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Academic libraries in change

Heidi Kristin Olsen Vestfold University college Library

The library as pedagogical text From bookfinder til pathfinder, Master thesis 2008

Main question: How the pedagogical texts in a university college library can contribute to enrich the information literacy of faculty staff in using digital databases? Survey and group interviews among academy staff at VUC


Faculty staff & use of the library Master thesis 2008

Central findings: • The digital resources have a potential for better exploitation • The faculty staff wants an active and offensive library • Faculty staff wants information and training in use of the digital resources • The library needs differentiated pedagogical texts in several levels




Recent research – some examples OCLC (2009) Information Management Roadmap DEFF (2010): The future of research and the research library British Library and JISC (2008): information behaviour of the researcher of the future:: And some nordic research, for example: SUHF - Forum för bibliotekchefer (2009): Rapport från Arbetsgruppen för framtidsfrågor (swedish)

The future… • More knowledge is needed! Could more documented experience and development work be one of the answers? • The «Career Track Programme for Senior Librarinship» can be an example of a way…. 5

Way of work • Based on practical experience as librarian! • Systematical trying out • Development, analyzing facts, trying new ways • Discover the obvious • To wonder….




VUC takes part in the program because: • New, great library = new challenges • Possibility to take part in a mileu of development • Achieve more selfreflection on pracsis together with supervisor • New «position in the organization» - from administration to the R & D department

Career Track Programme for Senior Librarianship at VUC: To deveop the library’s service for faculty staff by: • Project librarian • Develop tutorials for teachers • Librarian staff’s qualifications 8

Project librarian

Kindergarten’s space: materiality, learning and meaning making

Wordle of the project description (in Norwegian)



Part of a team – joys and challenges

Tasks for the project librarian (version 1.5)

Administration of information Presentation of information Seeking information Co-worker

Project librarian

Experiences: the library (version 1.5)

• Expand the library’s interface • New ideas and suggestions to the library • Challenging to mark frontiers • Cooperation with the project management • Develop the library’s competenses

Not possible to make a “project librarian recepie”



Project librarian

Experiances: the researchers (version 1.5)

• Common working space/place • Discovering more library services • More and earlier use of the digital part of the library collection • In-service training • More visible and available library • Making a project’s blog?


Project librarian

Experiences: the project management (version 1.5)

• Training and coaching • Homogenous reports • Timing • The librarian as a dissemination worker? 14

Project librarian

Experiences: the institution (version 1.5)

• Better exploitation of the resources • Improved research reports and results?! • Improved understanding of the opportunities in the library service?




Librarian’s literacy? literacy?


Documentation • Challenging! • Theoretical points of view • Important tools: Log and blog (to see what I see….)


The librarian’s dilemma

Do we have time? Can we choose?



Career Track Programme for Senior Librarianship • Pattern: OUC’s program for Associate professor • Dimensions/volume and costs • ”Practical development in own workplace coorperating with employer” • Supervision (Professor Hans Siggaard Jensen, Denmark) •

Individual work and common projects and courses

• To be evaluated by a commision

Who and what? • Anett Kolstad –Oslo University College. Collaborative supervision in the physical room and via different mediational tools in student nurses’ education • Jannicke Røgler – Buskerud county library Collection development and weeding. Use of social media in public libraries. • Jingru Høivik – National library Developing software for presentation on cellar phones • Heidi Kristin Olsen – VUC Deveoping the library for faculty staff


Final points…. • The librarians must move out of the desk & out of the library • To be answered in short: Why do we have a library in our institution? institution? • Continous changing • Necessary to be updated! 21


Thank’s for the attention!


Illustration from “Children and space”


In English: Bourg, Chris, Ross Coleman, and Ricky Erway. 2009. Support for the Research Process: An Academic Library Manifesto. Report produced by OCLC Research [Internett] Tilgjengelig fra: research/publications/library/2009/2009-07.pdf [Lest 1.2.2010] DEFF, 2010. The future of research and the research librarsy [Internett] Tilgjengelig fra:{79A0643A-7E30-417A-A184-18F422A6B86C} [Lest 15.2.2010] Flyvbjerg, Bent (2001) Making social science matter: why social inquiry fails and how it can succeed again. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press University College London, 2008. "Information behaviour of the researcher of the future: A ciber briefing paper.“ [Internett] Tilgjengelig fra [Lest 3.4.2008] In Nordic languages: Pedagogisk utviklingssenter, HiO, 2010. Bibliotek 2020: Om kvalifisering til 1.bibliotekar [Internett] Tilgjengelig fra: [lest 10.9.2010] .Forskning på barnehage og rom. Blogg. Arena for kommunikasjon mellom forskere og andre som er interessert i barnehagens rom. [Internett] Tilgjengelig fra [Lest 11.9.2010] Høivik, Tord (2010) Plinius: blogg. [Internett] Tilgjengelig fra: Olsen, Heidi Kristin (2008) Fra bokfinner til stifinner [internett] Tilgjengelig fra: [lest: 1.7.2008] Olsen, Heidi Kristin (2010). Heidis bibliotektank(er): en blogg. [Internett] Tilgjengelig fra: Rennemo, Øystein (2006) Levér og lær: aksjonsbasert utvikling i resultatorienterte organisasjoner. Oslo, Universitetsforlaget. Ahlin, Per m.fl. (2009) Rapport från Arbetsgruppen för framtidsfrågor. Utgitt av Sveriges universitets- och högskoleförbund (SUHF), Forum för Bibliotekschefer. [Internett] Tilgjengelig fra: [Lest 10.9.2010] Contact informartion: Heidi Kristin Olsen Email: / Tel.:+47 33 03 70 80


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