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washington dc / 2010

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Designing Change

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President’s Reception

SEGD Auction for Education & Cocktail Reception

Night at the Newseum!

In Tribute

James Lafferty Glass, FSEGD 1932-2010 Jim Glass, founder of the Kelvin Group creative community in Houston, was one of the original three designers who first met on July 3, 1973, to compare notes on the growing importance of architectural signage. That meeting led to the establishment of SEGD and the creation of a new field of design. Glass’ energy, passion, and creative and technical gifts were a driving force in the development and growth of SEGD and EGD. He served as president of SEGD and, in 1987, was named the first SEGD Fellow. We remember him with love and gratitude.

Contributions in Glass’ honor may be made to the St. Vincent de Paul Adopt-a-Student Program, providing scholarships for underprivileged students. Call 713.667.9111 or forward contributions to St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, Adopt-aStudent Program, 6800 Buffalo Speedway, Houston, Texas 77025.


June 2 – 5, 2010


National Harbor is just a shuttle or cab ride from downtown Washington and Old Town Alexandria in Virginia. Cabs are available at the main entrance to the Gaylord National Resort.

National Harbor: Navigating the Area to Convention Center

Bus Loop

Registration Desk


Woodrow Wilson



Cherry Blossom Ballroom

Ballroom Lobby

Gaylord National, Ballroom Level


Shuttle from Gaylord National Resort to Old Town Alexandria

Shuttle from Gaylord National Resort to Washington

• Blue, red, and white with a King Street Shuttle logo

• Operates daily from 8:00am to 10:00pm from the Gaylord to Washington and from 8:30am to 10:30pm from Washington to the Gaylord

• Operates daily from 6:30am to 9:00pm (weekdays) and 6:30am to 10:00pm (weekends), running every thirty minutes • Does not require reservations but requires a boarding pass ($7 one way, $14/round trip) purchased from the hotel transportation desk located in the main lobby


• Outside lane in front of the Gaylord


• Union Station, 400 Massachusetts Avenue, pickup in the 3rd lane of Columbus Circle

• Outside the King Street Metro Station entrance in Old Town Alexandria

• Old Post Office, 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, pickup in front next to the statue of Ben Franklin

• Outside the Gaylord main lobby

• At King Street and Henry Street in front of the HDR Building at 1101 King Street


• Does not require reservations but requires a boarding pass ($13 one way, $20/round trip, $49/three-day pass) purchased from the hotel transportation desk located in the main lobby







3 100 Block of Waterfront Street

Hotel Gaylord National

Gallery Walk – Wednesday Evening

Tented Gaylord Dock Mount Vernon & Potomac Boat Tour Wednesday


The Awakening Stage and Plaza Film Festival – Wednesday Evening


June 2 – 5, 2010



9 :0 0 a m - 6:0 0 p m Woodrow Wilson Foyer – Ballroom Level

Pre-Conference Tours

Buses leave from the bus loop on the Ballroom Level

Advance registration required

9 :0 0 – 11: 30 a m

The White House Gardens: Symbol of Change and Continuity

Signature International Design in Washington’s Embassies

Tour the gardens of one of the world’s most famous buildings.

Tour the House of Sweden, a complex housing the Embassy of Sweden, the Embassy of Iceland, offices, and apartments as well as an event center for conferences and exhibitions. Another excellent example of contemporary Scandinavian architecture is the Embassy of Finland, the first embassy in the U.S. to have received USGBC LEED certification.

Speaker/Tour Leader: Scott Tucker, NPS Park Manager, President’s Park

11:0 0


– 5:0 0 p m

Meet at the tented Gaylord dock at 11:00 AM

Mount Vernon and Potomac Boat Tour Walk in the footsteps of George Washington at his Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens. A great believer in the power of architecture and design, George would have loved the new visitor center exhibition designed by Christopher Chadborne & Associates. Includes lunch. Speakers/Tour Leaders: Christopher Tebbutt and Ernesto Mendoza, Christopher Chadborne & Associates ; Steve Rosen, Available Light; Alan Reed, GWWO Architects


