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Traditional 2014.11.09 .

Dear Urban Golfer! We would like to welcome you all to the Orczy Tradititonal 2014! It is an honor and it requires a huge responsibility to hold a tournament on our home course, in your home district. So this day is very special for us, and we hope that, it will be unforgettable for You! You are on a field today which is the very cradle of the urban golf in the 8th district, and which is among the few places, where the Heavy Balls started their mighty march towards fame and glory. We hope that field will be a part of the ‘Balls flourishing future, and hope that tournament would be a guidance for all of You Urban Golfers, and we can swing on your fields soon! Finally, we’d like to ask You, while you prepare yourselves to the next swings, please not think as just a Heavy Ball, but look a bit a higher! We ask that because the preparation of the EUGC 2015 is just started and it is up to us, to make our best and for the first time, convene the best of best, the Hungarian National Urban Golf Team! Swing! Susanne Schläger & Albert Swinger Kedves Urbán Golfozó! Nagy szeretettel köszöntünk a 2014-es Orczy Traditional versenyen! Nagy megtiszteltetés és órisái felelösség versenyt rendezni egy játékos hazai pályáján, a lakókerületében, szóval ez a nap különleges számunkra és reméljük számotokra pedig felejthetetlen lesz! Ez a pálya a nyolcadik kerületi urbán golf bölcsöje és azon kevés helyek egyike ahol a Heavy Balls elkezdte menetelését a hírnév és a dicsöség felé. Reményünk, hogy ez a pálya része lesz a ‘Balls virágzó jövöjének és a verseny pedig példaként tud majd szolgálni minden urbán golfozónak, hogy minél elöbb lendíthessünk a ti pályátokon! Végezetül szeretnénk bennetek kérni, hogy a lendítésre készülve kicsit nézzetek a jövöbe, és ne csak mint egy Heavy Ball tekintsetek magatokra! Azért kérjük ezt, mert a felkészülés a 2015-s EUGC-re elkezdödött és mindannyiunkon múlik, hogy az idök során elöször összeálljon a legek legje, a Magyar Urbán Golf Válogatott! Lendíts! Susanne Schläger & Albert Swinger

On the tournament please strongly accept the Golden Rules of Urban Golf(1): #1 SHOW RESPECT #2 EVERYBODY SUCKS #3 DON’T BE A CONTROL FREAK A versenyen kérünk benneteket, hogy fordítsatok fokozott figyelmet az Urbán Golf Aranyszabályaira(1): #1 ADJ TISZTELETET #2 MINDENKI SZAR #3 NE LEGYÉL KONTROLLÁLÓ 1:


The Holes (for location, check the map on the other side of the booklet): 1. Monumental Failure Everything’s looks just great from the start, the air is calm, the birds are singing and no one is on the fairway… And after the third failed tee shot you’ll realize that the hole is not before of the statue, but behind it. Good start on the ‘Traditional? Forget it son…. 2. Shooting range From the hill again, but this time across a road, where a heavy pedestrian traffic is usual. If you will not aim like a pro, you will end in some beating by a wannabe drug dealer or an alcoholic Sunday-dad, who came to the park to see his bully-kids… 3. The real face of the district Are you familiar with used injectors, technocol filled plastic bags or empty drug pockets? Now you will! On this course your challenge is not the distance or the elevation, but to overcome your disgust filled nausea, while you try to put the ball to the hole from trash filled sand… Good luck! 4. Hill of the King This course is not for the hen-hearted. If you spin it across the hellish hill, you can watch back and check your timid opponents, who were not brave enough to swing jolly to get over the hill in one shot and needed least one more to get close to the trash-bin. Nevertheless, be careful, you can land on the worst nightmare of any golfer: between rocks, trees, holes and sand. 5. Hole: Ferryman’s Watch High spin? Pitch? Long shot? Forget all of them…The perfect tee shot is unknown yet for this hole, so bear the increasing laughter of your teammates with pride, while your ball is rolling back from the hill for the third time. Moreover, the bad news is that, the top of the hill is just the beginning, after that, you have to struggle with the fiercest shrubs of the ‘Traditional. Better to concede this hole to keep your dignity… 6. Hole: Promenade of the Weak This course is so easy that the serious players let the beginners to win on it. Just some straight, low swings and an easy drop, and there it is, you are on the hole. Piece of fucking cake. 7. Hole: The Second Ball in the Lake Are you ready to lose your second ball in the lake after your pathetic Ferryman try? So, you are! Every elements of this hole are designed to drive you crazy, never mind if you try to put a mile, or hit through the forest. Accept your fate and give up! 8. Hole: The shade of the Tradition This hole is just a fill before the nightmare. If you swing here badly, how will you on the last one? It is not that easy as It looks, no one can hit between the trees for the first time…

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+1: The Ferryman Challenge – patchgiver challenge! Your legs are shaking, some quaint fog covers your mind, your hands are like two, dried wrench and you feel some awkward warmth in your pants. Yes, you peed in, because you realized that you have to sacrifice a ball on the altar of the Ferryman, the heaviest challenge yet on this fair city. After your ball will land miserably in the middle of the lake, just feel free to collapse and cry like a baby, you deserved it!


9. Hole: Tradition of the ’Traditional You put your spyglass in your gofbag? Without it, you can hardly see the hole of this classical, majestic course, the huge tree in the other end of the field. Some just go home before try to humiliate themselves on this hole. If you are not prepared, please do that too, the Tradition is not for Sunday Golfers, or light-minded amateurs. And please, give some respect!

Profile for Heavy Balls Urban Golf Club Budapest

Orczy Traditional booklet  

the booklet and roadmap of the first Orczy Traditional urban golf cup

Orczy Traditional booklet  

the booklet and roadmap of the first Orczy Traditional urban golf cup