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BIG excitement

Vol 17 Issue 08, 22 February 2019, Kruger2Canyon News, Shop 12, Kamogelo Centre, Hoedspruit. Tel 015 793 2617 email: heidi.lee@mweb.co.za

HOEDSPRUIT – There was BIG excitement as the Blyde Dam started overflowing at just after 10h00 on February 19. Hoedspruit and related Facebook pages burst with excitement as the news hit the internet. The dam plays such a vital part in the lives of Hoedspruit town and its surrounding farming community, where water is scarce and needs to be conserved. Although the dam overflows most years, when it happens it’s an electrifying moment. The photo appeared on Kruger2Canyon’s Facebook and quickly reached close to 50 000 people; almost 6000 have liked, shared or commented, and 260+ have left a response, with more than 330 people sharing the post within hours of it being posted. Kruger2Canyon would like to thank Tom van der Meulen for his never-ending supply of fantastic images. He is Hoedspruit’s very own ‘eye-in-

the-sky’. Another thank you must go to Jurie van Vuuren who keeps us up to date on all water related facts. According to Jurie, the Blyde Dam overflows at least nine years out of ten, and last overflowed from the end of April until the end of June last year. The lowest level recorded was in 2016 when it dropped to 33%. This year the lowest level reached was 41%, which is still drastically low as the last third of the water is mostly unusable. According to Johan Malan, the Operations and Maintenance manager of the Blyde Pipeline, once the dam drops below 30% it is no longer viable to allow the water into the pipeline. Not only will it potentially damage the pipeline, but also the extensive network of irrigation systems in the region. It is important for Hoedspruiters to constantly conserve water as it is a scarce commodity, and the area has been suffering from severe droughts over the past few years.

Recycle for survival Kerstin Nyberg Peart


Kerstin Nyberg Peart

Steven Arends

as dam overflows

HOEDSPRUIT - Plastic pollution is a serious threat to the environment. According to Wikipedia, about 380 million tons of plastic is produced worldwide each year, of which only an estimated one-quarter is recycled. Recycling is essential for our survival. In Hoedspruit it has been something of a hit-andmiss, and our area is in need of organised recycling. It was the topic of a workshop organised jointly by Fair Trade Tourism and PETCO, the PET plastic recycling company, in Hoedspruit on Monday, February 18. The workshop addressed both specific waste management for tourism and plastic recycling solutions for Hoedspruit and the Greater Kruger Park. Fair Trade Tourism is a first of its kind, and ...cont on page4...


one it’s a



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22 February 2019 Kruger2Canyon DREAMING of a bright future I am a young dreamer whose aspiration is to produce a better and more improved version of myself. I believe that success is in my own hands. I studied with all my might last year in matric to ensure that I did not fail myself or those who are looking up to me. My hard work by the grace of God produced sweet fruits because I was accepted at Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University, previously known as Medunsa, to study for a MBChB [Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery]. I unfortunately could not get a

bursary and I do not have the financial means to cover my tuition fees, accommodation, books, study equipment, food and other resources which are required to ensure that I progress. I am the first born, raised by a single mother. There are three of us, and my father passed away in 2012. I do not believe that lack of finances can deny me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams and aspirations. Your possible support or contribution would be highly appreciated. Thank you - and God Bless.

To contribute to Lonene: Lonene Ntini Capitec Bank Branch: 470010 | Account number: 1617423376 email: lonenentini@gmail.com

LOCAL NEWS Kruger2Canyon News - Going the extra mile - Making a difference

Brass Brassett


Last year K2C ran a front page story that featured a candid photo of Dora kissing her dog,

Home safe and sound

Snappy. When HALO caught up with Dora she was so thrilled to see herself on the front page

of the newspaper with her beloved Snappy, and her friends and neighbours came to see the celebrity in their midst. HALO wrote: ‘Moments like this are priceless. Thank you @Kruger2Canyon, Heidi Lee Smith, for giving Dora such a wonderful thrill that will last a lifetime. K2C reporter Kerstin Nyberg Peart is a firm supporter of HALO and always publicises our fund-raisers and reports on our outreaches. We are so grateful for K2C’s endlesss assistance in spreading the news of the wonderful outreach work we do. We would like to give a BIG shout out to Kruger2Canyon, one of our local Hoedspruit newspapers!’

