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The paper that encourages dreams, supports people and builds the community! Vol 17 Issue 11, 12 April 2019, Kruger2Canyon News, Shop 12, Kamogelo Centre, Hoedspruit. Tel 015 793 2617 email: heidi.lee@mweb.co.za

Operation Rescue Mozambique Heidi Lee Smith HOEDSPRUIT | BEIRA – Beira, the second largest city in Mozambique, was described as looking like a war zone after Cyclone Idai damaged 100% of the buildings in the city and tore inland wreaking havoc and washing away entire villages on 18 March 2019. On 23 March a small group of men from Hoedspruit, including FarmWatch founder Mike Scott, headed to Mozambique to help with rescue operations in the cyclone-stricken Beira area. Mike and the Botha family are involved in mango farming operations that lie directly in the path of the devastating cyclone.   On arriving at the Botha’s farm on the south bank of the Luciete River, they were greeted by shocking circumstances. More than 1000 people were gathered on the small bit of high ground at the farmhouse and seeking shelter in the cool rooms, pack house and all over on the farm. All their homes had been washed away. The farm managers had begun taking people out of the trees – they used the cold room panels to build a boat. Jeremy and Sarah Baker from Tete arrived with a powerful motorboat and they saved a lot of people. This was one of the worst hit areas in terms of the volume of water gushing down the Luciete River. The normal flow of the river at 50-100 meters became a raging force, 10km wide, and three weeks later (see video on K2C Facebook) the river is still very dangerous.   The small team of dedicated men and women began meeting with key organisations such as the Red Cross and United Nations and information was gathered. Communities and the geography of the area were


one it’s a



studied. The floods had washed entire villages away: ‘it was devastating’ says Mike. River crossing was extremely treacherous with rocks damaging their small rescue boats, dugouts and the make shift boats they had made. Here and there a mother with a baby would be found, or on one day an entire group of people were discovered in the branches of a tree.  A report from Mike on 24 March indicated ‘good news’

as a ‘huge helicopter’ dropped shelters, toolkits and starter packs for distribution. ‘This was the first day that our team got air support, and it made a huge difference,’ Mike recorded.  Many of the stranded people were vulnerable and weak, some had traumatic injuries and broken limbs, Doctors were airlifted in and small invaluable parcels of food were ferried in by helicopter and distributed with difficulty.

Roads and bridges were either impassable or had simply been washed away entirely. On 26 March there was a call for help in the area between Mutuchiri and Pungwe rivers, where 45 000 people were stranded and inaccessible, with a further 8000 south of the Mutuchiri road. Immediately the Matarara group sent Peet van Vuuren and Jan Swart to recce the area and liaise and make plans. This was all just

in a day’s work for the group of farmers on a mission. Many of Mike’s reports refer to ‘hijacking’ of helicopters on various occasions for delivery of urgent supplies and medical attention in various directions. ‘We South Africans are good at that,’ Mike said, referring to the ‘hijacking’. ‘When Government officials arrived in helicopters to speak to the stranded citizens, we would hijack the helicopters to recce and see the

extent of the damage, only then did we begin to see how the floods had ripped through villages,’ Mike says. Mike told Kruger2Canyon that because they were an independent group with no title, they got no support from the official rescue operations, until days later when news got out of their successes and everyone arrived to come and lend a hand and be a part of the operation...continued on page5...


12 April 2019 Kruger2Canyon

Town Watch



HALO occasionally has dogs who are looking for a new loving human (or family) with whom to share their lives. All the dogs are neutered, vaccinated and well socialised, both with other dogs and people. If you think one of these dogs could be your new canine best

ACTING CHAIRMAN Mr. Victor Swan has been nominated as acting chairman for the Hoedspruit Town Watch. He has been welcomed by the members and thanked for his willingness to fill this important position until the Annual General meeting is held. MONTHLY MEETING KICKS OFF WITH FRESH IDEAS During the monthly meeting held on Tuesday 2 April 2019, is was agreed that Hoedspruit Town Watch is an extremely essential service rendered to our community. It is also essential the visible operations are actioned and is imperative for the safety within our community and will encourage and motivate our members and the community. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING According to the constitution of the Hoedspruit Town Watch, an AGM is to be held in order to appoint the board/management. The board consists of a chairman, vice chairman, secretary, treasurer and portfolio members. The decision was taken to hold the AGM on 12 April 2019 during a social gathering so that these members can be elected where after we will enjoy a braai together. This information will be published on the WhatsApp group for Town Watch. ELECTION 8 May 2019 The town watch decided that during the elections on 8 May 2019, the three voting stations in ward 1 will be monitored by Town Watch for visibility. Members who are willing to assist on this day at these stations for an hour or two must please contact Town Watch.

