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2013 • ANNUAL REPORT Care. Share. Create. Serve.

Vision Statement: Diocese of Northwest Texas The Mission of the Episcopal Church Is the Mission of Christ • To proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom • To teach, baptize and nurture new believers • To respond to human need by loving service • To seek to transform unjust structures of society • To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth We recognize with gratitude that the Five Marks ('Five Marks of Mission' as developed by the Anglican Consultative Council between 1984 and 1990) have won wide acceptance among Anglicans, and have given parishes and dioceses around the world a practical and memorable "checklist" for mission activities.

Vision Statement: Church of the Heavenly Rest The Episcopal Church of the Heavenly Rest is a Christian community of faith rooted in the Anglican tradition. Empowered by the Holy Spirit through Word and Sacrament, we seek to know the reconciling love of God and to share that love with others.

Mission Statement: Church of the Heavenly Rest As a community of faith centered in God through liturgy and Christian Practice, the Episcopal Church of the Heavenly Rest exists to: CARE for members of all ages and stages of life. SHARE God’s inclusive and healing love with all people. CREATE opportunities to grow in Christ. SERVE the church, the community, and the world.

vestry Mike Denny, Senior Warden

Yvonne Batts, Junior Warden Geanna Cutbirth Dickson Ferguson Blake Fulenwider Angela Hamil-Willis Peter Kent Chris Rockett John D. Stowe Rosemary Suttle Kim Snyder Courtney Vletas

Warden’s Message

It has been a privilege to serve the Church of the Heavenly Rest as the Senior Warden for the last three years. We concluded our every member canvass and stewardship program in November. Mrs. Kim Snyder and Mr. John Stowe led this effort and along with their committee we have been able to increase our budget by 10% again this year. We were able to increase salaries, expand many of our programs within our Church, and we were able to add some additional staff that will allow us to continue to grow. The budget for direct outreach was increased from $30,000.00 to $ 40,000.00 this year. Our outreach committee, led by Doug Thomas, will be deciding how to disperse these funds. Thank all of you for your contribution to the Mission and work here at Heavenly Rest. This year we completed and dedicated our new Columbarium and Hands on Outreach area. Both of these projects could not have been completed without the support of the entire Vestry and staff, along with many others who were involved. Our Hands on Outreach continues to grow as we serve the needs of many that need our help. If you would like to become involved with this wonderful ministry, please contact the Church office. Your vestry approved and started the Discernment process along with the guidance of the Episcopal Church Foundation. We have just completed the Feasibility phase and we look forward to the findings from that process. We give thanks to Mrs. Nancy Estes and Mr. Tom Choate for their leadership and work, and I want to thank everyone that responded for their input into this process. We continue to have our beautiful music under the direction of Dr. Wes Gomer and Mrs. Susie Rockett. Thanks to Dr. Gomer, we continue to have many new faces visit the Church on the second Sunday music series along with the many other music functions that the Church hosts. What a beautiful way that our Church shares with others through this outreach program. Each of us should give a special thanks to others on our staff. Mrs. Mary Renfro our financial/Administrative secretary, Mrs. Lynsi Musselman our communication secretary, Belinda Sheppard our Christian Education director, and Arnold Guerra our sexton and Dorothy Guerra our housekeeper. Each of these contributes many hours to make our Church the wonderful and beautiful place that it is. We have been blessed to have our new Curate Mother Susanna Brosseau. She has already added so much to our youth program and has become, in such a short time, a wonderful addition to our clergy here at Heavenly Rest. Father Luke Back, Father David Romanik, Mother Susanna Brosseau and our Deacon Amanda Watson continue to lead this parish as we move forward in the future. Through their loving and careful direction we all enjoy the many Blessings that are shared at Heavenly Rest. We continue to see growth not only in numbers, but more importantly in spirit. We all look forward to 2014 and the many opportunities that are before us.

- Mike Denny

Care. Share. Create. Serve. • 2013 Annual Report

SERVICES Sundays 8:00 a.m. Worship Service, Holy Eucharist in the nave 9:30 a.m. Sunday School 10:45 a.m. Worship Service, Holy Eucharist in the nave 1:00 p.m. Worship Service Morning Prayer in Swahili Weekdays 8:00 a.m. Morning Prayer in the chapel Wednesdays 5:30 p.m. Healing Service, Holy Eucharist in the chapel Our service comes from The Book of Common Prayer.


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Senior Warden Report - 3 From the Rector - 5 Minutes of Annual Meeting and Election - 6 & 7 PARISH LIFE

Morning Prayer - 10 Junior Warden Report - 11 Newcomer Ministries - 12 Christian Education - 13 Family & Youth Ministry/Curate Report - 14 Brotherhood of St. Andrew - 15 Heavenly Rest Music - 16 & 17 Music (other than worship) - 18 & 19 Communications - 20 Deacon’s Report - 21 Altar Guild - 22 Acolyte - 23 A List of the Faithfully Departed - 24 Eucharistic Ministers - 25 Holy Strollers - 26 Medical Committee - 27 WOMEN’S YEARBOOK St. Margaret’s Guild - 30 Daughters of the King - 31 St. Martha’s Guild • Parish Hostesses - 32 COMMUNITY OUTREACH Neighborhood Committee - 36 Breakfast on Beech Street - 37 Associate Rector’s Report - 38 & 39 Soup Sisters - 40 Thrift House - 41 Hands On Outreach - 42

$ ADMINISTRATION AND FINANCE Staff and Clergy Contact Information - 46 Stewardship Report - 47 Heavenly Rest Statements - 48 Trust Balance - 49 Foundation Statement - 50 Altar Guild Statement - 51 Discernment - 52 2014 Operating Budget - 54 Heavenly Rest by the Numbers - 55

I am reminded of these particular blessings over the last year.

from the


The growth and change you see reflected in this report reveals the earthly energy God has generated in our community. The Holy Spirit continues to renew and bless all those who enter into, and share together, the Presence of God in this place. Ancient liturgy attracts human souls today. We seek the spiritual power that brought our forebears into the great blessings we enjoy now. We are seeing our parish being preserved, improved and enlarged to accommodate expanding ministry.

Native Peoples identify certain mountains, streams and country as ‘holy’ because they believe that the Great Spirit paused in these special places during creation. So let us see, that our holy Heavenly Rest, is a place to pause, to be, and to let ourselves feel, God’s love. We are giving God a space and time to create in us holiness, graciousness, wisdom and peace. Thank God, more and more people pause to be here. We all want to feel the caring, sharing, creating and serving that God has intended for our souls. Exciting new beginnings are unfolding on Meander Street. Anticipate new friends, great opportunities and exciting challenges in 2014. We are in the midst of studying the feasibility of a Capital Campaign and we are asking God to bless each important step we take. I have been blessed with a remarkable staff and dedicated volunteers. I am especially grateful to our vestry and in particular Mike Denny, retiring Senior Warden, for loving, guiding and serving this church in innumerable ways. Thank you all for your prayers and loving-care.


