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Guys On Hills Going Down Max Dubler

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My Guilty Pleasure (Ruby Rose)

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Lizzie Armanto


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Illustration | Thor Mclean

any aeons ago before the dawn of time, all the gods united to create the universe and all that exists within it. Each god spoke their piece and made their contributions. All but one. The one god who could never be taken seriously and who would so often be mocked by his peers for his visions and ideals. The lone, mischievous god who would be forever banished to the darkness, so that no one may worship him again. The god who would rise again in all his scabby, blood-ladened glory, who has now been awakened and is back to reign with a majestic tsunami of blood, pus and plenty of stoke and steez ... he is the putrescent purveyor of gravity ... he is Lord Gnar - God of Tar !!! and his spirit breathes within the asphalt. Be warned people, if you stray off the grass and walk on the road, Lord Gnar can reach your soul and soon you too will worship at the temple of gnar!!!

Interesting partnerships. Life is full of them. Those combinations of ingredients that when simmered in the right pot, at the right heat, create a new element. The wind and the sea is a good example - two quite different elements that when rubbed against each other in the right direction, create epic surf. There are obvious partnerships like a human being and a skateboard; they go together pretty nicely, especially if they’re cooked nice and long, and then there are the more obscure, unlikely combinations like blue cheese and strawberries or knives and foreplay. The vital part is the magic, the connection. This book you’re holding is an interesting one. Take a picture cropping, manic pixel geek (‘graphic designers’ they like to be called) and a dictionary dabbling, OCD word nerd and you have pictures mixed with words; but add the magic, the passion for boardriding, for art, for music and life and positivity and then maybe you have something. Every issue I’ve worked on here at this magazine thing has demanded that little more from me than the one before, been that little more rewarding at the end, sent me that little bit more mad. Now I’m writing the Editor’s note ... mainly because ol’ Bugalugs over there who usually writes it is busy playing with pixels and he can’t spell too good neither. Funny how little combinations work huh ... Enjoy the mag.

Hail the lord. HAIL LORD GNAR!

Lucas Herrington

Publisher Mad Mob Media Pty Ltd Editor Kurt Nischel Associate Editor Lucas Herrington International Correspondant Adam Yates Illustrator & Card Dealer Thor Mclean Copy Editor Rachel Syers Graphic Design Johnie Nicholson Advertising +61 (0) 450 335 628 Photo Journalism Intern Laura Edwards Graphic Design Intern Louise Rosenberg Printing Fast Proof Press Subscription > shop Competition Accounts Debbie Severiny Contributing Writers Luke Sorensen, Nick Sable, Adam Yates, Julian Bleeker, Michael Eijansantos, Laura Edwards, Kevin Carmody, Thor Mclean, Christopher Cade, Phil Thorn, Haggy Strom, Michael English, Gerhard Nel, Blair Johnston, Nick Foley, Rachel Syers, Lucas Herrington. Contributing Photographers Jakub Fulin, Luke Sorensen, Flavio Biehl, Julian Bleeker, Jacob Lambert, Ashley Donaldson, Ross Duffy,, Toby Bromwhich, John Harle, Blake Smith, Zak Maytum, Max Dubler, Brent Shipley, Michael White, Agro, Michael Eijansantos, David Pang, Rafael Fazano, Jake Dyason, Will Howcroft, Brogan Roles, Nathan Rapson, Daniel Parish, Sean Meaney, Kurt Nischel, Linus Marsh, Harry Chalker, Adam Yates, Phil Thorn, Alysha Frizzell, Smoking Wheels Photography, 13th Witness Contributing Illustrators & Designers Richard Andersen, Louise Rosenberg, Thor Mclean, Kevin Carmody, Luke Sorensen, Ben Brown, Frankie Hugel. Recommended for mature audiences © All Rights Reserved. All due care is taken in compiling the contents but the publisher, staff and contributors cannot be held responsible for any effects arising therefrom. Reasonable care is taken when accepting advertisements but no responsibility can be taken for any resulting transactions. No responsibility is accepted for unsolicited materials. Nothing can be reprinted wholly or in part without permission of the publisher. Heelside Magazine is Published Quarterly by Mad Mob Media Pty Ltd

Rider | Luigi Russo Photo | Rafael Fazano

Distributed by JHS &CO  (08) 8234 1111

SKULLET Definition: Skullet A mullet on a bald man. When you are bald on top and all you see is your skull but you still have some filth hairs dangling at the back.


Is Down Under Fair Dinkum?