HOEDSPRUIT - In September last year, the Hoedspruit community was shocked when local resident and mother, Dr Katy Williams, and her three-year-old son Finn were critically injured when trampled by a giraffe just outside their home on the Blyde Wildlife Estate. The giraffe had given birth shortly before and the reason for the attack is likely to have been that she felt her calf was threatened. It has been a long journey to recovery for Katy and Finn, which was not made easier by the intrusion of the international press into their personal business. They are now back in Hoedspruit and Katy has sent this letter to convey the gratitude of the whole family to the community.


Private Guided Safaris

Premium Camps and Lodges | Specialist Wildlife Photography | Professional guiding in South Africa | Botswana | Zimbabwe | Tanzania | Zambia | Kenya | Uganda (+27) 82 745 0522 or (+27) 82 351 7225 www.africa-unlocked.com

Letter to the community

078 819 1336 thepetbar@xpress.co.za www.thepetbar.co.za Next to Voltex, behind PnP Centre, Hoedspruit

Katy would like to thank the Hoedspruit community on behalf of herself and her son, Finn for all the support that they received after the tragic accident with a giraffe at their home in Blyde Wildlife Estate,

Hoedspruit, on 3 September 2018. ‘It was so good to come back home and for Finn to be able to go back to preschool with his friends and teachers. I realize what an incredible com-

munity we have in Hoedspruit and how they stand together in time of need. I believe that it is a result of the amazing team effort by all emergency first responders that Finn and I have made such a remarkable recovery. We were touched by the enormous support from the community and would like to thank each and every person that contributed financially, emotionally and physically.’

Wishing you well Kruger2Canyon would like to thank Lucky Rapitisi for his contribution to the newspaper during his time with us. We wish him all the best with his future. Go well Lucky always do your best and you will go far! Heidi and the team


22 February 2019 Kruger2Canyon


Hlokomela to the rescue Solutions to food waste

MJ du Preez HOEDSPRUIT - At the end of 2017, the Hoedspruit area was buckling under the weight of a malaria epidemic. Due to a serious lack of resources and inefficient spraying programmes in 2017, malaria was able to spread quickly through the Kruger to Canyons area.

A committee was established with various stakeholders mobilising the community to take preventative measures. Hoedspruit Farmwatch, local businesses, farmers, lodges and management from the various Hoedspruit estates sprang into action to start spraying programmes in their areas. The committee secured a donation of 70 000 mosquito nets from Switzerland. Multiple role-players, individuals and foundations, played a huge role in getting this ball rolling. Unfortunately, when the nets arrived in the Durban harbour at the beginning of 2018, they got tied up in red tape and the process of getting them to Limpopo became very difficult. Everyone tried leveraging their contacts to get these nets through customs, but as one obstacle after another was hit, the committee, the foundations, and the individuals started to give up on dealing with these issues. The success of the spraying programmes in Hoedspruit also saw a massive reduction in malaria cases, making the nets less of a priority. Christine du Preez, Director of Hlokomela, did not give up. She kept on pushing, making multiple trips to Gauteng, dealing with mountains of bureaucracy and hitting one dead-end after the other. After more than a year of wrestling with this issue, through pure determination, some lucky breaks, and connecting with the right people,

the mosquito nets were released by Customs. On 13 December 2018, two trucks filled to the brim with mosquito nets, finally arrived in Hoedspruit after being stuck in Durban harbour for a year. On 16 February 2019 all the hard work came to a fantastic climax when the Princess of Africa, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, visited our farm workers to help hand out the nets. Yvonne is the UNICEF Special Ambassador on Malaria for Eastern and Southern Africa, and was hugely instrumental in making this dream a reality. The day was a perfect metaphor for the process that had gone before, with rain nearly derailing the day, but the farmworkers of Hoedspruit danced in the rain to celebrate these much needed nets and Mama Yvonne’s visit. Special thanks to Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Air Force Base Hoedspruit, Mopani District Municipality, Bavaria Fruit Estate, Hoedspruit Hub, DJ Lucky, The Humana Malaria testing team, Oasis Water Hoedspruit, Afrique Water Hoedspruit, Rotary Hoedspruit and Kapama Private Game Reserve for making the malaria awareness event possible! Your continued support is very humbling. Last but not least, thank you to the Hlokomela staff, for pushing through and giving your all despite the challenges! For more info on Hlokomela, visit www.hlokomela.org.za.