WELCOME TO The HALO dating site

friend, please contact HALO, either via the HALO Facebook page, https://www.facebook. com/Hoedspruit.HALO/, or Christine Otto by phone, 072 437 7006. Adoption fees apply, R1200 for females and R950 for males. Prehome checks will be done.

CHARLIE and his brother MISTER are six months old, born in the HALO kennels, and ready to face the world outside. Charlie is very loving, energetic and adventurous, and is looking for a forever relationship with someone similar. Mister is energetic and playful, but a bit more guarded than his brother. DOLLY is a young lady looking for a permanent relationship. She is energetic and very loving, and wants to share the rest of her life with someone of similar disposition. Please no short term relationships!

Mr Mabrugga

MONTH END It has come to the attention of Town Watch that safety and security during month end has become an issue. Therefore, we have decided to ask our members to partake in a visible policing exercise at Pick and Pay, Spar and Le Bamba centers on the 26th April 2019. We request that members patrol these centers in pairs as a crime prevention exercise in order to deter any possible criminal activities.


Klaserie Dam

R50 p/p/p/d R100 camping Bookings: Tersia 073 463 3148

DOGGY has not had an easy life by any stretch of the immagination. This resilient and tenacious little dog is an inspiration to us all, and HALO did all they could to help her recover from illness and abuse. She now lives life to the full and is looking for somebody very special to give her a quiet home and lots of love, which she will return in abundance. She is wary of men, but once she trust and approves of a male she will be fine.

MR MABRUGGA is an elderly gentleman who has now retired from life as a community dog in a village. He can no longer take the rough and tumble he used to, and is looking for someone with whom to share the autumn of his life. What he needs is a warm blanket, a garden to take short strolls in, and a lot of love which he will return without hesitation.



The Little Field Mouse Market Crafts made by locals for locals! @Kamogelo Tourism Centre +27 83 518 1452 www.facebook.com/estmarkets

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Rhino Tower @Montecasino

Exclusive Q&A with Gareth How are you really feeling about putting yourself in such a bright spotlight? I have never really enjoyed being in the spotlight but Rocking For Rhinos has taught me that some things in life are bigger than ourselves. Sometimes in life we need to stand up to the bully even if it is scary. How are you feeling about being extracted from your family for so long? I have never really been away from my family for such an extended period but I have explained to our five year old son Thorne why it is important for me to go and help the animals so we can help protect them from the “baddies”. My fiancee Tami will have her hands full though in our busy household but she is strong and will do fine. Our dogs will miss me too and I can’t explain to them where I’m headed. What are your fears and expectations? 16 meters is a long way up. I sometimes sleepwalk under stressful situations so I’ll probably end up tying a leg to the scaffolding each night, just in case! Another fear is that of Johannesburg lightning storms, living on a giant metal structure but I have been assured that the earthing system being put in place should keep me safe. Being static and having a maximum wandering area of roughly 5m x 5m is probably the most intimidating thing of all so I will need to do lots of body weight exercises to keep me from losing my mind. How can people follow your day to day activities etc?  People can follow our daily activities online as we will be live streaming the Rhino Tower happenings to one or two of our social media platforms, we will update our followers on our different platforms as things progress. What made you take on this project? I was watching BBC Earth 2 with our son Thorne, if I recall correctly it was the jungle episode…. He looked up at me in amazement and asked “Daddy…are these animals real, in this world?” They were so amazing to this little untarnished human being that he thought for sure they must be make believe!! It was then that I realised that I need to dedicate not just one month of my life but indeed the rest of my life to making a difference to our planet that is dying, our one and only home.