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antoks, what’s cracking? With my current vibe in mondo stoke mode, anti stoke is a hard thing to even think about, however there is one issue of importance that needs to be discussed. My approach hopefully educates the Ozzi crew out there and offers some advice on the future of the industry here in OUR land! Where is the Ozzi skate industry headed? Back in 2011/2012, the longboard movement was exploding globally. Within Australia it was infectious amongst the younger demographic (10-16) and that really helped support local shops in a wave of sales and interest. Almost overnight, on social media outlets, you could see offers of ‘low cost, super fast international shipping’. In these dire times, I understand that we are all out looking for the best deal, but at what cost? We need a change of direction. A change for a locally supported Australian skate industry. Ozzies, here are a few things to understand: The population of Australia is 22,620,600. The population of California alone is 38,041,430! By law, Australian retailers have to provide GST in the final advertised price to the consumer. In the US, they Photos | Kurt Nischel

do not, leaving all taxes out of the advertised price. International orders may also include customs, duties, import fees, and other tariffs that can add to your so called ‘cheap’ purchase. These fees/taxes are not covered by the retailer and are not shown on the advertised price. Choosing not to pay for these overheads, Australian Customs reserve the right to destroy the product or return it. If returned, the retailer may refund you for your purchase but not for the shipping. Destroying it means you’ve just paid the government to burn ya new sk8! You now are out of pocket a few bones and have nothing to show for it! So as a consumer here in Australia purchasing products online from overseas shops, you may save a few bucks on the item that’s advertised but when push comes to shove, you end up paying for all these added extras and the end result is much closer to the advertised price in OUR stores: Landyachtz Wolfshark 2013 - @ ‘Hopkin Skate’ final price w free shipping = $209 Landyachtz Wolfshark 2013 - @ ‘!!&!^^!$**##^’ +$40 shipping final price = $195

Words | Adam Yates

SHAVE - The top of your head completely bald and get your skullet started REGISTER - Between April 01 to 14 & upload your skullet to Heelside’s Facebook page COMP PERIOD - 3 months UPLOAD - Picture of skullet at start of comp and update every week until end of comp on the Heelside Facebook page JUDGING - Most ‘likes’ on the Heelside Facebook page wins

For the sake of $14 (in this example), why would you run the risk of any more unadvertised taxes. Wouldn’t it make more sense to support the locals? Support the grass root efforts within the community. Get involved with the local shops within the community backing team riders. Hopkin Skate and Cre8ive Sk8 have been doing this for years. Help the brands/shops that are true to the industry here in OUR land that want to build the market for all. Give your business to those shops that give professional help and knowledge, guiding customers away from lures of mediocre copycat stuff. Lastly, media outlets are a lure. They aim at the weak with all their flashing banners and offers. Be strong. Understand the costs and the effects of purchasing from OS. We look like gooses because we support OS shops! Paint a different picture here in OUR land. Buy from local business. Oioioi. Yatedawg.

It’s been a long and interesting ride with ASRA. We have achieved a lot of the goals we set out to but there is still a lot of work to do. We look forward to seeing how skateboard racing and longboarding develops in Australia in the next few years.

Photo | Adam Yates

positive momentum behind the organisation. A few words of advice for those interested in organising events: 1. Planning, preparation and more planning and preparation! Behind a smoothly run event are hours upon hours of planning and preparation. Do the planning before the event and you will save yourself a lot of pain. Think through every step of the day and envisage how the day will unfold. Brainstorm all the potential problems you can imagine and how you might deal with them. 2. Your racers are your customers. If the racers have a good time they will come back again next time. 3. Don’t worry about the haters. Stay positive; there are always negative opinions but don’t let them cloud your judgment or enthusiasm. As they say, water off a duck’s back ... 4. Learn from your mistakes. Admit your mistakes and apologise as required, then learn from them and move on ... 5. Involve the community! People have amazing skills and want to help, you just have to figure out how to tap into their skillsets.


Running a tight ship ... that’s the goal! And while most of the time it works out that way, it takes a lot of time, commitment and energy to keep the ship running tight and on a steady course ... Back in 2006 we set out to create an organisation that would enable us to close roads and run local skateboard races. ASRA was set up as a way to get insurance and legitimacy in the eyes of government. ASRA as an organisation developed alongside the burgeoning skateboard racing and longboard community into something larger than we had ever dreamt. One of our greatest successes has been our annual downhill rankings. Last year nearly 800 people competed in races and got a spot in ASRA’s downhill and slalom rankings. Dozens of races are popping up all over the country. Many of these are outlaws but there are also more legitimate events on offer. For the first time in 2012 Australia hosted two World Cup downhill races, which were very well attended and received by both international and domestic skaters. We intend to continue to host one World Cup event every year in the March/April period. ASRA would like to see other race organisers step up and help build a solid calendar of events leading up to the World Cup, thereby offering skaters a solid calendar of summer racing. Recently ASRA has supported the formation of the International Downhill Federation. We are excited about working with the IDF to develop a strong World Cup calendar going forward and believe there is a lot of

with Hagbath Strom

See you all at Newton’s! In the meantime, enjoy the ride!