• A Parish Discernment Process brought together 150 members, praying, sharing and discussing God’s will and purpose for this parish community. Feedback from the Discernment Process is already being implemented in new youth initiatives, expanded outreach, more musical offerings, greater emphasis on reaching newcomers and the creation of exciting architectural designs. • The addition of the Reverend Susanna Brosseau as Curate has emphasized our ministry to children, youth and families. Katie Young is playing an important role facilitating such ministry as our Youth Intern. • Morning Prayer in Swahili ministers to a growing congregation of Congolese refugees. It has been a great joy to see Mr. Bikole Mulanda, our Swahili Minister, nurture this wonderful community of Anglicans as they settle into their new home. • Numerous souls were confirmed at Heavenly Rest including Francis Gordan (aged 99). • The expanded columbarium and improved entryway were completed, dedicated and blessed on All Saints Day. • The Ferguson-Armstrong Hands On emergency assistance program expanded into the lower level of the Parish Hall. This ministry fed or assisted over 5,000 people and distributed more than $40,000. • The Outreach Committee of the Heavenly Rest manifested the Gospel imperative of caring for many struggling souls by providing $30,000 in personally administered relief. • Several events at Friendship Park engaged our neighborhood in a friendly and helpful way.

The Reverend N. Luke Back

• Thrift House had a successful year that included adding an attractive new facade to the storefront on Walnut Avenue.

Members Added: 29 Members Transferred Out: 10 Average Sunday Attendance: 229 End of Year Membership: 1216

• St. John’s Episcopal School increased its student body to 209 students. Through a grant from the Heavenly Rest Foundation the school was able to add a fence and entry way to help keep our children safe and secure.


Minutes Annual Parish Meeting Care. Share. Create. Serve. • 2013 Annual Report

January 27, 2013

HYMN SINGING CALL TO ORDER: Senior Warden, Mike Denny PRAYER AND INVOCATION: The Rev. N. Luke Back, Rector APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: A motion was made to accept the minutes of the last meeting as written. The motion was seconded and passed with no opposition. REPORT OF THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Senior Warden, Mike Denny introduced the current Vestry and Delegates to the Diocesan Convention. He also expressed appreciation for those leaving as Vestry members and Delegates. NOMINATIONS AND ELECTIONS: Ballots were distributed for the election of new Vestry members and Diocesan Convention Delegates. Nominated to a 3 year term to the Vestry were Chris Rockett, Peter Kent, Dickson Ferguson, Yvonne Batts, John Gassler. A motion was made to elect all of the nominees by acclamation. The motion passed with no opposition. Nominated to serve as Delegates were Gay Ann Walts, Rosemary Suttle, Steve Suttle. Those not elected will be alternates. STATE OF THE PARISH: The Rev. Back gave the Rector’s Report. The Rev. Back talked about the expansion of our ministry, especially with the addition of The Rev. David Romanik who then gave the Curate’s Report. The Rev. Back introduced Parish staff and gave a brief update on St. John’s School. Recognitions continued to staff and to off-going Vestry members and Delegates. ANNUAL REPORTS: Annual Parish Reports were given. A motion was made for reports to be accepted by title. The motion was seconded and passed with no opposition. FOUNDATION REPORT: Foundation Chair, Lee Hampton gave the Foundation Report. He noted that there was a positive return last year. STEWARDSHIP REPORT: Chair Steve Strain gave the Stewardship Report. We had fewer pledges for this year but more money was pledged. 2013 FINANCIAL SUMMARY: Annabel House gave the Financial Summary. She gave a re-cap of the trust funds and of the whole year by month. 95% of pledges were received by the end of the year. Plate offerings were more than was budgeted.


2013 BUDGET: Annabel House reviewed the 2013 budget, noting that we had more pledges than 2012. Mike Denny thanked Annabel for her work. A motion was made to accept the 2013 budget. The motion was seconded and passed with no opposition. SPECIAL PRESENTATION FROM RALPH COUSINS WITH THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH FOUNDATION: INTRODUCTION OF COMMITTEE HEADS AND APPOINTMENTS FOR 2013: The Rev. Back and Mike Denny introduced Committee Heads. INSTALLATION OF PARISH OFFICERS: The Rev. Back led the installation of Parish Officers. HYMN, BENEDICTION AND ADJOURNMENT: The Rev. Back gave the benediction and Mike Denny, Senior Warden, adjourned the meeting at 2:25 p.m.

Election of Vestry Members Term Ends January 2014

Term Ends January 2015

Term Ends January 2016

Mike Denny

Kim Snyder

Chris Rockett

Blake Fulenwider

Angela Hamil-Willis

Dickson Ferguson

John D. Stowe

Geanna Cutbirth

Peter Kent

Courtney Vletas

Rosemary Suttle

Yvonne Batts

Vestry Members (elected): Tom Choate, Bob Hale, Kathy Diamond, Paul Fulham Junior Warden: Kim Snyder

Senior Warden: Yvonne Batts

Delegates to Annual Diocesan Convention Term Ends January 2014

Term Ends January 2014

New Delegates (elected)

Nancy Estes

Annabel House

Sharon Kelley

Nolan Kelley

Cindy McCarty

Nolan Kelley

Josh Stearns

Charles Scarborough 7



“Unity is necessary to the outpouring of the Spirit of God. If you have 120 volts of electricity coming into your house but you have broken wiring, you may turn on the switch, but nothing works – no lights come on, the stove doesn’t warm, the radio doesn’t turn on. Why? Because you have broken wiring. The power is ready to do its work…, but where there is broken wiring, there is no power. Unity is necessary among the children of God if we are going to know the flow of power…to see God do His wonders.” - A. W. Tozer

Morning prayer Care. Share. Create. Serve. • 2013 Annual Report

Go in peace each day to love and serve the Lord.

Morning Prayer is said each weekday morning at 8:00 am in the chapel. Heavenly Rest remembers the ancient Christian tradition of praying three times daily by offering the first prayers of the day. Morning Prayer provides an opportunity for the community to begin their day wrapped in the peace of God. Thirty minutes at the start of the day is an excellent way to give thanks to God for the new day. Billy Edwards, Jackie Batjer, Annabel House, Courtney Vletas, Charlotte Passel, Jeff Gooslby and Amanda Watson currently offer the morning prayers. If you are interested in saying Morning Prayer please contact Amanda Watson. Saying Morning Prayer will be a blessing to you as well as the community remembering “God has promised through his well-beloved Son that when two or three are gathered together in His Name you will be in the midst of them.” The church community is invited to consider, as part of their Lenten practice, attending Morning Prayer and saying prayers with the Morning Prayer minister.


