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carelessly gave her a glance, than turned back, only to turn around again, his eyes wide, as he realized what the pink object was. “What is that laptop? Did you steal it? Where did you get it? How much does it cost? Did mom buy it for you? Than that is so unfair because I’m older and I have more homework,” bombarded with questions, Chelsea calmly stacked her things on the couch, and sat down next to Luke, who was watching her every move like a hawk looking at its prey. “I got it for free from Mrs. Puckett. You know, Rachel’s mom? But she’s not actually a mom anymore cuz... like... Rachel died,” Chelsea informed her brother, watching his face change from a curious one to a surprised one. “Oh, I’m very sorry to hear that,” her brother said at last. Then they sat in silence for a short while. “But still, it’s unfair that she gave it to you. I mean, there are kids way less unfortunate than you, living everywhere, even in this city. And besides, you weren’t even her best friend or anything,” Luke complained. Chelsea, annoyed with her brother for being so obvious about the fact that he cared more about the laptop than Rachel’s death, silently stood up, and stomped into her room. Or at least, she tried to before Luke managed to grab the hem of her shirt. “Oh my god, you’re angry at me for saying that. Think. I was just stating the obvious. And I do feel awful about her suicide. God, you don’t have to be so emotional” Luke muttered. “Okay fine. But you can try to sound like you care. She was like one of my close friends. You sounded like this materialistic person who cared more about laptops than people’s lives,” Chelsea stated, freeing herself. Although she was a bit mad at Luke, she had to admit that what he had said wasn’t entirely rubbish. Why would she give this to me? What about Tiffany? They were BFFs since the beginning of school. What is going on? “I do care. I’m just... oh whatever,” Luke mumbled, shrugging. “Okay.” she said backing into her room. “I’ll be in my room if you need me,” she announced as she closed the door. Then, she threw everything onto her bed roughly, except for the laptop which she carried gingerly to her desk and opened. The inside was beautiful, covered with glittery little stickers. On the top, there were sticker letters, and in various colors it spelled out BFF: T&R.. Of course, Chelsea thought as she started the computer. After what felt like an awful long time, a female voice welcomed the user, than told her that she had 3 chances to type in the password before it locked itself. Last time she had gone to Rachel’s house Rachel had told her it was Pink Butterflies, and Chelsea typed it in. To her amazement, the computer unlocked with a young female voice saying “Welcome back Rachel!” She had gone to Rachel’s house 3 weeks ago. Was that how long she was planning her suicide? Did she tell her password to me so I could do this? Chelsea’s head felt about ready to explode and quickly she tried her best to shut off her brain. On her desktop was her Recycle bin, and a file called Random things. Chelsea quickly clicked on the file until 3 copies of it opened. Inside there were 7 folders. Math, Science, LA/SS, Spanish, Technology, Band and Free Writing. Just as she was about to click Free Writing, she saw that she could scroll down. There was a document called Hello, and curious, Chelsea clicked on it. It opened, and a document titled Blue came up. Then there were a bunch of letters, some blue and some black. Chelsea stared at it uncomprehendingly for a moment, then went outside, where her brother was in the same position as before, watching a TV show with a bored expression on his face. “Hey, I think I need some help,” she announced.. “I found this weird document, and I think it might be important,” Chelsea said.. Her brother eagerly stood up and followed her in. She guessed he was bored after sitting around and watching TV the whole afternoon. Flexing his fingers, he sat down, trying to look professional. Then, suddenly, he stopped, looking surprised. “I know this thing. It’s this thing we did in our grade where we highlight the whole text as the same color as the title, then there’s like a secret message inside it. But a few weeks later, the teachers figured it out and nobody does this anymore. I thought nobody knew about this in your grade because we are on different floors and it was supposed to be a secret so nobody told people,” he said. “Oh,” Chelsea replied lamely. By now Luke had highlighted the whole thing and was changing the color to blue. A second later, black letters popped out on a blue background.


It is a short realistic fiction story