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Social Media Explosion! EBOOK By: H.Ramos

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For those who don’t know me, my name is Hector Ramos owner and producer at I am also an internet marketer looking to find more traffic sources for my websites everyday. In this ebook I will let you in on my exact methods and strategies that I use to build my fan base by the thousands per day utilizing social media networks like Twitter and Youtube. Enjoy!!

Marketing And Promoting Your Music Through Twitter Today I’m aiming to explain to you how you can advertise your music with Twitter. Through my tests, Twitter appears to be the quickest and simplest social networking website for getting fans to your music. Although many underground artists have not been as successful to use Facebook correctly, Twitter can be the hassle-free but equally beneficial substitute that you’ve also been anticipating.

We will be looking into where to locate specific Twitter followers, the best way to make these users do what you would like (E.g. Check out your music / enroll in your subscriber list etc.) and above all the way to speed up this strategy employing Tweet Adder.

We will even be looking at a full load of other details in between, so make sure you check out this section entirely to turn into a Twitter pro!

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Each of the techniques I share in this section I personally employ on my numerous Twitter accounts, so I'm able to inform you they work.

In an effort to market your music on Twitter, you will obviously need to create a Twitter account. Those that haven’t got one, you can actually sign up free. You will then be prepared to promote your music with Twitter

The Main Mistake Music Artist Make When Promoting Music On Twitter

I’ve used Twitter for a good while now, and have to mention it’s one of the quickest means of social media marketing I personally use. It wasn’t normally like this however, in the event you don’t have the right applications then marketing your songs on Twitter can be quite a prolonged and timely method.

As someone who does independent music, you should be investing the vast majority of your time and effort doing the things that will attain you the most funds and exposure. If you’re having to spend all day sitting at your personal computer adding Facebook and Twitter fanatics you’re not destined to get far whatsoever.

Yes these websites do help you get your name on the market, but only included in a broader advertising campaign. The fact is, only around 5% of your energy should go into this sort of thing. For those who want to promote their music or promote beats on Twitter manually, you will have a prolonged and difficult job in front of you.

In order to create a powerful and receptive account, you should add a load of individuals, message all of them, determine and get rid of the ones that aren’t responsive in any way, and add new people without double adding anybody. This is usually a lengthy procedure, and as you get more twitter followers this could undertake several hours daily.

In an effort to lower this time down you have two choices: 1. You can hire out your twitter promotion. This is an excellent idea if you're able to get somebody that will do it at no cost and is reliable.

If you don’t know anyone that’s willing to make it happen for you at no cost, this option can be very really expensive and in all likelihood not worth it.

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2. The other option is to use software applications to automate your Twitter marketing campaign, and this is the option I prefer. When I set about trying Twitter I handled everything manually. I was adding followers blindly one at a time, and although I have been getting twitter visitors back to my website it had been taking on a lot of time and effectively burning me out. Then I discovered the idea of employing software programs to automate your Twitter marketing, after trying another less then useful automation application (I won’t identify any names), I uncovered Tweet Adder which actually I’ve used since.

The thing is, if you automate the procedure you don’t have to sit at your computer for hours adding and interacting with people.

You can find Tweet Adder to add relevant people, message individuals, tweet your messages, and unfollow people all on auto pilot.

So while this is taking place you can get on with composing your songs, social networking with local managers for getting shows, passing along your songs to

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Djs that can be played on radio stations, and all sorts of other things that will make you the majority of money through your music. However it’s not 100% essential to use automation software, but I would strongly suggest working with it as without them. Twitter usually takes up way too much of your time and won’t be really worth effort. Tweet Adder is the most beneficial twitter marketing manager I’ve come across, so check it out.

How To Make Targeted Visitors Follow Your Music Twitter Page

Just because you’ve got a Twitter account and 1 or two tweets, that doesn’t signify individuals will automatically choose to follow you. Although Tweet Adder is likely to make your promotion projects much easier, you will still need to offer a little something worthwhile to the site visitors.

If you achieve a thousand individuals who are heading over to your Twitter page but you don’t have anything at all helpful to say, how many of those people would you think you’ll change into fans? None is the answer, therefore the first thing you need to do after establishing a profile (And before you begin adding people) should be to make you page look like it’s been on twitter for a while. By this, I mean tweet some useful things.

You want no less than ten tweets on your page prior to deciding to add a single person, so if they arrive to your web page they’ll possess a good idea if the info you provide is something that could interest them. A few things you might want to tweet about include any no cost songs you might have, something useful associated with your music. It could be anything really, but try to keep on topic with music and what you do. Nobody is going to want to read about what whole wheat toast you had, so think a lesser amount of ‘Facebook status’ and much more ‘ my music updates’.

In order to keep people following your webpage, you’ll would like to tweet 3 or more times per day. If you miss one day it doesn’t matter too much, just be certain you tweet one the day after.