2:0 0 – 5:0 0  p m

Speakers/Tour Leaders: Representatives from the Finnish Embassy and House of Sweden

wednesday, june 2

2: 0 0 – 5:0 0 p m

2:0 0 – 5:0 0  p m

A Taste for Change: Walking Tour of DC’s Best-Designed, Award-Winning Restaurants Zaytinya features a Mediterranean mezze concept, while Poste (located in the original 1841 General Post Office for D.C.) offers regional American cuisine. Zola, an American comfort food restaurant, and Zola Wine & Kitchen are in the heart of the galleries; we will stop for a little tasting experience before heading back. Speakers/Tour Leaders: Olivia AdamsteinDemetriou, Adamstein & Demetriou; Dan Mesches,

The International Spy Museum Sponsored by: NEC Signage + Architectural Products Who says Washington won’t support a forprofit museum? This favorite of tourists and locals alike houses the largest collection of international cloak-and-dagger artifacts on public display. Gallagher & Associates are responsible for the planning and exhibit design. (Be sure to ask about the artifacts they sourced on e-Bay!) Speaker/Tour leader: Spy Guides

Stir Restaurant Group


June 2 – 5, 2010


Pre-Conference Workshop Advance registration required, lunch included


9 :0 0 a m - 4:0 0 p m Woodrow Wilson D – Ballroom Level

sponsored by Matthews Paint

Developing a University-Led EGD Program SEGD Education Committee:

David Middleton, Kent State University Kelly Kolar, Kolar Design George Lim, Jacobs | Environmental Graphic Design Group, University of Colorado School of Architecture and Planning

Tim McNeil, University of California at Davis Brenda Cowan, Fashion Institute of Technology Jon Mischke, Jacobs | Environmental Graphic Design Group

Miranda Hall-Carrier, Cannon Design Michele Phelan, 96pt. Craig Berger, SEGD

All programs at this conference are eligible for AIA Continuing Education credits. Ask for a form at the registration desk.


Over the last five years, SEGD has partnered with universities and professionals developing innovative educational programs. These programs have involved professional/client partnerships, academic-led research projects, and courses bringing students from varied disciplines to EGD. Participants will hear and network with student, academic, and professional leaders who have developed EGD programs and know the challenges. All members of the SEGD Education Committee (with the exception of Michele Phelan) will speak at the workshop.

wednesday, june 2

Evening Events 6: 0 0 – 7: 30 p m Scene and Art Whino are both on the 100 block of Waterfront Street.

Gallery Walk Stroll the Potomac River and browse National Harbor art galleries, while sipping wine and nibbling cheese.

10 : 30

8: 30 – 10 :0 0 p m


– 12:0 0  a m

Walk two blocks on Waterfront Street to The Awakening Stage and Plaza by the river to watch our movie under the stars!

Tour leaves from The Awakening Plaza immediately after the film.

The Fourth Annual SEGD Film Festival: Objectified by Gary Hustwit

Lighting Our Capital

The second part of Hustwit’s three-film design trilogy, Objectified is a feature-length documentary reflecting on our complex relationship with manufactured objects and, by extension, the people who design them. The popcorn and soda are on us!

Don’t miss this late-night tour of our Capital’s world-famous monuments.


June 2 – 5, 2010




8:0 0 a m - 6:0 0 p m Woodrow Wilson Foyer – Ballroom Level

8:0 0 - 9 :0 0  a m Woodrow Wilson Foyer – Ballroom Level

Changing Design: Influences and Factors Design can motivate and inspire positive change in our communities, our workplaces, our lives. Government can create the framework for excellence, and our nation’s capital is a source of inspiration. Driving forces affecting our environments include sustainability, accessibility, the economy, complex global communications, technology, and multicultural complexities. What are the factors affecting your design? OPENING GENERAL SESSION

9 :0 0


– 12:0 0


Woodrow Wilson a – Ballroom Level

Influencing Design: The Power of Government Commissioner Robert Peck, U.S. General Services

Phil Freelon, FAIA , The Freelon Group Architects


Freelon is leading a consortium of designers and architects working on the Smithsonian’s new National Museum of African American History and Culture. Maintaining design quality while responding to complex layers of commissions, regulations, and constituencies is a major challenge. And need it be said that nothing in Washington is simple? Freelon shares how his team is preserving design integrity while working with the many layers of reviews and collaborations.

Can the General Services Administration—an agency responsible for 354 million sq. ft. of government buildings—influence the quality of our surroundings? Responsible for $5.5 billion in American Recovery and Reinvestment Funds to improve government facilities, Commissioner Bob Peck is doing just that. Through the Design Excellence program, Peck and the GSA have encouraged high standards of design and performance. Now Commissioner Peck is challenging the GSA to be the “green proving ground” for the entire building industry.