HOEDSPRUIT - Soil with Soul is a new business in Hoedspruit. Using a rich variety of organic material, they produce the highest quality compost that has a balanced carbon/nitrogen ratio and is packed full of indigenous effective microbes (EM). Hot composting the material to thermophilic temperatures ensures pathogens and weed seeds are killed off. It is regularly turned before maturing, always sifted and free of rubbish. They also produce beautifully textured potting soils and a seedling mix that are suited specifically to our climate. Soil with Soul is now offering a solution to your food waste problems with a revolutionary recycling system named Bokashi. Whether you’re a lodge, restaurant or school working with high volumes of waste, or simply a household wanting to ‘do the right thing’, Soil with Soul can help you. Unlike other options, such as the traditional compost heap or worm farms, Bokashi allows all food waste to be processed using effective microbes (EM) and fermentation. That means cooked food, small bones, meat, dairy, leftovers, citrus, everything can go in. Food waste is simply added to the bucket, then topped with either a handful of inoculated Bokashi Bran or generously sprayed with EM Liquid. Squash the food down with a basic potato masher each time you add a layer of waste (pressing air out) and tightly reseal the airtight bucket. Once a bucket is filled it is kept closed and set aside for two weeks allowing for the fermentation process to take place. The contents inside will appear “pickled”. The only maintenance it requires is a quick lid lift every two days to release any pressure build up. ‘The great news is that once your buckets are full you can

simply drop them off with us at our depot in town, Unit 6 at Maroela Park, and take away a fresh one. We will receive them, complete the two-week fermentation and then compost the food waste along with other organic material. Buckets will be cleaned and ready for you to reuse over and over again. This service is free of charge for all

Soil with Soul customers using our buckets and bran/EM,’ says founder of Soil with Soul, Ian Shoebotham. If you have your own compost heap, then simply complete the fermentation process yourself and add the beautiful nutrient rich contents to your compost heap. In 2017 WWF South Africa released a report, Food Loss and Waste: Facts and Futures, which states that approximately 10 million tonnes of wasted food goes to landfill each year in South Africa. For more information or to get set up and ready to manage your waste, get in touch with Ian on 074 104 6055 or ian@ soilwithsoul.co.za The depot is open Monday – Friday 07:30 – 16:30 to accept your full buckets and restock your bran/ EM. You will always find Soil with Soul at the Hoedspruit Farmers Market.


22 February 2019 Kruger2Canyon


Elephant experts gather for TUSKERS Workshop lenges, shared best practice and success stories, and how to engage key stakeholders including local communities. It was a meeting of minds and herding together for elephant conservation. Following the meeting, Elephants Alive is excited to announce that they will be collaborating with the Botswana-based Elephants for Africa on a number of

Harriet Nimmo

HOEDSPRUIT - Elephant experts from across Africa gathered in Hoedspruit for the three-day TUSKERS Workshop. Hoedspruit-based Elephants Alive, together with Elephants for Africa (Botswana) and Southern African Conservation Trust, cohosted the hugely successful and impactful workshop. Speakers included elephant researchers from Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, UK, USA and South Africa, together with reserve managers, wardens, game rangers, vets, anti-poaching units, and educational outreach experts. These are all contacts that Dr Michelle Henley, founder and director of Elephant Alive, has built up over more than 20 years in the conservation arena. Together they discussed the latest news regarding elephant conservation chal-

Dr Kate Evans - Director & Founder, Elephants for Africa Brian Courtenay, Chairman & Founder, Southern African Conservation Trust Dr Michelle Henley, Director & Co-founder, Elephants Alive Dr Markus Hofmeyer, specialist vet & Workshop Coordinator

