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Distributed by JHS &CO (08) 8234 1111

Distributed by JHS &CO (08) 8234 1111

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Editors Note: Share a thought and fuel the passion. What does this phrase mean to you? When you really think about it, this is exactly what it is we do by making this magazine your holding in your hands right now. We are sharing the individual thoughts of a group of amazing artists that fuel your passion for skateboarding. By sharing with others, wether it be a beer with your mate on a Sunday afternoon or teaching someone a new trick you just landed at your local skatepark, you are in some way or form giving, and when you give, be it good or bad you will receive. “Like gravity, karma is so basic we often don’t even notice it.” Almost exactly a year to the day I received a rather amusing email from it read like this word for word, ‘Guys my name is Lucas, I currently sport an XL sized S-One helmet because I have what’s commonly referred to as ‘a big fat head full of words and ideas and stuff’. It’s really quite a problem you see, and Im sure you’re familiar with some of the symptoms ... - Trying to sleep while your brain is still carving the satin smooth streets that flow from the water tower all the way down to that odd little gully bit where all the roads in (insert your hillside suburb here) seem to converge. - Trying to sleep with your front leg protruding from the doona because the graze on your knee still burns like a jalapeno contact lens … again. - Awakening from said sleep, having dreamed you and your Vanguard flex II were hurtling towards an oblivious flock of kindie kids on a zebra crossing, and in an attempt to not hurt any of the cute ones, you have a sleep spaz out, smack your girlfriend in the back the head and simultaneously fart due to over exertion. - Im not sure what the journalism side of things there at your excellent little baby fresh magazine is, but if you’re interested in someone to cover an event? review a product? bio a skater? eat some pasta? then I’d be so stoked to contribute to your sick mag. Love your work ... cheers’ So my reply to that back then was ‘your In.’ An now one year later Lucas is Associate Editor. Fuel The Passion & Enjoy The Issue! Kurt Nischel

Rider | Gemma Holland Photo | Merrick Wildash

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13. Dr Spice

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Illustration | Amy Hanna

14. Pure Juice, RIP Tom Sims 16. Fresh Produce

22. Keep it Core

23. Heelside Core Stores

24. My First Ride

18. Choosing the Right Trucks 20. Yatedawg Yakka

23. Subscribe and Win

72. Action Ape

26. Global Lens Flare Extended Remix 74. Trading Bad Habits For Black Rabbits | Grinspoon 76. Blending Form, Function and Lifestyles 88. All Wrapped Up 86. Smart Phone App Reviews 90. Kyle Martin’s iPod 87. The Big Stack

80. LX Longboarding Lisbon 86. 3 Things 13 Times with Alex Tongue

89. Acai 92. I Have a Dream

91. Watch and Learn, Crash and Burn with Jackson Shapiera

94. Chasing Waterfalls

Contributing Writers Lachlan Cashman, Owen Davey, Ian McGylnn, Rob McWhinnie, Brady Lane, Ben Sproule, Jake Dyason, Dr Spice, Jim Gray, Joni Ralph, Nick Foley, Jason Keidge, Mike English, Adam Yates, Jason Drawn, Luke Sorensen, Kent Lingeveldt, Pedro Fernandes, Alex Tongue, Wes Hillard, Kyle Martin, Jackson Shapiera, Lincoln Hillard Contributing Photographers, Nigel Dawes, Tom Gray, Tim Wright, Roy Santiago, Daniel Guzzardi, Corban Fewster, Ben Davies, Tom Harbod, Dan Hall, Frank Winspear, Jake Dyason, Jim Gray, Johnie Nicholson, Merrick Wildash, Maton Guitars, Kent Lingeveldt, Jakub Fulin, Ricardo Reis, Pernes, Susana Torroais, Pedro Pinto, Leandro Guerra, Tiago Maia, BSBSC, Micheal Edmonds, Adam Yates, Kelley Weiss Global Lens Flare Extended Remix Photographers Zarallo-Moya, Luke Sorensen, Darren Pearson, Barbara Britvin, Unai Bellamy, Chad Purser, Rich Auden, Carlos Hauck, Jeffrey Vyain, Dylan Harkavy, Sam Minnell, Gregg Davis, Rafael Fazano, Pat Valade, Dan Sparagna, Sven von Schlachta, Timothy Wright, Gordon A. Timpen, Jacob Lambert, David Pang, Carolina Dottori, Oleev Torrin, John Harle Contributing Illustrators Magda Nischel, Amy Hanna, Thor Mclean, Jason Drawn

Cover Shot In the smokey still of night Matthys van Lille lays down a switch toeside check Photo |

Kent Lingeveldt in his workshop Photo | Jakub Fulin

Blending n Form Function And Lifestyles Words Kent Lingeveldt

Photos Kent & Jakub Fulin

It started in May, when a German friend asked if I’d like to exhibit Alpha Longboards at a festival he organises: The Detmold International Short Film Festival (DISFF). The festival features short films from across the globe and takes place in the small town in north-western Germany in June. I had met Levent Arslan in my home town of Cape Town, earlier this year, when he and three friends started their cycle journey from South Africa to Germany. DISFF focuses on cultural integration and pushing the boundaries of how we see our own worlds – whichever part of the world we come from. Being a skateboarder has shown me a different view of the world, and so I understood Arslan’s wanting to exhibit longboards at the festival. The short notice meant many long - but fun hours in the Alpha Longboards workshop, for myself and Alpha artist Charles John, 21. John is an advertising and graphic design student whose passion is street art, specifically stencil art. This passion is evident in Alpha’s flagship art board series, the ‘Local Legends’. We use stylised stencil images of local icons – including Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and Mahatma Ghandi – and hand-spray these onto the bottom of longboards.