Automate The Process Utilizing Tweet Adder!!

With Tweet Adder, you are able to pre-program tweets to go off in the future.

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Personally I love to compose several tweets at once and set up 1 to go off every 2 hour. I then come back a week later and write more tweets for the next seven days. This offers my followers something totally new and fascinating to read each day without me having to continually be on my Twitter account.

Another important thing to do is personalizing your Twitter account. You would like your profile to right away stick out by being recognizable to your visitors. To carry out this, you may design your own Twitter background and color scheme, or you can usually find someone to design and customize one for you.

If you’re planning to do it yourself, you first have to go to ‘settings’ in your account dash panel, then ‘design’.

Here it will be possible to choose a pre developed twitter layout, or on the right hand side of the display customize your user profile more clicking ‘Check out Themeleon’. Themeleon is a pre-installed add-on giving you access to a lot more pre designed Twitter styles, or perhaps in fact create your own. This is actually the option I would recommend using.

You'll be able to design your own Twitter theme either by simple choosing the colors of your user profile, or by adding one of your pictures as the background of your Twitter page

Now that you've got your Twitter account looking fresh, you’re now ready to begin finding people to follow you.

Follow And Unfollow Twitter Users

Unless you’re currently established and you have a means of telling your fans to follow you, then you most likely won’t get any organic followers. This isn’t a problem though, as there is a way of getting twitter followers: By following them first! People aren’t going to know you really exist unless you get in their face, and you do that by following them to begin with.

When you follow them, you'll like them to take interest in you by returning to your web page to look at who their new follower is.

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Should you have something of interest for them on your page, they're likely to follow the info back to your website and check you out. That is why you need to have significant things on your profile before you start adding people, in the event you simply add people with an empty user profile they’re not going to end up back on your site or follow you back.

So, just how can we look for a bunch of people that will most likely be interested in our type of music? Simple and easy, we ‘borrow’ them from other well-known musicians in your genre.

Think it over, these recognized acts who make the same style of songs as you are likely to have followers that are into that style of music. If you make the same kind of music to a top level, there’s a chance they’ll look into and follow you too.

As an example, if you make rap music then following most of 50 Cent’s followers could be a wise decision. Or if you make rock music then it could be a good option to follow Radiohead’s followers.

Make A Full Time Income Selling Beats Online

You may want to follow an indie musician’s followers first, since these followers show a verified fascination with indie music (Which is what you presently make if you’re not popular yet) and are more likely to pay attention to you.

To make things a lot quicker and much easier, It is advisable to use Tweet Adder to help make the procedure for following other independent musician’s followers a lot quicker and easier. While you are able to do this manually, the total of time you put into it won’t be well worth the rewards.

If you are utilizing Tweet Adder your best bet is to follow 100 of the fans of ‘Artist ’ (The artist within your niche with lots of Twitter followers). I say 100 as when you have a completely new profile and 0 followers, it's going to look unusual if you’ve 0 followers and are following A thousand people.

Once you’ve set this up you are able to leave Tweet Adder to perform in the background while you do something else. On day 3 you ought to go back and unfollow each of the folks that haven’t followed you back. These people will bring nothing to your marketing campaign, so there’s no point having them on your account.

Yet again this can be accomplished automatically using Tweet Adder, but you are capable of doing it manually if you have a lot of time on your hands. For the time being, rinse and repeat this.

The moment you’ve unfollowed users, go on to adding the following bunch. As you grow more followers yourself you could start adding a lot more people.

So instead of adding 100 followers a time, you may choose to add 300 or more. It really does depend upon how quickly you intend to scale this campaign and when you need to have it completed by.

Once you’ve completed ‘borrowing’ all the fans from a single particular Twitter account, you should go on to another related musician and follow almost all their music followers too. Again, rinse and repeat

Note: If you want thousands of followers per day like I get you must use tweet adder using multiple twitter accounts. Having said that, 1 account is more than enough to get your brand established if you can’t afford the multiple account license.

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YouTube Promotion Tactics!! Videos have quickly become probably the most well-known content formats online. If you aren't generating and distributing videos, you're losing out on a serious promotion source. In fact, 51% of web traffic is video. The New York Times has documented that more than 75% of all web website visitors watch online video. The typical YouTube visitor usually spends 28 min watching video every single day. Talk about targeted visitor engagement!

In addition, YouTube alone provides over 200 million video clips each day. And whenever you ponder over it, it's really not all that surprising how good video has captured on online.

Video is one of our absolute favorite methods to obtain information. In fact, the average American watches over 3 hrs of tv every day. Video is certainly a interesting format. You can get visitors to watch 1030 min of video when they would not read 10-30 min worth of content on your website.

You're engaging your visitor, which is extremely powerful, for the reason that the longer they communicate with your personal message, the much more likely they will likely respect you as an expert... the more likely they're going to purchase your products...