Australia's favourite local skate shop PH: 07 3871 1211 Shop 1, 200 moggil rd taringa, qld









Rider | Matt Kitai Photo | Michael White

Rider | Steve Caballero Photo | Michael White

Skating with no direction, except the one you take Words | Christopher Cade


here’s something special about just pushing away from your house. Like swimming away from shore into the ocean. Every kick takes you further from home, further from your natural habitat. Now you’re in a strange place where normal rules don’t count. Where the way you might move or see your way through your normal route, this one is different and fresh. Your old patterns of thinking drop away, revealing the world without interpretation. The lines you skate become intuitive, the kicking becomes automatic, and the voices in your head (the ones who never stop talking), they sort of melt away, lost in the sound of wheels, and bearings, and asphalt. It’s kind of like those long distance pushers, the crazy dudes who push thousands of miles because they can. Except they have a plan; cover X number of miles today and X number of miles tomorrow. Just pushing out is the beautiful cousin of that. No plans. No direction. Just pushing until you find a ledge/rail/road. You hit it, and you move on when your intuition tells you to move on. Every skateboarder knows when the way they look at the world starts to change. You’re travelling through your normal everyday urban environment when some feature jumps out. All of a sudden like a hand around your throat, you’re itching for your board because look at that Ledge/ Lip/Road! There’s the famous quote about 200 years of industrialisation, only to arrive at a new playground only 12-yearolds can see. Is it any less true now than when those words were first uttered? What is the shift there? Why is it you can see a ledge all day every day, but when you start thinking like a skateboarder, everything in the world can fill a different purpose, different from its design? I think it’s interesting no one ever practices skateboarding. Like meditation and using the Force, it’s only done, or not done. I never thought this to be a bad or a good thing, because while skating, what are we doing? We’re measuring ourselves, seeing if little by little we can find our edge. The place where we are closed down in fear, but allow ourselves to experience the moment. This takes courage, but courage is not becoming fearless. Courage is the willingness to face our fears. And when we are experiencing our fear, whether it’s downhill skateboarding or anything else, our courage grows. Being aware of our edge and trying to meet it also allows us to develop awareness of ourselves. This is powerful stuff. That kind of awareness can change how we experience the human drama of our lives. Now I don’t want to turn you off with some spiritual mumbo jumbo, but consider for a minute the people who live a long boarding lifestyle. We live and die by the unspoken (and spoken) etiquette of riding together. We skate more often than anything else, besides eating and sleeping. When we’re not physically skating, we’re either working or watching skate videos, and for those of us that are lame enough to have jobs outside of the industry, we’re thinking about skating when we work. Skateboarding is a religion, and every road is a temple. But skateboarding can also be a hobby, an art, a political persuasion, a cultural distinction … it’s really up to you.

After running Girls On Hills Going Down in issue 07, as expected, we copped a little grief from our girlfriends and such. A little backlash if you will, a bit of the ol’ cold shoulder so to speak, but it’s all good, they’re no longer our girlfriends anyway. Rather than being apologetic about what was clearly a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun, we’ve decided to even the playing field by running the same type of interview with a guy. Seems only fair, right? We’re all about equality. Things may get a little weird ... you may even feel a little violated following some of these questions. We aren’t here to smear butter all over our bodies and baste ourselves like a bird fit for roasting, or are we? This is Max Dubler, as raw as he comes. To those that haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the masculinity behind the mane, you’re in for a savoury, spicy treat of the Max-kebab variety.

Questions by Adam Yates

Photo | Zak Maytum

So Max, you have been known to skate in your birthday suit and to most others out there, this wouldn’t be the most ideal way to go down. You have a trump card up ya sleeve in the shape of a rug. I know this would offer some sort of visual protection from onlookers, but does this offer protection against the dangers of serious friction burn? Have you had any serious injuries that stop you from slaying dragons? Actually, I’ve only skated downhill naked one time at the Maryhill Freeride. Apparently tons of people bring cameras to that event and just chill on the side of the road. Who knew? As for the carpet, I’m definitely more aero in my leathers. Unfortunately, the hair tends to make road rash heal a little slower; so I try and keep it wrapped up. That said, I’ve never had an injury that seriously impeded the bear hunt. I’m not sure whether you play music but have ya ever snapped your Banjo String? I used to get down on the soul sounds of the sax - do you play the flute, trumpet or is it all strumming strings for you? I never played with a banjo; so I’ve never snapped the string. I much prefer banging some drums to blowing wind instruments, though I’ve been known to play the trombone every once in a while. We know you go down on skateboards but are you the adventurous type? Maybe you like to go down ... In a tree? In a car? In a moving car? In public? Underwater? I usually go down on some big wood - my Madrid pro board is 10” - but I’ve gotten it done in the Venom van a couple times. Do you like going down on the hard, fast and straight mountain bombs or are you one for the rhythmic, flowing, sensual curves meandering down the coastline? I like it tight and quick, with lots of sliding. I don’t like straights. They’re boring. Photo | Selfie

