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Hello my name is May. I live in Kings Heath, Birmingham. It’s a very nice community. I have lived in my house for 53 years.

Years ago there used to be a wool shop. Everybody used to knit in our day. I still do.

How many balls of wool can you see? Can you think of things you can knit with wool?

My earliest memory is my ďŹ rst day at school. We had to walk all the way. There were no cars in those days.

When I was at infant school, the school was bombed. It closed so we had to go to a local house for schooling. My best friend Babs, who lived over the road, died very young.

When I married my husband we moved into a house that had no hot water and we had to go outside to use the toilet. I had given birth to twins and we had no money. I had to save to buy a pram. Life then was much harder, but more enjoyable.

People today drop rubbish everywhere. In my day there were no take aways and McDonald’s. If you dropped rubbish there would be trouble!

I’ve never felt lonely in Kings Heath. I have lots of friends in my neighbourhood. Life today is fantastic.

o year is the result of a tw t) se t ar -p ve ďŹ a of This book (part and t with Year 4 staff ec oj pr ed nd fu ps Creative Partnershi worked in imary School, who Pr t of Cr ns le Al om children fr de Nasty and practitioners Ming e tiv ea cr ith w n collaboratio parents real-life stories from er th ga to r de or Ian Richards, in across literacy curriculum e th t or pp su to s, and local resident ity. the school commun Thanks to: Year 4 children, their parents and the

local school community

Year 4 Teacher (2009-10): Tara Harris

an and Mary Greaney

Year 4 Teachers (2010-11): Duncan Holm Head Teacher: Johanne Clifton Creative Practitioners: Ming de Nasty Creative Agent: Andrew Tims Consultant to the National School of

and Ian Richards son

Creativity programme: Patricia Thom

Design & Illustration by Year 4 pupils in collaboration with Ian Richards & John Eddy at Heavy Object.

The Life Of May  

This book (part of a five-part set) is the result of a two year Creative Partnerships funded project with Year 4 staff and children from All...

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