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innovative egg packaging

A revolutionary concept As the first packaging company in the world, DAVA Foods Packaging have developed a unique series of egg boxes in moulded plastic, specifically targeted at families with children. The eggyplay® boxes are completely unique and will certainly attract a lot of attention — both in stores and at home, where they inspire children to let their imagination run free. With eggyplay® boxes they can build large, colourful houses, castles, bridges, and much more. This is a truly value-adding egg box that gives children hours of entertainment. Safe, colourful, and fun! The eggyplay® boxes are completely child-friendly. Made from environmentally friendly moulded plastic, the boxes interconnect and can be safely stacked like building blocks. Each box contains 8 eggs and fits eggs in sizes S, M, or L.

The boxes are available in four bright colours. Each pack contains all four colours. Based on consumer insights The eggyplay® concept combines the simple, but powerful consumer insights that ’children love eggs’ and ‘children love toys’. As a result, the eggyplay® boxes make eggs even more fascinating for children

— and this promotes wholesome food as well as wholesome play: Eggs contain all minerals and vitamins (except vitamin C) as well as protein of the best kind. Their nutritional value and the learning aspects of construction play both underscore this concept’s suitability for children.

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3. Recycle at the retailer Alongside the development of the eggyplay® boxes, a concept for a potential return system has been developed. The idea is that customers return the empty eggyplay® boxes to the store, like PET bottles, and the stores then return them to be reused as egg boxes. In order to implement this, a suitable workflow has to be developed in cooperation with the stores.



2. Recycle at the recycling center eggyplay® is made out of polypropylene (PP) which is recyclable.

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1. Reuse at home The boxes are patented and carry the CE marking. This marking applies to products that are approved to be used as a toy. The boxes go in the dishwasher, making it safe for children to play with them. Furthermore, the boxes can be reused as a creative and fun storage solution.


Reuse or recycle eggyplay® boxes can be recycled or reused in three different ways:





about DAVA Foods Packaging About Twinpack Special Products Twinpack Special Products B.V. (TSP) was founded in 2016 as a result of the scission of Twinpack B.V. The reason for the scission was to get maximum focus on packaging and logistics systems for each of their branches.

Based on a strategic partnership DAVA Foods Packaging was founded in 2014 based on a strategic partnership between DAVA Foods and the Dutch packaging group Twinpack Special Products.

About DAVA Foods DAVA Foods is the market leader within the fresh eggs business in the Nordic Region. The group has an annual turnover of about DKK 1.5 billion and employs 300 people.

Taking its point of departure in innovative packaging solutions, the vision behind the company is to add extra value to the egg category for retailers and consumers alike, thereby generating added value within the global egg industry. Europe alone consumes eight billion egg trays per year, and the number is growing.

The group consists of subsidiaries in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Estonia. The packaging company within the group develops and sells packaging concepts worldwide. The sales office is based in The Netherlands.

Twinpack Special Products B.V., with headquarters in Barneveld in the Netherlands, has full focus on the global egg industry. TSP proceeds with the 3 main brands; EggsCargoSystem速, HatchCargoSystem速 and eggyplay速.

The group operates a total of six egg-packing plants plus five factories producing cooked and pasteurized egg products. Main markets are Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Estonia, with important export markets in the Faeroes, Germany, the Czech Republic, Latvia and Lithuania.

Besides exposing these brands to its best ability on a global scale, TSP constantly looks for innovations dedicated for the egg industry. Innovations are top of mind and for this reason TSP collaborates with partners in the industry as well as universities and packaging designers.

eggyplay速 is an excellent example of the kind of product that the company can give an extra lift and momentum in the marketplace.

Visit or for more information.

twinpack SPECIAL



eggyplay® box information

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Eggs per box


Egg size

S, M, L

Item no.



33.3 g ± 0.5%


Polypropylene (PP05). Approved for contact with food. Polypropylene is recyclable.


Magenta (PE4A663L), Yellow (PE7977L), Cyan (PE9B729L), Green (PE8A950L).




IML (in-mould label). EUP-based printed polypropylene film, vegetable oil-based printing ink, water-dilutable acrylic lacquer. Compliance with food contact legislation. Compliance with overall migration limits (OML).


Maximum one year. Temperature range 10-40 ºC. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Do not stack pallets.

Machine settings

MOBA denester settings: L 18  G 2  J 12  I1 5  I2 38 STAALKAT denesting set: EGGS01

CE marking

The eggyplay® box design complies with EN 71-1:2014, EN71-2:2011, EN71-3:2013 The eggyplay® boxes carry the CE marking. Before using as a toy, the boxes must be washed in a dishwasher at min. 65 °C to reduce risk of bacterial contamination. We strongly advice against sitting or standing on the boxes. The boxes will break under excessive pressure.


The eggyplay® box design is registered and protected by the OHIM, which covers all 28 member states in the European Union.







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eggyplay® box dimensions Height

71.7 mm


206 mm


103.9 mm


Dimension pallet: 840 x 1,150 mm Height pallets: 2,210 mm (9,000 boxes) Weight pallets: 9,000 boxes x 33 g = 297 kg net weight 20” container:14 pallets x 9,000 boxes = 126,000 boxes 40” container: 28 pallets x 9,000 boxes = 252,000 boxes


Dimension pallet: 840 x 1,200 mm Height pallets: 2,210 mm (9,000 boxes) Weight pallets: 9,000 boxes x 33 g = 297 kg net weight Full truck: 32 pallets x 9,000 boxes = 288,000 boxes

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eggyplay technical specifications  

eggyplay tecnical specifications 2016/04

eggyplay technical specifications  

eggyplay tecnical specifications 2016/04