Achieving Design Intent: Navigating Complexity

NE T WO R K IN G B R E AK 10 : 30 – 10 :4 0  a m

thursday, june 3

Envisioning Your Future: Tomorrow is Here Get real; virtual reality is pretty much here. Learn from a new generation of thought leaders who will expand your horizons and share ideas that are changing the way people think, live, work, play, and design.

Design for Social Interaction Richard The designs situations that are engaging, fun, critical and participatory. Partner at the design collective The Green Eyl and currently a researcher at the MIT Media Lab, he works independent of media: Constantly bridging the gap between traditional design practice and technology, he questions the established paradigms of both fields in order to create new experiences. His projects span from a more expressive digital typography, a personalized architecture as well as participatory, user generated spatial installations.

New Media and Augmented Reality: Social and Architectural Consequences A future in which augmented “hyper” reality is embedded in our everyday lives, transforming the way we interact with our living and working spaces: That’s the vision of Keiichi Matsuda of the Bartlett School of Architecture in London. Join him for a guided tour of how augmented reality will re-contextualize the functions of consumerism and architecture, and change the way we operate within it.

Programming Reality Keywon Chung from the MIT Media Lab demonstrates how to program everyday objects with body gestures. A roller coaster signage designer turned IDEO design strategist turned tangible interaction designer, Keywon highlights how prototyping the future requires juggling our inner technologist and humanist. SEGD Conference + EXPO | WASHINGTON, DC |

June 2 – 5, 2010



12: 30 – 2:0 0 p m


2: 30 – 5:45  p m

Ticketed event, advance registration necessary

Woodrow Wilson B – Ballroom Level

Cherry Blossom Ballroom – Ballroom Level

TRACK 1 – Creating Place

SEGD Design Awards Presentation Big projects and small projects. Enormous budgets and projects that did “a lot with a little.” Well-known firms and as-yet-unknown students. Henry Beer, FSEGD, of Communication Arts and chair of the 2010 SEGD Design Awards, presents this year’s award-winning projects with jurors’ comments. (Don’t miss this; you’ll want to meet these students!)

Sponsored by  Environmental Signage Solutions, Inc. dba ASI Signage Innovations – Irving, Texas 2: 30 – 3:2 5  p m

Setting the Standards: Government and Designers in Collaboration Les Shephard, AIA , Chief Architect, U.S. General Services Administration

The federal government provides an enormous source of current and future projects in environmental graphic design. Wayfinding projects in parks and public buildings, interpretive exhibits, and identity programs are just a few of the opportunities. But the federal agencies also develop standards for designers to follow. Learn more about collaborating with the federal government and positioning your firm to grab these opportunities.


thursday, june 3 Choose from one of four concurrent tracks, or move between tracks.

3: 30 – 4:2 5 p m

4:45 – 5:45  p m

Design Excellence: Public Transit as Patron of Design and Art Elizabeth Crane, TriMet; Michael Reed,  Mayer/Reed

Public transit impacts millions of lives every day. In Portland, Oregon, public investment has raised the standard of excellence, and TriMet, the regional transit authority, has provided a role model for the private sector. There is much to be learned from Portland’s approach and attitude toward design in the public realm. Learn from the project architect for TriMet, which will receive SEGD’s 2010 Insight Award for consistently commissioning EGD programs that significantly promote the value and role of the field.

NE T WO R K ING B R E AK 4:2 5 – 4:4 0  p m

Research-based Design Decisions Phil Garvey and Dr. Martin Pietrucha, The Larson Institute at Penn State ; Jonathan Mugmon, AECOM ; Marshall Elizer, Gresham Smith and Partners

Research and evidence-based design play a large role in the development of design codes, approval for design projects, and design decisions. Understanding how research informs design decisions is essential for the responsible designer. It can be a significant tool in expediting permitting and approvals. The presenters will provide actual examples from vehicular wayfinding and identity, interior wayfinding, and accessibility. They’ll also share how research played a significant role in the recently updated MUTCD, particularly in determining typography and reflectivity standards.


June 2 – 5, 2010




Choose from one of four concurrent tracks, or move between tracks.