Photos | Kent Lingeveldt

Being able to blend function and form into the one item that defines me, my skateboard, has been a dream since I started making boards 11 years ago. A total of eight longboards were exhibited in Germany. Each board was hand-cut and shaped, and the art work hand-sprayed. Besides painted art, one of the boards featured a vinyl photograph and another featured African print cloth, showcasing South African design and style. The exhibition space was an unused aircraft hangar, called Hangar 21. Each board was displayed in an individual glass cabinet, suspended upright and with perfect lighting. Before leaving Cape Town, a friend and film-maker, Dylan Valley, shot a short film about Alpha Longboards and its role in Cape Town’s longboard scene. The film was accepted into the official festival screening selection, and received good reviews.

‘What I was doing with ALPHA was what I’d always dreamed of, growing skating as a lifestyle’

The trip was a success, we sold boards, made promising business connections and established relationships with people for future exhibitions in Europe. More than that, it affirmed my dream of Alpha, and skating being recognised as a lifestyle. It’s a sense of freedom to see beyond the sports and employment options society seems to have set for its youth. It meant that what I was doing with Alpha was what I’d always dreamed of, growing skating as a lifestyle. I also learnt that skateboarding transcends cultures, and that it is taking up the high spot it deserves in the hierarchy of modern culture. Photos | Kent Lingeveldt

Alpha Longboards artist, Charles John working at his spray table.

Kent having some hard earned shred time Photos | Jakub Fulin



Words Merrick Wildash






Living in the day and age where smart phones rule our lives, people recognise themselves as nothing short of the best photographers in the world. With applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allowing you to upload anything that grabs your shutter-happy attention, we have some reviews to help you increase the quality of your images.

Smartphone magnetic lenses

Ever wanted a fisheye lens or a bit of extra zoom for your smartphone camera? For under $15 these pocket sized gadgets can become your reality. You can purchase a 3 pack of lenses for your smartphone. The lenses have been designed to allow more creative control over your photography from your phone. With the lenses being made out of aluminium and thick glass the lenses have proven to be very durable surviving the 3ft drop test. The way the lenses fasten to the chosen smartphone is through a small self-adhesive metallic ring that the lenses magnetize to. With all the possibilities the lens kits offer it is sure to bring a new flare to your pocket-sized camera kit. This is easily the best investment anyone can buy in the world of smartphone camera accessories earning itself a smashing 5 out of a possible 5 gnar bars.


Camera+ is an app designed around the iOS operating system aimed at iPhone users, although still working on iPad and iPod. Costing less than a pie at the corner store, with all the features you can possibly imagine this camera app gives the user the creative control many desire to get that edge on simple day to day photos. Features range from manual focus, exposure control, HDR mode (High Dynamic Range), zoom functions and a full photo editing section ranging from filters through to borders and cropping tools. This app gives you everything! With sharing options, it allows you to easily post your photo to Twitter or Facebook, email it to your boss, or text it to your girlfriend. The app will drain your battery quite quickly if editing and taking photos on the run, but the outcomes prove very worthy. This app has proved itself to earn itself a solid 5 out of 5 gnar bars.

Picture Effect Magic

Picture Effect Magic, an application that does it all for photography, You can shoot, edit and export your photos. This program is designed to work on iPhone and iPod. Sounds good right? You bet it does. If only it worked to its full potential. The app has some features that would run rings around some digital cameras, allowing the user to have control over focus, exposure, zoom, white balance, flash ... it really works well in the sense of being a camera app. Double thumbs up so far. Yet when you start to go into the editing side of the application you soon realise the downfall. With the effects having very minimal control, they are preset and there isn’t too much you can do about it, if you don’t like it. The effects you can choose from are basic to say the least. With that all being said, the camera alone would earn a greater review than the whole app. This app has proven to have a server downfall in the edit stage earning itself 2 out of a possible 5 gnar bars.

SloPro SloPro is an app that should be in everyone’s video tool kit. It allows you to film videos in real time and then with the tap of a button, render the video into a slow motion video ranging in time frames from 40% play back all the way up to 1000fps (roughly 34 times slower than normal playback). The video is rendered using a process to calculate the frame movements in between the set 30fps to render the missing frames to create a smoother playback. This technique can be quite useful for capturing a slide and you really get a good look at the power it takes when watching it in slow motion. Although the rendering process can appear to take quite some time, the end effect proves to be well worth the wait, especially if the original video is of good quality. This app has proven to be quite the battery drainer throughout the rendering stages but this seems to be the only downfall, therefore the app earns itself a comfortable 4 out of a possible 5 gnar bars.

