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suppliers of beautiful timber windows and doors



Our timber windows are made to order by highly experienced craftsmen. Whether it be to match existing windows for listed and heritage buildings or a complete new project, we will work closely with your designers.

Traditional or contemporary, we manufacture and supply bespoke external and internal solid timber doors, hand crafted to the highest quality.

Clift Joinery manufactures a large variety of windows, specialising in traditionally made lead weighted sash windows - updated with new technology making our windows energy efficient, secure and sustainable. We can match various mouldings and decorative horns​ completed with a choice of quality solid ironmongary. We compliment our timber windows with the best joinery double glazing on the market, patented protected, Slimlite Self Cleaning Ultra Thin Double Glazing. Our entire window portfolio can be complimented with Slimlite’s double glazing range offering glass U Values as low as 1.3.

Clift Joinery provides a selection of impressive doors ranging from raised and fielded panelled doors, flush panelled doors, glazed doors, pivot doors, patio doors, stable doors - just about anything. ​ Constructed from woods that are sourced from responsibly managed forests our solid timber doors with proper care and attention will last a lifetime. Our gallery is a small selection of what we can do, if you have a specific requirement contact us and we will discuss these with you to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for.

SlimLite double glazing Slimlite’s double glazed units are just 10-12mm thick, which allows them to be fitted to most existing single glazed windows. The units offer excellent insulation due to the thermally efficient inert gas (xenon and/or krypton) sandwiched between the two panes of glass. Low-emmissivity glass used for the inner pane reflects heat back into the room. Replacing one square metre of single glazing with Slimlite DGU will save you approximately 90kg of carbon dioxide emissions per year by cutting down on heat loss, which translates into saved money on energy bills. Complies with Building Regulations Section 6 Scotland and Document L England for improved thermal insulation.


slimlite glass


5mm perimeter seal of Slimlite Double Glazed Units enables them to be glazed into 7mm deep glazing rebates. The smaller cavities between the glass reduces the required glazing width rebates and enables slimmer sections to be used.


The surface of the Self Cleaning Action glass consists of closely formed microscopic projections, creating an uneaven surface that prevents a drop of rain from spreading out to wet the surface and forces it to form a spherical ball or globule of water which will run off at any angle taking away any dirt particles.

The only double glazed unit that can be glazed into most standard glazing bars. STANDARD glass

SlimLite use a Hard Coat (Pyrolitic) emissivity glass with a slight tint applied during manufacture forming part of the glass to reflect long wave heat back into the room and is virtually indistinguishable from single glazing.

Float Glass or any glass for glazing purposes is not microscopically flat, but very uneven or rough.

About Us We are a South African, family-run bespoke joinery company who supply quality classic and contemporary timber doors and windows. Traditionally hand-crafted using time-tested methods, our energy-efficient windows and doors will save you money, energy and also add value to your property. We specialise in beautiful, traditional sliding box sash windows and chunky solid timber doors that are made to last.

We use quality hard, stiff timbers known for their strength and durablity that are sourced from sustainable forrests and carry the FSC stamp of approval. Our timber of choice is Douglas Fir – an bundent and sustainable timber used in joinery for hundreds of years, but also offer alternative quality timbers. We have experience working with architects, joinery companies, builders, property developers and private homeowners.

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