JOHANNESBURG - Since Rocking for Rhinos started in 2012, the small Hoedspruitbased team has done five music festivals, one single day music event, two art exhibitions, three auctions, and much more in aid of Rhino Conservation in SA. Through these events they have donated R777 046 to their beneficiaries, all this on top of their day jobs, but they feel it’s simply not enough! It is time for something slightly different ... from 19th April, Rocking for Rhinos founder Gareth Putter will be living for a full month on top of a 16 meter high scaffold tower at Montecasino Bird Gardens in Fourways, Johannesburg, challenging corporate South Africa as well as individuals worldwide to get involved in the fight against rhino poaching! The Rhino Tower also wants to showcase some musical talent from local musicians supporting the cause by having them perform live acoustic sets from the tower that will also be live streamed across social media. Rocking for Rhinos aims to raise R3Million plus for Rhino conservation in South Africa. A big thank you from the team to the main sponsors of the activity, Montecasino Bird Gardens, Johannesburg Scaffolding, The Fussy Vegan, The Great Outdoors - Supply Company Tours and Safaris, Evolution I.T. and Ezulwini Game Lodges. For sponsorship opportunities please e-mail gareth@rockingforrhinos.org.za or contact Gareth 0732377269 Proceeds will go towards facilitating our beneficiaries on the ground: Protrack Anti Poaching Unit Volunteer Work and Work Experience, Saving The Survivors, The Black Mambas, Pit-Track, Flying 4 Rhino and Conservation Trust Gareth Putter will be leaving his precious family for a full month, while he campaigns for the survival of rhino, and conservation in general, by living on top of a 16m high platform at MonteCasion in Fourways, Johannesburg. Seen here with his fiance Tami and their son Thorne.



12 April 2019 Kruger2Canyon


The man who makes the sun shine for others Heidi Lee Smith


Private Guided Safaris

Premium Camps and Lodges | Specialist Wildlife Photography | Professional guiding in South Africa | Botswana | Zimbabwe | Tanzania | Zambia | Kenya | Uganda (+27) 82 745 0522 or (+27) 82 351 7225 www.africa-unlocked.com

ACORNHOEK – In May 2018 I met Desre Buirski, the lady who created and made all the famous Madiba shirts. As it was Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday year, Presidential were awarding 100 of the most outstanding South Africans with a Madiba shirt in honour of Nelson Mandela’s birthday. TryGive Nxumalo was a person who stood out in my mind as a possible contender for such an award. Having met TryGive and knowing how he has passionately assisted his community to become self-sustaining through permaculture gardening, he was a person who stood out in my mind as a possible contender for such an award. Soon after nominating him I received news to say that he would be acknowledged by Presidential. Desre wrote: ‘TryGive has been acknowledged with the Presidential Award in the category of Leadership. Honouring Nelson Mandela’s 100 Centenary Birthday Celebration. Try Give is an exceptional human making a difference in the lives of his fellow community, feeding them his organic vegetables. Madiba would be so proud. We need many more TryGives in South Africa.’ TryGive received his award with gratitude and recently wrote to me to let me know: ‘Happy Sunday I got my award! I was so excited that I failed to hold my tears. What a beautiful shirt and it fits me very well. Thank you, Heidi, for nominating me. It gives me great courage to keep on doing good. This has made me realise that we in the deepest rural areas are noticed for the little effort we contribute to rural upliftment. I was not aware that ploughing and planting vegetables could turn into winning a Presidential Award. I think winning an award such as this will motivate more people into vegetable farming. I am so proud of my shirt too, when I wear it I feel like I have some of the magic of our former President Nelson Mandela. Not forgetting my family and all who supports me. I would not have made it without them’. As a young man TryGive started out as a security guard for ten years, and every time he worked night shift he would spend his mornings working in his garden. When he was a child his father always taught him about vegetable gardening, so it was ‘in his blood’. In 2008 he was hired as a general worker at Senianya Primary School. In 2011 he started taking Permaculture Classes and established a Permaculture garden at the school. He then set up community gardens, working with households in his village to begin home gardens, and slowly but surely the home gardens began to spring up, despite the lack of running water. Today there are well over 300 households around TryGive’s village who have their own successful veggie gardens. ‘I’m presently working full

time for A Spring of Hope as permaculture educator. I’m working with 45 schools in Limpompo and Mpumalan-

ga and 39l home gardens at Acornhoek, and I’m a permaculture expert!’ says TryGive.


