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Tables for rolling stock

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Rica Seats Käpälämäenkatu 10 (P.O. Box 49) 11710 Riihimäki, Finland Switchboard: +358 19 764 210 Email: info@rica.fi

VAT FI-07201841

ricaseats.com rica.fi

Extendable tables One of the special features of Rica tables for rolling stock is the handy pull-out extendable leaves. When the leaves are pulled out, both passengers on either side of the table have enough space to work comfortably. When extended, the table can accommodate two laptops, for example.

The narrow design ensures easy access to your seat.

Pull-out extendable leaves on every seat.

Aputason ollessa ulosvedettynä tyÜskentelypinta on tasainen.

Photos: VR Group

Surface resistant to wear and tear

Table profiles are designed with passengers’ comfort in mind: the special profile allows room for the use of rotating chairs.

Ultra-light aluminium honeycomb structure

Aluminium board

Table top structure Carefully selected materials, refined structure and practical functional features make our products more durable. Our tables are made to meet and exceed the increasingly challenging demands of public transport. For example, our rolling stock tables feature a lightweight, non-flammable aluminium structure and a high-quality non-slip surface. Photos: VR Group

Wall-mounted tables Wall-mounted tables are an ideal choice for limited spaces where worktop space is nevertheless required. Our wall-mounted tables are available with a fixed or folding mechanism.

Height adjustable tables are an excellent solution for passengers with special needs.

The table can be folded away for extra space.

Photos: VR Group

Thanks to our wide range of materials, our products are suitable for all kinds of premises and facilities.

Single pedestal tables Floor-mounted single pedestal tables leave plenty of legroom and allow easy access to seats. They are robust, stable and customisable to meet the special needs of each client and environment. Single pedestal tables are also available with a height adjustment option. This practical feature is an ideal solution for a variety of needs and significantly facilitates the journey of passengers with special needs, for example. Photos: VR Group

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Rica tables for rolling stock a4 print  

Rica Tables for Rolling stock 2015

Rica tables for rolling stock a4 print  

Rica Tables for Rolling stock 2015

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