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did it for her twice, even though she wanted me to do it so many times more, because I read the note and I found out that it was... very mean,” Tiffany said. “What? What are you saying? You put notes in her locker? What does Jessica have to do with any of this?” Chelsea implored, dumbstruck. “Stop. I’ll explain everything. So one day, Jessica came to me after school when I was waiting for my mom. Jessica, she came and asked me if I could put a note in Rachel’s locker. So I said that I could, and I did” Tiffany replied, totally relaxed. “Tiffany, I can’t believe you did this. You guys were best friends. Why would you do something like that? And why would Jessica do this?” Chelsea inquired again, distress clearly showing on her face. “I told you, I didn’t know. And besides, Rachel and I kind of stopped being best friends a few months ago. She was such a loser, always reading, and never wearing make-up the way I wanted her to. I never liked her that much, she was like a... a temporary friend, and when Jessica told me that I could get better friends just by doing this, why would I refuse?” Tiffany retorted. “You are a monster. Betraying your friend for popularity. I can’t- no actually I can believe you did something as awful as this! Go and die in a hole!”Chelsea shrieked. Then, feeling an enormous amount of rage, she slipped her hands into her pockets, pulled out a the first thing her hand could feel- her phone, and after giving Tiffany a hard stare, threw the phone at her with all her strength. As she turned around, the phone hit the side of Tiffany’s head. Ignoring the screaming behind her, Chelsea walked outside.


It is a short realistic fiction story