...from page1...the leading responsible tourism organisation in Africa. Shona MacDonald from Fair Trade Tourism described their practice of promoting fair and responsible business through a certification programme, assisting tourism businesses to operate in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Shona explained that responsible waste management is a lot more than recycling. You need to rethink: do I really need this product? You also need to reduce, buy in bulk to reduce packaging, find alternatives to single-use items. You need to reuse and repurpose, and also repair; don’t throw away things that are broken but can be fixed - you may provide work for a small business who does repairs. You should recycle and compost; organic waste should never go into landfill sites as it generates toxic gases. Finally, make sure you dispose of items in a responsible way, especially when dealing with hazardous waste. Fair Trade Tourism has partnered with PETCO in seeking plastic waste solutions. Janine

Basson and Belinda Booker from PETCO described the organisation’s mission to ensure that every PET bottle produced in South Africa is also recycled here. PET is the acronym for polyethylene terephthalate, the plastic most commonly used in the soft drink market today. It is also currently the most recycled plastic on the shelves, both globally and in South Africa. South Africans can be proud to have one of the highest audited PET recycling rates in the world; 65% of the PET bottles produced here are recycled. Since PETCO started in 2004, 3 million m3 of landfill has been saved through recycling. In 2017, the various stages of recycling PET bottles provided job opportunities for 64 000 people, and the recycled plastic can be used not only for new bottles but also to make fibre for duvets and recyclable bags. To date, PETCO has run around 200 collection projects, with 65 projects ongoing in 2018. They provide training and equipment, from bins and trolleys to baling machines, including the two baling machines which are operating in the Kru-

scientific and conservation projects, and that Southern African Conservation Trust is offering its administration resources for the two NGOs. Thank you to The Fig and Bean for their excellent catering, the Rhino Convention Centre for hosting the gathering, and Indabushi for enabling international delegates to sleep peacefully and feel part of the bush.


Recycle for survival...cont

ELEPHANT. A DIFFERENT LENS. Cursed with the consequence of white gold, elephant have been persecuted for ivory for over 3000 decades. They have every right to be suspicious of us.

Timele Greening Project Co-op founder Jack Magongo

ger National Park. The Timele Greening Project Co-op in Luphisi Village is one of their most successful projects, and earned the founder, Jack Magongo, the title Recycling & Waste Reduction Warrior in the 2018 PETCO Awards. Jack is in dialogue with lodge management in our area and wants to persuade them

A charity line dancing class event will be held on Tuesday 5th March from 7pm to 9pm at the Maroela Bar | Dance to popular DJ Tjaart and learn line dancing | All funds will go to the Acornhoek Special Needs School after the robbery that they experienced recently | Lots of prizes! Book @ Maroela Bar for only R50 that will go towards the School | Jen Compton 0725932573

to involve local community in their recycling projects. He is also keen to assist any similar projects in the Hoedspruit area – no project too small. Jack can be contacted on 076 483 1480. Other projects are also starting in Hoedspruit. Cindy Koen described a small recycling initiative in Hoedspruit which began only two months ago. The depot is based in Agripark, and a few local companies and reserves, as well as residents, are already bringing their recycling there. Please bring yours, but preferably separated. Food waste should never be sent to landfills, so please contact Ian Shoebotham who will collect for composting or help you set up your own system. Call Ian on 074 104 6055.

They are complex animals; they live in advanced social structures with life-long bonds. They celebrate new life and mourn their dead. Wondrous, beautiful and bewildering intelligent, we can connect with elephant on both sides of the logical divide, the same one that unfortunately fractures science and intuition. For some time, and no doubt for more to come, elephant have been on the frontline of poaching and the great conservation war. But just as they are keystone members of an ecological circuit, they are also keystone members of a greater awareness. An awareness of the threat to all wildlife, habitats and our own wild natures. Their sentiency allows the blurred lines between logic and wonder, and each time an elephant is poached or mis-managed we sever ourselves from the ancient order of respect that once bound all humans together. They are ambassadors in a sense. Ambassadors of an ecological process and also of a spiritual one, both of which are fundamentally important to our wellbeing. www.alanmcsmith.com


Animals are the best teachers DAKTARI - January has been another busy month for our wildlife orphanage! We welcomed five new babies: four squirrels and one klipspringer. The DAKTARI team raised the four squirrels: Tracy, Morris, Wildy and Lana. These little babies fell from their nest earlier than they should. Some volunteers took care of them and they are now enjoy-