2: 30 – 5:45 p m Woodrow Wilson C – Ballroom Level

TRACK 2 – Challenges to Design Sponsored by  GraphTec 2: 30 – 3:2 5 p m

3: 30 – 4:2 5  p m

Barrier Free: Making Good Design Accessible

No Budget, No Time: Can Design/ Build be the Solution?

Sherrill York and Ray Bloomer, National Center on

Tucker Trotter, Dimensional Innovations; Dan Moalli, Design & Production; Amy Maddox, Cortina Productions


All clients are asking for fully accessible design, but in the end, do most projects deliver? Dynamic interactivity, aesthetic interpretation, and media can be made accessible to individuals of all abilities. The advisors at the NCA (an innovative think tank on accessibility) believe that barrier free is better for all users. It’s affordable, too, but requires out-of-thebox thinking and creative dialogue. Best- and worst-case scenario case studies will be presented in a setting that inspires solutions.

Where have the big budgets and generous timelines gone? Nowadays, to get work is to take on projects that often seem unachievable. Designers cringe at the prospect of another “design/build,” worrying that their vision will be compromised due to shortcuts and lack of control. And fabricators worry their partnerships with designers will put them in the poorhouse. Is design/build the end of the world as we know it or the beginning of a new way to create a turnkey partnership that delivers on all aspects of the project? Come see examples of great projects that survived to tell their story.

NE T WO R K IN G B R E AK 4:2 5 – 4:4 0  p m


thursday, june 3

4:45 – 5:45 p m

CityCenter in Las Vegas: Inside the Largest Multi-use Urban Commercial Development Jennifer Bressler, Hunt Design; Amy Owen, Gensler; Andy Davey, Selbert Perkins Design Collaborative; Jonathan Posnett, Two Twelve Associates

Looking for a challenge? Or just looking for a good story? The trials and tribulations of Las Vegas’ CityCenter project will certainly deliver. Many firms were involved in the planning, many star architects were involved in the design of the buildings, and many design firms developed different aspects of the identity and wayfinding. And that doesn’t even include all the interior designers and retail and restaurant specialists. (Think of the egos!) You’ll hear from key players about massive coordination, an unbelievable timeline, and an unthinkable project completed thanks to (or in spite of) a huge cast.


June 2 – 5, 2010




Choose from one of four concurrent tracks, or move between tracks.

2: 30 – 5:45 p m Woodrow Wilson D – Ballroom Level

TRACK 3 – Designing Across the Globe 2: 30 – 3:2 5 p m

Multiculturalism in Design Virginia Gehshan and Jerome Cloud, Cloud Gehshan Associates

For the 2010 SEGD Fellows, balancing clarity of message, effectiveness, and form is of utmost importance in working cross-culturally. Distilling what is essential to an individual or place—that which makes it tangible, believable, and memorable—is what creates effective design. How do we carry this notion across languages and differing locales? The Cloud Gehshan partners will share their stories of working across the globe to bring the same qualities to identity, wayfinding, and signage.

3: 30 – 4:2 5  p m

What Time Is It? Strategies for Managing Overseas Projects Patrick Gallagher, Gallagher & Associates; Mark Ma, Meigo Design

We used to complain about red-eyes from LAX to IAD. Now many designers are crossing continents weekly. How does marketing and managing overseas projects affect design companies and fabricators? Language barriers, time changes, and cultural differences are just the tip of the iceberg. Patrick Gallagher has been working overseas since the 1980s and sustains a vibrant and forward-thinking firm in the U.S. and Asia. He and Mark Ma will share their professional insights, strategies, and honest advice about how to keep your company and vision on target within the complexities of designing across the globe.

NE T WO R K IN G B R E AK 4:2 5 – 4:4 0  p m


thursday, june 3

4:45 – 5:45 p m

The Other Perspective: Integration and Collaboration Maria Piacente, Lord Cultural Resources

Working across 45 countries and six continents, Lord Cultural Resources is a global professional practice dedicated to creating cultural capital worldwide. In doing so, they have worked with internationally diverse teams of architects, planners, exhibition designers, and wayfinding developers. Maria Piacente will talk about the role of bringing diverse individuals, backgrounds, and cultures together to achieve a common goal—excellence in service of society. Afterward, she’ll facilitate a Q&A with the speakers from “Designing across the Globe.”


June 2 – 5, 2010




Choose from one of four concurrent tracks, or move between tracks.

