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Design Studio 6

Professor Maria Jose Marcos

Interview about my own knoledge by Jung Kyung Hee

interviews Jung Kyung Hee interviewer Kim Sung Hyuk

IT WAS REALLY GREAT TIME TO REMIND ME ABOUT MY PROMISE THAT I HAVE GOT FROM THE FIRST TIME. I ALSO COULD MAKE MY THINKING CLEAR IN THIS TIME. Where are you from? I’m from Seoul, Korea. Which is your hobby? I like drawing, reading, singing. and I love traveling. Which are your two favorite architects in Korea and why? Jung Ki Young and Shin Kyung Ok. Jung Ki young is a architect and Shin Kyung Ok is a interior architect. They didn’t have architectural education, but they do think people who use their building, and their work is very great.

Which is the best project you have designed in your previous years? House design, second grade. I made some spaces to take a rest between 1st floor and 2nd floor. I really love that space. Which is the best strategy you to design you have learnt in your previous years? Drawing and Making. I like to think in the way of people who use the building. So I make models and take some picture inside and outside of the model. What is your favorite tool to design and Why? pencil and color pencil. I like hand drawing :)

Why do you want to be an architect? Or what is the best to be an architect? Actually, I wanted to be an architect from very small thinking, I just want to make people happy. I think people use the building all the time inside and outside, so making building is the way to make people happy I think.

Postproduction Gorgeous transforuse mation of the PAST Mixed-use building 01# ItÂ’s little bit different from usual contemporary art museum. Because PS1 means Public School No.1. This building was made for school, ďŹ rst. But it was closed and reopened as a MOMA PS1. So this museum is special. To watch the exhibition, you have to through the hall and enter the school door. And summer school is held in this museum like real school, you can enjoy dinner in the playground.

MOMA PS1, Newyork, United of States. Cooper, Robertson & Partners. 2002.

Postproduction use Various stories in the same space! Mixed-use building 02# This building was constructed as the Majestic Theatre in 1921. After it was used as a theatre, It changed to Majestic Roller Skating Rink in 1979. The new project retain the original volume, roof and perimeter walls. Now in this building, there are commercial, retail and cafe on the ground oor and 3 levels of residential apartments above, 27 units.

Majestic Theatre Apartment, Sydney, Australia. Hill Thalis Architecture, 2012.

Postproduction use

Space has the meaning in that moment. Mixed-use building 03#

This building was for slaughterhouse and it changed to a funeral hall. Two massive halls are connecting two streets. It could be path hall and also some space. If you just pass by this area, it would be just a street to you, but when you go through here, you can come across some spaces in here, at that moment, this center is not just a street anymore, it is some spaces which attract people actively. and this center also has residences for artist and bookstore, cafes for everyone !

Le Centquatre, Paris, France. Robert Cantarella, Frederic Fisbach. 2009.


Mixed used

Live in a house? Live in a complex! Mixed-use building 04# There are many programs in this one building, which is housing, offices, fitness, public program, and park. and also it was planned heat shielding, light gain, and cost efficiency in the appearance of this building. It designed progressive live and work development for people.

Albino Alligator. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Maxwan.


Mixed used

Am I inside of the building or outside? Mixed-use building 05# This building designed to encourage a large cross sections of users. There are hotel, retail, exhibition, restaurant and offices in this building. Project Designer call open section to “street”, because it planed to allow full public access throught the building. There is no particular formal arrangement in this building.

T.E.D. B.I.G.


Mixed used

New generation of SKYSCRAPER Mixed-use building 06# Now CCTV is the most famous building in the world. It created a new kind of generation of architecture in both its design and structure. Its main function is a broadcating center, but this building has a lot of spaces outside of the building, and also some visiting space for public inside of the building.

CCTV. Beijing, China. O.M.A. 2008.

Future flexibility


embracing area, embraced area. Mixed-use building 07#

Designer tried to share his proposal about a mixed use design in this industrial area for these people in croatia. this area was in ghetto, so it was never perceived as one. he decided to leave the area to be fully public. hotel theater, conference hall and playground are in this area. and architect planed some space for bus terminal in the future to solve the heavy traffic problems.

“Janko Gredelj” Area design. Zagreb, Croatia. Hrvoje Sedli .

Future flexibility

Interesting about not interesting. Mixed-use building 08# This is a carpark base on car lift. Designer planed to make this building a public space in the future between the carparks. They are looking forward this building no longer be a car park one day, and change to be other function.therefore, they tried to give the max exibility for future.

Alternative Car Park Tower. Hong Kong, China. Chris Y. H. Chan + Stephanie M. L. Tan .

Future flexibility

What kind of roof are you? Mixed-use building 09#

This building is located in integral part of the traditional Culture Park in the heart of Bursa. ItÂ’s for UEFA EURO 2016, and also planed to connected to accomodation, media area, multifunctional halls, restaurants and cafes. The structure is the basic idea for the Hexagon Stadium as well as the seamless transition from the stadium roof into the tree covered area makes the stadium naturally situated.

