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Hi there, and thanks for your interest in Big Barn Sessions / Seiseanan San t-Sabhail 2018!

WHAT’S THAT? Big Barn Sessions / Seiseanan San t-Sabhail is a project which offers young people (16-25) their first session in a professional recording studio. There are 6 sessions on offer, and each session is 3 days long. That’s all there is to it, really. WHAT COULD I DO WITH MY TIME IN THE STUDIO? You tell us! If you’re a young musician or a band, you could make a demo of a few tracks, or concentrate on getting one ready to release. If you’re a producer/DJ, you could work on mixing your music, or getting your own skills to the next level. Perhaps you are an aspiring film composer and you need something finished to make your website? Perhaps you are a young sound artist, or podcaster, and you just don’t have the equipment to get your project off the ground? Perhaps you are putting together a live show and you need some backing/ samples/technical craziness to take on stage? It’s up to you to persuade us that you can make good use of the time, so whatever you want to do, we want to hear about it.

WHICH STUDIO IS IT, AND WHAT’S IT LIKE? The sessions will be held at Stiùidio Ostaig in Sleat on the Isle of Skye - it’s in one of the buildings of the Sabhal Mor Ostaig. It’s a fully kitted out professional recording studio with live spaces, a booth, software such as Pro Tools / Ableton Live / Logic, enough software instruments and processors to shut down the national grid, and a cabinet of sweet microphones. I DON’T KNOW HOW TO USE ANY OF THAT STUFF! (skip this Q if it doesn’t apply…) That’s fine, the studio comes with experienced engineer, producer and musician Hector MacInnes who will help you do whatever you need to do. If you just want to play, and let him worry about the technical aspects, that’s fine. But if you want to roll your sleeves up and learn more about that kind of thing yourself, that’s great too. 
 Again, that’s sort of up to you, and depends on what you want to do with your time. But if you want to record a single or make a demo, or make a podcast or whatever it is… then we will make sure you leave with exactly that. We have the ability to create mastered mp3s, CDs, uploaded files, material on pen drives…. whatever it is you need. If you think you have a creative use for 3 days in a recording studio that we might not have delivered before, we want to hear from you even more. DO I OWN ALL THE COPYRIGHT IN WHAT I MAKE, OR DO YOU? You own everything. We can explain some of the differences between songwriting and performing royalties and so on, but we don’t take any of it, and you won’t owe us anything, regardless of what you choose to do with what you make here.

 Well, there are some basic restrictions on who can get involved… You need to be:
 - 16-25 years old when you apply
 - living in the rural Highlands and Islands
 - an artist or band who has not recorded professionally before There are only six sessions available, so we will also consider the following things when choosing who to offer them to:
 - creativity, ability and originality
 - commitment
 - we will favour people who might have difficulty accessing studio time any other way
 - we will favour people who aren’t in full time education (some bands may have members who are and members who aren’t etc… get in touch and explain what the situation is) WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE? 
 We’ve had 11 young acts take up this opportunity since 2014, including:

- Ellen MacDonald, who is now singing with Gaelic supergroup Daimh - Ros T, a young producer from Skye who mixed a track in the studio, which was released on the London label Eton Messy - Rhuvaal, who recorded their first single with us in 2017

 Nope, this is a professional music project, and you will be there as a young professional. Your studio time is being paid for by Creative Scotland and the Youth Music Initiative along with help from Stiùidio Ostaig / Sabhal Mor Ostaig. THIS SOUNDS GREAT, BUT I LIVE QUITE FAR AWAY / I CAN’T DRIVE / THERE IS ANOTHER PRACTICAL REASON WHY I DON’T THINK I COULD DO THIS. Our advice is easy - get in touch anyway. This project is all about ACCESS to studio time for young people of all kinds, and we have some budget to overcome exactly these difficulties by providing accommodation, transport or whatever’s needed. So if you are able to get here of your own accord then brilliant, but if equally if we love what you do then we’ll want to help.

I WANT TO DO THIS, WHAT DO I DO NOW? Just send an email to with BBS 2018 in the subject line, and answer the following application questions: 
 What’s your name / the name of your band / the name of your act?
 If there is more than one of you, what are the names of all the people involved?
 How old are you today?
 Where do you live?
 Describe your music / sound / work. What’s it like? Tell us about your achievements so far.
 What would you like to do with your 3 days in the studio?
 After your time in the studio, what will you do with your recordings, your music and your new skills?
 Where can we hear a little of what you can do? Do you have a website/soundcloud? Could you record a song onto your phone for us?

Hopefully this booklet will answer any questions you might have so you can crack on and apply to be involved, but if you’ve read the whole thing twice and still want to know something just drop Hector MacInnes an email on or call on 07747148465

Big Barn Sessions 2018 info pack  

Information on the project, and details on how to get involved

Big Barn Sessions 2018 info pack  

Information on the project, and details on how to get involved