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Atmega128 MCU Standard Kit


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Atmega128 MCU Standard Kit


CPU:ATmega128 has 128K Flash、4K SRAM and 4KByte EEPROM, and chip can exchange with ATmega64 MAX485 used for 485 industry test

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I2C bus device 24C02, EEPROM data memorizer and 8kBit EEPROM Infrared receive connector test Stepper motor driver test DC Motor test 12C RTC chip used for calendar and clock test SPI device, 74HC595 drives 4bit 7 -segment LED SPI device, DAC7512 12bit D/A converter Flip-latch: 74HC573 latches and drives 8 bit LED RS232 connector Max232A 8 input keys, 1 reset key 4 bit dynamic scanning 7 -segment LED and 8 bit LED 1 active buzzer 2 A/D input tunable potentiometer LCD1602and LCD12864 connector JTAG emulational connector

TESTIMONIALS IMHO Siliconray is the best online electronics store ever. I couldn’t finish my university project without their service. Before them I couldn’t find any supplier that has all the things I needed for my project within the budget. Siliconray not only sold me the components and tools at very good price but also gave me a lot of advice on my project. Thanks Siliconray!

Fabio Moris - Nigeria I searched a transistor on Siliconray one day, but found no result. Then I Sent an inquiry online and I got feedback from their customer service immediately. The transistor I needed was listed on the website the very next day. AMAZING!!

AVR ISP download connector Jim Groove - USA Standard configuration:  1 TS8900-M128 development board 1 UART cable

Today I received my first order from SiliconRay. One word: EXCELENT! All the components were well packaged, and really liked the package-box. Thanks for the great service, will buy more in the future for sure!

1 AVR-USB emulator DAC7512 digifax convert chip 1 infrared telecontroller 1 stepper motor driver 1 multiple flat cable 1 1.8GB-DVD CD 10 jumpers, 4 screws and 4 multiple-screw bolts

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Atmega128 MCU Standard Kit - Boards | Kits | Components | Modules | Tools

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Atmega128 MCU Standard Kit