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Many people have tattoos and eventually people want to get them removed. Laser tattoo removal is a way to get rid of tattoos. Other options such as intense pulsed light therapy and over the counter creams are also available. Many people try these options first because they are less painful. Laser tattoo removal has been proven to be the most effective. Anyone can benefit from laser tattoo removal simply because removal techniques can be suited to treat each case. Doctors try to suit the removal process for the individual in order to reduce scarring. In some cases patients that were treated previously and experienced scarring because of it can also be candidates for laser tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal works by breaking up the pigments of color in a tattoo. The high intensity light beam is put over the tattoo and it is slowly removed. During laser surgery there are certain thing to generally expect. Although treatment varies from person to person here are the normal occurrences that happen during laser tattoo removal: -Protective eye shields are used to protect the doctor and patient. -A test is done to see if the patients skin reacts correctly to the laser. -Laser tattoo removal is done by placing a hand piece onto the skin and activating the laser. -An ice pack is applied to the area immediately after treatment followed by a topical antibiotic cream and a covering will be applied to protect the skin. Like any procedure there are factors that decide whether or not the treatment is effective or not. The age of the tattoo as well as the size, colors and the patients skin color also decides on whether treatment is effective. Larger tattoo will take longer to remove. Black is also the easiest color to remove. Brighter colors require several treatments. Laser tattoo removal does have side effects as do other procedures. Side effects and/or risks of this procedure include: -Risk of infection -Permanent scarring -Lack of complete pigment removal (especially harder to remove colors) -Hyper pigmentation -Darkening of the tattoo Overall laser tattoo removal is a great procedure for those who want to get rid of an unwanted tattoo. The overall procedure is done by a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist and is very effective. Discomfort is part of the procedure and side effects may occur but if it is done by a well trained doctor it is less of a risk and they know how to correct some of these problems. Numerous treatments may be needed in order to completely remove the tattoo but it will eventually be completely gone. Be sure to properly care for the area once treatment is done. If laser is not for

you, other options can always be explored.

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==== ==== Learn more about How to get rid of a Tattoo ....Click the link below. ==== ====

Get rid of a Tattoo  

Learn more about How to get rid of a Tattoo ....Click the link below.

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