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Autumn/Winter 2019

Mother’s Day


With Claire Ishino



In collaboration with talented artists inspired by Australian nature. 100% post-consumer recycled cards & envelopes. Printed carbon neutral in Australia with vegetable based ink. Blank inside. C6 Size: 155x110mm. Packs of 6. RRP $6

Flower Field NEW! CC-FF

Lemon-scented Gum NEW! CC-LG

Moonlit Gum NEW! CC-MG

Native Medley NEW! CC-NM

Rainbow Gum NEW! CC-RG

Pink Blossom NEW! CC-PB

Summer Garden CC-SG

Aussie Florals NEW! MA-AF

Great Barrier Reef NEW! MA-GR

Yellow Tail Territory MA-YT

Quoll’s Nocturne MA-QN

The Happy One CC-HO

Full Bloom CC-FB

On The Bright Side CC-OB

Down The Street CC-DS

Spinifex Bilby MA-SB

Night Gliders MA-NG

Lyrebird’s Serenade MA-LS

Monsoon Parrot MA-MP

Look To The Light CC-LL

The Bright One CC-TB

Rich & Rare CC-RR

Bountiful Land CC-BL

Bush Baby MA-BB

Fairy Wren’s Heath MA-FW


Blue Gum Vase NEW! CC-BG


ANDREA SMITH Mother’s Day Blooms NEW! AC-MB

Best Mum Teatime AC-BM

Best Dad Gardener AC-BD

Lovebirds Forever NEW! AC-LF

Pink Mink Corella NEW! MC-PM

Golden Wattle MC-GW

Western Spinebills MC-WS

Coral Gum MC-CG

Lyrebird’s Valentine NEW! AC-LV

Love Wattlebirds AC-LW

Sweetheart Parrots AC-SP

Swans Embrace AC-SE

Matchstick Banksia MC-MB

Candlestick Banksia MC-CB

Desert Bloom MC-DB

Kookaburra Gum MC-KG

Wild Natives AC-WN

Waterbirds AC-WB

Animal Party AC-AP

Spotted Tail Quoll AC-SQ

Everlastings MC-EL

Red Tailed Cockatoo MC-RT

Native Blue Cornflower MC-NB

Rose Of The West MC-RO

Tropical Butterflies AC-TB

Koala & Owl AC-KO

Carnaby’s Cockatoo MC-CC

Rosea Gum Galah MC-RG

A Different Desert MC-AD

Native Wreath MC-NW

Wattlebird & Wildflowers AC-WA

Banksia Garden AC-BG

Miniature Teasets KC-MT

Pink Orchids KC-PO

Pardalotes & Wattle KC-PW

Waratah & Teatree KC-WT

Summer Gumleaves KC-SG

Scarlet Banksias KC-SB

Mother’s Day Hibiscus HN-MH

Amazing Bouquet HN-AM

Swift Parrot Love HN-SL

New Baby Cockatiels HN-BC

Wildflowers HN-WF

Adventurous Birthday HN-AB


Golden Whistlers KC-GW

Gilbert Gang-gang NEW! VC-GG

Rainbow Bee-eater NEW! VC-RB

Black Cocky Henry VC-BC

Major Mitchell Pair VC-MM

Thankyou Blush HN-TB

Bessie Budgie VC-BB

Watson Wombat VC-WW

Sulphur Crested Pair VC-SC

Lilac Koala VC-LK

Sympathy Wreath HN-SW

Louis Cockatiel VC-LC

King Parrot Flo VC-KP



Boobook & Banksia NEW! KC-BB


100% post-consumer recycled paper. Printed carbon neutral in Australia with vegetable based ink. Blank inside with natural, 100% recycled envelopes. 95mm square. Packs of 6. RRP $3.95

Coral Gum MT-CG

King Parrot IT-KP

Kookaburra Gum MT-KG

Cardinal Waratah IT-CW

Summer Garden CT-SG

Thankyou Blush DT-TB

In The Backyard CT-IB

Wildflowers DT-WF


100% post-consumer recycled paper. Printed carbon neutral in Australia with vegetable based ink. Available flat or folded. Flat size: 500 x 700mm. Folded to: 275 x 250mm. Packs of 6. RRP $6

Wild Natives AT-WN

Lemon-scented Gum NEW! WP-LGFL (Flat) WP-LGFA (Folded)

Bountiful Land WP-BLFL (Flat) WP-BLFA (Folded)

In The Backyard WP-IBFL (Flat) WP-IBFA (Folded)

Night Gliders WP-NGFL (Flat) WP-NGFA (Folded)

Variegated Fairy Wrens WP-VFFL (Flat) WP-VFFA (Folded)

Carnaby’s Cockatoo WP-CCFL (Flat) WP-CCFA (Folded)

Wild Natives WP-WNFL (Flat) WP-WNFA (Folded)

Waratahs IW-WAFL (Flat) IW-WAFA (Folded)

Tropical Butterflies WP-TBFL (Flat) WP-TBFA (Folded)

Tropical Butterflies AT-TB


100% post-consumer recycled tags with hemp twine ties. 95mm x 50mm. Packs of 6. RRP $2.50

Coral Gum GT-CG

Kookaburra Gum GT-KG

Bountiful Land GT-BL

In The Backyard GT-IB

Twenty-Eight Parrot GT-TE

Wild Natives GT-WN

Tropical Butterflies GT-TB

Cardinal Waratah GT-CW

King Parrot GT-KI

Braidwood Bud GT-BB


Made carbon neutral from natural, non-toxic and upcycled materials and zero-waste packaging. Packs of 6. Pen and Pencil Kits come filled with stock with a free counter display.