8:00 a.m.

Junior Warden


The Junior Warden’s main responsibility is for the maintenance of the Church facilities. In addition, the Junior Warden serves on many of the church’s committees, including the Vestry and Finance Committee, and has a standing vote at the Annual Convention of the Diocese of Northwest Texas. Two of the main projects related to our facilities this year included the expansion of the Columbarium and the Hands-On Outreach Center in the Lower Level of the Parish Hall. The Columbarium expanded from 81 niches to 276 niches. Hands-On Outreach moved from the Parish Hall to a newly renovated area which includes a receiving and training area, two Pastoral offices, a Deacon’s office and an expanded food pantry. In addition, the Lower Level of the Parish Hall now includes a children’s play area and class room, and a children’s craft lab. The Church sustained significant water damage during the summer storms. The roof over the Nave and Bell Tower had to be replaced, and rugs had to be cleaned in the Nave and Parish office. The Parish office walls had to be painted. The elevator lifts from time to time are requir-

ing maintenance for operation. We continue to analyze the elevator lift situation. This is an exciting time of growth for the Church of the Heavenly Rest . Our wonderful young Priests continue to attract more and more young families to our Church. We need to help our Priests have facility space to provide Spiritual needs for this growth. May we pray to find the wisdom and means to provide for the blessings that have been bestowed upon us. From time to time, Church members will mention areas in need of attention, repair, or improvement to the attention of the Junior Warden. These suggestions are appreciated. As in our homes, it takes a family to stay on top of our needs. Please know that your pledges enable us to keep the Church maintained so that those who worship with us may do so in comfort and so that we may do the work of ministry that God has called us to do. Thank you for your generosity. May 2014 be a blessed year for all.

- Yvonne Batts


Care. Share. Create. Serve. • 2013 Annual Report

Newcomer Ministry


Beginning in September 2013 Heavenly Rest put in place a plan to welcome visitors and connect new members into the life of the congregation. The plan was developed by a committee and patterened after the Newcomer Ministry developed by Mary Palmer from the Episcopal Diocese Project. A training was held at Heavenly Rest by Mary Palmer for various groups which resulted in a committee formed and a plan for Heavenly Rest. The model plan calls for three phases: Welcome, Invitation, and Connection. The “Welcome” includes weekly greeters, website communication, personal referral, visitor cards, bags with welcome notes, and a follow up personalized note to the visitor. Name tags are offered by the church office to all members in an attempt to make identification easier. Clergy welcomes visitors at the end of the service and invites all of the congregation to an informal coffee time. During the “ Invitation” visitors are invited to a two- part forum titled “Heavenly Rest 101 ”. The rector meets with newcomers and gives a brief introduction/ question & answer session about the Episcopal Church in general. Those who want to learn further and be confirmed will be invited to a confirmation class beginning in January and ending after confirmation in May. “Connection” is the final phase. It is a time of connecting newcomers with the people and ministry that matches his/her particular life phase, gifts, talents, and passion. Through rally day presentations and conversations with newcomers, pathways to discipleship and belonging open doors of opportunity.


- Candy Scarborough

COMMITTEE Claire Carlson Lisa Goolsby Jackie Batjer Sandra Kent Julie-Anne Stoner Nick Shepard






Heavenly Rest welcomed me on staff this past Spring, and I have enjoyed every minute of being a part of it! The Christian Education Committee has been such a great support system, and is always quick to offer their time, ideas and energy.

On Halloween, church families and friends gathered for "Trunk or Treat". It was a great success with at least 13 creatively decorated trunks for children to receive treats from. A booth was set up for children to donate a portion (or even just one piece) of their candy, and/or money to Operation Summer Sunday School for the children was a lesson series Gratitude. This donated candy was included in care packon the Fruits of the Spirit. Each week we discussed one of ages sent to deployed American military the nine "fruits" and how to apply them to their sweet lives. members. We were able to fill and send 2 large boxes of We used games, stories, crafts and discussions as ways of candy, and had nearly enough donated money to cover the learning to practice each of the Fruits of the Spirit. shipping! What generous children! Vacation Bible School was, again, a huge event, and if you ask me, a huge success. Close to 100 children attended the 3-day program, themed "Peter, Paul and Mary". Each day focused on one of these special people, and how we can learn from their stories. The Christian Education Committee, as well as several generous volunteers prepared stories, games, crafts, music, snacks and activities that were not only fun, but also meaningful. The children celebrated the end to a fabulous week with water slides and pizza party on the church lawn. Regular Sunday School kicked off at the end of August. The 2 and 3 year olds are taught by Terry Young, Susie Ramsey and Sarah Driskell. The Pre-Kindergarteners and Kindergartners are taught by Meredith Back and Rebecca Kello. The 1st through 4th graders are taught by Stephanie DeYoung and Courtney and Dawson Bryant. The middle school and high school students are meeting in the "Youth House" that was once known as the "Young Life Building" for their Sunday School classes.

Our Advent program began in December on Wednesday nights. The children listened to stories of various versions of the Nativity, made Christmas Crafts, played games and practiced and prepared for our annual Christmas Pageant. Meredith Back, once again directed a fun and fabulous program! The children played the roles of the Holy Family, shepherds and their sheep, donkeys, Wise Men, angels and stars, and concluded the pageant with a precious rendition of "Go Tell it On the Mountain". Each Sunday of Advent 4 children were chosen to process into the service as the living Advent Wreath. Thank you to all of the members of Heavenly Rest who support Christian Education in so many ways. We are truly grateful for all of your time, donations, encouragement and prayers. We are looking forward to a wonderful 2014!

- Belinda Shepherd


Care. Share. Create. Serve. • 2013 Annual Report

family and youth ministry


parish family sunday school

One year ago today, I was visiting the Church of the Heavenly Rest during a time of discernment as I prepared to graduate from the Seminary of the Southwest. For the first time, I experienced the open hearts and loving spirits of this congregation, and I was so very happy to be offered the opportunity to begin my ministry here.

Epiphany Feast

My time here has been full of growth, inspiration, and joy. The congregation, staff, vestry, and clergy welcomed me and allowed me to hit the ground running! It is a delight to work with our youth, preach the word of God to listening ears, be with all of you in times of happiness and sorrow, and teach parishioners of all ages and stages of life. I’ve gotten tremendous support of every kind as I put forth new ideas— the renovation of the Youth House, feeding our souls and bellies at the Epiphany Feast, integrating all of our generations for Parish Family Sunday School, and so much more that I’ve been encouraged to do.