2: 30 – 5:45 p m Woodrow Wilson a – Ballroom Level

TRACK 4 – Hot Stuff: What’s Cool? Sponsored by  MS Sign 2: 30 – 3:2 5 p m

Sustainability in Media and Lighting Steve Rosen, Available Light

The theatrical lighting and new media hardware of the 1990s transformed public spaces, wayfinding, and exhibition design. By the turn of the century, every museum was looking to engage their audiences through updated technology and lighting. Now designers are being told that they must meet energy standards—sometimes at 2 – 5 watts per square foot for exhibit spaces. Architects want to utilize daylighting to meet LEED requirements, while conservators want low light levels. Where does that leave the lighting designer? Steven Rosen will share his expertise on new lighting systems, effective design approaches, and examples of energy-efficient and evocative projects.

3: 30 – 4:2 5  p m

Dynamic Environments: Where Design Meets Technology and Architecture Markus Schneider, thismedia

With offices in Berlin and Beijing, Markus Schneider works with artists, advertising agencies, and architects to synchronize an artistic approach using technological concepts or solutions. In collaboration with other firms, thismedia has developed dependable solutions that have embedded media into architecture. SPOTS, in Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, is a light and media façade that uses specific environmental parameters to determine the interaction of light gradients, generating a complex picture in light that turns the façade into a mirror image of the city’s conditions. Markus has lectured at the Royal Danish Academy of Art, China’s Central Academy of Fine Arts, and Icograda. WOW is the only reaction you will have when you see what this specialized software can do for you!

NE T WO R K IN G B R E AK 4:2 5 – 4:4 0  p m


thursday, june 3

4:45 – 5:45 p m

The World Between: Architecture, Art, and Interactivity Jason Bruges, Jason Bruges Studio

Named as one of Wallpaper’s 10 world-changing designers, Bruges creates environments that sit between the worlds of architecture, site-specific art installations, and interaction design. His current work produces innovative installations, interventions, and groundbreaking works creating interactive surfaces and spaces. His latest installation, “Mirror Mirror” at the Victoria & Albert Museum, explores narcissism and interconnected relationships, not by “telling” but by creating “dialogues” with its audience.

8: 30 – 11:0 0  p m Colonial Garden

Walk toward the river via the hotel atrium, then follow the signs.

President’s Reception: Nightcap Sponsored by KING Architectural Products, a division of WSI Sign Systems Join your old friends and make new ones, under a starry night by the Potomac River.


June 2 – 5, 2010




7: 30 a m - 4:0 0 p m Exhibit Hall E, Convention Center – atrium Level

7:45 – 9 :0 0 a m Ticketed event, advance registration necessary Woodrow Wilson C – Ballroom Level

The Savvy Designer Breakfast: Documentation and the Design Process Mark Andreasson, Design Communications; Russ Roberts, Creo Industrial Arts; Dominic Borgia, Two Twelve Associates; Wayne Hance, Image Resource Group From hand drawing to computer modeling to BIM, learn about modeling as a design tool. We’ll focus on how designers and fabricators use the modeling process to collaborate, including working through hand sketches, sketch-up prototyping, and the integration of environmental graphic design in building information modeling. Breakfast

9 :0 0 – 10 :0 0 a m Exhibit Hall E, Convention Center – atrium Level

Expo! 9 :0 0 a m - 6:0 0 p m Exhibit Hall E, Convention Center – atrium Level

Over Sixty-five Exhibitors! Visit fabricators and manufacturers serving the EGD community across the country and around the world. Beginning at the back of this book are a map of booths on the expo floor, booth numbers, and full contact information for exhibitors.


