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BOEREMARK Next Market on 6 April 2019 @ BOSVELD CENTRE 2.2KM out of town on R40

The paper that encourages dreams, supports people and builds the community! Vol 17 Issue 08, 15 March 2019, Kruger2Canyon News, Shop 12, Kamogelo Centre, Hoedspruit. Tel 015 793 2617 email: heidi.lee@mweb.co.za

Elephants Alive collar six elephants in Mozambique

Harriet Nimmo MAPUTO SPECIAL RESERVE - The sight of the 6th and final elephant cow standing up with her new satellite tracking collar was greeted with celebration and relief from a diverse group of conservationists who had come together to collar six elephants over two days in Mozambique’s Maputo Special Reserve (MSR). MSR is an incredibly scenic reserve, situated 100 km southeast of the capital, preserving both the sand forest and marine environment within its midst. MSR is also home to over 500 elephants; however, little is known about their


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movement patterns. As MSR forms a part of Peace Park’s Usuthu-Tembe-Futi Transfrontier Conservation Area, elephant movements are vital for management to understand before combining conservation areas across the Mozambican and South African international borders. In a huge collaborative effort between Elephants Alive, Saving the Survivors, Young Presidents Organisation, Safari Giants, Wildlifevets SA, Savannah Tracking and the Peace Parks Foundation, six elephants were collared across MSR in an attempt to understand elephant movement patterns in various sections of the reserve. We are delighted with how smooth the collaring operations were carried out in what at times were very difficult terrain. Elephants Alive team are also excit-

ed to see the results of this operation by allowing the elephants to tell their stories through their movements. We have many individuals and organisations to thank for making this happen. From Mozambique we would like to thank Dr. Carlos Lopes Perreira, Dr. Joao Almeida, Miquel Goncalves, Antonio Alverca and Pedro Alverca. Thanks also to our own Dr Michelle Henley, Anka Bedetti, Robin Cook, Tammy Eggeling. Saving the Survivors: Dr. Johan Marias and Dr. Joao Almeida. Safari Giants: Dex Kotze and Annie Snowden  Wildlifevets: Dr. Ben Muller. Savannah Tracking: Dr. Henrik Rasmussen and Ivy Mutiso. Peace Parks Foundation: Brian Neubert. Pilot: James Scheun and Marine Resource: Marcel Kroese

Hours are 07h30 to 16h00 weekdays Cell: 082 5600 248 email: info@hlokomela.org.za

(015) 793 2617

For the best info on where to stay and what to do in the Lowveld pop in @ Hoedspruit-info, Kamogelo Tourism Centre. You can also do all SANParks bookings and now also all FGASA registrations for 2019. Let us help you!


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Hoedspruit Chamber of Commerce / LETTER / NOTICE Dear members, colleagues, associates, and friends Hoedspruit Chamber of Commerce called its AGM for the 6th March 2019, at a later date than usual to ensure that the Chamber was able to focus on the public meetings called to address the Community Action Plan (CAP). The CAP became a high priority for the Chamber due to the escalating unrest, frustrations, anger, and a real sense of despair within our community as a result of the deterioration of the Maruleng Municipality services, and water services of the Mopani District public services department.  Rate payers were insistent about introducing a zero tolerance approach as a community, and the possibility of a rate revolt was expressed. The Chamber has provided summaries of the numerous projects conducted within the Municipality Sub-Committee Group, compiled by Joan Arnsted, and these highlight-

ed the complete neglect of the public services systems and identified the lack of coherence within and between the different public service agencies. The decision was made to call a Public Meeting of the community of Hoedspruit and surrounding areas, which was held on Wednesday 6th February at the Rhino Convention Centre. It was attended by 80 persons. The outcome of the meeting was summarised by the Chamber in the first stage draft of a Community Action Plan approach for the area.  The summary, and other documents, are available online  www.hoedspruitcc. com on the Announcements page. The public meeting report was due to be discussed at the AGM, but due to the low attendance this had to be rescheduled to April 3rd, 8am, at Rumble Restaurant, Kamogelo Centre, Hoedspruit. The formal Notice of Hoedspruit Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting was

circulated from the 6th March and will continue to be circulated on a weekly basis on all social media forums, by mailout to the HCC database of members and of contacts, local media, and at Chamber events throughout March. We are dependent on the attendance of members to enable Chamber to quorate and to function. The AGM will be kept to 30 minutes, and members can submit their Proxy for the meeting (can download from Chamber website). A special announcement on the new Hoedspruit Hospital will be communicated, followed by a short Chamber Business Breakfast Networking Session.  All attendees will need to be registered from 07:45 for the proceedings to commence promptly at 8am. Any further information contact Maxine Smith at: Communications Portfolio comms.hoedspruitchamber @gmail.com   Tel:  078 789 4095 