Hexagon Park(New Bursa Stadium). Bursa City, Turkey. Stadiumconcept. 2010.


Research by Jung Kyung Hee This is an absolute truth that CCTV is the one of the famouse architectures in these days. Also its design and structure prove their superiority to the world. China has the only broadcasting system in their country, that is the CCTV(China Central Television). Because of this reason, the government need to make this broadcasting center for being well-known and getting reputition like BBC , CNN and so on which is the most famouse broadcasting centers. Therefore they decided to make some district for these buildings. They call it to Central Business District , and CCTV is also in this distirct. Programs are broad casting, news, production, and multibusiness which is for education about broadcasting. And also they have some program for public inside of the building, with this program people can experience about the broadcasting system and something happend behind the television. In addition, they planed a lot of green area outside of the building. With these all great ideas, nevertheless, there are many stories about CCTV. especially, a lot of Chinese doesnÂ’t like this building. Some people say this building look down on chinese, some people think there are no considering about the history and context of China. ItÂ’s possible because of the difference of opinion. Therefore we need to deal with these ideas very delicately.

CCTV BACK GROUND China is growing at an historically unpalleled rate. CCTV plans to increase its current 13 channels to more than 200 by the year 2008 to successfully compete with global television channels like CNN,BBC. Therefore, a new HQ was needed.

CCTV CONCEPTS OF THE BUILDING CCTVÂ’s loop offers an alternative to the commonly known typology of the skyscraper. Instead of competing in the race for ultimate height and style within the traditional two-dimensional skyward tower, CCTV creates a three-dimensional experience.

CCTV CBD IN BEIJING The Beijing Central Business District is the primary area of ďŹ nance, media, and business services in Beijing, China. Beijing CBD occupies 3.99 km2 of the Chaoyang District on the east side of the city. Geographically situated to the east of the city center, sandwiched between the 3rd Ring Road and the 4th Ring Road, the Beijing CBD is currently undergoing large-scale development.

CCTV PROGRAMS IN CCTV CCTV combines administration and ofďŹ ces, new and broadcasting, program production and services which is the entire process of TVmaking in a loop of interconnected activities.

CCTV PROGRAMS IN CCTV Each has a different character. One is dedicated to broadcasting, the second is to services, research and education. They join at the top for the management where two different tower is meeting.

CCTV PLANS OF THE BUILDING Although this building has form with slight lean each other, the core is very strict in the center of the tower in each. For its different program, this building has different plans in each oor.

CCTV DIAGRAMS For studio, there are a lot of closed room in plans. After that, for news and service area, It has almost open ofďŹ ces. On the top, there are many closed ofďŹ ces meetingrooms, for administration.

UnblockING Diagram


by Jung Kyung Hee These are diagrams of the userÂ’s movement. Each one is different for their programs. First, pink is service part. these people usually use this part, because this is a part of the tower for multi-business such as education, research and service. ďŹ lled circles are spaces where they use all the time, and yellow one is just a space predicted to use.

Lower part of the building is for studio. and the right part, green area, is for broadcasting and news. and purple one is for public. In CCTV, the loop provides public access. visitors will be allowed in to a internal path circulating through the building, connecting all elements of the program and offering spectacular views. Red one, for vip, have a secret access area in places.

CCTV DESIGNED BY O.M.A Conclusions by Jung Kyung Hee GENERAL CONCLUSIONS Now, this is not about normal skyscraper anymore. Rem Koolhaas of O.M.A who is the designer of CCTV made a new generation of the skyscraper. His work, CCTV, creates a threedimensional experience which is the symbol of the entire city. By this three-dimensional form, complex programs could be organized very clear. This building made not just only a great new skyscraper but also very well organization of the very huge and complex building. CCTV will be the landmark in this area, CBD. POSITIVE ASPECTS By designing this shape, this building stand as a landmark of this area. It’s open shape is embracing the entire city. Each core of towers make the programs organize clear. Using this core, people can go up and down very easy. Also with the core in the center of the building, it could be planed efficiently for each programs. And open spaces inside of this building, it gives special experiences for people who have a fantasy about broadcasting and television. NEGATIVE ASPECTS Like I mentioned before, CCTV has a lot of stories. many people in the world think this building is very nice, but actually chinese doesn’t like this building who have this building in their land. First reason is about design. Chinese thinks this building is just for Remkoolhaas’s work. He made this building only for his challenge, experimental design, structure and so on. Also they think Remkoolhaas redicule with this building. Second reason is about context. This is connected with the first reason. Now CCTV is just standing showing off its fame. However, Context of the land is an important issue in Asia countries. People respect their history and custom about land. Without any consideration of these things, its really hard to getting support by people.


9 casestudy and my opinion!

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