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easy storage With eggyplay® boxes, even the biggest castle can be put away in a cupboard in a matter of minutes: just open the boxes and stack them. Suddenly, they take up no space at all!

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did you know... ... that eggs are full of vitamins? Eggs actually contain all the vitamins and minerals you need (except for Vitamin C) — and lots of protein that's good for you. ... that you can tell whether an egg has been boiled or is still raw by spinning it on its side? If it spins fast and evenly, it's boiled. If it spins slowly and wobbles, it's still raw. ... that brown eggs are mostly laid by brown hens and white eggs by white hens? DAVA Foods Packaging DK-9560 Hadsund ·

makes eggs fun



25 g butter 3 eggs 1 tbsp sugar A pinch of salt Grated zest of 1 orange

200 ml milk Liquid food colour Seeds of ½ vanilla pod 75 g plain flour Vanilla ice cream

Instructions: Melt the butter.

from egg box to building block Build anything! Create a castle in your living room. A car. A playhouse. Anything is possible with eggyplay® egg boxes, which you can use as building blocks once they're empty. They interlock easily, so your structure will stay firm and solid until you're ready to take it down — or build something else. Great for those who think BIG! The eggyplay® building blocks are much bigger than regular building blocks, so you can easily build structures that you can actually play inside. And because the boxes are so light, no-one will get hurt if the tower should tumble. Just don't try to climb it!

Whisk together eggs, sugar, salt, orange zest, half of the milk and liquid food colour. Whisk in the butter along with vanilla seeds and flour. Add milk until you have a smooth batter. Leave it to rest in the refrigerator if you have the time. Cook the pancakes for a few minutes on each side on a non-stick pan. Serve with vanilla ice cream. If you wish, you can decorate with fresh berries or fruit. Mmm... delicious!

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eggyplay flyer  

New innovative packaging design. An egg box with dual functionality. In addition to protecting and storing eggs, the box can be reused as a...