Radioactive brings REAL fibre Internet to Hoedspruit HOEDSPRUIT - Radioactive is proud to announce that they have started building a fibre optic network in Hoedspruit that will deliver reliable Internet speeds of up to 100Mbps. Radioactive General Manager Gideon Stander says, ‘We have operated in Hoedspruit for the last 14 years, and every member of our team lives and works in the region. We are proud that our town will become one of the first in the Lowveld to benefit from a fibre network.’ Gideon adds, ‘Fibre represents a major technological boost for Hoedspruit, and a real investment into the people and the town.’ Fibre is a game changing Internet technology that has been in use in South Africa for over a decade. Fibre has three critical benefits: it is cheaper, faster and more reliable. It should never be confused with fibre-over-wireless, which claims to achieve fibre-

like speeds but can also cost twice as much and is less reliable. Like other things in life, it is worth waiting for the real deal to arrive. Gideon added, ‘The best part of fibre is that you get faster connections at lower prices than with legacy copper or wireless solutions. Packages will start at R410 for a 6Mbps connection, but for those looking to really give it gas we will also offer packages up to 100Mbps for the low price of R1510.’ The project started in December 2018 with the installation of fibre at Kamogelo Business Centre. Radioactive is currently expanding the network to cover most of Hoedspruit, and this should be completed within the next six months. The Radioactive fibre network will make use of aerial deployment, which means that the fibre optic cables will span from pole to pole. This

differs from trenching fibre underneath sidewalks, which can cause damage to municipal and private property, whilst disrupting traffic. Aerial fibre will allow Radioactive to do the work quickly and cleanly with minimal disruption to the town. Another exciting development has been the addition of national broadband redundancy to the Radioactive network, which has been a problem for all providers of Internet to the Lowveld. In the past, Radioactive has been at the mercy of a single broadband supplier. The problem with this was that when their network failed it had an immediate effect on our ability to provide Internet to the region. Radioactive has now plugged into a second national broadband provider, which means that if one of the providers fail, they will immediately switch to the second provider. This will result in uninterrupted service for home and business clients. Radioactive is part of the HeroTel group of companies, one of South Africa’s largest wireless and fibre Internet service providers. Already servicing more than 75 000 customers across South Africa. HeroTel wants to connect all South Africans to fast, affordable fixed-line Internet. Hoedspruit is the next step in this journey. Radioactive is located at: 1 Python Street, Crossing Centre where we have friendly sales staff ready to welcome you. Customers can also reach us on +27 15 793 0855, or e-mail us directly at sales@radioactive.net.za

Private Guided Safaris

Premium Camps and Lodges | Specialist Wildlife Photography | Professional guiding in South Africa | Botswana | Zimbabwe | Tanzania | Zambia | Kenya | Uganda (+27) 82 745 0522 or (+27) 82 351 7225 www.africa-unlocked.com

078 819 1336 thepetbar@xpress.co.za www.thepetbar.co.za Next to Voltex, behind PnP Centre, Hoedspruit


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Hoedspruit Family Medical Centre expands

New members of the team at Hoedspruit Family Medical Centre: Alicia Fordyce (left) and Lisa Erasmus

Kerstin Nyberg Peart HOEDSPRUIT - Our town is growing, and a growing population places greater demands

on all services, including health care. The Hoedspruit Family Medical Centre is up to this challenge; their team of health care practitioners is constantly

growing, and as part of a holistic approach to health care the Centre can now offer the services of a qualified reflexologist and a nutritional therapist. Lisa Erasmus is a qualified therapeutic reflexologist who is looking forward to offering her services to the Hoedspruit community. Therapeutic reflexology complements modern day medicine; it uses specific techniques on reflexes found on the feet that correspond to the organs of the human body. When these reflexes are stimulated it sends a vibrational energy to the corresponding organs and systems, breaking up and releasing any blockages, and promoting deep relaxation. Lisa is also a Reiki practitioner and she recommends Reiki for everybody: it is safe to use with most medical conditions. Reiki enhances the body’s natural healing ability and works directly on the problem instead of just relieving symptoms. The other new addition to the

Big grant for HALO!