We’ve seen you no hands mob down Tuna Canyon, and from that I’m thinkin’ you don’t like to use your hands eh? You don’t like getting your hands dirty? I sometimes come too hot into a tight situation; so I don’t mind getting my hands dirty when I’m riding. A few guys have told me I’m very good with my hands - mad dudes loved the two hands down toeside in my raw run. Safety is key; give us the rundown of your helmet. When you take it out on the hill, do you have any sort of lube that makes it more aero? First of all, I almost always wear a fullface when I’m skating hills. I’m not that good-looking and smashing my face up wouldn’t help things. The Predator doesn’t require any special lubricants or poppers or anything. Just give it some head and you’re ready to ride. Do you ride in the wet? Is your equipment the same or do you tweak it a little for more traction? Hell no. I moved to California for a reason. Rainy days are for working wood down at the factory. Do you like to go down with the good ol’ sparrow’s fart or do you fit the status of the night owl? Skatehouse doesn’t really get down with DP*. We make plans to ride GMR or the skatepark at seven in the morning all the time. It actually happens about once a month. I like night-time riding but the neighbours complain about the noise. *Dawn Patrol The majority of the Downhill scene seems to be male. How do you feel about gettin’ dressed in leather, bending, touching, pushing, pulling with other dudes? It feels absolutely natural. While dressing up in leather isn’t my favourite thing in the world, middle-aged gay men seem to love my online photos of dudes bent over and spreading ‘em. It’s great that the girls get to race with us changes the scene a little, right? Three guys, one girl, maybe a few high fives on the way down. Does it change your tactics? Perhaps use them as bait, draft and come from behind? I have nothing against a little girl-on-guy race action in theory but I’ve never tried it myself. Maybe some day. Lastly, fruit and veg is vital to a healthy life. What’s your favourite piece of fruit or veg? Pineapple, obviously. Photos | Zak Maytum

Leeches Words | Thor Mclean Funny how we’re disgusted by them. They are actually amazing and unique little creatures, just like skaters. They can be found anywhere in Australia especially in damp, watery areas. Their size is 7mm to 300mm when extended and are usually dark brown in colour. Leeches get around on two suckers, one at the front by its V-shaped mouth, one at its rear by its anus. They’re hermaphrodites meaning they have both a penis and a vagina with which they can impregnate one another when they’re all twisted up and making love. They also breathe through their skin. Leeches have aided us in our ailments for well over 2000 years. In Europe alone their use peaked between 1830 and 1850 to the point that leeches became hard to find. The help of leeches comes in two forms.


Firstly, they draw out blood which can relieve pressure and congestion. Secondly, the saliva contains vasodilators, anticoagulants, anti-inflammatories and anaesthetic. What are all these things? Vasodilators make blood vessels bigger, allowing easier blood flow. Anticoagulants stop the blood from clotting. Anti-inflammatories stop swelling in the traumatised area, thus allowing the blood to get to all areas, even the tiniest of veins. Anyone who’s had a really gnarly stack will be familiar with anaesthetic, it numbs stuff and takes away the pain for a little while. Today the little suckers are used for a variety of medical uses and treatments. Here’s just some of them: • • • • • • •

Black eyes Inflammation of the middle ear Varicose veins Venous congestion Assistance in micro-surgery, skin grafts and plastic surgery The experimental use in anti blood clotting and blood transfusion Tinnitus

The leech is once again popular amongst the medical profession. Its popularity is gaining momentum, like rolling down a sweeping hill. The animal class that the leech, along with the earthworm, belong to is called Clitellata! The world just doesn’t stop amazing me! “They don’t hurt, they don’t leave scars, they’ll take a little bit of blood and they leave you alone. Where’s the harm in that?” says Dan Harly, Ecologist. The next time you see a creature that disgusts you, think of how that little parasite may be of benefit to you ... To all grom, leeches and crew, go and make friends, stay safe and have fun.