EVEN THE TREES SEEM TO KNOW HIM With a crooked grin and scarred face, friend and colleague Sam Matabele looks more like an old pirate than a wilderness guide. Born on a remote island in the Okavango, he has a deep understanding of the delta. A lifetime of watching and listening, of studying animals, birds, fish and floods. Even the trees seem to know him. People are drawn to his subtle leadership, and do not hesitate to follow. Here is a man people barely know, yet after only a few moments in his company are willing to cast aside their shadows and fears of power and control, and tag along into an unknown world way beyond the comfort zone. Perhaps this is an example of where true natural leadership exists. It begins with a subtle transfer of consciousness, yet like an impending torrent of change, gradually builds momentum, ending in a great paradigm shift within. It is a process and not an event, and flows like a gentle river, alive to time and place, quenching the deserts in us all. www.alanmcsmith.com

12 April 2019 Kruger2Canyon



Operation Rescue Mozambique Notes from Mike Scott’s report: ‘It all began with frantic calls between farm managers and owners of our farms at Matarara in Dombe District, on the border of Manica and Sofala Provinces on Sunday morning 17 March 2019. The reports we heard had us in disbelief at what had just happened. We realised that it must be catastrophic for people up and downstream from our farms. Farm managers Gilles van de Wall and Ibrahim Uerenganhe immediately took control of the situation and began rescue operations, taking people out of trees with makeshift boats and coordinating and sheltering hundreds of people arriving on the farm.’

Planning often took place late into the night as the group would brain-storm what to do next and how to get it done with limited resources.

... from pg1... ‘Our effort was the only thing that really worked, all the NGO’s began coming to give a hand, literally hundreds of people came to see what we were doing.’ ‘When we got the helicopter from Mercy Air, that changed everything, thanks to Pilot Dean and their ground crew who were amazing,’ says Mike Solutions to the challenges had to be found, and they were relentless in their efforts, all

placing their lives in danger on many occasions to help with rescues and recces.  By 1 April Mike noted that all their families had been provided with shelters and by 3 April people had begun moving out to the fields to start planting the seeds provided and to rebuild their lives. It is thought that the speedy provision of medical assistance, food and shelters is beginning to pay off. A further list of all volunteers and thank-

you’s will be published in the next Kruger2Canyon, as there are many! When asked what the biggest threat was, Mike said: ‘Water, the volume of water in the river - then it subsided – rocks and debris made it impossible to cross the river but we had to do it – it was the only way to get to people. Then the fact that you don’t have clean water. We set up different types of water sanitation. It was a race against time. Some of those people had not eaten for two weeks, and you can’t tell them to boil their water, all their belongings had been washed away! Our primary aim was to get medical attention to them, there was drastic trauma – broken limbs and one lady with a broken jaw,’ Mike explains ‘In the end we helped 1465 families – 8900 people in total have been given shelters, toolkits, start-up packs, seed and enough food to last them till the end of April. But the one thing we couldn’t help people with is their psychological damage, this is something that has to be addressed in the future. In a very small area, 10 x 30 km, in the five communities where we worked, 105 people have died and 33 people are missing.’ Mike ended.

Rescues took place mostly by boat, dugouts and even on make-shift rescue rafts made from the sides of the cool room. These people were the last of a large group, discovered in this tree-top.

Kobus and Marcelle Botha put out a call for donations in Maputo and Mike did the same in Hoedspruit on Sunday 17 March. The help that came in was overwhelming and a day later he could leave for Mozambique with two vehicles and trailers packed with food, clothing and 5000 mosquito nets. The Trichardt School in Maputo was a collection point and was soon overflowing with donations. Volunteers started sorting and packing the goods that left Maputo for Matarara. Two WhatsApp groups were formed by Kobus which formed the basis of our communication hub where people could join and information shared. Together with Kobus v d Westhuizen and Yolanda from ESA Maputo a facility was created for financial donations. They administered this fund with daily reports on the groups. In total the volunteer group managed to distribute an incredible: 194 000kg of food, clothing, soap and other essentials. 40 000kg of shelters, kitchen kits, starter packs etc... 33 600kg of seed packs. This was distributed to 1465 families with 8177 people on the south bank of the Lucite River, and 342 families on the north bank at Matarara.

Once help arrived, more planning was needed to establish the volumes of air drops to be made to various isolated communities.

Once tents and starter kits arrived, a camp was set up on the Botha family farm on the south bank of the Luciete River, at Matarara in Dombe District, Mozambique.