HOEDSPRUIT – The excitement was high after Hoedspruit AnimaL Outreach (HALO) received the news that it had been selected as a beneficiary of grants from The Humane Society International-Africa (HSI-Africa), totalling an incredible R 150,000! HALO co-founder Dr Nina Boshoff said: ‘HALO feels deeply grateful to have received this amazing grant from HSI-Africa. Not only will the grant enable us to help more dogs, but to be partnered with such an amazing organisation that is making waves of change throughout the world is a privilege.’ The grant will ensure that HALO can continue to make a difference in the lives of animals and their owners in impoverished communities around Hoedspruit. HALO currently reaches on average of 400 dogs a month. Thanks to HIS-Africa’s generous sponsorship, the cost of eight sterilisations, 100 deworming treatments, 50 vaccinations, and external parasite control for 200 dogs a month is covered! Nina added, ‘HALO is run entirely by volunteers with the support of public donations, and thanks to HSI-Africa and their support we can continue to make a difference.’

team is nutritional therapist Alicia Fordyce. Alicia’s approach is ‘personal nutrition’: everybody has a different biochemistry, genetic makeup and nutritional needs, and her training qualifies her to provide personalised nutritional advice which really works. Alicia’s expertise includes child and brain development nutrition to help children achieve a healthier physical, emotional and cognitive development. Both Lisa and Alicia agree that their practices complement each other as they both aim to bring the body back into balance in a natural and holistic way. The Centre provides a range of other services. Lauren Porter took over the physiotherapy practice in October 2017, and is already established at the Centre. She returned to Johannesburg after doing her community service at the Air Force Base, and jumped at the opportunity to come back to Hoedspruit. She treats mainly musculoskeletal problems and rehabilitation, but is also qualified in Hippotherapy (using horse riding for therapy and rehabilitation) and hopes to put that into practice this year. Audiology services are provided by Mardene Badenhorst and Chrizelle Dreyer from Tzaneen-based Kind2Hearing.

(015) 793 2617

They visit the Centre every two weeks, offering screenings, diagnostic hearing tests, and quality hearing devices, including accessories and cleaning. Psychologist Johan du Plooy is available for consultation on Thursdays and Fridays. He works from a Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic framework (CBT), and his areas of expertise include overcoming depression; anxiety and panic; trauma; grief and bereavement therapy; marital counselling; and personal growth and development. His approach to therapy is an empathetic, nonjudgemental, caring environment, leading people to recovery, change and growth. The core of a practice like the Family Medical Centre are the general practitioners, and Drs Immy Llewellyn and David Rogers have since 2013 offered a broad range of services for patients of all ages. Between them they have over 20 years’ experience in general practice and over 40 years of medical experience and higher training in a variety of specialities. They aim to offer a caring service and run a high-quality ethical practice. The GPs are backed up by two specialists. Dr Louw du Toit, who offers his services as a paediatrician once a week,

on Wednesday afternoons. He moved to the Lowveld in 2005 after practicing in Pretoria, and is delighted to serve the people of Hoedspruit. Dr Alfred Zinn is a gynaecologist who visits the Centre once a month for consultations. Roche den Dunnen is a Registered Nurse and Occupational Health Nurse Practitioner in Private Practice at the centre. She is available daily for blood draws from 7.30 to 8.30, and for baby immunisations by appointment. She also does wound care and fitness medicals for construction workers, farm workers and lodge staff. Dr Alex van Eeden has served Hoedspruit as a dentist since 2004. He did his community service at the Air Force Base, and after two years in the UK came back to start his own practice here. In January 2018 he was joined by Dr Adriaan Louw, who also decided to stay in Hoedspruit after his community service at Tintswalo Hospital. The two dentists strive to do excellent, quality dentistry over the whole spectrum: aesthetic dentistry, implants, surgery, dentistry under sedation, paediatric dentistry and all other restorative dentistry. For more information about the Centre, please contact Dr van Eeden on 015 793 1876.

For the best info on where to stay and what to do in the Lowveld pop in @ Hoedspruit-info, Kamogelo Tourism Centre. You can also do all SANParks bookings and now also all FGASA registrations for 2019. Let us help you!