3/141 Dawson Pde Keperra 4054 QLD AUSTRALIA P - 07 31622518 W - E - F -

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Zero deaths, zero serious injuries and one or two sore asses :) Running 12 days of skating over six weeks, I would have thought there would have been at least one break, but nothing; it was an injury- free tour. Every Jam happened, rain, hail or extreme shine. The highlights were seeing some amazing youth skaters - namely Queensland’s Luke Van Dyke, Canberra’s Josh Austin, Liam Wakefield from Melbourne, Charlie Harris of South Australia and Liam Jordan, NSW. These young up-and-coming skaters shred, are well practiced and some are sponsored. My vote would be with Luke who, at 10 years old, is a grom who can mix it with the master class. If he keeps skating and stays safe I’m sure he will be a great ambassador for any sponsor in the future. Sergio amazed the crowd and skaters with knee slides, head slides, super spins and 360 nose slides to name a few. I enjoyed the skate day in Clare, SA, where I convinced a local youth project into demonstrating Sergio’s skills to hundreds of school children. The children were ecstatic, especially when Sergio ollied over Cliff and no complied a traffic cone, not to mention acid dropping off of the head master’s window ledge! Cliff was a great advocate for skateboarding safety and more importantly being a good person. He trained beginners in sliding and impressed everyone with his steezy skills at the tender age of 63. The best thing about both of these dudes is their approach to the skaters on the tour. It was a long tour and even up to the last jam, Cliff and Sergio were full of smiles and positivity. I knew I picked the right people for the job. As the first of its kind - a charity, grassroots event - I would say it was a success. We collectively raised $1325 for the three charities Camp Quality, Seva and Flood Relief in Queensland, and paid for the biggest names in sliding history to tour Australia (albeit with a little 2K help from Cre8ive Sk8). Personally I had a hoot of a time and made some good friendships along the way. Hopefully we have solidified the Australian skate scene a little, got a few of you to work together and inspired skaters all over Australia to try some new moves, skate safely and think about themselves a bit differently. Skateboarders can make the world a better place. Words | Phil Thorn

Rider | Sergio Yuppie Photo | Phil Thorn

ALL about Oz Tour Synopsis

Rafael Fazano Photography


Chiddy Bang  Etta James  Knife Party  Marlon Asher  The Smashing Pumpkins  Super Cat  Queen

Awrite (Ramajay)

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Biggie Smalls vs Bassnectar  Pitbull  Tok The Pliers   

Bob Marley  Radiohead The Fugees Big Wale Peter Ram  Big Pun Chaka Khan Limp Bizkit Jill Scott

Beenie Man  Adele Slightly Stoopid

Da Funk  311

Death Cab for Cutie

TLC Odessa  U-Boy

Wiz Khalifa And Snoop Dogg 

Miles Davis


Montano John Legend 

Cutty Ranks 


Chris Brown 

Sarah Vaughan

Buffalo Springfield  City High  Lauryn Hill Busy Signal  Akinyele Damian Marley 

Dave Matthews Band  Reel Big Fish     M.I.A. A Tribe Called Quest Terror Fabulous Hot Action Cop   Zionomi John Lennon Mos Def  Everclear Bounty Killer Shaggy John Coltrane  Rihanna  Shabba Ranks Erykah Badu Diplo  Maroon 5 Method Man  Kevin Lyttle  Justin Timberlake Shinehead   Dizzy Gillespie Tu Pac RDXBusta Rhymes  Ricky Blaze  Sean Paul 

Black Eyed Peas Beres Hammond 

Coheed and Cambria Bounty Killer Bebe and CeCe Winans  Buju Banton  Mr. Vegas Michael Buble  Kes the Band  Brandy  Salt and Peppa Envy On The Coast  Linkin Park Green day Alien Ant Farm  The Higher Alicia Keys  Minnesota Hello Goodbye Mase System Of A Down     Kanye West   Noisettes  Less Than Jake Sister Nancy Slothpop  Cee Lo Green 69 Boyz  Muse  John Mayer    Herbie Hancock  Gang Starr  Weezer  Sum 41    Tiana Sublime Incubus  Doug E. Fresh  I-Octane  Lil Wayne Vybz Kartel  Born Jamericans Pinchers  Fay Ann Lyons Jason Mraz  Marvin Gaye MGMT Justice Remix Barrington Levy 

Di-Genius Bunji Garlin Musiq Soulchild

Biga Ranx  Horace Silver & The Brecker Brothers

What’s Playing on Cami Best’s iPod Photo | Alysha Frizzell


Fun   Billie Holiday Die Antwoord Diamond Praduxtions 


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Heelside Magazine Issue 10  

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