Military Working Dog

Most of all, I am amazed and thrilled to see how our congregation supports, even yearns for, the healthy changes which lie in our future. Our mutual excitement about the future of Heavenly Rest shines out of every face here. Visitors and newcomers sense and appreciate this excitement, respond to it, want to be a part of it. I’m grateful beyond words to be a part of it too. May God bless us all as we move forward in His name and grow His kingdom.


superbowl sunday

- Rev. Susanna Brosseau

St. Andrew The Brotherhood of St. Andrew has had an interesting year. Our aging membership has required us to retrench our outreach to the parish. In May we presented the Dan Abbott Scholarship to Marlee Cutbirth on Senior Sunday. We helped with various meals at church functions like the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner.

Getting men off the sideline and into the game

We’ve been studying Joe Gibbs’ book, “Game Plan for Life” on Tuesday mornings as we continued to meet regularly for prayer, study and breakfast on Tuesday mornings at 6:15. It’s not the best time for young father’s getting off to work while helping with the children. These fathers are a rising demographic in our church, and we are seeking ways to reach out to them to continue our mission to bring our brothers to Christ.

“success starts with knowing who is the head coach is (God), understsanding His playbook for life (the Bible), and believing the winning strategies outlined in the Bible will help us live successfully today.” - Coach Joe Gibbs 15

Care. Share. Create. Serve. • 2013 Annual Report


assistant organist); Robert Partin (Tower Captain for the All Saints Tower Ringers, who also takes care of all our piano tuning and technical needs). The Adult Choir was further aided by guest conductors Dr. Steven Ward (ACU Director of Orchestra) and Mr. Jeff GoosMuch of what we do is dependent on our by (ACU Director of Choral Activities). music staff: Susie Rockett, Music As• Sang for 52 Sunday services, with sistant; Shelly Reed, Junior Ringers & The year 2013 had a number of special two services on Easter and Christmas Singers and the Little Singers in Sunday highlights. Our 5-octave set of handEve School; Instrumentalists Barbradon bells was packed up and shipped off this • Sang for four additional Lent and Brooks (8:00 AM harpist); Charles summer to be refurbished. Thanks to Holy Week services Shelton (volunteer rehearsal accompa- Chris Rockett for his leadership in this • Led two services of Evensong (Epiph- nist for the Adult Choir, and sometimes accomplishment. The refurbishment, coupled with the fact that we gained use of the entire handbell room rather than sharing it with Christian Ed storage, has created a splendid atmosphere in which to rehearse and perfect our music. Chris also designed and created two sets of “trees” for the lowest octave of bells, which saves lots of space and enables the bells to resonate freely when they are rung. Our music ensembles here at Heavenly Rest have a primary goal – to provide musical leadership in Sunday worship services and other special worship services throughout the year. During 2013, our musicians of the Adult Choir, Canterbury Handbell Choir, and Junior Choir/Junior Ringers and Singers:

any, All Saints) • Sang for the ordination services of Jared Houze and Susanna Brousseau • The Adult Choir was privileged to participate in Conrad Bratton’s retirement concert

The All Saints’ Tower Ringing Guild has been very active this year, practicing on Sunday afternoons and Tuesday evenings. Particularly satisfying was after the early Christmas Eve service – the bells pealed continuously for 20 minutes after the service as the Guild rang a full quarter-change. There are several community members in this ensemble; membership and/or participation in Heavenly Rest is not a requirement. We began last year in the middle of an experimental “wedding” of children’s music and Christian Education. All involved agreed the results were not quite what we had hoped. Shelly Reed then decided to experiment with a Junior Ringers and Singers ensemble which meets on Sunday afternoons 4:15-5:00

PM. We now have 13 second-to-seventh grade students meeting regularly, learning and enhancing enhancing their basic bell-ringing techniques as well as singing anthems suitable for a youngerpersons choir. Particular fun was enjoyed by this group during the Parish Christmas Caroling event. Not only did they ring as well as sing, but we had two of the greatest dog escorts ever as we patrolled the neighborhood. Shelly Reed has continued working with the younger children during the Sunday School hour. The children are learning music basics in an enjoyable and fun manner, using music which also coincides with Bible stories and some of the lessons from Sunday School. Music for children during VBS, Lent and Advent has enabled many of our

children to participate in Sunday worship by using their voices in song. Susie Rockett, Shelly Reed and Wes Gomer collaborate forces to teach these children. Our choral scholarship students – Salome Block, Leslie Collie, Marian Cabasol and newest member Christian Fuger – continue to boost the ranks of the Adult Choir, not only with their voices but with their refreshing younger attitudes.

Our church musician volunteers – the individual members of choirs and ensembles, and especially the members of the Adult Choir – spend a lot of time and energy each week, each month, and throughout the year not only in singing in service, but in learning and rehearsing the music which is sung. It doesn’t happen by accident. No matter how talented our staff leadership may be, that talent is useless without the work of these fantastic (and pretty fun) parishioners who desire to use their God-given Several of our parishioners have con- musical talent in a meaningful way. It tributed significantly to our worship is significant that not a week has gone music this year. We especially thank the by in the past year without at least two Puckett family – Dr. Mark, Mrs. Lau- mentions of appreciation and thanks ren and Miss Halle for producing mu- coming from members of the parish! sic for our piano! Kristin Ward has We appreciate your support and particialso offered some lovely music with her pation! clarinet.

- Dr. Wes Gomer

sound guild

Sound Guild members are a dedicated group of Vestry members and parishioners who work the sound system at Sunday and other services in order to make certain that the spoken word is heard clearly by all. In the past year the Guild welcomed three high school students, providing an opportunity for a new generation to learn about sound equipment and develop the skills necessary to serve this need. Christopher Bartlett, Coleman Haley, and Nathaniel Pigott have handled this responsibility remarkably. They also recently worked on the installation of a new wireless microphone for the Nave sound system. I am grateful for the way our members pitch in when needed, sometimes on short notice, when illness prevents the scheduled person from handling the sound. The Sound Guild always needs more dedicated individuals who have an interest in working with electronic sound equipment. If you are interested in helping with this very important ministry, please join us!

- Bob Hale


Music Care. Share. Create. Serve. • 2013 Annual Report

chamber music series Leslie Spotz, piano Sunday, March 16, 4:00 p.m. David Shea, clarinet Sunday, April 6, 4:00 p.m. Tri-Collegiate Honors Recital Thursday, May 8, 7:30 p.m. There is no charge to attend. Our concerts are a gift to the congregation and community.