12 April 2019 Kruger2Canyon

RECYCLING in our area Kerstin Nyberg Peart HOEDSPRUIT - South Africa is slowly waking up to the reality that our environment is fragile and needs our protection. This is to a large extent thanks to the work and passion of people like Happiness Lubisi, who not only owns and manages a large recycling plant in Acornhoek, but is also a fervent advocate for keeping our country clean. Happiness took over Shodulla Waste Management in April last year, but her interest in a clean environment goes back further than that.

She was chosen to be waste ambassador for Wildlands Conservation Trust in 2014, a job which involved informing people about the importance of a clean environment. She visited communities and schools with the mission to first teach and then implement what had been taught. Happiness was then employed by Nico van Vuuren’s recycling business and rapidly promoted to manager of the whole recycling centre, and last year taking over the business. Shodulla now employs 36 people, and covers a large area, as far afield as Thula-

Elephants Alive is recruiting an Administrator / Personal Assistant! We are looking for someone with excellent office skills, good spoken and written English, who is super organised with great attention to detail. You will report to the Director of Elephants Alive, Dr Michelle Henley, to assist with the day to day running of this renowned elephant conservation NGO. This is your chance to join a small, but dynamic team, based at Mica Village. Driving licence essential. For job description, email info2u@elephantsalive.org. Please send CV and a short covering email explaining why you want this job. Closing date, 22 April. Interviews, 29 April.   

mahashe, Hluvukhani, Bushbuckridge and Hoedspruit. Happiness explains that recycling on its own is not profitable enough to be viable as a business, and the company also provides a waste collection service to 60 lodges in the Hoedspruit area. All waste is sorted as pre-sorting is never 100% accurate, and for the waste to have a good market trained staff must do the final sorting. After sorting and bailing, the different types of waste are sold to appropriate companies. Cardboard and boxes go to SAPPI in Ngodwana; paper and PET are taken to Mpact in Johannesburg; glass to Consol recycling; and cans to Collect-a-Can. Any nonrecyclable waste is taken to a licensed landfill site. As well as running her business, Happiness is involved in the Coca Cola recycling project. The project involves 25 schools in the Bushbuckridge area, and the aim is to teach children, our future, the importance of recycling. Coca Cola sponsors bags for collection and the best collectors win money prizes. Coca Cola recognises its responsibility as one of the largest suppliers of PET bottles and cans and wants to help protect the planet from the waste this would create. In 2018 Happiness won the title Coca Cola Businesswoman of the Year as a recognition for her involvement. Happiness is a successful businesswoman, and she puts it down to something she learnt at a capacity training course. Ask yourself “who am I”, and tell yourself “the sky’s the limit”; if you know who you are no one can limit you. She has this message to her fellow South Africans: “Stop littering. Litter will pollute the air we breathe, it will pollute the water we drink, and dumping will poison land which could otherwise be used for cultivation”. Our environment is precious, but with committed individuals like Happiness it’s in safe hands.

Creditors Clerk Vacancy - Hoedspruit

Requirements: - At least 3 years creditors and pastel experience - Basic accounting knowledge - Systematic and organised - Good communicator and team player. - Reliable and honest - Consistent processing, reconciliations and filing - Hard worker Salary negotiable Send CV to : johan.magda@gmail.com

Bushmaster Solar & Electrical


Workshop empowers youth about their reproductive health Wisani Ngwenya

HOEDSPRUIT - On 19 March 2019, Seeds of Light held a three-day peer-to-peer workshop with youth from Acornhoek at the New Dawn Art Centre. Seeds of Light is a decade-old NGO based in Hoedspruit. Its mission is to uplift communities through humanitarian service and it relies on donations to fund its work. The workshop focused on sexual and reproductive health; “hard hitting topics that are often neglected because it’s difficult to talk about them,” said Seeds of Light Director Lynn Watson. Most of the young people attending the workshop had already participated in a Love Life programme. Love Life is another non-profit organisation that helps young people with skills and information to take charge of their health and sexuality. This workshop took the form of peer education training, where young adults who had chosen to participate could learn about issues like the reproductive cycle, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual health and human rights. As Seeds of Light facilitator Kathleen Rauch noted, it’s challenging to talk about these things anywhere in the world. “The main goal for the workshop is to help people become more comfortable to speak about issues affecting the local community” she said,” adding that “this workshop is needed because pregnancy rates around Acornhoek are high and sexually transmitted

speak out their pain and talk about abuse. With workshops like this we are changed and educated about how to deal with such abuse.” Nthabiseng Mosenohi, another one of the facilitators, said “we hope to create more awareness through this workshop, rectifying the myths that have been spread about sexual wellbeing and reproductive health”. The workshop ran just days before Human Rights Day, reminding participants of people’s right to stay healthy. Seeds of Light also runs other projects like art projects, as well as other initiatives to empower young people. For more information, contact: Kathleen Rauch Seeds of Light Facilitator kathleen@seedsoflight.org

