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Born Loved We are born loved and die loving

Hege Tilset


Thank you, Simon

I knew this moment would come...

...the end

But it was still a slap in the face to hear that sound.

the sound of loneliness.

I couldn't bear to be alone. So I sought comfort in my old mother.

I can’t believe he’s gone

Edward died this morning

How are you, mom? Uugh..

Oh, mom

I needed the company, so I started to see my mother more and more.

I took care of her, and I grew dependent on her to distract me from my loneliness.

But of course... My distraction vanished eventually.

...Her kindness and devotion to her children and her family, her wise and understanding nature...

I went to one funeral after the other, it seemed. Most of my old friends were gone...



Say cheese Cheese!

Sleep tight, Carl

My mother told me something after I had you. She said...

We love the ones that come after more

C’mon let’s eat!

And that’s how it’s supposed to be I always thought it was a strange thing to say. But I guess that was her way of saying "Don't worry about me, your family needs you".

She always was such a selfless woman.

Am I selfish?

I wish I was more like that some times, that I could just accept that my Carl has moved on with his wife and unborn baby all the way over in America. He's grown up. And away from me.

He's grown up and away from me.

I was born loved, and will die loving. I used to be surrounded by friends and family, but look at me now; sitting among what little is left of them. Old photographs, memories.

I wonder where they are now. If they are. And how does it feel to be them?

I imagine it's just like flying away. Away from worries and what's troubling you.


Hi, honey, how was your first day in school?

Great. They gave us these backpacks, look!


Me and Johnny was put in the same class too

That’s great, Carl! Dad said you could come too tomorrow, will you?

Tomorrow we’ll all go together


I love you, mom

Of course I will hon

I love you

I love you

I love you I love you

I love you

I love you I love you

I love you

What!? Ed... I...

Hello, sweetie

We are here for you

We’ll always be here for you

Hege Tilset Š2012

Born Loved  

We are all born loved and die loving

Born Loved  

We are all born loved and die loving