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Completely Completely-in the-canal canal Hearing Aids Completely Completely-in-the-canal canal (CIC) hearing aids are a great option for those wanting to avoid the stigma some associate with hearing loss. While the stigma associated with hearing aids is lessening with time and technology, it isn’t fully gone yet. No one wants to feel old or broken. If you are mindful not only of not only improving your hearing, but also doing it stylishly… a CIC may be right for you. Advantages CICs are small custom--made made in the ear hearing aids that fit deeply into the outer ear canal. They h have ave many advantages in addition to their nearly invisible size and ear placement. Due to their position, CICs are less likely to provide excessive wind noise. Being deep in the ear, the user may not need any additional devices or programs to help with telephone phone use. Disadvantages There are, however, disadvantages to this style. It’s small! That means better looks, but greater difficulty with handling. These aids may not be good for those with dexterity issues. Batteries are small, and will have a shorter llifespan. ifespan. There is also not any room on the faceplate for manual controls. Unless a remote control is purchased with the hearing aid, the aid will have to be automatic. It’s limited by severity of hearing loss. While some manufacturers claim that CICs can be e used with people with very severe losses, it

will not provided optimal benefit. CICs are best for those with mild to moderate hearing losses. CICs may also be more prone to need repair. With all of the inner workings housed inside your ear canal, moistur moisture e and wax may damage the aids more easily. Make certain you keep the hearing aids dry and clean as instructed by your hearing healthcare professional! Ready? While CICs do have their disadvantages, the advantages may outweigh them for you! Call your prov provider today. Weigh your costs and benefits. Discuss your options. A cosmetically cosmetically-appealing appealing CIC hearing aid is waiting for you!

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