HOEDSPRUIT – BBI PACKERS Bookkeeper VACANCY Job purpose: Overseeing of financial and administrative processes

Responsibilities & Duties •

• • • • • •

Prepare, examine and analyse accounting, and other financial reports to assess accuracy, completeness and conformance to reporting and procedural standards Ensure that correct procedures are followed for statutory reporting Assist with internal and external audits Perform general administrative duties as requested Stock reconciliations, managing general ledgers and all financial input documentation Participate in preparation of annual budgets Assist with monthly wage processing and calculations

Qualifications & Skills • • •

Diploma or university degree majoring in accounting will be an advantage Minimum of 5 years’ proven experience in accounting Knowledge of Pastel accounting will be a prerequisite

Competencies • • • • • •

SOLAR DESIGN INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE | WATER PUMPS & ELECTRICAL NETWORKS Call or Whatsapp Louis on: 073 947 0821 | Email: marlene@radioactive.co.za

diseases affect a high number of young people. Sexuality is a human birth right. It is important for people to know how to express this energy responsibly.” “I didn’t know much about reproductive health and sexual wellbeing before. Being part of this workshop was an opportunity of a lifetime. I can see the difference now and I’m able to freely talk with young people about sexual wellbeing“, said Cherit Mkansi, one of the participants. “Being part of this workshop is amazing. It’s an opportunity to meet people from my community, chat with love and keep each other company with love and smiles always,” said another participant, Caswell Mashaba. Caswell added that “in our community we witness sexual abuse, but people fail to

Strong communication and interpersonal skills Excellent problem-solving, analytical and numerical abilities are crucial Strong organisational skills with demonstrated ability to meet deadlines Excellent computer skills (Excel, MS Word, Outlook and electronic banking) Able to work independently with minimal supervision Effective handling of detailed information and consistent attention to detail

CV(s) must be sent to Rika Ferreira at: rikaf@bavariafruit.co.za Closing date for applications: 7 May 2019 Please consider your application unsuccessful if not contacted on or before 31 May 2019.

12 April 2019




Tourism Conservation Fund to help young job seekers access SA’s wildlife industries

Attendees at meeting hosted by Harambee & Tourism Conservation Fund at K2C.

Wisani Ngwenya HOEDSPRUIT - The Kruger to Canyon Biosphere Centre hosted a think tank meeting to explore the opportunity of developing a youth work experience facility in partnership with businesses operating in the local wildlife economy. The Tourism Conservation Fund, led by CEO Paul Zille,

has teamed up with Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator. Harambee is an NPO, committed to pathwaying young unemployed South Africans into their first work opportunity. The meeting invited key local players from the wildlife economy to understand the supply and demand dynamics that underpin this potential employment

market. It was a mixed-race room of more than 30 attendees, where agencies, businesses and employers converged to talk about issues contributing to high rates of unemployment, and the lack of young people from local communities in tourism and conservation. Harambee and The Tour-

ism Conservation Fund explained there are six key factors affecting young people’s employability: “socio-demographics, financial competencies, behaviours for work, socialisation for work, interest in opportunity, occupational specific requirements”. Paul Zille, CEO of the Tourism Conservation Fund, explained that “part of the solution is by linking youth into the wildlife economy through work experience”, and the Tourism Conservation Fund plans to sponsor one-year placements, if suitable students can be matched with appropriate employees. Harambee advised that if a student can survive for a year in a work place, there is a high chance that they will be forever employed, thus they offer one year internships with monthly stipends. It is hoped that this programme will lead to more young previously disadvantaged people participating in conservation and tourism businesses and even young entrepreneurs starting up related businesses in local communities. For more information, or if you are interested in offering a work placement, please contact paulz@tcfund.org.za.