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15 March 2019 Kruger2Canyon


Briquettes made from waste paper! LUDLOW - Rifumo Mathebula and Wisani Ngwenya are two exceptional young men from Ludlow village who decided it was time to take matters into their own hands: to clean up their village and do something useful. They started collecting waste paper and mixing it with water to make paper mache, and mould it into paper briquettes with their own hands. The time it takes to dry a ball is usually a full day, depending on the temperature, and they check the weather forecast

before they start production. Rifumo and Wisani haven’t been able to make a lot of briquettes yet, as they were both still writing Matric last year. They have made about ten bucketsful, just for family use, and for checking how it works before they share their idea or tell people to do the same. Rifumo’s dream is that many people will start to do this and in this way they will clean up the environment at the same time. For more info contact Rifumo on 0606502049.



DANCING WITH THE WIND Barefoot now, I carry on tracking. As the wind gusts I feel the change on my skin, and turn to face it. Soon we are dancing together. I lose all sense of route or direction and drift through a maze of game trails, sand, and elephant tracks.

The Hills of Kampersrus rang out with the sound of Scotland the Brave Lovelle Henderson KAMPERSRUS - The 15man pipe band descended on Kampersrus to entertain the guests at the Hoedspruit Rotary Burns gala dinner, attended by over 100 people, many of whom wore colourful traditional Scottish evening dress. After a whisky tasting to get everyone in the right mood, hosted by past President Humphrey Couch, the guests were piped into the dining area at Amafu Forest Lodge, beautifully decorated with masses of hanging baskets. The pipe band, who are the South African Champions from Jeppe Boys High School, escorted the guests with favourites like Scotland the Brave, Flower of Scotland, and Amazing Grace, and the sound reverberated across the valley. Mike Henderson spent a few weeks sourcing and arranging the transport of the best Haggis available in Johannesburg, which was perfectly cooked to the Scottish recipe he provided, but in African style it was done in a huge three-legged pot on the fire. Two pipers led the procession that brought the haggis to Stuart Miller, who delivered Burn’s ‘Address to the Haggis’. As befits tradition, the haggis was carried on an antique silver tray. After the main course, Jon Quirk ably toasted the lassies and explained to us that the very first Burns night was a meeting, five years after Robbie Burns’s death, of close friends who really missed his presence. They knew him as a brilliant student and successful farmer, as a great story teller and master with words. Therein lies the genius of the man and the reason today, over 250 years later, he is still revered and remembered.

After some time I notice the backs of the herd in the thickets ahead, led by an old matriarch, her floppy ear draped over the side of her face like a leathery old curtain. I follow the herd toward a pan and sit in the grass a short distance from the waters edge. A young elephant begins to drink in front of me, barely five metres from where I am sitting. She is completely unaware, and soon, as the sun drops, I am almost surrounded. Gently she sips from the surface and I hear the trunk-load of life-blood tumble down her throat into her belly. It’s been a hot day in the desert. www.alanmcsmith.com

Construction due to start on N4

TRAC N4 has announced that the following projects along the N4 highway between Nelspruit and Gauteng will commence shortly:

Belfast – Machadodorp / eNthokozweni Maureen Lahoud toasted the laddies with great humour. She went on to say that she is not sure the lassies should become too familiar with the wonderful words of Burns, because every man you meet

thereafter will be a disappointment! The evening ended with an auction of valuable paintings, weekends to luxury places, cycads, and 9 Carat gold jewellery, all donated for Rota-

ry’s good education initiative. Wilna Mew, Rotary President, will be setting the date for next year’s event imminently: this is certain to become an annual evening in the Hoedspruit social calendar.

Following suspension of the project last year due to community unrest, the major upgrade and rehabilitation of the N4 Toll Route between Belfast and Machadodorp will resume this month. The R400-million project will see section 5B rehabilitated and upgraded to a four-lane carriageway. Blasting will start in April 2019 and the roadworks are expected to take 36 months to complete.

Schoemanskloof (between Crossroads & Bambi)

The rehabilitation of the existing carriageway is underway, and the project is advancing well. Completion is expected in May this year. There is currently one Stop/Go in place, which will be lifted during long weekends.

Montrose to Schagen

This project will commence in the next three months and will see the rehabilitation (milling and overlaying) of the existing pavement. The nature of the roadworks will result in long-term lane closures as well as a daytime Stop/Go at the Montrose Interchange during off-peak hours.

