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Do you believe there is competition between Italian and French cuisine? What do you feel are the strengths of both? I disagree that there is competition; they are two different cooking styles and we cook to reflect our upbringing and devotion to traditions and the option to reinterpret that. You can find a lot of different kind of products, from fish to meat, vegetables and cheese. All are beautiful, all are wholesome.

“We need to support our local farmers, fisherman, and poultry farms – they are the individuals who wake up very early in the morning to present us with the very best: You contributed to the Japanese book “Dasci and Umami”. What fascinates you about Japan? Japan has a culture that is so interesting. I wanted to understand their mentality, their feeling when cooking;



it is beautifully orchestrated. Their product is superb and fresh. In the past there was a time whereby it was illegal for certain types of meat to be consumed, so they turned to seafood. The fishermen are traditional; it is so fascinating to watch. There are plenty of similarities between Japanese cuisine and French Cuisine. France has the same attention to meat that the Japanese have regarding the fish, it is an unspoken respect. In France we used to classify meats in different categories, in Japan, they do the same with fish. It’s really interesting how two different cultures can be similar in the cuisine!

Name three items that you feel count in preparing a dish? Seasoning! Cooking! and slicing! My kitchen pays great attention to seasoning. I am very particular in how we treat meat as it is a raw material. We handle with care. Details make all the difference, for example how you cut, how you slice. Technique is high up on my list. The method of cooking is super important, it’s the main job of the Chef. One must combine traditional methods and new techniques in order to find the best way to give the customer what they desire.

Any new for the future? Yes, to keep busy, focused and support local trades people in sourcing and sustaining local produce.

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