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My Favourite BORDEAUX by Dany Stauffacher Founder of Sapori Ticino

AN ExTRAORDINARy wine region, the lands of Bordeaux produce some of the best wines in the world. They’re so good that in the 1990s, for many, they became the symbol of excellence in wine production. So, when H Edition Global asked me to make a list of my ten favourite wines, I decided to concentrate on the Bordeaux area. Choosing just ten was no easy task – the region really is packed with top class vineyards and grape varieties – and, thanks to the generosity of some spectacular wine producers, many of them in Castels – I have had the opportunity to taste a number of them. Enjoy!



Château Lynch-Bages 2000 I bought a bottle of “en primeur” wine back in 1998 for 60 Swiss francs (around £49) I fell in love immediately when I tasted it. An extraordinary complexity and harmony makes this wine one of my favourites and if I evaluate based on the price it’s sits very comfortably at number one.

Château Mouton-Rothschild 1986 A rare and precious wine. Its history stems back to Lord Nathaniel de Rothschild that bought BraneMouton and gave it the name of Mouton Rothschild. A fascinating wine that is as smooth as nectar.

Château Pétrus 1970 In this case, I could just say this name in order to make you sit up and listen. The Pomerol area of Bordeaux together with the mastery of the cellars make this myth in a bottle happen. This vintage was one of the most important Pétrus tasting in the world, where 37 different vintages from 1945 to 2001 come from.

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