friday, june 4

2010 exhibitors 2/90 Sign Systems

Design Communications

L&H Companies


Dixie Graphics

Lucite International

Accent Signage Systems


Lumificient *

Advance Corp

DSG Custom Glass *

Marcel Machler

AgiLight *

DURABLE Office Products

Matthews Bronze


Eye Catch Signs *

Matthews Paint

Akzo Nobel Coatings

Fluoresco Lighting & Signs

Mimaki USA *

Alcan Composites, USA

Fucci & Friedman

Murphy Catton

ALPOLIC - Mitsubishi

Gable Signs

Nova Polymers

Amri Studios

Gemini Incorporated

Pattison Sign Group

APCO Graphics

General Glass International

Prysm *

Applied Image


SFY Architectural *

Architectural Graphics *




Harmon Sign/Planet Neon

Signalex *

Art Display *

HotShoo *

Sign Builders Illustrated


Icon Identity Solutions


Big Apple Visual Group

Identity Group *

Sign Productions

Bunting Graphics

Infax *

Signs and Decal

ClearPath Signage Systems / Rowmark


SMI Sign Systems *


Sunrise Systems

Jet USA Corporation

Visual Graphic Systems

Jones Sign

Visual Point *

KING Architectural Products

Winsor Fireform

Colite International Color-Ad Daktronics

*first time exhibitor

Four key EGD practice areas will be presented from the perspectives of designers, fabricators, and manufacturers. Each session will include an overview followed by specific educational focus areas, with new activities and ways for members to get involved.

SEGD Practice Area Technical Sessions CONCURRENT SESSIONS

10 :0 0 – 10 :45 a m


12: 30 – 1: 30  p m Exhibit Hall E, Convention Center – atrium Level

Woodrow Wilson b – Ballroom Level

1A. Accessibility and the ADA

International guidelines and accessible materials Blaise Dobbin, Eyecatch Signs International; Kathy Wilson, Advance Corporation; Grady Brown, ASI

Accessibility codes are going international; hear about developments worldwide. The session will also cover advances in new accessible materials. Woodrow Wilson d – Ballroom Level

1B. Green Design

Value engineering and lifecycle planning Naomi Pearson, Sustainable Graphic Design Strategy and Consulting ; John Souter, Accent Signage Systems; Harry Spetnagel, Gensler

Life-cycle analysis is central to both sustainable design and achieving greater value in projects. This session will explore key issues in life-cycle planning and its use as a tool for finding cost savings throughout the life of a project.


12: 30 – 2: 30  p m Ticketed event, advance registration necessary Woodrow Wilson C – Ballroom Level

Design Principals & Partners Luncheon Sponsored by Nordquist Co-chaired by Mark VanderKlipp and Virginia Gehshan Kathy Long Holland, Oregon Health & Science University

These are interesting times, and leading a design firm through the rocky economic terrain requires agility, flexibility, and creative thinking. The P&P Luncheon provides a valuable opportunity to network and compare notes with your peers. Kathy Long Holland, founder of consulting and design firm LongSherpa, will share insights on business retention, working in a changing marketplace, and developing international markets and relationships. Attendance will be limited to design firm principals and partners. (If you sign your company’s paychecks, you’re welcome to attend).

friday, june 4


3: 0 0 – 3:45 p m Woodrow Wilson b – Ballroom Level

2A. Outdoor Wayfinding Sponsored by National Signs

The New MUTCD and legibility standards John Bosio, MERJE; Phil Garvey, The Pennsylvania State University

This session will explore major changes to the MUTCD, updated in late 2009, and their effects on urban signs. Major issues include font size, font use, and reflectivity.  

Woodrow Wilson d – Ballroom Level

2B. Dynamic Environments

Dynamic wayfinding and information systems Warren Rosen, Avitecture; Roberta Perry, Edwards Technologies

Dynamic wayfinding and information systems are becoming more central to the work of environmental graphic designers. This session will explore the software and hardware trends impacting dynamic environments and how designers are leveraging technology and new media to create memorable spaces.


June 2 – 5, 2010


4: 30 – 6:0 0 p m

SEGD Auction For Education & Cocktail Reception For many years, the SEGD Auction for Education has been one of the most exciting parts of the annual SEGD Conference + Expo, taking place during the Expo cocktail reception and ending the day. The auction—which also includes a raffle— is an opportunity for members and friends of SEGD to support the educational goals of SEGD by bidding on coveted items such as limited-edition prints, vacation homes, technology, and more. Among other things, the funds from the auction and raffle bring students who have won SEGD Design Awards to the conference. SEGD pays for their travel and conference expenses, along with those of their instructor. It’s a rare opportunity for students to experience the world of EGD, rubbing shoulders with people they’ve only read about and making valuable connections. (Not too long ago, seven students attended the conference; all seven had jobs with SEGD member firms within six months!) Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in the next generation of environmental graphic designers.



