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Where are the Wedding Vendors Hiding?

Hiring Vendors It takes a lot of people to make a fabulous wedding, but where and how do you find your vendors? Looking for vendors is sometimes a long, tedious task. Many times a bride’s search for vendors goes something like this: Several emails and phone calls are sent to several vendors to find if that particular vendor is available on her wedding day and if there is a fit when it comes to her budget. She waits for return phone calls and emails, some respond and some do not. She schedules several tastings, she either does not like the food or there is not a good fit between she and the vendor and thus her search begins again until she finds a vendor that is a good fit. How do I find vendors? So what can you do to not go through the above mentioned cyc1e? 1.

Check with past brides. There are several ways that you can do this. Ask friends that have gotten married. If your friend’s loved their vendors, they are going to tell you. If your friends did not like their vendors, they are going to tell you. Referrals are a great place to start. Bridal forums. I have said this several times before, but bridal forums are a great way to find a wealth of information from vendors to DIY projects

Internet. There are several sites such as, get, that will help you to find vendors in your area. These sites allow vendors to advertise, which is great for the bride because it not only helps you find several in one location, but there are also reviews and pictures of past work as well.


At Work. I’m sure you say to yourself, how will work help me find wedding vendors? Who plans your Christmas parties, company picnics, all of the socia1 events for your company? You may have already tried their food and services. What better way to start than with someone whose services you are familiar with?


Other Vendors. Have you found your Florist? Ask him or her for referrals for your other vendors. They work with several vendors and can give you some suggestions.

When it comes to finding vendors to work with, they are out there, waiting to work with you and plan your fabulous day. If you have a list of vendors that you are interested in hiring, be sure to keep a list and take some time to call a few at a time. Worksheet H, on page 48, will help you keep track of the vendors that you would like to contact. I suggest that you contact three vendors in each category.


What Do I Look For in My Vendors? Below are questions that you should ask your vendors when meeting with them. Of course this list is by no means complete, but should get you started on your way! A couple of tips: 1.

When hiring your vendors, remember that you get what you pay for and follow you instinct. If you don’t feel comfortable with someone, don’t hire them. If you feel like that, there is a reason.


If there is something that you want, don’t see, don’t agree with, ask, ask, ask. You never know what can be done, changed, or substituted if you don’t ask.


Make sure that your contract is signed by you and your vendors. A contract must be signed by both parties to be binding.

Ceremony & Reception Venue(s)—12 months or more Officiant (if not having ceremony in a church)— 10-12 months Photographer—10—12 months Caterer—10-12 months Florist—6-9 months Music & Entertainment—6-9 months Videographer—10-12 months Wedding Cake---6 months Transportation—6 months (If you are getting married during Prom season, I suggest that you book your transportation earlier!) Inivtations-6 months What Should I Ask Vendors When I Meet With Them? Caterer: 1. Do they set the tables or provide linens? 2. Do they offer tastings? 3. What is included in the price quoted? 4. Do they have liability insurance and a liquor license? Is their Health certificate current? 5. Have they worked at your reception site before?

When Do I Hire My Vendors? Wedding Coordinator---12 months or more or as soon as you are ready to start planning

Photographer: 1. Does the Photographer provide any retouching of the photographs? 2. How will you be able to see the proofs? 3. Can you shoot our engagement photographs? 4. Will you stay longer if needed and what is your overtime rate? 5. Is this the person that will take your Photographs? Baker: 1. Can you make the cake that we want based on these pictures? 2. Do you charge a flat fee for your cakes or are your cakes priced per slice? 3. What flavors, fillings, and cake flavors do you offer? 4. 5.

Will you provide boxes for leftover cake? When can we have a tasting of your cakes?

Transportation: 1. Do you special packages just for weddings? 2. Is it possible to come by and see the actual vehicles? 3. Do you own the vehicles or are they subcontracted? 4. If the car breaks down, what is your back up plan? If the driver is sick, do you have backup drivers? 5. What is the cancellation policy?

Florist: 1. Have you worked at my reception/ceremony sites? 2. Can you also provide aisle runners, stanchions, or candelabras? 3. Can you make a bouquet similar to one in these photos? 4. What types of flowers would you suggest based on the details of my wedding (theme, colors, time of day, time of year, formality of wedding, etc?) 5. Are you the florist that will make the arrangements? If not, when can you meet that florist?

Good luck with finding fabulous vendors!

Lynn White, MBA Your Happiness Consultant-Specializing in Brides Heels Above Weddings

Videographer: 1. Is the person you are meeting with the person that will shoot your wedding? If not, when will you meet this person? 2. Are we able to have some things added? (i.e. photo montage, interviews, etc.) 3. How many tapes come with the package? What is the cost for extra tapes? 4. What is the format of the video (VHS, DVD, blue-ray)? 5. Ask about lighting.

ABOUT LYNN WHITE, MBA Event Planning entrepreneur, Lynn White, MBA, owner of Heels Above Weddings, a division of Heels Above Event Planning, LLC realized her true passion after planning weddings and events for friends, family, co-workers, and past positions. She has held positions in various industries, but these positions did not give her the joy and fulfillment she has when planning. Having been the Maid of Honor and the Bridesmaid in several friends’ weddings, She was happy to play such an important role in such a big day in their lives, but the one thing she noticed was that many of them were not able to have the wedding they wanted or the planning process left them stressed out, crying, and just plain unhappy. It was sad that such a joyous, memorable occasion left them so unhappy. “I make sure that my Brides are able to relax and enjoy the planning process. If I can hear the words, I feel so much better, or my nightmares have stopped about something not being done! from a Bride, to me that is one of the biggest compliments that I can receive. Regardless of a Bride’s budget, her wedding day should be magical.” Lynn has a Masters in business Administration and received her event and wedding planner certifications from US Event Guide. She has been featured on News Channel 8’s “Let’s Talk Live” for her creative decorating ideas.

“A friend of mine referred me to Lynn as my search for a wellrounded wedding planner left me frustrated and unsatisfied. Lynn was super responsive from the beginning and has continued to impress me with her eagerness to please me. She goes above and beyond to offer ideas and advice that is usually spot on to what I’m looking for at my wedding. Lynn has a great work ethic and stays in close contact with me even though my wedding is still months away. I would say that Lynn is an expert in the field because of how many resources she has to offer. If you have had any trouble finding the right wedding vendor for you, call Lynn! She has endless amounts of knowledge and loads of contacts in the wedding industry. I can honestly say that I am a picky bride, but Lynn has exceeded my expectations. My only complaint is that I hadn’t found her sooner!” ~Desiree, VA “Heels Above is a wonderful business. Would highly recommend her. Very professional and friendly.” ~Renee, MD “Thorough, punctual and very attentive makes Lynn one of the best Event Planners in the Washington, DC area. I will recommend her to everyone I know.” ~Eric, MD

Here are just a few testimonials from some of our past clients...

“You have been a pleasure to work with and I’m grateful that you were able to work within my budget. I appreciate your ability to listen to my ideas and bring them to fruition. The outcome was wonderful! Your personal sense of style paired with my general "feel" for the gathering created an amazing atmosphere - it was the perfect party. My guests are still raving about it! You definitely exceeded my expectations. I wish you much continued success in the future. ~Andrea, VA

Where are the Wedding Vendors Hiding  
Where are the Wedding Vendors Hiding  

Where are the Wedding Vendors Hiding? Bridal forums. I have said this several times before, but bridal forums are a great way to fi nd a weal...