22 February 2019 Kruger2Canyon


ing a big enclosure before we release them. Supervised by the team, the children get to help syringe feed Tracy, Morris, Wildy and Lana, the little playful squirrel gang. In mid-January, a neighbouring farm found a baby klipspringer alone. We named him Barney and have been taking care of him since he arrived. This cute baby is now

Happening in Hoedspruit exploring his house and garden and loves climbing on the rocks. Children that come to DAKTARI every week have little knowledge about their natural environment and the beautiful wild animals that live around them. Besides teaching them about various important topics like pollution and recycling, the DAKTARI team also inspires the children through interaction with wildlife in and around the camp.

Seeing, and sometimes touching, the animals develops compassion and stimulates the desire to protect them. This way, the kids get a personal experience with different animals, who become their teachers and show them the importance of respecting and preserving the natural environment. Over the years, we have noticed that this personal bond between the children and the animals is one that lasts a lifetime.

The sky is filled with stars, invisible by day - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow -

SATSA: Animal Interaction Study Lindsey Jones

CO-LAB - a vibrant, contemporary retail space, has recently opened in Hoedspruit, offering a thoughtfully curated collection of décor and interior products, men’s and women’s fashion and accessories, and irresistible wellness products. Basically, CO-LAB is your one-stop-shop in the Lowveld for ‘your space’, ‘your wear’ and ‘your well-being’, as the collaborators describe it. They are three like-minded business owners, namely Bianca Black, Kelly Sage and Nicole te Brake, who set out

to create an ever-evolving retail space inspired by conscious living. It celebrates and supports artisanal design, South African and Africanmade products, local business and the lasting value (and satisfaction) that a ‘quality’ purchase can bring each of us. Be sure to pop in to COLAB soon – you’re sure to be inspired. Visit Shop 4, Time Square, 391 Huilboerboom Str, Hoedspruit, and follow their trends on: www.facebook.com/ colabliving and on Instagram.

HOEDSPRUIT – On 13 February 2019, The Southern African Tourism Services Association (SATSA) held its second, of many, countrywide consultative workshops on Animal Interaction at the Rhino Convention Centre in Hoedspruit. As a member-driven body, SATSA has been tasked by its members to develop guidelines for animal interactions in tourism. The Animal Interaction Study is thus member mandated, board approved, and being run in partnership with SA Tourism.   The aim of the study is to consult with the wider tourism sector, not just SATSA members, to develop a long-term vision of where they would like to be with regard to animal interactions in tourism.   Part of this process is developing a voluntary ethical framework which will form the basis of all discussions, guidelines and frameworks developed for the industry.   Further outcomes of the study will be the development of a tool that could be used by the industry to assess tourism experiences that incorporate animal interactions, and high-level suggestion of key areas for legislative intervention and regulation. SATSA  is working with the tourism industry to find a longterm vision and implementation plan that will make a real difference to the industry, the people working in the industry, and the animals in its care. They are encouraging all stakeholders who have an opinion on animal interaction in tourism to attend their national workshops and bring their voice to bear. For those who couldn’t attend the workshop: documents, research and comments can be sent to them for inclusion in the study via e-mail: Lee-Anne lbac@bdo. co.za   Further details can be viewed here: http://www.satsa.com/ now-the-real-work-starts-satsaanimal-interaction-initiativekicks-off/

Christelle Grohmann (BDO), Hannelie Du Toit (SATSA) and Lee-Anne Bac (BDO)

Call: 013 752 6057


22 February 2019 Kruger2Canyon


Despite the @ LA-love tastes like candy floss rain, the Vories camped out! Yvette Dreyer

HOEDSPRUIT – Lowveld Academy ‘shared the love’, once again, by making Valentine’s Day a day to remember. The LA Grade 11’s played Cupid for the day, giving secret admirers the opportunity to treat their Valentines with candy floss, containing loving messages, beautiful roses and song dedications. The eventful day was followed by a Parisian themed Valen-

tine’s dance where couples and friends dressed up and

danced the night away. Some might say that love is

blind, but it’s visible to all – at LA, they share the love!

