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Six Pack Stomach- The reality behind getting a six pack! There are a lot of info commercials selling abdominal machines of all kinds claiming to be the best way to get a Six Pack Stomach. If it were as easy as they make it out to be, every one would have a Six Pack Stomach. There are abdominal machines that will help you to build up a Six Pack Stomach, but you shouldn't forget that fat will hide those muscles. If you want to be able to see your six-pack, you will also need to reduce your body fat percentage. When you look at the skinny guys and girls with great abs, and wonder how they have developed them, The reason for this is because they have a low body fat content. Don't rely on your abdominal exercises to get your body fat percentage down to the level required. A common misunderstanding is that to eliminate fat in specific places, you simply work on the muscles in those targeted areas. This is totally false. Your body will adjust to your exercise routine and will use the appropriate energy source needed for the completion of your routine. Carbohydrates or proteins are usually used during this type of exercise. OK so which abdominal exercises are the best you can do? There is no need for any special equipment, you can get a Six Pack Stomach by doing the following exercises. The two basic workouts I suggest are doing 3 sets of crunches at 80% of what your maximum output is. The points to be careful about the position you assume are -you should lie flat on your back, your hands should be on your chest and the knees should be bent with your heels being as close to your backside as you can comfortably bring them. To start each "crunch" firstly pull your belly button to the floor, and then roll your self forwards in a smooth motion starting from your head. Raise your shoulders just until the center of your back clears the floor. Don't try to go the entire way up. To set your routine up you simply do a sample of as many as you possibly can. Next you multiply that by eighty percent. So lets assume on your first attempt your highest was ten. And 80% of 10

is 8. So your routine for the first week is to do 8 crunches 3 times with a one minute gap in between each set. Each week, you should look at your maximum again and re-assess it. All the best in developing your Six Pack Stomach, and remember if you stick at it, It won't be long before you can show them off.

Steve Roberts Is an Industry expert on exercise and writes regularly on how to develop a six pack stomach, You can read about how to develop a six pack stomach and other exercises on his blog at: []

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==== ==== Learn more about Flat Abs--Skinny Stomach. Click the link below. ==== ====

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Learn more about Flat Abs--Skinny Stomach. Click the link below.

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