Karino Interchange

This much-anticipated project has been initiated with community participation and is starting this month. Although these roadworks may be an inconvenience while underway, their benefit to our region and the country will be felt in the long run.


15 March 2019 Kruger2Canyon


White-winged Flufftails are Southern Cross Schools Eco breeding in ZA again Club visits K9 Dog Unit

SOUTH AFRICA - Last year, BirdLife South Africa’s work on the critically endangered White-winged Flufftail led to two major scientific breakthroughs in the conservation of this very rare bird. The first ever breeding record, outside Ethiopia, was discovered at Middelpunt Wetland, Mpumalanga, in early 2018, and later that year, the first recordings of its call were made in both countries. Prior to these discoveries, the species was thought to be a non-breeding, silent summer migrant to South Africa. BirdLife South Africa has been able to confirm that breeding White-winged Flufftails have been recorded at Middelpunt Wetland, thus establishing the species as a

regular breeding bird in South Africa. The work has resulted in the need to rewrite the field guides and history books for this elusive wetland bird, and has reshaped our understanding of, and ability to, conserve the White-winged Flufftail. The White-winged Flufftail is only known to occur with any regularity in highaltitude wetlands of Ethiopia and South Africa. The species has only been found in South Africa during November to March, and in Ethiopia during July to September, and was therefore considered a migrant prior to the discovery of breeding birds in South Africa. BirdLife South Africa’s Robin Colyn and Eskom ecologist Alastair Campbell

developed an innovative method to survey cryptic and elusive wetland species which uses a camera trap and audio recording system to capture the secret life of the White-winged Flufftail. Since October last year, at least two pairs of Whitewinged Flufftails showing territorial behaviour have been captured, as well as an additional breeding record. The confirmation of a second season of breeding Whitewinged Flufftails at Middelpunt Wetland strengthens the need to conserve the key sites for this species within the country. BirdLife South Africa and the Middelpunt Wetland Trust (a trust started solely for the conservation of White-winged Flufftail and its habitat), in collaboration with other institutions, have rolled out a number of research projects to focus on the conservation of the White-winged Flufftail. The work on the critically endangered White-winged Flufftail is undertaken with the support of a range of donors and collaborators, including the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA), Eskom (Ingula Partnership), Airports Company South Africa, Kimberley Ekapa Mining JV, Dullstroom Trout Farm, Middelpunt Wetland Trust, the National Zoological Garden of South Africa and Rockjumper Birding Tours.

Bushveld Bird Club outing Glenda Sparkes TSHUKUDU - For their February outing 15 members of the Bushveld Bird Club left Hoedspruit early for the short journey to Tshukudu Game Reserve to meet hosts David Sussens and Robbyn Sharp. Tshukudu has hosted the Bushveld Bird Club over the years and it has been an extremely popular outing for the club members. The Bushveld Bird Club are always grateful to David, Robbyn and Sylvia for being so accommodating to the members and for arranging this outing so often. There is something special about hopping into a large game vehicle with like-minded people and being driven around the bush with a knowledgeable guide. Within minutes we were spotting the first of many bird species; grey go-away-birds (Corythaixoides concolor) and Cape starlings (Lamprotornis nitens) flying over; the calls of the crested francolin

(Dendroperdix sephaena) and Stierling’s wren-warbler (Calamonastes stierlingi), to name a few. Being in an open vehicle meant we could hear and see birds all around and the morning was very productive with around 75 species observed. Besides bird spotting, David also took time to discuss and show the group various plants. The fruit of the false marula was tasted by many and the leaves of the sandpaper bush tested for strength. After the region’s good rains, the bush was looking wonderful and there were opportunities to alight from the vehicle and take short walks towards dams and through the bush. Time was spent at the first dam watching some water birds and the lesser masked (Ploceus intermedius) and Southern masked (Ploceus velatus) weavers building their nests, but the hippos had spotted us and moved closer to see what we were up to. When the crocodile also decided on

closer inspection, it was time to slowly move away and carry on with our walk. The call of the baboons didn’t deter us even though the thought of them devouring our picnic breakfast played on our minds. Tshukudu Bush Camp is a self-catering camp with seven cottages, three of which are wheel chair friendly, in the 5000 ha Big 5 Tshukudu Game Reserve. The camp can also accommodate big groups (normally youth and school groups for environmental educational trips) in two dormitory-style platforms. Day visitors are welcome to join the game drives at Tshukudu Bush Camp, if there is space available. For more info on Tshukudu Bush Camp http://tshukudubushcamp.co.za/ or call Sylvia on 015 817 1810 or email tshukudubushcamp@radioactivewifi.co.za For more info on the Bushveld Bird Club contact Glenda Sparkes glendasparkes@ ymail.com