Festive Spirit HT-FS

BAMBOO PEN Biodagradable body and refillable, black ink. 12 pens in Kit RRP $9.95


ECO HIGHLIGHTER PENCIL 12 pencils in Kit RRP $5.95

WOODEN PENCIL SHARPENER Fits our pencils! RRP $4.50

HEMP BAKER’S TWINE Made from durable and sustainable hemp. Each card comes with 4 twine colour combinations. RRP $9.95

24 pencils in Kit RRP $2.95

Tropical Punch HT-TP


An Earth friendly destination in your store with our best selling designs in packs of 6 and a free display stand. Earth Greetings Starter Kits come with the latest and best sellers in our range. Display stands are free with kit orders and are yours to keep as long as you continue to refill them with Earth Greetings products. If you already stock our products you may order an empty stand with enough stock in packs of 6 to top up your existing Earth Greetings cards or wrapping paper to fill every pocket. Display Stands & Kits can be ordered on our website after logging in.

FLOOR SPINNER KIT 56 Greeting Card pockets 180cm H x 33cm D. EG-SP56

COUNTER SPINNER KIT 20 Greeting Card pockets 67cm H x 25cm D. EG-SP20

WRAPPING PAPER KIT 6 Wrapping Paper pockets 36 H x 27 W x 23cm D. EG-WP

MINI CARD & TAG KIT 10 Mini Card & 4 Gift Tag pockets 22 H x 24 W x 25cm D. EG-GT


Earth friendly desk stationery designed in collaboration with Claire Ishino. Bound with tinted vegan glue. Printed carbon neutral in Australia with vegetable based ink on high quality 100% post-consumer recycled paper. A5 WRITING PAD 60 lined and illustrated tear-off pages with a wrap-around card cover. A5 Size: 148 x 210mm. RRP $15.95

BOXED NOTE CARDS Boxed sets of 12 flat note cards, 6 each of 2 designs per box. The natural envelopes are printed with a pattern on the inside of the flap. Artwork by Claire Ishino continues in a strip or border on the back of the cards. Made in Australia from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Note cards are not for individual sale. RRP $24.95 per pack.

Lemon-scented Gum NEW! A5P-LG

Native Medley NEW! A5P-NM

DESK NOTES 240 tear-off pages with a padded card cover. 100mm square x 2.7cm high. RRP $15.95

Lemon-scented Gum NEW! DN-LG

Native Medley NEW! NC-NM Contains 6 Native Medley note cards and 6 Pink Blossom note cards with 12 envelopes.

Native Medley NEW! DN-NM

TO-DO LIST 90 Bulleted tear-off pages with a wrap-around card cover. DL Size: 100 x 210mm. RRP $15.95 Moonlit Gum NEW! NC-MG Contains 6 Lemon-scented Gum note cards and 6 Moonlit Gum note cards with 12 envelopes.

Lemon-scented Gum NEW! TD-LG

Native Medley NEW! TD-NM


Soft and durable tea towels, ethically made in India from 100% certified organic unbleached cotton. Screen printed in Australia with water based ink. 100% carbon neutral. Size: 51cm wide x 73cm high. RRP $24.95

Lemon-scented Gum NEW! TT-LG

Bountiful Land NEW! TT-BL

Love Wattlebirds NEW! TT-LW

Golden Wattle NEW! TT-GW

Kookaburra Gum TT-KG

Rosea Gum Galah TT-RG

Outback Koala TT-KO

Rich & Rare TT-RR

Made in Australia with the lightest possible footprint. Earth Greetings are a carbon neutral business dedicated to sustainable design. We choose 100% post-consumer recycled paper, zero waste and plastic-free packaging, and all of our products are vegan. Earth Greetings donate a minimum 10% of profit to environmental organisations. We support our talented artist collaborators to create beautiful cards, stationery, and homewares inspired by the wild beauty of Australian nature. Email us: Phone us: 08 8277 2001 We invite you to register for wholesale ordering on our website

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Earth Greetings AW19 Brochure  

Mother's day blooms with our new Claire Ishino range! Earth Greetings create beautiful, sustainable cards, stationery and homewares made in...

Earth Greetings AW19 Brochure  

Mother's day blooms with our new Claire Ishino range! Earth Greetings create beautiful, sustainable cards, stationery and homewares made in...