Call: 013 752 6057

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. “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” - Nelson Mandela

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Riepie-rugby word bederf deur Puma’s Riepies geniet netbalfees te Tzaneen Chantelle Redelinghuys

NELSPRUIT– Tydens die vakansie het die 1ste rugbyspan van Laerskool Mariepskop ‘n toer na Nelspruit gehad. Daar het hul teen die manne van Laerskool Nelspruit gespeel en goeie bande gebou. Die provinsiale af-

rigter en rugbyspan, Jimmy Stonehouse en die Puma’s, het die Riepies bederf deur hul op ‘n toer te vat deur die Mbombela stadium, hul kleedkamers en gimnasium. Hier het die Riepie-manne geleer van spangees en trots. Voorwaar ‘n gulde geleentheid en voorreg vir die Riepies gewees.

Die volgende paar dae was pret en spanbou die hoofprioriteit van die toer gewees. Die spelers het van binnehuise springmatte, na in die modder kruip met ‘n hindernisbaan. Die manne was poot-uit na ‘n kundige klieniek en rugbytoer binne 6 dae. Die Riepies wens al die rugbyspanne ‘n suksesvolle seisoen toe.

Laerskool Mariepskop se groep netbalspeelsters en hul afrigters wat aan Hoërskool Ben Vorster se Laerskole netbalfees deelgeneem het. Dis ‘n fees om ‘n Riepie-eerstespan-netbalspeelster te wees.

Chantelle Redelinghuys Laerskool Mariepskop se 1ste rugbyspan voor die Mbombela rugbystadium tydens hul toer. Hier het die Puma rugbyspan hul gewys hoe ‘n dag as ‘n professionele rugbyspeler werk.

TZANEEN– Tydens die vakansie het die O/10-13-netbalspanne aan Hoërskool Ben Vorster se

Netbalfees deelgeneem. Daar was 13 skole en 70 spanne by hierdie fees. Die Riepies het 8 van die 12 wedstryde gewen. Die dogters het dit baie geniet om in

die Toekie Vorster dameskoshuis te oornag. Hierdie fees het gedien as goeie voorbereiding vir die eerste ligawedstryde wat 16 April plaasvind.

Port Elizabeth where they will spend time forming very important social bonds with the next group of African Penguins ready for release. They will start swim training with other rehabilitation birds which is the final step in the rehabilitation process. Once they are fit and water-

proof they will be released back into the wild. Zelda, on the other hand, can often be seen at Hoedspruit Civil overseeing wildlife translocation missions. She will assist with any animal that is in need, it doesn’t matter how big or how small.

Who said that penguins couldn’t fly?

COUNTRYWIDE – Hoedspruit’s Bateleurs to the rescue! When Tony McEwan, Director of uShaka Sea World, contacted Zelda de Keijzer of The Bateleurs to request assistance with the transport of two rehabilitated penguins, Zelda jumped into action to help. The Bateleurs is a Hoed-

spruit based, non-profit organisation, comprising more than 200 volunteer pilots who fly for the environment and conservation. The two African Penguins, Equinox and Flash, certainly proved everyone wrong when they took to the skies with Bateleurs volunteer pilots, Grant Beattie and

Craig Mee. Equinox and Flash were admitted to the uShaka Sea World Penguin Rehabilitation Programme within a week of each other after stranding on Mtunzini’s main beach and at Zinkwazi respectively. Equinox took six days before she managed to stand up straight and eat on her own as she was starving and dehydrated and further compromised by a stomach infection. She was treated with rehydration fluids and given antibiotics. Once she was feeling better she regained her strength quickly, started eating on her own and weighed in at 2.78kg when the time arrived for her flight. Flash too was dehydrated and undernourished when he arrived. His little flippers were covered with barnacles which indicated that he had spent an extended period

floating at sea. Flash was the more relaxed of the duo and took his time but slowly and steadily grew stronger. He weighed slightly more than Equinox, 3kg. Equinox and Flash were flown to SANCCOB (SA Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds) in

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For the best info on where to stay and what to do in the Lowveld pop in @ Hoedspruit-info, above SENQU Kamogelo Tourism Centre. Do all SANParks bookings and now also all FGASA registrations for 2019. Let us help you!

OFFICE: 015 793 0792

Chris Dreyer: 0835735920

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Got to love Kruger2Canyon, local, lekker Lowveld news! Telling the real stories: making a difference every time!

Kruger2Canyon Vol17.11  

Got to love Kruger2Canyon, local, lekker Lowveld news! Telling the real stories: making a difference every time!