an effort of extreme proportions to reach the top of the iconic Mariepskop Mountain, the highest peak in the Northern Drakensberg, protected as a nature reserve.

Riding it by bicycle is even more challenging, but for some crazy cyclists it is worth every second of gruelling effort! The peak is a massive 1945m above sea level, and a formidable 1400-meter climb from Klaserie into ever thinner air as you gain

altitude. From the Geldenhuys Sawmill the road becomes a very tough gravel road climb, before heading into deep forest through rough terrain, ascending rapidly in a series of twists and turns into the final steep leg of the country’s second highest pass.

Climbing a mountain this extreme is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding things you can experience on a bicycle. You can truly enjoy the essence and freedom of the high mountains on two wheels, whether you mountain bike for fitness or just to enjoy the outdoors.

Left: Henry Smith at the top of Mariepskop having cycled from the Geldenhuys Sawmill to the top, no stopping, on his first attempt and without cleats! Above: Samuel McIntosh, 12 year old member of Hoedspruit Cycling Club, after cycling from the Sawmill to the top (with his dad, Cleve McIntosh, and Henry in hot pursuit). Top: Giant / Liv Ambassadors for Greers Sports & Cycles, Tinus and Louisette van Helsdingen joined three of Tzaneen’s top riders, Sydney Swart, Gerhard Booysen and David Pieterse to ride all the way to the summit. Right: Louisette at the summit.

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. “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” - Nelson Mandela

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MTB is making its mark at SCS HOEDSPRUIT - There are many advantages of living in the Lowveld, and being able to mountain bike in this beautiful area and specifically on the Raptor’s View Wildlife Estate, home to Southern Cross Schools, is one of them. Mountain biking is a growing sport in South Africa and internationally. At Southern Cross Schools, specifically in the College, it is a year-round activity. The official school racing season is in Term 3 in the form of the Inter-School Spur Cross Country Series.

Riders train on Mondays, when the focus is on outrides and fitness, and on Wednesdays, when skill sessions and XCO training are worked on. This all takes place on a purpose-built 4.5km XCO track on the school property. Riders may participate in other sports as well and are not committed to mountain biking for four terms. This allows learners to explore different sports or concentrate on mountain biking. Mountain biking has become competitive and popular in

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the local community. Riders participate in local rides, and are particularly encouraged to participate in the Spur Series. If they do well they stand a chance of qualifying for the Nationals which are held in Magaliesburg. Southern Cross Schools has been granted permission to ride in the Mpumalanga league. This limits the distances which have to be travelled to compete in the Spur Series as they can attend the races in the White River / Nelspruit area. Should a rider

be good enough to attend the Nationals, Mpumalanga will grant the rider a ‘wild card’ entry to the event. Mountain biking is growing in leaps and bounds and learners at Southern Cross Schools are enthusiastic. There is no better way to enjoy an afternoon than jumping on your bike and covering a few kilometres while passing a kudu or a giraffe, and forgetting – just for a moment – the Physical Science homework or the English essay which is due tomorrow.

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The best-loved paper in the Lowveld, community news at its best!

Kruger2Canyon Vol17.12  

The best-loved paper in the Lowveld, community news at its best!