Online videos set you apart from your competitors. A lot of people online simply aren't willing to put in the work it takes to develop a video.

Which is exactly the reason it has the ability to put you much further ahead of your opposition. It's a lot like being a sportsperson. The most impressive sports athletes are those willing to do exactly what the rest aren't. They get out of bed earlier. They practice harder. They take it one step further. That's exactly what video does for you. It puts you one step ahead of the opposition. You can develop videos teaching how to do something. These kinds of videos are generally tutorials instructing a specific skill you might have. You can create review videos where you review diverse products.

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You can do a news statement whenever you want to announce a new song.

You can do some unique videos for building connections with your target audience. For instance, you could come up with a video in which you're just like "Hey, today I'm really excited because I completed my new song and so I thought I'd pop out the video and share it along with you. Comment if you like it. These kind of videos create bonds with your visitors that you really can't build in any other format. Online video brings about a completely diverse degree of engagement, when compared with articles and emails.

Promoting Your Video To Get A large number of Views

There is alot more to video promotion then just posting your video to YouTube. Actually, this is why so many people are so disappointed with Video Marketing. They simply upload their video to a few sites and then wonder why they aren't getting truckloads of views.

There are key procedures you need to take to be sure that you're video gets utmost exposure. To start with, you need to ensure you're targeting very specific keywords.

YouTube as well as other video sharing web sites rank extremely well on Google. In fact, you've probably seen YouTube and Google Video while searching on Google. They’re all over the front page for thousands of different keyword phrases.

These are typically very authoritative sites that will rank quickly. To see a good example, search in Google for the keyword "rap instrumentals". You should see some video results. These videos are ranking for the highly competitive term. So the initial step to creating a popular video is to pick a targeted search phrase. I usually choose to target keyword phrases with competition lower than 80,000 when you search for the keyword phrases in "quotes" at Google.

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So, for example, if I planned to rank well for the keyword phrase "fast rap beats", I would first go to you tube and type the phrase in quotes to look for the competitors. If the outcome was under 80,000, then that would be a good indication that this is a keyword phrase that is fairly easy to rank for, particularly if we're utilizing a effective website like YouTube.

At the time of this writing "fast rap beat" in quotes has 85,000 search engine results, so it's well within the product range we're looking for. Now that you have a specific keyword phrase you would want to rank for, you must optimize your video to rank well for that particular keyword phrase.

You can do this following a basic checklist. 1. Put your keyword phrase at the start of the Title for your video. (This is crucial. The title is one of the most essential ranking factors in youtube.) Quick Note: If you can, incorporate your keyword phrase in the title two times, once at the start and once at the end.

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But be sure you only use this strategy if your key phrase is One to three words long. My very own testing has shown that utilizing the keyword twice in the title can considerably raise your rankings. Quick Tip: Use diverse titles with regards to your video when sending to various video sharing sites. This enables you to target multiple long tail phrases. So, for example, let's say you will submit your video to YouTube and MetaCafe, you could use 2 various titles for the similar video and target 2 diverse keyword varieties. So for one you can actually use “Fast rap beats" and also for the other you could use the key phrase “Fast rap instrumental beats".

You see how this lets you target multiple variations? 2. Include your keyword phrase in the brief description of the video. This is certainly a location that many people don't make the most of. The truth is, search engines don't index the words in your video. So, the only way they understand what the video is all about is what you tell them within the title and also the description. So be sure to include plenty of details in the description location. In fact, what I enjoy doing is I include an entire post inside the description area.

This allows me to improve my page for my targeted keyword phrases, in addition to a number of keyword variations. Be sure you place your targeted keyword phrase at the outset of your description and at least once at the conclusion of your description. You can actually spread your key phrase, similar keywords, and variations throughout the post. But don't go over the top. The bottom line is to sound natural.

There are also automated software tools that you can use to help you get more youtube views, likes, and comments which is also a time saver.

One of my favorites is tube toolbox this is a great tool to automate all your youtube promotion in terms of sending video messages also getting more subscribers, likes and comments to your channel which is really needed if you want to climb the youtube ranks. This software automates everything regarding you tube, all you have to so is leave the software running 24/7 and watch you climb the youtube charts with more like, comments and views.

Make A Full Time Income Selling Beats Online

The less work you have to do promoting the better, programs like tweet adder and tube toolbox will help to market and promote your music, products or brand. But remember you have to take the first steps that I talked about in regards to keyword phrases and how to import them to your video etc.

I hope you enjoyed this Free Social Media Explosion Ebook Course on how to take advantage of Twitter and Youtube to get your music or product heard.

For more Free information and to know a little more about me and my production company click the link below. Thanks

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Note: If you think it’s to much work to submit your videos to all these websites. You can always hire a person to do this work for you. Below are website that I use for this sort of work.

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Make Money With Social Media  

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