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Dissecting the Technology of Noise Cancelling Headphones Taste in music is a highly personal thing, no matter what your choice of music genre is, being interrupted by ambient background noises is a universal problem. These background sounds can significantly reduce your listening pleasure and disturb your overall experience. Most commuters would not even contemplate their daily travel without a pair of noise cancelling headphones Australia to ease the boredom of the journey. Active Noise Cancellation headphones are a gift to us from the technologists who are constantly working on design, innovation and affordability. They strive to make the product accessible to all and with a multitude of additional features and accessories; it’s hard to imagine life without them. The History of Noise Cancellation Headphones The noise cancellation feature first came to Dr. Amar Bose of Bose Corporation as an idea when he was on a flight to Europe. Bose found the headphones provided by the airline did little or nothing to reduce the roar of the aircraft engines. It was hard to even hear the music that was being played directly through them. This was the beginning of a 15 year crusade by Bose to produce a product that could simply cancel out the surrounding ambient noises and allow the user a quality sound experience, with minimal interruptions. It was the beginning of a new era in sound technology and quality listening. Unfortunately, the noise cancelling products that were produced were extremely unaffordable to most and were seen as high end luxury items. Fast forward to 2018 and consumers can chose from a huge array of brands and budgets that suit most. Luckily, prices are now more competitive; products are crammed with features, quality components are incorporated, ear pads are super comfortable for extended use and an array of accessories are usually thrown in by the manufacturer. No longer do you have to remortgage your property to be able to own a pair of noise cancelling headphones Australia, they are no longer seen as a luxury item but more of an essential tool for navigating the bustle of the modern world.

Article: How Does It Work? Although the word noise-cancellation is self-explanatory in itself, the real meaning of it is more obscure than you know, mostly owing to the technicalities of the subject. To understand how the noise cancelling bluetooth headphones work, you first have to grasp the dynamics of sound waves. Sound waves, just like water waves travel in the fashion of forming troughs and crests. But, unlike water waves, these waves are longitudinal. These traverse waves are generated from sound systems that act as transducers converting electrical energy into sound energy which our ears can interpret and allows the entry of high-frequency audio waves into our ears.

About Author: Heddys is a family owned business based in Bayside, Victoria. Established in 2016 and predominantly run by women, we have many years of experience in supplying wireless headphones and manufacturing. We pride ourselves on our quality products active noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones and Swipe technology wireless headphones in Australia .

Dissecting the technology of noise cancelling headphones  
Dissecting the technology of noise cancelling headphones