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Where Can I Sell Old Junk Tires? Who Buys Junk Tires for Cash?

There is no need to throw away junk tires or burn them, just sell them to a reputable junk tire buyer or junk tire recycling company. If you burn a tire in fire, it can result in air pollution and in oily runoff that can pollute soil and surface water as well as underground water source. The fire results in thick smoke containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), benzene, styrene, phenols, and butadiene these are very harmful to human health. You can kill two birds with one stone: 1) Save your environment and 2) Make quick cash by selling your junk tires to a junk tire buyer.  List of Junk Tire Buyers Who Will Pay Good Money To Buy and Recycle Your Old Tires  A.M. of S.C. LLC This company buys junk tires in huge surpluses. You can sell yours by contacting them. Contact Person :Marshall Caldwell (Owner/Entrepreneur) Address: 4426 blossom a-3, Columbia, USA Zip/Postal: 29205 Telephone: 1-803-4675134  After Hour Tire Service They are seeking for old junk tires . 17 inch 18 inch for street cars . Contact Information : after hour tire service Contact Person : jesse taylor Address: 3801 saturn rd suite b, corpus christi, USA Zip/Postal: 78413 Telephone: 1-361-4432304 Fax: 1-361-2421331

Tire Depot Express They are looking to buy large quantities of junk tires. The tire Size ranging from 13"-20" mostly 15"16" with at least 45% 3mm+ thread left. Contact Information : Tire Depot Express Contact Person : Mr. Paul Dias Address: 7491 Washington Blvd, Elkridge, USA Zip/Postal: 21075 Telephone: 1-240-7446649 Fax: 1-410-5409295  ASTORIA 2000 They purchase tires of particular sizes such as 205-80-14 > 195 80-14 > 175-80-14 > 215-80-14 > 215-80-14 > 175-75-14 > 186-70-14 > 197-70-14 > 205-70-14 > 215-70-14 > 175-65-14 > 195-65-14 > 185r-14 > 185r15 > 195r14 > 215r14 > 2o5r14 > 275-75- 15 > 255-75-15 > 235-75-15 > 265-7-15 > 225-70-15 > 265-70-15 > 235-70-15 > 275-70-15 > 825r15 > 750r15 > 700r15 > 235-55-16 > 215-70-1n6 > 255-70-16 > 265-75-16 > 825r16 > 750r16 > 700r16 If you have any of these , You can sell to them. Contact Information : ASTORIA 2000 Contact Person : Mr. oded ziv Address: 49 woodside, new york, USA Telephone: 1-917-4403563 Mobile: 972-505572233  Tire Management

The company wants to buy shredded truck tires such as 11r22.5 Lp22.5 11r24.5 Lp22.5 and 10.00x20. There is no limit for buying. They can either buy all of your tires or none. Contact Information : Tire Management Contact Person : Mr. Brandon H Address: 481 ne industrial dr., aurora, Illinois, USA Zip/Postal: 60505 Telephone: 1-630-844 1676 Fax: 1-000-0000  Yoany This company buys recently rejected tires. Not too old. Onlycompanies and people in the USA can sell their junk tires to Yoany. Person : Mr. Yoany Marchan Address: 38 norran dr, rochester, new york, USA Zip/Postal: 14609

Telephone: 1-585-4656634 Fax: 1-585-4656634  Anvaya fze This company buys Trcuk/bus/OTS shreds. The size of your tires should be 100 mm to 300 mm. They will not approve any tire except Truck/bus/OTS'S. Tires should be cleaned before loading. Tires coming from Africa are not allowed. The tires will be shipped to JNPT, mumbai, India. Contact Information : Phone : +971-50-6558348 Mobile : 00971506558348 country : United arab Emirates. city: Dubai.  TRADEX INT PTE LTD USA : This company buys Scrap Tires, Scrap Metal, Waste Paper, Scrap Rubber, Scrap Electronic, Equipment, Scrap Battery, Scrap Plastic  etc. If you have junk tires to sell, You can contact them if you are in the New York/New Jersey Area. Contact Information : TRADEX INT PTE LTD USA Address: Plot 20832 Dearborn Street, NY 11746 USA Contact Person: Mr. Mac, Slipass  KAA LTD : They buy shedded tires for shipment to other countries. Contact Information : KAA LTD, Address: 222 florid way Contact Persone : Mr. K, L United states  China (HK) Renewable Co. Ltd : They are looking for baled scrap tires from all over the world. You have to inform them about your monthly supplying ability. This company is searching for junk tires sellers to build a long term relationship with. Contact Information :