‘King and Queen of Hearts’ @ LA Yvette Dreyer

Mellanie Wright HOEDSPRUIT - Hoedspuit Voortrekkers have the greatest team of adults, to whom the young Vories are very grateful. Not even forecasts of heavy rain would deter the adults from an opportunity to give the children an opportunity to camp. For the children it was a new experience to camp in the rain. Fortunately gazebos over their tents helped to keep them dry, and the veranda at the Franklyn Park restaurant became the gathering place. Voortrekkers learnt valuable

life skills on self-care, tracking, tenacity, camping, cooking and hiking to mention but a few. There was a record number of young Vories from grade R to grade 7, as well as high school learners; Juanita, Johandrie and Philip, that camped during the weekend. The Voortrekkers would like to thank Francois Theron for all the fun he created at the camp, as well as Karel and Lani Smit of Byde Adventure Centre who made it possible for the Vories to camp at the beautiful Franklyn Park. It was a camp that won’t be forgotten soon.


JOB TITLE: Harvesters

Hours: Monday- Friday 07:30-16:00 Location: Hoedspruit Ambrosia Citrus Estate Term: Seasonal Salary: R18 per hour Job description: Ambrosia will be looking to appoint 400 harvesters for the season to pick lemons, grapefruits, Oranges and mangoes on 15 February 2019. Requirements: 1) The candidates must be able to work on a Saturday’s and overtime during the week when it is required. 2) The candidates must have a great work ethic and must also be energetic and a quick learner. 3) The candidate must be able to work long hard long hours. This work consists hard, physical work. 4) RSA Identity Document, Tax Number Contact details: Arise Monareng (HR Manager) 082 522 4579 Office: 087 806 2086/7 Closing date: 12 March 2019

HOEDSPRUIT - Lowveld Academy students stole hearts once again, this time at the Mr and Miss LA Pageant, showcasing the theme ‘King and Queen of Hearts’ on 8 February 2019. This was by no means an ordinary pageant. 19 students were identified and urged to take part by their peers, due to their exceptional ambassadorship, positive influence, as well as their involvement in the school and community. Many of these students were forced out of their comfort zones and showed great courage. The contestants modelled their smart casual and formal wear, and were tasked with creating an outfit portraying the theme of the evening, which exceeded the expectations of the judges and audience. Contestants also answered a gruelling question from the MC, proving that their beauty and creativity only further accentuated their intelligence. Hendrik Smit was crowned Second Prince. John-Pierre Oosthuizen walked away as Mr Photogenic, Mr Personality and First Prince. Thando Moyo took the title of Mr LA King of Hearts. Storm Otto was named Miss Photogenic, Thsiamo Moeng stole hearts for Miss Personality. Angel Sehlwana walked away as Second Princess, Kayla-Lynn Young as First Princess and Seithati Rabodiba was crowned Miss LA Queen of Hearts. This glamourous occasion would not have been possible without the support of the community, talented guest performers and the generous sponsors, which Lowveld Academy would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to: ME Graphics | Wildebees Lapa | Lebamba | Spar | Jakkals en Wolf | Godding&Godding | ally Ho Tours and Safaris | Diesel Electronic Polokwane | KleinBegin Auto Electrical | Limpopo Toyota | Maruleng Spares | Annemie Meintjies | Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate Pharmacy | Hair Elements | Hair Stylistix | Wildlife Body and Fitness Centre | Hairspray Salon | Pick n Pay | Lowveld Meat Market | Henda Oosthuizen | Xhante’ Sensus Spa and Wellness Clinic | Sonjanet van Dalen | Donne and Dorette Oosthuizen | Ndzi Nga Maintenance Services | Spur & Aventura Swadini