friday, june 4

IN-KIND DONORS Chris Calori, Calori & Vanden-Eynden/Design Consultants Carol Naughton, Carol Naughton + Associates Virginia Gehshan, Cloud Gehshan Associates Fluoresco Eric Fucci, Fucci & Friedman Gable Signs Jim Trulove, Grayson Publishing Wayne Hunt, Hunt Design Kleen Kanteen Lance Wyman, Lance Wyman Ltd. Lee Skolnick, Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Don Kiel, New York Presbyterian Paula Scher, Pentagram Gary Anzalone, Precision Signs Serigrafia David Gibson, Two Twelve Victoria’s Secret AUCTION AND RAFFLE ITEMS Yankees/Blue Jays tickets Chess set handcrafted by Gary Anzalone Virginia Gehshan’s legendary homemade cookies—a double batch! Sea Ranch house—a week’s stay Paula Scher signed posters Wayne Hunt watercolor of Washington Monument Lance Wyman Obama poster NYC subway sign, created by Don Kiel and Gary Anzalone Massimo Vignelli signed and numbered print titled “The Melting Pot” Heinz Edelmann “E” print—signed and numbered Nelson ball clock Ceramics handcrafted by Carol Naughton Set of signed books by Chris Calori, David Gibson, and Lee Skolnick iPad And many more items!


June 2 – 5, 2010


saturday registration

8: 30  a m - 12:0 0 p m Woodrow Wilson Foyer – Ballroom Level


8: 30  a m - 9 : 30  a m Woodrow Wilson Foyer – Ballroom Level

Designing Change closing general session

9 : 0 0 a m – 12:0 0 p m Woodrow Wilson A – Ballroom Level

Partially sponsored by Principle Group Change begins with you. You can design your life. As a designer, you can change the lives of others.

Changing You Stefan Sagmeister, Sagmeister Inc.

An accomplished graphic designer, author, and provocateur, Stefan periodically embarks on a one-year sabbatical—refusing all client work—to focus on personal work and creative self-expression, which ultimately nurtures his creativity. His popular book, Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far, is a result of such selfexploration.

Changing a Community Alan Jacobson, ex;it

Alan is passionate about his communitybuilding initiative in Rwanda, a country still recovering from the ravages of a horrific civil war. Hear the firsthand account of how he became actively involved with the Rugerero Genocide Survivors Village, and applied his skills in design as a vehicle for positive social change.


NE T WO R K ING B R E AK 10 : 30 – 10 :4 0  a m

Changing the World: An Invitation Brian Collins, COLLINS:

Can an individual designer actually make a real difference? Absolutely, says moderator Brian Collins, who has participated in the World Economic Forum in Davos and is a member of the Global Agenda Council/ Design. In 2005, he established Designism: Design for Social Change. Fast Company magazine called him one of five American Masters of Design. You might remember him from previous SEGD conferences; we’re lucky enough to have him again. Brian will lead a conversation with two intriguing designers …

saturday, june 5

Deborah Adler, Deborah Adler Design Studio

You’ve seen the red pill bottles; now meet the designer behind them. As a student, Adler used her design skills to rethink the packaging of prescriptions and drugs. But she didn’t stop there; she teamed with Target to implement revolutionary user-centered packaging— on nationwide scale—through Target’s pharmacies. Emily Pilloton, Project H

At only 28, Emily Pilloton has authored Design Revolution: 100 Products that Empower People and has appeared on The Colbert Report. After graduating with a degree in Architecture from UC Berkeley, she wanted to create things that are not just well designed, but also have a positive social impact. A leader in the Designers Accord, she created Project H to connect the power of design to people who need it most. Initiatives such as the Design Revolution Road Show have earned her a place on The New York Times Nifty 50.


12:15 – 2: 30  p m Co-sponsored by L+H Companies, Urban Sign Company, YESCO Ticketed event, advance registration necessary Cherry Blossom Ballroom – Ballroom Level

SEGD Fellow Celebration and Leadership Transition Luncheon Come to recognize the achievements of 2010 SEGD Fellows Virginia Gehshan and Jerome Cloud and the contributions of their firm, Cloud Gehshan Associates, to the field of EGD. And join our tribute and farewell to Leslie Gallery Dilworth, SEGD’s Chief Executive Officer since 1997, who will be stepping down. Under her leadership SEGD has been transformed and reached new levels.


