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Capsule to Raiser’s Edge (“changed details” tag) ** Only need to use “changed details” tag for individual supporters, not organizations or individuals who are contacts for suppliers.** New contact added to Capsule

Contact in Capsule is changed (new email, phone number or email is invalid, etc)

Tag as “changed details” and any other relevant tags

Tag as “changed details”

Raiser’s Edge to Capsule

For questions/training on Raiser’s Edge: Lee McGregor (NSC) 0800 442 248

Monthly email from Lee with spreadsheet of people that have been changed in RE Go through Capsule to RE process at left to sort out anyone already tagged with “changed details”

Filter spreadsheet from Lee by mailing regime column Do both columns, one then the other

Can include note in “changed details” tag about what was changed (“new”, “invalid email”, etc) to avoid confusion

Show only “do not mail”

Show everything but “do not mail”

Search for each person in Capsule

Search for each person in Capsule

Not in Capsule

In Capsule

Remove “mailing list” tag; tag as “mailing list exclude” Every two weeks open Capsule and create list of everyone tagged with “changed details”

Open Raiser’s Edge. Look up individual to see if they are already in Raiser’s Edge


Edit RE to match Capsule. Refer to notes on tag or profile to identify what should be changed

Check to see if there’s anything that should be changed in Capsule, such as contact info we don’t have or info like “do not mail”, “deceased”, “gone no address”, “inactive”, etc

In Capsule

Tag Tag as as “changed “changed details” details” with with note note like like “check “check RE” RE” to to avoid avoid confusion confusion

Delete from spreadsheet

Do both columns, one then the other


Add as new individual. Take care to include: title, gender, bio2 (probably volunteer), address/ salutation, attributes (affiliate: Christchurch, joining source: HFH Christchurch, mailing regime: probably “all mail”)

Delete from spreadsheet

Go on remote desktop and open Raiser’s Edge Open individual from spreadsheet in Raiser’s Edge Add person to Capsule as long as they have an email or at least a phone number and are not listed as “inactive”, “gone no address”, “do not mail”, “deceased”, etc

Open individual in Raiser’s Edge and Capsule and compare. Look for differences

Visible differences

No visible differences

Change Capsule to match. Check to see if Capsule has any info that RE should have (email, phone, etc)

Remove “changed details” tag from person on Capsule

Remove “changed details” tag

Repeat for everyone on “changed details” list

Repeat for everyone on “changed details” list

Created by Hayley Edmonston Sep 2012

Leave on spreadsheet

Spreadsheet should now have only people not in Capsule who are supposed to be receiving mail

Show Show all all people people tagged tagged with with “changed “changed details” details” in in Capsule Capsule

Probably address or pop up box

Not in Capsule

Tag with appropriate tags in Capsule (mailing list, call to get email, donor etc) Close out

Repeat for everyone on spreadsheet

Habitat - Database sync procedure  

Procedure for keeping Capsule and Raiser's Edge databases synced

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