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A unifying principle for parks and open spaces We care for, maintain and develop natural amenities. These fields of activities involve a certain responsibility as we often directly impact the climate, the environment, society and of course the welfare of our employees. This is especially true for a large, green service company like ours with wide-reaching activities and relations. That’s why our efforts are based on a shared set of values. Values which are a unifying principle for everything we do in the green areas.


Added value

Professionally competent employees

Customers, the environment and

are crucial to HedeDanmark and our

society alike must benefit from our

customers. Therefore, we are providing

work. That’s why we keep our focus

continuous training for our employees

on all elements of a task, including

to ensure that we are able to handle

finances. This adds maximum value

all our tasks, even when the tasks are

for all.

large, exacting or complex.

Innovation As a leading green service company in Scandinavia we are committed to seeking new ways to do things; new IT solutions, working methods or how to collaborate with our customers.

We value a lovely country How do you assess natural amenities? Do you count amenity values, assess biodiversity or use money terms?

These questions often involve strong attitudes. Ensuring that all interests form a synthesis may be a challenge. Nevertheless, this is our ambition at HedeDanmark. We want to care for nature to the benefit of people, animals, trade and industry, society and the environment. For we take pride in giving our customers as much nature for money as possible. The next pages show you how we do it.

Guarding a treasure trove of natural amenities The open countryside is varied and highly diversified. Moors, meadows, lakes, cultivated land, ancient monuments and newly planted forests. An abundance of natural amenities, where knowledge and experience are required to ensure proper care and development. HedeDanmark has developed and cared for the landscape since 1866. We are able to provide life support if nature is gasping for air and needs restoration, and we can create development with future generations in view: planting new forests, shelterbelts or ensuring that water flows freely in thousands of kilometres of streams and watercourses. We also set up climate proofing to the benefit of the environment, improve biodiversity and help prevent flooding of Danish basements. Our customers comprise various boards, municipalities, foundations, public and private companies. We respect our customers’ wishes to care for nature and they must be able to rely on us to find and implement the right solution for every type of countryside.

Peace and quiet is worth a fortune The forest is valuable to animals, the environment and people alike. However, to preserve and develop these values, we sometimes have to break the silence with a chain saw to ensure future forests and to ensure a balance between outdoor life and business. At HedeDanmark, we provide foresters in Denmark and abroad with services in everything from sustainable operations and certification to the sale and replanting of trees. We have been managing forests for generations but don’t rest on our laurels. We are regularly developing new digital solutions, using GPS control to measure and track wood and run forest portals where our customers may follow work in the forests from their office chairs and armchairs. We are also present when the tender quality seeds are harvested and the full-grown Christmas tree is cut down and sold. We call it from seed to celebration as we work in the Christmas tree industry throughout Europe. Whether we are exporting Christmas trees and greenery or sell equipment for Christmas tree growers from our shops or webshop. The range of our services helps us make the most of the forest. It may be worth a fortune.

Urban spaces require havens Nature doesn’t stop at the town sign. Also town dwellers enjoy beautiful, green surroundings. They especially enjoy being able to move about safely, summer and winter.

At HedeDanmark, we provide all-year care and maintenance services for streets, squares and green areas. Snow clearing, salting / gritting, pollarding trees, mowing lawns, clipping hedges and bushes. But we also develop and create new urban experiences such as green roofs, nature playgrounds and creative outdoor areas. In fact, we can help with most green facilities. We also establish pavements to ensure drainage of rain water preventing flooding of basements in towns. Every day we also help private and public companies handling and making money from recycling waste and other residual products from towns and companies. So that we can care for the climate, the environment and the money, together.

A service company with strong local relations HedeDanmark is a national green service company with strong local relations. Our staff of more than 800 employees works in 25 departments throughout Denmark. Every day, HedeDanmark and our many local partners service thousands of professional customers based on three separate divisions, each leading in its field.


Outdoor Facility ­Service


Forest management Felling Forest maintenance Game and hunting Trading in timber and wood chips Forest certification Forest operations in the Baltics Seeds Nursery

Grøn pleje Vejservice Pleje og vedligehold Vintertjeneste Ejendomsservice Greenkeeping

Landscaping Playgrounds and outdoor environments Nature preservation and rehabilitation Planting

Independent business areas: Export of Christmas trees and greenery · Sale of forest equipment · Sale of forest and nature estates Reuse of residual products

A leading green service company – in Denmark and internationally HedeDanmark a/s is an international service and trading company in the green sector. With more than 800 employees and an annual turnover of approximately DKK 1.6 billion, we are one of the leading service companies in Scandinavia in the green sector and Denmark’s largest and leading player in services for the forest, the open country, gardens, parks and open spaces in towns and cities. HedeDanmark is represented in 10 countries and trades with some 40 countries throughout the world. HedeDanmark is owned by Hedeselskabet, the association that works to further the development of natural amenities and natural resources.

Klostermarken 12 DK-8800 Viborg Tel. +45 87 28 10 00

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