China (HK) Renewable Co. Ltd. Phone : +86-18749538876 Contact Persone :Mr. Zach Lee City :Hong Kong Zip/Postal Code : V3M2B8 Country : Canada  JCC service : A tire recycling company based in New York, JCC produces over 100 tire bales per week. If you have junk tires , contact them : Jss service phone number : 1-866-327-1524  Xtron International Trading Inc : The company is looking BALED SCRAP TIRES, 25 containers a week. They are tend to build up long term relationships with sellers. Contact Information: Xtron International Trading Inc. Address: 5 Anna Lane contact person: Charlie, Tsai  Parach and sons This company buys junk tires as well as sells them. They buy bus/truck tires. Contact Information : Paracha and Sons Address :300 ATLANTIC AVE CAMDEN NJ United States Phone  1-732-7716136 Fax      1-732-6530230 Contact   Zafar Iqbal

 Bryan Alevy Buyer of junk rubber materials like tires and tubes. The exchange should be on a continuous basis. Contact Information : Bryan Alevy phone : 905-768-1116  Rubber material in Dallas You can sell your rubber derived junk materials there. Contact Information : Wesley Box, 9727958810  Phoenix USA Inc : They buy old scraped tires and usually pays reasonable prices. Contact Information : Phoenix USA Inc Contact name :Mr. Ashique Iqbal City :Atlanta Zip/Postal Code : 30044 Phone :+1-770-899-4684 ·Mobile : +1-770-899-4684 ·Country :United States  Lunop :  You can sell your used truck tires, 10.R20 Tubeless,11R22.5 Tubeless here. Just send them detail information about how many used tires you have and how much money you want for them. Contact Person : Nazareno Sestoso Telephone: 1-973-7252565

Mobile: 973-7252565 united states  The Harvis car disposal Luton Organization They buy balded waste tires. Applicants from all over the world can sell their junk tires to the Harvis organization. Contact Person : Mr. Harold Suggs Address: 1011 Fifth Ave, Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA Zip/Postal: 07712 Telephone: 1-732-7688283 Mobile: 732-7688283  Wholesale Tire Company Mainly deals in wholesale junk tire sales. Contact Person : Bill Cook Address: 2805 Douthat Road, Clifton Forge, USA Zip/Postal: 24422 Telephone: 1-540-8627099  Charneco auto sales

Looking for old used tires. Contact hem to sell junk tires. Contact Person : Mr. Leonardo Cruz Address: 7200 n nebraska, tampa, fl, USA Zip/Postal: 33619 Telephone: 1-813-9288948 Fax: 1-813-2390137

 Interspan Only US citizens can sell their shredded tires to them. Texas residents will get special advantages. Contact Person : Sam Zee Telephone: 1-972-2928652  The Tire Doctor

This company buys all type of truck tires from people. Any sized truck tire will get a good price. Contact Person : Mr. Jeff Domenick Address: 120 Amboy ave, WOODBRIDGE, USA Zip/Postal: 07095 Telephone: 1-732-3223270 Â Recycling junk tires creates the opportunity for you to leave a pollution free world for your children, and make some quick emergency cash right now. You can also make profit by buying and selling junk tires just by buying or picking(with permission) scraped tires from peoples' houses and sell that to the customers are listed above.

Where Can I Sell Old Junk Tires? Who Buys Junk Tires for Cash?  

There is no need to throw away junk tires or burn

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