HOEDSPRUIT - On 7 February 2019, the Southern Cross College Eco Club was privileged to visit K9 Conservation Unit situated on Rainbow Ridge Farm in the Liverpool area just outside Hoedspruit. The unit is an anti-poaching and rapid response unit employing dedicated and qualified dog handlers to protect wildlife with the assistance of trained service dogs. Upon arrival, we received a warm welcome from Conrad and his team and were given a briefing on the work they do and the involvement of the dogs (including pack hounds and rapid response dogs). After the briefing and dog interaction at the first camp, we set off for the second camp and training ground. We were then shown a rhino sculpture the team had made out of all the snares they had found in the bush. It was extremely disturbing and unsettling to see the number of snares found which could potentially kill and harm many animals. We were

fortunate enough to add to the artwork, which we hope will be displayed in a major international art gallery someday to create awareness and raise funds for these endangered animals. At the canine kit room, we learnt about a wide variety of dog training equipment such as different leads, harnesses and bite arms etc. Next we visited the kennels which are spacious areas with large sheltered sections and exercise areas for each dog. By far the best part of the experience was still to come, as six of us were honoured by getting our own reaction unit dog to handle and practice the five basic commands with. Next up, we did a bite arm session with a hard arm cover they use to practice biting skills. We were taught how to handle our dog while the bite arm came around, which was very intense as the dogs get into a heightened state of excitement. Some of the scholars eagerly volun-

teered and got a chance to try out the bite arm themselves. After the training session, we praised our dogs on how well they did whilst we gave them water and walked them back to their kennels. As a nation with a passion for wildlife, we should stand together and extend our gratitude to these phenomenal people who daily risk their lives behind the scenes of all kinds of conservation issues and wildlife crimes. Without them our rhinos and other wildlife would be in grave danger. It was an amazing experience, and we are extremely grateful to all those involved. It was interesting to note that as we were being dropped off by the anti-poaching vehicle to go back home, a call came in over the radio that rhino poachers were on the run. The anti-poaching unit immediately jumped into action and we saw them disappear in a cloud of dust.

Inside OAKS Project

Silke Gadeyne DAKTARI - Saturday March 9th was an exciting day for the OAKS village. Why, you may ask? Because it was finally time for the big revelation of the Inside OAKS Project. Eva Diesel and her brother Steven (from Corsica,

France) came to the village a few months ago to capture the community in 72 black and white portraits. These portraits, as well as the whole project, are part of a bigger global art installation by street artist JR. The INSIDE OUT PROJECT consists of group actions all over the world, and

now one of them is displayed at the OAKS. The objective behind these portraits is to help local children to understand the value and importance of the environment and their natural heritage for their future lives. Eva and Steven hope that the artwork spreads that message. On the pictures we see people from the village as well as volunteers and staff from DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage. But the giant portraits weren’t the only fun thing to watch on Saturday. The market place was turned into a big party with local children who sang and danced for us. After that everyone was able to enjoy some delicious boerewors. If you would like to see these amazing portraits for yourself, be sure to head over to the OAKS sometime soon

15 March 2019




Drakies praat dat die tonge klap!!

Call: 013 752 6057 (Voor) Hlogi Ngweyama, Ilne Luïse, Nsovo Tivane, Aurette Ferreira, Thabo Molomudi, Jade Pretorius, Ntsakelo Nkwinik en Simoné Bronkhorst. (Agter) Tshegofatso Shai, Leané Craucamp, Miticent Kupunza, Emily du Toit, Nsovo Rikhotso, Abigail Viljoen, Ekene Arukwe en Rianco Haggard.