The splendid acoustic of our nave, combined with the beauty of the architectural details and stained glass, provides an atmosphere for music quite unlike many other sites in Abilene. With the support and encouragement from congregational leaders and our parishioners as a whole, the Heavenly Rest Chamber Music Series continues to attract both performers and listeners from the area to enjoy unique, high-quality, and very well-performed to our Nave. This past year, we enjoyed the talents of our newly-adopted resident chamber ensemble, Key City Winds; trumpeter Dr. Mark Wilcox; a second appearance by the world-famous ensemble, New York Polyphony; the Permian Basin String Quartet; soprano Dr. Celeste Church and tenor Dr. Gregory Church; the amazing trumpet ensemble, Tromba Mundi; and soprano Joy-Reneé Blackstock and tenor Travis Lowery. Our average attendance has increased 10-15%, and we now run 100 copies of the programs rather than 80. Every concert still sees 3-10 new faces of people who have never been our building previously. And I am pleased to report that not only have more of our membership become sponsors, the contributed monies for this series (which is 100% supported by donations) has at last exceeded expenses and we are running in the black! We have also hosted a number of special music opportunities for the Abilene community: • Conrad Bratton’s retirement concert (and festive dinner following) produced a large turn-out of local and out-of-town musicians to celebrate Conrad’s nearly forty-year ministry at Heavenly Rest • AHS trumpeter Kenny Moestert and tubist Brandon Philips senior recital • Two concerts of KLAMKAKES, the McMurry/ACU combined trumpet ensemble under Dr. Mark Wilcox’ direction • A concert as part of the Amarillo College Concert Choir spring choir tour • Piano studio recitals for the studios of both Lora Lynn Christiansen and Lorene Springer • A graduate bassoon student recital by Myramie Velez (the last 20 minutes of which was performed by light of friends’ cell phones and 3 battery-powered standlights when a strong thunderstorm caused a power outage) • A concert of major English church works by the newly-established Abilene Chamber Singers under the direction of Dr. Clell Wright • A graduate church music/conducting recital by HSU student Dustin Tatro • The “becoming annual” Christmas Carol program presented by the Big Country American Guild of Organists

Our Aeolian-Skinner Organ, Opus 1416 continues to serve us with music, and there are a number of passthrough organists who stop by to see and hear it. The organ has somewhat of an interesting history of its own, and it is fantastically fun to play (trust me on this). We have been plagued for the past four years with some maintenance and tuning issues caused by our location and our inability to find a technician willing to commit to a regular schedule of care. This year we have reached an agreement with Jason Alden, owner of Alden Organ Services of Richardson, Texas for regular visits for tuning and repair issues. Jason, an organist who has earned a Doctor of Musical Arts degree himself, is also the regional representative for the Reuter Organ Company. He has a deep love for our instruments’ history and its importance to the quality of our worship. There are some minor repair issues which have already been done, and over a period of time we will be upgrading a number of sub-standard wiring issues which sometimes affects the instrument’s ability to work up to capacity. Thanks to Gary Blevins for being able to solve some of our “minor emergency” moments this year. Robert Partin continues oversee our pianos and harpsichord tuning and maintenance. This has not only saved us a significant cost savings, but if a problem is discovered, Robert is able to take care of it with just a day or so of being notified. This past summer when I attended the Region VII AGO Convention in Austin, I overheard so many clusters of organists and choir directors discussing their frustrations about so many issues. I was disqualified from participating in those discussions. After all, when one works with three music-appreciating clergy people, two supportive deacons, a super assistant in music administration, a cheerful office staff, a great sexton and housekeeper, a supportive and appreciative congregation, a beautiful room with a nice instrument with which to worship, and – above all, a fine reservoir of musicians ranging from young to “well-seasoned” – of what does one have to complain? This report is long, partly because I’m wordy but mostly because the working Spirit of the Lord at Heavenly Rest has allowed us to do many fine things using music as a device for worship in God’s Church. We look forward to an equally busy and blessed 2014! Thank you all.

- Dr. Wes Gomer


Care. Share. Create. Serve. • 2013 Annual Report

Communications Committee

During 2013, the Communications Committee work together to promote important periods in our church calendar including Advent and Christmas 2012, Lent and Easter 2013, 4th of July Concert, Vacation Bible School, Rally Day and the discernment process associated with our capital campaign. We had success promoting various events through traditional media during the year. The Abilene Reporter News and local television stations provided coverage on special events along with routine inclusion in newspaper’s calendar announcing sermons and concerts. The Communications Committee continued using social media outlets Facebook and Twitter, and continued the use of Constant Contact: a subscription email service to make weekly parish announcements. 2013 saw an improved and redesigned Lay Reader, courtesy of the Cindy Strain. Familiar content was maintained, but the revamped look of the publication brought a vitality and fresh perspective that mirrored the attitude of the parish.

Luke Back Jackie Batjer Yvonne Batts Susanna Brousseau Mari Cockrell Mike Denny Wes Gomer Linda Goolsbee Annabel House John Hill Lauren Kimball

Social media, our web presence and new church staff, specifically Lynsi Musselman and Lauren Kimball, will bring valuable perspectives to the communications committee in 2014. Under Lynsi and Lauren’s assessment of communication options for our web presence, this committee will assume a more advisory role with as the parish transitions to a decentralized, content management system for maintaining our web presence. The benefit of the transition is that it permits staff, clergy and lay leaders to develop components of our overall web presence without the delays inherent with centralized web developer. As we move forward in 2014, the Communications Committee will continue to revisit proven and familiar communication techniques and attempt to find ways to initially attract people with our virtual and media presence, but, ultimately, use this presence make them curious about what takes place at our physical location.

