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hit and still survive arm that final flash was strong enough to blow up the entire planet without a doubt because the G two pretty much put some of his life force and in all of his energy into that blast but what happened cell survived so then that means go key out during the and the margin Bousadacan also survive something like that why are because Go hale would be more durable than cell can so if the genus final flash is strong enough to blow up a planet but sell survived send okay towards the end of the margin boo saga who is in fact stronger than sell also withstand a final flash on and become way more durable than so was so got blown happen pretty sure go key we just take the hits and just continue forward arm in terms of Superman he did this is the thing Superman can withstand 20 supernova explosions not just one planet exploring no we’ll talk in 20 points at the same time exploiting that would that right there would create super massive black hole that can literally suck you in and then just destroy you completely arm in terms of durability on if we'd if we talk about that I love God as well we saw how much damage go can take twenty fought bills is the strongest Dragon Ball Character in creation so when go who fought bills go who actually told every single hit bills can't deliver and still withstand that you know all I'm pretty sure if Superman had arrival that can pretty much our column solve and portray himself tube a god take the hits and survive then we can be talking but Superman statistics already proven he can survive 20supernova explosions while go who unfortunately can't even would stand one let's say for example I'll let let's go back to the kid episode when kid was about to blow off the planet one kid who was charging his key all go cool look in the g2 and he said that the energy ball that kid who is creating can destroy 10 planets and then he simply looked on over to the G two and he said and I quote Virgie to we can't stop that so that right there just goes to show that if they've remained on the planet walk you through the energy sphere go who would have died instantly fun not only the energy sphere exploding into the planet's core but the entire planet blowing up in general so that just means go key cannot I'll repeat Gould cannot survive more than one planetary explosion while Superman can survive twenty of them at once if there were 21 points to blow for the exact same time than Superman would I what with only talk in 20 that superman's maximum also during durability Go hale has a lot of willpower he has allot of in a strain in his soul all let's say for example Superman just be go Co into the ground right do you guys think ok was going to stop he's not going to stop go who doesn’t know what it means to quit he will fight Superman until he dies and then comeback

from the dead in file again go who has the will power cut he’s durable arm whereas in any other character is if Superman would if I any other character he would decimate them because they were did or not as durables go because go who has fighting experience he fought the law go who fought cell Frieze ma Jean but if we’re counting GTE for Omega Sharon over Shimon baby super 17 go who flaunt everybody so therefore after every battle ASEAN get stronger some pretty sure that their durability also increases but nevertheless we're comparing planetary explosions because like I said Go hale cannot survive more than one planetary explosion grass Superman survives 20 so the winner in this huge debate in terms of durability obviously has Togo to Superman because he can withstand 20 planetary explosions while go who can only survive one now let's talk appearance the super C inform love go who is not just an appearance portrayed by Screw Attack what is actually a multiplication and all forms of power giving goal who the advantage in all areas of fighting on if we're talking powers and abilities first the ball superman's heat vision is not schlongenough to block Aramaic a male wave a specially portrayed from school attack all when go who is a super scene 4 of or excuse me are the strongest I've ever seen superman’s heat vision always during void Batman Superman apocalypse always Superman uses heat vision to takeout an army of peak dooms days on this heat vision was strong very strong enough after to take them all out there is nothing compared so calmly Hamah arm having the heat vision versus the Tommy hollyhock it's just ridiculous because the common ha-ha is of course all not only life energy but overall energy in general ever member during the transformation go who can actually release all energy every single after fiber energy at one time so when you have all that energy including life force pushing at you there's absolutely no way that Superman's heat vision can block the commie hollyhock now like said go who is arguably the best martial arts fighter in fiction history all law Superman just hit some really really hard enough to blow a hole in your now let's go back and talk other abilities that both cocoa and Superman possess now go cook can absorb the Spirit Bomb which has the energy from all over the universe Superman can actually go with in the Sunland obtain lots and lots of energy from the Sun to harvest his power Superman gets its power from the Sun while go who gets his from key are Superman has a constant supply of energy while go who has learned tousle his key are as affectively and sufficiently as possible on a specially the tile can remember when

%ah can't I always told ok with that the more he uses Kyle can the more stress to put on his body on

Muscle building coures  

the more energy use is you know that the more likely he died all which actually puts huge tree on his body but go who has mastered the Kyle...

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