Nada Auret HOEDSPRUIT – Op Donderdag, 28 Februarie 2019 het Drakensig Laerskool hul jaarlikse Huistaal Redenaarsaand aangebied. Die deelnemers het di egehoor gaande gehad met hul oorspronklike idees en professionele aanbieding. Ond sê dankie aan mev. Martie Oberholzer wat die geleentheid organiseer het asook die beoordelaars:

Belinda Blignaut, Clarika Strydom, Thea Lombaard, Susan Grobler en Suné Muller wat die punte hanteer het. Die uitslae was soos volg: Drakie-Redenaars Huistaal Senior Wenners: Gr. 4 – Simoné Bronkhorst & Ntsakelo Nkwinik, Gr. 5 – Jade Pretorius & Thabo Molomudi, Gr. 6 – Aurette Ferreira & Nsovo Tivane, Gr. 7 – Ilne Luïse, Leané Craucamp & Hlogi Ngweyama. Naaswenners:

Gr. 4 – Rianco Haggard & Ekene Arukwe, Gr. 5 – Abigail Viljoen & Nsovo Rik-

hotso, Gr. 6 – Emily du Toit & Miticent Kupunza, Grd. 7 – Tshegofatso Shai

Professional Accountants (SA) Et Tax and Business Advisors Professionele Rekenmeesters (SA) Et Belasting en Besigheidsadviseurs Tel: +27 15 590 6761 | email: hoedspruit@proforumacc.co.za


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. “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” - Nelson Mandela

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Huilboerboom Street, Hoedspruit (Next to HiQ) Number: 015 590 3993

Dodgeball FUNDRAISER goes big! Chess success HOEDSPRUIT - Taking part in Hoedspruit’s firstever Dodgeball Tournament were 12 teams, made up from  Campfire Academy, Pam Golding, Radio Active, African Dream, Flying4Rhinos, Provet, Daktari, and Wolf Pack. The weather wasn’t the only ‘heat’ on the day as the competitiveness of the event sent temperatures soaring in a highly contested tournament.  The Wolf Pack, all the way from Tzaneen, proved to be the artful dodgers as they ducked, dipped and dived their way to victory!  Congratulations to The Wolf Pack, and to Team Pam Golding and Flying4Rhinos who finished second and third respectively. Bringing this new char-

ity tournament to Hoedspruit was Scales, a non-profit organisation that assists conservation based NPOs in continuing their critical work through providing funding and support.  ‘Thanks to all who entered,’ said Amy Clark, Scales founder & chairperson, ‘a fantastic R3,165 was raised for Flying4Rhinos and the Pangolin Rescue Fund!’ Scales would like to thank Pick n Pay, Bakgat Biltong, Izit Sports and The Cap Company for donating prizes, Ashton’s Tours for sponsoring the cost of the venue, The  Thirsty Giraffe for their amazing wors rolls for the competitors, and Oasis for sponsoring 50 litres of water to help keep the players hydrated throughout the heat of the day.

OFFICE: 015 793 1484/5 EMERGENCY: 083 307 9258 Main Street Hoedspruit www.facebook.com/drainsurgeonhoedspruit

“No job too deep, too dark or too dirty”

HOEDSPRUIT - 190 Chess players from 11 secondary, primary and private schools around Hoedspruit, Phalaborwa and Tzaneen attended a chess tournament on Saturday 9 March 2019 at Drakensig Primary School. Certificates and medals were handed out to the top players in each age category.  The Mopani region has been divided into three sections with Hoedspruit, Phalaborwa and Tzaneen being the main towns where these tournaments will be hosted throughout the year. A team will be selected from the top players to represent the Mopani Region in Gauteng at the end of the year. ‘I do not want our kids to miss these tournaments due to financial difficulties and thus missing out on a chance to be selected,’ said organizer Shaheeda Crombie.  ‘I have been organising these tournaments for the past few years now in

Phalaborwa and Tzaneen on behalf of the hosting schools, and it is wonderful to see how the schools work together as one team when the tournaments are being held. This one lending their tables, this one chairs, this one chess sets etc etc. We have been supported by wonderful parents and companies like Foskor in Phalaborwa,’ she added. The Mopani Schools Chess region has recently received a laptop with printer from Marius van Biljon of the Selati group in Tzaneen, and the Juull family from Phalaborwa gave a laptop bag and ink for the printer, and also loaded all the necessary computer programs onto the laptop. If any school, would like to host or attend a tournament, or should anybody want to be a sponsor, then they can contact Shaheeda Crombie on 0835463635 or shaheeda.laatoe@gmail.com.

OFFICE: 015 793 0792

Chris Dreyer: 0835735920

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