Lynsi Mussleman David Romanik Sarah Beth Romanik Cindy Strain


Amanda Watson

CONNECT Sermons, pew sheets, music, events and more available online at

from the


As Deacon, I continue to assist at the altar each Sunday at the 10:45am service and once a month at the 8:00am service as well as at St. John’s Episcopal School. I attend all staff meetings, Vestry meetings and Outreach Committee meetings. I have scheduled my office hours for 9:00am to 11:30am each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to coincide with the Hands On Desk Ministry so that I can be available to support that ministry with both my time and my discretionary fund. I am President of the Daughters of the King which meets the first Sunday of the month at 5:00pm. I schedule those who lead Morning Prayer each week-day morning as well as lead Morning Prayer on Tuesdays and Fridays and as needed. In support of one of the parish discernment directives, I chair the Neighborhood Committee. We have held a back-to-school hot dog dinner at the Friendship Park in which the parish and the neighborhood met, ate and had fun together. About 50 parishioners and Highland Church of Christ members went caroling throughout the neighborhood. We were most warmly welcomed by the neighbors, in fact, one of the neighbors suggested we do a posada next year—Great idea!. The Committee is in the process of researching the possibility of acquiring the Friendship Part for Heavenly Rest. The park offers tremendous opportunities for evangelism and fellowship with the neighborhood. As part of our Neighborhood commitment we are looking into the possibilities of working together with other area churches in order that we could, as a consortium, better respond to the needs of our neighbors. I continue to say prayers with Highland House on Friday mornings. And have just begun volunteering at Bowie Elementary School, working with students in the fourth grade math and at Faithworks administrative offices. Tom and I continue as mentors in the Education For Ministry program (EFM). EFM meets each Tuesday evening at 6:15 pm in the Bishop Mayer Room. This program is a four-year program to prepare all God’s people to find their place in the ministry of the body of Christ. The first year is a study of the Old Testament; the second year is a study of the New Testament; the third year is the study of church history and the fourth year is the study of theology. It is truly my privilege and I am truly thankful for the opportunity to serve this church and this community. It is through the power of God and in response to God’s love that we can love our neighbors and it is in community that we open our doors and welcome all God’s creation into not only this building but into our hearts.

-The Rev. Amanda Watson


EFM is a four year course of study sponsored by the University of The South. The course includes one year of the Hebrew Bible know to us as the Old Testament, one year of the New Testament, one year of church history and one year of contemporary theology. This year the curriculum was revised, so mentors and students had to start with new material. It has been a challenge, but we are learning to use the material. We have four participants in first year, two in second year and two in fourth year. We will be announcing signups later in the spring, so if you think this is a study you would be interested in, please contact Amanda or Tom Watson.

“it is through the power of God and in response to God’s love that we can love our neighbors” 21

Care. Share. Create. Serve. • 2013 Annual Report

AltarGuild CHAIRS Suzie Ramsey (692-7492) Sharon Kelley (698-1513) FUNERALS Suzie Ramsey & Sharon Kelley FLOWERS Jackie Batjer WEDDINGS Franklynn Hall & Suzie Ramsey FINANCE & ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Sharon Kelley/Franklynn Hall CALENDAR/SUPPLIES Kathy Diamond ST. JOHN’S SCHOOL Martha Ferguson ALL AROUND SUBSTITUTES Franklynn Hall 692-1510 Mary Reyes 829-9670 Cindy Strain 698-4696 LINEN & VESTMENTS COMMITTEE Week 1 Cindy McCarty Week 2 Week 3 Linda Taubert Week 4 Evelyn Bein Week 5 Mary Reyes LINEN REPAIR Linda Taubert 695-9319 SUBSTITUTES Evelyn Bein 692-2896 Mary Reyes 829-9670


TEAM 1 Kathy Balch 698-4490 Kathy Diamond 572-5139 Cindy McCarty 695-2097 Suzie Ramsey 692-7492 TEAM 2 Candy Scarborough Jackie Batjer Claire Carlson Amy Edington Judy Deaton Patti Jones

695-2097 670-0560 692-2896 829-9670

677-4237 677-0089 677-7413 513-4027 660-9973 695-0202

TEAM 3 Bea Garner 672-1010 Sharon Kelley 698-1513 Lauren Puckett 675-0917 Suzie Ramsey 692-7492 Gay Ann Walts 829-2754 Gail Kaiser 698-7117 TEAM 4 Connie Collier 721-4376 Lynn Boyd 669-2487 Norene Mansell 677-0742 Jennifer Nichols 669-2181


See page 51 for Altar Guild Financial Statements

ACOLYTE c o r p s

The Church of the Heavenly Rest currently has a corps of twenty-eight faithful young people who have been trained to serve as Acolytes on Sundays, High Holy Days, and at other times as requested. Our Acolytes are committed to excellence and help ensure that our services are conducted with reverence and dignity in a manner that honors both our Anglican traditions as well as our local practice and customs. We are deeply indebted to each of one of these young people and need to express our thanks to them on a regular basis.

In addition to our Acolytes, four parents serve as Acolyte Captains. The Captains have received Acolyte training and serve on a rotating basis. They are scheduled to serve with their children, sit with the Acolytes in the Sanctuary during services, know the various responsibilities of each Acolyte and provide any needed assistance. We are truly grateful for these parents and their willingness to commit their time and energy to this service. Our current captains are Russell Dickerson, Sr., Blake Fulenwider, John Hill, and Mark Puckett. Substitute Captains are Mark Phelan and Charles Scarborough. Our Acolytes and Captains are second to none. It is truly an honor to serve as Acolyte Master and Verger for the Church of the Heavenly Rest with these dedicated young people and parents.

- Nolan Kelly


Christopher Bartlett

Reagan Fulenwider

Chuck Gilliard

Ruth Hill

John Henson

Jane Hill

Katlyn Moore

Rachel Kent

Avery Walton

Sam Mehaffey


Katherine Morris

Julia Dickerson

Jack Phelan

Parker Edington

Michael Scarborough

Maya Millar


Alix Phelan

Lauren Fulenwider

Nathaniel Pigott

Ashton Hankins

Nick Procopia

Eliana Pigott

Halle Puckett

Kate Yost SERVER Alex Beckham Russell Dickerson, Jr. Nick Yost


Care. Share. Create. Serve. • 2013 Annual Report

the 2013 faithfully departed Zachary Joseph Melton A.L. Lindley Joseph Alban Wolaver Isabel Frances Hinkley Brock Corinne Karasewich Mary Elizabeth Thompson Griffith Betsy Jane Fulwiler Lawlis Mary Peterson Leslie Charles Strange Maury David Guin Nancy Louis Wheeler Jerry Arthur Jeanne Holloway Juanita Mills Williams Florence Jones Pauline Hill Anne Lee Barr The Rev. Rosemary Thomas


Dorothy Fletcher

Layreaders and Eucharistic Ministers Lectors

Jackie Batjer

Yvonne Batts Mary Buzan Don Bridges Lew Carter Tom Choate Connie Collier Bart Cox Ann Danehower Judy Deaton

Eucharistic Ministers (also known as layreaders and lectors) read the lessons and prayers as well as serve the chalice during church services and special events. Each of these individuals is to be commended for dedicating their time and talents to the members of this Parish.

Paul Fulham

Thanks to all of the Eucharistic Ministers for their time and efforts. Thank you to our parish staff for their support especially Lynsi Musselman and Mary Renfro who deal with our schedule changes.

Ann Hollandsworth

We have been able to add 10 new layreaders and held two trainings this year. If you are interested in serving, please let me or one of our priests know. Please contact me if you would just like more information.