JOB ADVERTISEMENT ENVIRONMENTAL MONITOR - #Vacancies Kruger2Canyons Biosphere/Kruger2Canyon News (3 Year Contract: Based at Kruger2Canyon News) Background: The Expanded Public Works Environmental Monitor (EM) programme was initiated by the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) in response to challenges of high levels of unemployment adjacent to conservation areas, coupled with increases in illegal wildlife trade. The K2C BR NPC is facilitating the implementation of the Environmental Monitor Programme in the K2C Landscape. The K2C BR / Kruger2Canyon News partnership identified the opportunity for # Environmental Monitors to be placed with Kruger2Canyon News and who will fall under Kruger2Canyon News Management. K2C BR NPC will be responsible for the Administration and additional Capacity building of these positions, whilst the Kruger2Canyon News will be responsible for the day to day management, formal training and career pathing of this position. Purpose of the Job: To support Kruger2Canyon News in reporting, design and layout of articles, including Tourism Information related activities. Key Responsibilities (from Activity Framework): A successful candidate should be willing to work in a versatile environment: supporting all activities related to Kruger2Canyon News reporting and design and layout, including Tourism Information activities, general office admin and customer care, fielding enquiries, reporting on stories, photography, layout and design. Essential minimum requirements for successful application: • Gr 12 • Journalism or tourism qualification will be an advantage • Language ability will be an advantage. Must be fluent in English, spoken & written • Enthusiasm and a willingness to learn are essential characteristics • People skills are also essential This position is a 3-year contract (1 April 2019 – 30 March 2022) based at Kruger2Canyon News, with annual contract renewal based on satisfactory performance. Please submit your abbreviated CV (no longer than 3 pages) with contact details of 3 referees and cover letter by 15 March 2019 to heidi.lee@mweb.co.za. Please make use of the reference “Environmental Monitor Application”. Candidates who have received no response within 14 days of the closing should kindly assume their application was unsuccessful. K2C reserves the right not to fill this positon or if no suitable candidate is found, to re-advertise.

Applications Close: 15 March 2019 12h00.


22 February 2019


Strategic Water Source Areas crucial supply to smallholder farmers and Kruger National Park SABIE RIVER - ‘My vegetable farm is on the Sabie River, next to the Kruger National Park. I have 25 hectares and I sell my vegetables to the local hawkers in Hazyview and to the government’s school feeding scheme,’ says Reuben Leyane, who has farmed here since 1991. ‘It was just bush back then and the local chief wanted to allocate land along the river to those of his subjects who wanted to farm. I took the op-

portunity because I am from a farming family. ‘ Farmers battle to farm here because it is so hot. Reuben uses both flood and drip irrigation, and at this stage he has not been able to farm all his land because drip irrigation is expensive. Reuben is Chairperson of the Sabie River Farmers Irrigation Scheme. Together with three other farmer irrigation schemes they comprise a group of approximately 160 vegetable

farmers whose farms are situated along the KNP fence line and the Sabie River. They are participating through a forum known as the Khomanani-Varimi in a new, threeyear WWF Nedbank Green Trust water project bringing together KNP and the smallholder farmers situated in the lower reaches of the Sabie River catchment, downstream from the Mpumalanga-Drakensberg Strategic Water Source Area. ‘South Africa’s handful of strategic water source areas are arguably our most important natural national assets and critical for our water security and supply,’ says conservation ecologist Samir Randera-Rees, Programme Manager of WWFSA’s Water Source Areas Programme. ‘It’s important for farmers and KNP to speak with one voice to ensure best practice and better and fairer water allocation and management of the Sabie River’ says Eddie Riddell, the Water Resources Manager for KNP. He is based at KNP and is heading the WWF Nedbank Green Trust Project. All efforts to manage the water quality and quantity have to start at the upper Sabie catchment where streamflow is reduced by water use in agroforestry, by alien invasive plants

and in commercial farming. The smallholder farmers are reliant on the flow from this catchment area, as is KNP. Dialogue between users in the upper and lower catchments is often non-existent, particularly between different sectors, and the smallholder farmers need to have a seat at the table at the catchment management meetings. The National Water Act, 36 of 1998, stipulates that humans and rivers both have a right to water. By law a certain amount of water must be left in rivers to maintain their health and function. The Sabie River has retained a high level of biodiversity compared with other systems in the area, and Eddie Riddell explains: ‘The more pristine the river, the higher the percentage of water that must be left in it. Sabie is classified as an ‘AB’ river, close to pristine and, by law, the river has a right to approximately 30% of water at all times.’ Working with the farmers on the ground is the project manager for the WWF Nedbank Green Trust project, Mbali Mashele, from the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere (K2C). She is assisted by two field staffers who work with the farmers on new climate-smart farming innovations and tech-

