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Young girl goes missing after going to her best friends 18th birthday party... By Katie Surey Young girl Anna Holmes from BIRMINGHAM went missing shortly after attending her friends birthday party on Thursday 17th December. The party finished around 02.30 and she was nowhere to be seen afterwards. Best friend, also the birthday girl Leanne Woods stated, ‘I don’t understand what happened, Anna was fine at my party, we were dancing and having a laugh. By the end she went outside to make a phone call to get picked up and we never saw her since..’. Family and friends who knew Anna have been shocked and are all hoping and wishing she is found. Close family members dread to think what could have happend to Anna when making the phone call but just want to know if she is ok. Mother of Anna; Mary Holmes states: ‘Its the fear that Anna could be hurt thats killing me, where ever my daughter is, i just hope God keeps her safe and we are all wishing for her to be ok and come home. We have been on the news to tell everybody and anybody what she looks like and who to call if she is found. I love my daughter to bits and i pray she is just fine’. Strong mother Mary in tears while speaking abour her missing

daughter along with father; John Holmes dread to think of the worst. Anna Holmes, known to be a happy and hyper girl didnt have any problems in her life, which shows she would never run away. The thought of something happening to her scares her family and friends. Boyfriend of Anna; Richard Gibbons sadly said ‘My darling Anna was the best thing that ever happend to me, I was with her that night dancing away while she was making a phone call, if only i went with her maybe none of this would have happend. I do hope she is ok and to see her very soon. If anyone has done something to her i wish the worst upon them for hurting such a wonderful girl. She never had one bad bone in her body and deserved the best. I miss her dearly and hope i find my baby’. Emotions run through the village Anna lived in and every single person waits for her to return. Parents and rest of the family have messaged everybody, if seeing Anna to contact the number ‘07765382647’ straight away. A terrible incident to happen but hopefully Anna will be safe and found and everybody is wishing for the very best. Picture shows:Anna Holmes (right) with best friend Leanne Woods (Left).


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Nina Kaur (Middle) with friends on X Factor in bootcamp. Singer and ‘fashion diva’ Nina gets booted off the live singing show as the judges left the decision to the votes of the Audience. Devastated Nina states ‘it’s a shame I’m not in the show any more but it has taught me a lot and now I know singing is what I want to do in the future, even though loosing in the show, hopefully it will open many more doors for me..’ Judge Davina Law states; ‘Nina was a lovely inspiring contestant, and even though she is not on the show anymore I know people are going to be interested in her work, she has an amazing and unique voice people want to hear more off’. Nina dealt with everything really well and her family are proud of her achievment. So even though she has been booted off we know we will see more of her. - FULL STORY PAGE 6

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‘Food & You’ EXCLUSIVE- Page 13 BIRMINGHAM JOURNAL CHARITY TRUST The Birmingham Journal has been aiding needy local causes for over 100 years. This trust is administrated by the Birmingham Foundation Ltd. Many causes over the years have been supported thanks to you! We wish to continue to help those in need who appreciate all our help and support. We would like to thank everybody who has been a part of the Birmingham Foundation Ltd to make a difference. Your help would be much appreciated. To help bring forward your support please contact: 0121 284 3493

The German Markets continue with their magic in Birmingham.. Once again the german market sets up to fascinate people in Birmingham.,, By Jane Mcgullan Join the many of millions of visitors who come year after year to enjoy and explore over 180 beautiful stalls for the perfect Christmas gift. With much success in the past years, Victoria square in Birmingham along with New street welcome over 2 million visitors a year to the German Christmas market. Visitors from all over the region come to the Frankfurt Christmas market to purchase unusual and handmade gifts, including jewellry, christmas decorations, candles and glasswork. Many other stalls also have traditional German items such as marionettes and wooden toys. The Franfurt Christmas Market is now very well established in the Birmingham events calendar that it has become an annual feature, also a public symbol of the relationship between Birmingham and Frankfurt city. So come and enjoy the magic. Visitors enjoying the stalls at the German Market in Birmingham at lunch time (Top right picture) ‘Merry Christmas’ delicious Chocolate lolipop hearts sold at the German Markets (Bottom right picture).

No.1 Fan finally sees her ‘dream man in wax’ at the Madame actor Salman Tussauds… Bollywood Khan’s statue made in


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wax at Madame Tussauds managed to make some dreams come true.. By Amrita Kaur

NUMBER One fan Priyanca Kumari was deslighted to be the first fan to see and touch her all time favourite bollywood star ‘Salman Khan’ who was voted to be placed as wax in Madame Tussauds alongside Bollywood stars Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachan. ‘As a child i have always admired Salman Khan and his work and i am extremely happy that he was voted to be here with the other big stars”. Travveling all the way from Birmingham to London to see him, we are sure Priyanca Kumari will Picture: Number one fan - Priyanca Kumari be back to visit her number one with her ‘dream wax model’ Salman Khan. Bollywood actor Salman Khan.

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