Mark McCarty

- Terry Young

Pat Garren John Hill Annabel House Rebecca Kello Letha Morris Paul Potter India Reynolds Chris Rockett Susie Rockett Julie Stoner John Stowe Doug Thomas Colby Walker Bill Young Katie Young Terry Young


Care. Share. Create. Serve. • 2013 Annual Report

to provide an outlet for all mothers and their children,

give mothers an opportunity to meet for fellowship and fun, and serve the needs of the church where children are concerned

MEMBERS Jeanette Black Kat Braithwaite Courtney Bryant Camie Garvey Kate Haney The Holy Strollers celebrated their 1 year anniversary at Heavenly Rest in 2013. Since being introduced to the congregation by Candie Scarborough, the group has gone through various changes to fit the needs of the moms here at Heavenly Rest. The mission of this group is to provide an outlet for all mothers and their children, give mothers an opportunity to meet for fellowship and fun, and serve the needs of the church where children are concerned. Since our group has been established we have also been involved with developing new nursery policies, providing help in the nursery when needed and help find and hire nursery staff when there is an opening. We have been active with summer breakfasts, VBS, Trunk or Treat, the Christmas Pageant and provided kids meals for the Lent and Advent Wednesday night activities. We hope to continue to be a haven for all moms in and around our congregation and we will continue to strive to enhance our roll here at Heavenly Rest.

- Susie Rockett


Belinda Shepherd Dianne Stearns

Parish Medical Committee

The Parish Medical Committee was asked by the vestry to purchase an additional AED (automated external defibrillator) to be placed in the Parish Hall. With this additional AED, the Church has available lifesaving equipment at each end of the building. One in the east wall cabinet of the Narthex and one in the Parish Hall. The Parish Medical Committee will again offer training in using the AED in the near future. Please watch for a schedule of these trainings in upcoming newsletters. These trainings will be open to anyone wanting the training. It is our hope that many of you will participate.

COMMITTEE Jon Anderson Pat Arth Dickson Ferguson John Gassler Rob Patton Dorothy Thompson Willys Treanor

First aid kits are available in various locations in the church (kitchen, Narthex, nursery, second floor hallway and Sacristy). These supplies are made available for anyone in need of basic first aid. The Parish Medical Committee will continue to monitor the supplies in these kits. Please notify a committee member if you notice that any supplies need to be replenished. The Committee is open to any medical education needs that would benefit our parish members. Email these topic suggestions to Gay Ann Walts at gayann.walts@ and the committee will work on providing the training. We will continue to enhance our medical supplies, procedures and educational training opportunities to be able to address medical needs of our parish members while attending worship services and other church events. Wishing you a healthy 2014!

- Gay Ann Walts



“We must cherish one another, watch over one another, comfort one another, and gain instruction that we may all sit down in heaven together.” - Lucy Mack Smith

Care. Share. Create. Serve. • 2013 Annual Report

MEMBERS Barbara Beasley Coletta Clermont Mary Crymes Froncie Foote Blanche Jerige

St. Margaret’s


St. Margaret’s is one of the oldest guilds in our parish. We meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at 6:30 p.m. for fellowship and study, usually in the Library. The first Tuesday we bring sack suppers, and say Compline. The 3rd Tuesdays we bring sack suppers (once in a while someone cooks) and Mary Crymes leads us in study. During the summer months we eat out at least once a month.

Maureen McCormick This year Mary has been leading us through The Food and Feasts of Jesus: Inside the World of First

Betty Parsley Kathy Wolaver Terry Young

INACTIVE MEMBERS Christine Cooper Elsie Norwood Ann Phipps


Century Fare by Doug Neel and Joel Pugh. We used recipes from the book for our Christmas party and had a pot luck first century feast. We also had Key Lime & Chocolate Caramel pie because we believe in 21st century desserts! This year we lost two dear friends Florence Jones and Hazyl Lindley. Both of these women lived their lives to the fullest and with joy. We are all better for knowing them and they will be missed. Please join us for any or all meetings.

- Terry Young

The Daughters of the King is an order dedicated to prayer, service and evangelism. The meetings are the first Sunday of each month at 5:00 p.m. in the Bishop Mayer Room. Each meeting begins with prayer, a study and the creation of a monthly prayer list. Each member prays daily for all those on the monthly prayer list. We are currently completing the study of The Practice of Prayer by Margaret Guenther, one of the books in the Church’s Teaching Series. In March, the Daughters will begin another book from the Church’s Teaching Series. Julie Anne Stoner was admitted into the order this year. And we are excited to announce that she will be chairing a Woman’s Prayer Retreat Saturday, March 22 at Heavenly Rest. The retreat will be explore various forms of prayer and will culminate with Holy Eucharist led by The Rev. Susanna Brousseau. Everyone is invited to spend a day with us in prayer and study. All our meetings are open and all women are welcome to come, pray and study with us. Everyone is welcome to submit names for the prayer list by completing a blue card found in each pew in the nave and placing it in the alms basin or by calling any member of the DOK.

- Rev. Amanda Watson




Mary Crymes Peggy Valentine Coletta Clermont Wendy Veigel Vona Lindsey Connie Collier Ann Danehower India Reynolds Julie Anne Stoner Amanda Watson


Parish Care. Share. Create. Serve. • 2013 Annual Report



February May 2nd Rachel Anderson 4th Robin Dennis Pat Arth Julie Denny Kathy Balch Jody DePriest 9th Carolyn Barber 11th Stephanie DeYoung Ann Barker Kathy Diamond Carolyn Barnett Sarah Driskell 16th Susan Bartlett 18th Jamie Dunn Dixie Bassett Amy Edington Jackie Batjer Barbara Edwards 23rd Yvonne Batts 25th Nancy Estes Barbara Beasley April Ewing Peggy Beckham Weezie Fitzhugh March June 2nd Evelyn Bein 1st Martha Ferguson Jill Bishop Sarah Ferguson Ariel Boggess Jane Guitar 9th Karen Boyd 8th Evelyn French Lynn Boyd Holly Frizzell Connie Boyd Dulcey Fulenwider 16th Becky Brame 15th Rolanda Fulham Mary Brassell Jan Funkey Sandy Bridges Melinda Galloway 23rd Betsy Bryant 22nd Bea Garner Courtney Bryant Pat Garren Claire Carlson Dorothy Thompson 30th Dorothy Chick 29th Mary Gerlach Ruth Ann Choate Christine Gilliard Connie Collier Judy Godfrey April July 6th Patty Collier 6th Linda Goolsbee Mary Lou Conley Kathy Hale Terri Cress Franklynn Hall 13th Susan Crowder 13th Carol Hall Becky Crowe Callie Hampton Mary Crymes Lindsay Hardaway 27th Geanna Cutbirth 20th Gretchen Henson Nancy Davenport Laura Henson Judy Deaton Molly Hill 27th Margaret Hollowell Marta Hollowell Carolyn Holmes

