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Cover Up Your Imperfections-Minimal Makeup For Men.

Introduction If women can hide their imperfections with makeup why can’t men. There is nothing gay in wearing minimal makeup or wearing an antiperspirant deodorant. A little application of a good concealer onto your face will not only ensure a flawless skin but will give you confidence like never before. Especially if your skin is too prone to acne and you are tired of hiding your face at any party or gathering. This temporary solution offers quick and majestic results. Here are a few tips on how should you apply minimal makeup without going over the top. Rock that date, event or a night out. You’re just a dab away from being your stylish best!

Begin with a primer For those who are not aware what a primer is we’ll tell you- a primer is a gel that gives you a clean canvas. It closes all your open pores so that no foreign particle enters inside and forms a blackhead or a boil. It acts as a base and gives you an even, toned skin.

Use mineral products for the skin Using mineral products will ensure a clear skin that doesn’t appear cakey or grey. Mineral products set into your skin and don’t wear off easily as creams and liquids do. If you wish for your makeup to last longer even while travelling in the heat, mineral products are perfect for you.

Minimalistic Lip Products Guys shouldn’t go for heavy colours or tints. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your lips hydrated. It is vital for every man to take care of his lips as it is for a woman. A good lip moisturizer is a must for every man whether fashion conscious or not. You can use bare natural tints for the lips if want to achieve a hint of color.

Setting spray (should be used for professional assignments only) You shouldn’t wear a setting spray on a daily basis. You can use it if you require a waterproof look, for a print shoot or a calendar shoot.

Match Your Skin Shade Before buying any skin product it is vital to see whether it exactly matches your skin shade or not. Color differences or patchiness is not what we’re looking at.

Use Little and Blend More One needs to bust the myth that the more product you use the better you look. Always make sure you use little amount of product and blend more. Build it up if required, on a slow pace. Always remember “blending is the key to achieve flawless makeup.�

Eye-do (should be used for professional assignments only) Do not use vibrant coloured eye lid pigments. You don’t want to look gay. Use just bare neutral colours without creating an eye shape. Follow the actual.

Bronzing (should be used for professional assignments only) Is a sculpted face what you dreamt for always? No wonder girls go weak in the knees for a chiseled face just like Robert Pattinson. Make your skin camera ready with just a hint of bronzer on. If you wish to not go too heavy with it a sun kissed look is what you can go for. Sport your favourite outfit, make your skin camera-ready, wear the best men’s deodorant and step out and kill them!

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Cover up your imperfections minimal makeup for men  

Who says makeup is only for women? Men can too wear makeup. This article is going to bust all your makeup myths.

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