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Empowering Seniors to Lead More Vital and Vibrant Lives Vitalize 360: Health and Wellness Program

Seniors express their goals. Together, we work to fulfill them. There are two things you need to know: How does it work? And how well does it work? The answers to both are refreshingly simple. Vitalize 360 is an integrated platform of coaching and outcomes data. Trained staff engage with seniors in a private, personalized conversation about what matters most to them, enabling them to express for themselves what would enrich and enhance their lives. The result is a Vitalize Plan, a personalized roadmap that guides each participant in achieving their personal goals. The outcome-based tools allow us to track an individual’s health and progress towards their goals, as well as capture best practices that lead to desired outcomes.

As to how well it works, as reported in the July 2016 issue of the Journal of Ageing Research and Healthcare: • 62% of participants reported that they were “delighted with their life” compared to 32% before the program • 74% of participants exercised during the program, versus 33% who exercised before • After a year in the program, a higher percentage of participants reported viewing their community as “supportive” and their mood scores improved markedly

Vitalize 360 has also been recognized with the 2015 Program Innovation of the Year Award by LeadingAge Massachusetts, the state association for nonprofit senior care organizations; and the 2013 Gold Pinnacle Award for “excellence in whole-person wellness programming” by NuStep, a manufacturer of fitness and rehabilitation products.

What matters most? You tell us. Vitalize 360 is an innovative and effective health and wellness platform that combines one-on-one coaching with research-based tools. Proven to improve health and quality of life, Vitalize 360 empowers participants in directing their lives and their care. Our trained coaches engage seniors to discover what is most important to them, such as exploring their creativity through art or photography, enhancing their

spiritual connection or practice, or improving their physical endurance or balance. We partner with them to define and help them achieve their goals. Developed by Hebrew SeniorLife, Vitalize 360 is deployed throughout our campuses and in dozens of senior living communities across the country. It is applicable across the spectrum of care, and we invite you to learn how it can benefit you or your family member.

Why person-directed care makes an important difference. Today’s seniors expect to have a voice in defining the specific type of care and services they wish to receive. Vitalize 360 gives them this voice and puts the focus not on what their challenges are, but rather what their goals and wishes are. Certainly health issues can get in the way of achieving their goals, which is why the Vitalize Plan addresses

such issues directly. For example, someone who wants to do more hiking could take fitness classes to build up their strength and endurance. Someone who wants to paint might work on finger dexterity and enroll in a painting workshop. The difference is that the problem does not define the person–nor the person-directed care.

“Vitalize 360 is the kind of thing you’d like to see go population-wide.” Dr. Atul Gawande, author, Being Mortal

By its very approach, Vitalize 360 delivers person-directed care that is easily distinguishable from traditional senior care. Vitalize 360 is: • Proactive (“What matters to you?”) rather than reactive (“What is the matter with you?”) • Complementary (“How can we help you?”) rather than corrective (“How can we heal you?”) • Directed by seniors (“This is what I want to do”) rather than care professionals (“This is what you need to do”)

Developed by people who know‌and care. Hebrew SeniorLife developed Vitalize 360 and partners with two other organizations that are recognized as leaders in the senior care field: • Kendal, headquartered in the Philadelphia area, provides senior living communities, programs, and services for seniors based on Quaker values and principles at 13 locations in eight U.S. states.

• Center for Information Management, a custom IT solutions company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, develops automated solutions supporting organizations in the senior care field; they maintain and support the Vitalize 360 web-based tools, and host the system on their secure servers. As deployed in all six Hebrew SeniorLife campuses, Vitalize 360 offers specially trained coaches and the full support and resources of our care and programming staff, as well as fitness and other facilities.

A Harvard Medical School affiliate, Hebrew SeniorLife provides senior living communities, health care, and services for seniors; conducts active research in the fields of geriatrics and gerontology; and teaches the next generation of geriatric caregivers.



Hebrew Rehabilitation Center, Boston, and in the Gloria Adelson Field Health Center at NewBridge on the Charles, Dedham


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TEACHING Education and training programs for the next generation of geriatric professionals

ASSISTED LIVING COMMUNITIES NewBridge on the Charles, Dedham • Jack Satter Assisted Living Residences • The Gilda and Alfred A. Slifka Memory Support Assisted Living Residences

Vitalize 360: Health and Wellness Program  
Vitalize 360: Health and Wellness Program