THE MAKER HAY The Glyde Ben Hay Pro Model Available Now From A Core Store Near You!

DRSPICE The First Date.

So you’ve popped the question, scored a first date, and now you’re wondering what the hell to do. There is nothing like the first date to fill you with equal parts anticipation, excitement, dread and even outright fear. Because first dates are often one of the most awkward and confusing moments of our collective romantic rites-of-passage, this month Dr Spice has decided to dish out a few do’s and don’ts to all you lovelorn longboarder souls out there.





2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Have a shower and put on some clean clothes before meeting her. Your stinky skater BO has got to go! Bring your wallet. Pack a happy hat, just in case ... you might just get lucky. The dinner/movie date combo is always a winner, if done correctly. Be a gentleman, offer to pay. Lean in for a kiss if the date is going well. You might as well figure it out sooner rather than later whether your mouths match up or not. Plan an escape route, such as (1) “oh, it’s already 8pm, gotta get home to feed my hamster”, (2) “I need to trim my grandfather’s nose hair”, (3) “the lice are really bothering me tonight”.

2. 3. 4. 5.

Plunge your tongue deep into an unsuspecting girl’s mouth 2 seconds into a kiss. Take your time. Insist on paying if she is equally insistent on going dutch. That will just piss her off. Lock all your car doors while driving a girl home, it’s a bit serial killer-ish ... Talk about video games, unless you are absolutely 100% sure she is into them. Fart loudly - save it for the second date. And while farting is often funny, it might come out slightly wettish, especially after a hot curry, and then you’re definitely not going to get a second date.

Happy dating! Got any Q’s for the Doc himself? Send them to

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Illustration | Thor Mclean

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Rider | Matthys van Lille Photo |

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Rider | Zane Julian Photo | Merrick Wildash

And by now a few people are wondering if they’re gonna lose the love of acai, like the kid in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory who eats too much blueberry, turns purple and has to get juiced. But acai is an awesome fruit and if we pace ourselves we can all keep enjoying acai till a ripe old age. Acai berries are small purple fruits from a palm that grows in the rainforests of the Amazon. They’ve been used for centuries by the locals and there are a few stories floating around over who introduced acai to Australia. One common thread is, it was a bunch of Aussie surfers who got into it while tripping round Brazil and brought it home to Oz. And the same goes for the USA. Or it might have been some young Brazilian surfers who brought the berries over with them. Either way they did us all a favour by adding another fruit option on the Aussie kitchen bench. Practically everyone loves the taste of acai. The bonus is the nutritional value of acai is huge!

Here are acai’s credentials: • • • • •

Super high in antioxidants and even contains resveratrol (extends life in mice studies!) Contains the full range of amino acids (complete protein) Anti inflammatory and contains the good fats (omega3 & omega6) Vitamins A, B3, C Minerals – calcium, iron & phosphorous

The nutrients above help to protect your body from damage on a cellular level. They can help you feel stronger, improve your emotions, increase energy and speed recovery time. To sum it up in a nut shell or in this case a little berry, acai helps you feel and look good inside and out by protecting your cells from oxidation. Picture yourself as a single body cell (any type will do). Now pretend that cell is a wrinkly old bloke suckin on a smoke outside the TAB at the local pub. Now picture your cell as Giselle Bundchen slowly licking an acai icy pole (whatever you do don’t picture Maradona). I know which one I’d rather picture ... acai wins!

Photo | Kelley Weiss


By now practically everyone in Oz has heard of the purple berry acai and a lot of people are saying it’s the best thing to come out of Brazil since Maradona ... OK, then Giselle Bundchen.




Madonna - Like a Prayer Dr. Hook - Things I Didn’t Say Cowboy Junkies - Sweet Jane The Smashing Pumpkins - Cherub Rock Paul Simon - Graceland Gza - Shadowboxin’ Bob Dylan - Masters of War Fleetwood Mac - Gold Dust Woman Rod Stewart - Maggie May Neko Case - Deep Red Bells Die Antwoord - Fok Julie Naaiers Garth Brooks - I’m Much Too Young to Feel This Damn Old Lana Del Rey - Lucky Ones SNFU - Cockatoo Quill Iggy Azalea - Pussy Patsy Cline - Walkin’ After Midnight




Photo & Illustration | Kurt Nischel


photo: olivier seguin-leduc

Distributed by JHS &CO (08) 8234 1111


Heelside Magazine Issue 08  

Heelside turns 2 years old, ditches the nappies and goes to the big toilet now! Issue 08 is a hybrid photo annual with all your favourite re...

Heelside Magazine Issue 08  

Heelside turns 2 years old, ditches the nappies and goes to the big toilet now! Issue 08 is a hybrid photo annual with all your favourite re...