June 2 – 5, 2010


Workshops on Wheels

Buses will leave from the bus loop, Ballroom Level, promptly at 2:45

2:45 – 5:45 p m Ticketed event, advance registration necessary

The National Mall and Memorial Parks Wayfinding Project Speakers/Tour Leaders: Wayne Hunt, Hunt Design ; Robert H. Clark, Manager, National Park Service, UniGuide Sign Program tour starts in Woodrow Wilson B – ballroom Level

There couldn’t be a more complex series of stakeholders, users, and review boards than those involved in design projects in Washington, D.C. What are the requirements and design solutions for a new wayfinding system for the National Mall and Memorial Parks? A panel discussion will set the context for the key locales and existing system, which is undergoing a transformation that only comes around every 30+ years.


Walter Reed Army Medical Center Sponsored by  2/90 Signage Systems Tour Leader: Michael Kang, Smith Group Be the first to get a sneak preview of this world-class medical facility scheduled to open in summer 2010. Hear how the best minds in medicine, psychology, virtual reality, and architecture teamed up to create this truly unique design that caters to individuals suffering from traumatic brain injury and their families. This project illustrates how “hightech” and “high-touch” can foster healing at all levels—individual, family, and community. A true example of how design and technology can change lives.

saturday, june 5 National Museum of American History

D.C. Urban Redevelopment

Sponsored by  GraphTec Tour Leader: Jonathan Alger, C&G Partners

Where can you find sword-swallowing, miniature golf, a museum of oddities, sustainable seafood, and a rock-and-roll hotel on one city block? Definitely not D.C., right? Think again! Take a walk on the wild side with Joe Englert, D.C.’s own “Nightlife Entrepreneur.” See how Joe has been the creative change agent in the historic Atlas District. This walking tour includes eight distinct properties on the H Street corridor. And what would a creative crawl be without a drink over Q&A? This tour is sure to tap your inner dive designer.

Go behind the scenes of one of the most visited museums in the world and a centerpiece of its recent renovation, the “Star Spangled Banner” exhibit. This great treasure—the American flag that inspired Francis Scott Key—is housed inside perhaps the largest display case ever designed for a single object. Walk with Jonathan Alger as he takes you through the process of renovating the major galleries and the stellar design that brings this national icon to life for a new generation of visitors.

U.S. Green Building Council LEED Platinum Headquarters Tour Leader: Ken Wilson, Envisions It’s a tall order to design the national headquarters for the agency responsible for setting the standards for sustainable building. Ken Wilson and his team took on the challenge and created the LEED-Platinum USGBC office in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood of D.C. As both office and “learning lab,” this space sets standards and educates. Envision’s sophisticated and advanced green building design and technology show visitors and employees alike how green building is better for occupants, communities, and our planet.

Tour Leader: Joe Englert

Washington D.C. Metro System Tour Leaders: Massimo Vignelli, Vignelli Associates; Michael McBride, WMATA How can you touch the lives of hundreds of millions of people a year through art and design? Michael McBride is the manager of Metro’s Art in Transit program. He’ll provide an overview of the 30-year-old transit system—from the brutalist caverns designed by the office of Harry Weese, to Massimo Vignelli’s concepts for the wayfinding kiosks and pylons, to the Metro of today. How have management, users, popularity, and budget impacted the design and what is the future of art, design, and signage in the Metro? Hear the vision for art in public transportation and how it can inspire a sense of ownership in the people who use it every day.


June 2 – 5, 2010


saturday, june 5 Night at the Newseum! 6:0 0 – 10 : 30 p m Ticketed event, advance registration necessary All Workshops on Wheels participants will be dropped off at The Newseum.

Partially sponsored by Electrosonic and Signalex Pennsylvania Ave. & 6th Street

The last stop of your day will be the Newseum, Washington D.C.’s most interactive museum, where you’ll have a chance to meet the multidisciplinary team that brought this project to life. Then join our closing party at the museum, D.C.’s most sought-after venue. Speakers/Tour Leaders: Joe Cortina, Cortina Productions; Jack Hurley and Darryl Baggley, Kubik ; Chris Micelli, Ralph Appelbaum Associates; Bryan Schultz, The Newseum


Buses returning to the Gaylord will leave promptly at 10:30 pm.



June 2 – 5, 2010


SEGD 2010 Annual Conference + EXPO  

June 2 - 5 2010, Washington DC

SEGD 2010 Annual Conference + EXPO  

June 2 - 5 2010, Washington DC