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ONLINE MARKETING Everything business owners think they know about internet marketing is WRONG!

will show you why...

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The Biggest problems when Marketing online. 1

The Clutter Factor In the 1970s, customers were exposed to about 500 ads per day. Today, consumers see between 5,000 and 20,000 ads each day. Your marketing attempts can easily get lost in the crowd.


Increasing Options There are 725,000% more websites than in 1996. The number of Consumer magazines, AM/FM radio stations, TV stations and Internet radio are all seeing double or triple-digit growth.



Many Internet Advertising Campaigns Fail Fast According to www.dialogtech.com, 80% of marketers report their lead generation efforts are only slightly or somewhat effective Digital ad spending is increasingly more expensive with a double-digit annual cost increase. 62% of Small Businesses Fail with Facebook Ads (neilpatel.com)

Low Barrier to Entry The digital marketing industry is filled with young people fresh out of a certification program who may have some tactical abilities but don’t have the wisdom or strategic insights to help your business optimize every opportunity with which you are presented. 57% of marketers are challenged with optimizing next-best-action marketing decisions.


What about your professional goals > 77% of small-business owners have yet to achieve most of their dreams for their company. > And more than 80% of small-business owners admitted that they don’t monitor their goal-setting or enlist the proper “coaches” and advisors to help them achieve their goals.


tell you to start over here with Facebook ads

Digital Advertising (Pay-per-click

> 85% of business owners have no exit strategy

Facebook Ads

And now for the good news! > Leadership in an industry and increased market share will be seized by those who are strategic. Harvard Business Review further reports: - Successful players in an unstable economic environment think against the grain in order to dramatically transform their market positions. - They drive forward with systamatic and strategic initiatives that shift the odds in their favourt, at the expense of the competition.

In other words, the time is here to rigorously plan and execute within the framework of a strategy that is built upon a foundation of wisdom and experience. 3

Google Ads Retargeting Sponsorship Video Rich Media Banners And MANY Others

This is the CORE of your business There are 15 ‘CORE’ areas to grow your business... and digital advertising is just one of them.


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Our philosophy is simple: Get the CORE in alignment and allow your CORE stratgey to guide your tactical steps (Facebook Ads for example)


Our Successful 3-Step Process STEP 1: Your Very Own Financial ‘Crystal Ball’ Inside every business is a hidden treasure trove of untapped wealth. Our free “Breakthrough Session” examines the top 15 areas in your business where we uncover major financial breakthroughs in 97% of the businesses we surveyed. Whether you’re making €1,000,000 or €10,000,000 in annual sales, we’ll show you how you can dramatically increase your profits... and do so with little time, money, effort or risk. And best of all, we can do it in just 45 minutes. Once we prove our value to you, we’ll discuss moving to Step 2 where we conduct a Deep Dive Assessment that examines every area of your business. We want you to see that you can move ahead and “pre-fund” any investment you make in growing your business. Building a successful business doesn’t require an upfront investment! Let’s go to Step 2

STEP 2: Profit Assessment Once we ‘jumpstart’ your profits in step 1, we’ll conduct a rigorous Deep Dive Assessment where we examine every area of your business in precise detail. At the end of this process, we’ll present you with a detailed roadmap that pinpoints every financial breakthrough in your business, along with the strategies and tactics to implement for rapid growth and profit acceleration. Our detailed roadmap will highlight the financial impact you should expect from each step, so you know exactly where to start and what to do to see immediate profit improvements. If at this point you would like professional help, Step 3 takes your business to another level.


STEP 3: Consulting/Coaching Hybrid Our system is NOT traditional business coaching. In the traditional business coaching model, the coach asks the client what he/she thinks they should do and then prods them to do it. In our system, we use our proprietary Digital Acceleration SoftwareTM so you KNOW: - Exactly WHAT to do, - Exactly WHEN to do it, - The impact you should expect, We will generate a unique digital marketing plan for your business that you can follow. If you need our help we offer a hassle free digital marketing service that will get the results you need. You’ll gain access to a huge body of knowledge and expertise honed over decades of working with thousands of businesses around the world. We’ll bring you an outside, objective perspective on your current problems along with easy-to-implement solutions. We will: - Analyse specific situations or problems - Offer professional advice - Make specific recommendations - Teach new skills, strategies & tactics - Answer your questions in detail - Create a paint-by-number action plan OR When the time is right, help you get your business ready for sale. The exact steps to take, EVERY financial breakthrough available in your business.


Who We Can Help!

Why We’re Unique?

- Looking for dramatic growth

We specialise in accelerating your profits and we give you a quantifiably positive Return On Investment from our coaching/consulting services.

Companies that are:

- Willing to think and act outside the box - Able to take action and implement

Who We Can’t Help! Companies that:

As long as you implement to the level that we mutually agree upon, we are only too happy to guarantee an outcome of positive results.

- Are afraid to take action - Are slow to implement - Produce a product or service that is unethical or of low quality

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