nologies, with support from organisations such as the Virtual Irrigation Academy, developed by Australia’s national science research agency in partnership with the University of Pretoria. The Virtual Irrigation Academy assists smallholder farmers to optimise their irrigation approach to avoid under- or over-irrigating. The Chameleon soil water sensor system is an example; it has three sensors inserted into the soil, and an above-ground portable reader that visually shows farmers the state of the soil. ‘The aim is to work with the farmers to increase their water-


smart practices and produce larger vegetable crops to increase their income,’ says Riddell. ‘Through the WWF programme the project also wants to expand the farmers’ markets by strengthening their market supply links and progressing from local-only markets to supermarket chains. Once the smallholder farmers experience increased profitability around innovative, well-managed water and soil initiatives, the strategy employed here can be extended to the many other communities bordering South Africa’s national and provincial parks.’


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. “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” - Nelson Mandela

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Huilboerboom Street, Hoedspruit (Next to HiQ) Number: 015 590 3993

RIEPIES bied Mango Mania mountain biking fun Interlaer 2019 aan Louisette van Helsdingen

Simoné Erasmus

KAMPERSRUS - Vanjaar het die beurt in die Riepies se skoot geval om Interlaer 2019 aan te bied. Die dag se voorbereiding is met entoesiasme en groot opgewondenheid aangepak deur personeel, beheerliggaam en ouers om van die dag ‘n ‘spogdag’ in die Riepie geskiedenis te maak. Die Riepies het met groot opgewondenheid dertien skole ontvang uit die hele Mopanistreek. Die Riepie-atlete het vyf

HOEDSPRUIT - Bavaria Fruit Estate hosted the annual Mango Mania event on Saturday 9 February, alongside the MTB Challenge organised by the Hoedspruit Cycling Club. A family fun day with mango picking, tasting and cycling. The day was a great success with a popular local vibe bringing people back every year! The mountain bike race included a 70km, 40km, 15km and 5km fun ride through the mango orchards with almost 300 entries. Riders from all over came to be part of one of the biggest annual cycling event in Hoedspruit. With great podium prizes and lucky draws the cyclists enjoyed every moment of the day!

en twintig medaljes ingepalm, waarvan ses goud, nege silver en tien brons was. Rekords het gespat,en ook daar het Riepieatlete uitgeblink. Casey van Wyk het die hoogspring rekord vir dogters o/12 verbeter met ‘n nuwe hoogte van 1,41m. Edunette Kriel het ook die rekord verbeter vir dogters o/10 70m hekkies. Riepies bedank hulle hoofborg van die dag Discovery Attooh, wat toeskouers in ‘n gelukkige trekking bederf het met drie Garmin horlosies.

Edunette Kriel spring haarself in ‘n tweede plek met die verspring vir dogters onder 10.

The Hoedspruit Cycling Club would like to thank all our sponsors who made this event possible: Buco Hoedspruit | Gold of Africa | Oasis Hoedspruit | Greer’s Sport & Cycling |Giant | Djuma Game Reserve | Hi-Q | Indigo Farming | Steers | Debonairs | Agri Box | Spar | Pridelands | Label Pro | Clemengold | Du Roi | Avon | Laeveld Trekkers | Sable Steelworks & Construction | Laeveld Agrochem | Waterbuck Lodge |Moriah Citrus | Kruger2Canyon and Ecologic.

OFFICE: 015 793 1484/5 EMERGENCY: 083 307 9258 Main Street Hoedspruit www.facebook.com/drainsurgeonhoedspruit

“No job too deep, too dark or too dirty”

“Quick As A Wink”

Plumbing Installations & Repairs | Electrical Installations & Repairs | Geyser Installations & Repairs | Empty Septic Tanks Blocked Drains | Septic Tanks | French Drains | Solar & Heat Pumps | Pumps | Water Tanks | Aircon Installations & Services| COC

OFFICE: 015 793 0792

Chris Dreyer: 0835735920

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