2 0 1 4

August November 3rd Eleanor Hoppe 2nd Karen Renick Annabel House Mary Reyes Sue Ivey Susie Rockett 10th Patti Jones 9th Candy Scarborough Gail Kaiser Linda Scarborough Sharon Kelley Debbie Sherman 19th Sandra Kent 16th Kim Snyder Paula Klingler Diane Stearns Malinda Kraly Cyndi Stockstill 24th Vicki Kuzma 23rd Suzanne Stowe Vicki Lessing Cindy Strain Debbie Lillick Rosemary Suttle 31st Dolores Lovvorn December Norene Mansell 7th Linda Taubert Linda Taylor September Deanna Thomas 7th Cindy McCarty 14th Kitty Thomas Margaret McCarty Gaile Thompson Melinda McCarty Helen Tindell 14th Maureen McCormick Becky McDonald January Sue McWilliams 4th Willys Treanor 21st Maggy Morford Rita Turkett Kathie Millar 11th Courtney Vletas Tiffany Wagstaff 28th Debra Morotini 18th Gay Ann Walts Dianne Morphew Angela Willis Robyn Morris 25th Jane Yost Terry Young October 5th Jennifer Nichols Sally Orsini Susie Owen 12th Lindsay Perry Kim Phelan Anne Powers 19th Linda Priest Lauren Puckett Sharon Rathbun 26th Suzie Ramsey Joy Ramsey Shelly Reed

Contact Suzie Ramsey for more information



“Love is not patronizing and charity isn't about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same -- with charity you give love, so don't just give money but reach out your hand instead.� - Mother Teresa

Care. Share. Create. Serve. • 2013 Annual Report


Committee MEMBERS Chris Rockett

“Let mutual love continue. Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it.” Hebrews 13:1-2

Terry and Bill Young Paul Potter Carol and Gerry Cates John Kennedy Kathi Procopio Charles Scarborough Angela Willis

This parish has certainly met angels through the work of the Neighborhood Committee. The committee sponsored breakfast on the lawn, hosted Back to School Hot Dog Dinner, Caroling at Christmas and walking the neighborhood. At the Hot Dog dinner we met wonderful neighbors. In fact, three high school boys attended, ate hot dogs and stayed to help us clean up. Great neighbors! Neighbors have said that they love what we have done at the park. Caroling was so wonderfully welcomed, in fact, many joined in the singing. Currently the committee is working on the possibility of acquiring the Friendship Park. What a wonderful vehicle to be in the very center of neighborhood activity. More future events will take place. Join us, meet and welcome our neighbors!!


If you would like to be a part of the Neighborhood Committee we welcome you and your ideas. Contact Amanda Watson.

Breakfast on Beech Street

In May 2013, BOBS completed 17 years serving hungry folks hot breakfast and sack lunches each week day, including holidays. Heavenly Rest is pleased to be a partner in this ministry to reduce hunger in Abilene. BOBS is comprised of 5 churches - First Central Presbyterian, First Christian, First United Methodist, Heavenly Rest, Highland Church of Christ, plus one Tuesday team from Holy Family Catholic Church. Together BOBS serves close to 1,200 breakfasts and lunches per month. Anyone regardless of age or circumstances may receive a meal. BOBS is operated by 130 + volunteers. BOBS has no paid staff, relying on one buyer who is compensated for gas and time for purchasing food. Each Church provides two members to serve on the BOBS board which meets monthly. Heavenly Rest continues to serve with five rotating teams on Mondays. Volunteers arrive at 5:30 am and leave by 7:30 a.m.. Breakfast is served to 40 - 60 guests from 6:30 a.m. - 7:15 a.m.. To volunteer contact - Jody DePriest at or call/text 6693312. You only serve 2 hours every five weeks at First Christian Church-Perry Center. Thank you again to our 35+ CHR - BOBS volunteers for 2013 Thank you all of our Heavenly Rest volunteers of service on CHR - BOBS teams.






Lee Hampton*

Scott Bishop*

Jody DePriest*

Dick Veigel*

Connie Hilliard*

Jim Snyder

Claire Carlson

Karrie Partin

Bob Hoppe

Robin Dennis

Meredith Snyder

Bart Cox

Tammy Mendl

Eleanor Hoppe

Lisa Jones

Kim Snyder

Mike Denny

April Ewing

Linda Taubert

Debbie Lillick

Rosemary Suttle

John Hill

Paula Klingler

Terri Young

Tim Lillick

Willys Treanor,

Charles Scarborough

Jane & Nic Yost

Roberto Lomas

Tom Watson

Roberto Lomas

Steve Strain

Sue Ivey

John Gassler

Mark, Lauren, Halle

Marta Hollowell

Puckett Jim Hatchett


Care. Share. Create. Serve. • 2013 Annual Report

LOOKING - Rev. David F. Romanik

The God we worship is a God who notices


Walking east on the south side of Sixth Street, you’ll notice that someone has etched the words “LOOK UP” into one of the sidewalk’s concrete slabs. When you follow this instruction, you are greeted by the arresting Gothic majesty of Heavenly Rest’s All Saints Tower. I’m not sure who engraved these words into the concrete, but I am very grateful to the person responsible. Those words are a reminder of our collective need to abandon our self-centered, solipsistic approach to life and turn our attention to the beauty that surrounds us. Those words are a reminder to get out of our narrow, limited understanding of the world and notice all that God is doing in our lives and in the lives of those around us. Those words are a reminder that we are part of something much greater than ourselves, that God has called us to “look up” and build relationships that establish God’s kingdom.


In many ways, this is what has characterized our ministry at Heavenly Rest over the past year. We have striven to “look up,” to pay attention to those we would not typically notice, and incorporate them into the life of our community. This ministry of “looking up” has taken many forms. Perhaps the most obvious incarnation of this ministry is our renewed commitment to outreach. Hands-On Outreach moved into a new space that could more adequately serve the community. The HandsOn volunteers, led by Billy Edwards and Sue Ivey, served hundreds of people in 2013 and distributed almost $45,000, thanks in large measure to your generous donations of non-perishable food and funds. I am grateful to everyone who volunteered their time and talent in service to our community. Our commitment to outreach, however, has not been limited to Hands-On. After the

addition of an outreach line item to the 2013 budget, the Outreach Committee, chaired ably and compassionately by Doug Thomas, was able to provide financial support to a variety of agencies in Abilene, including FaithWorks (a program that provides job training to the homeless and working poor), the Abilene Transition Center (an agency that helps youth get back on their feet), and New Beginnings (a program that helps formerly incarcerated women transition back into society). It has been my honor and privilege to provide support and encouragement to these growing ministries, and I am confident that their work will continue to bear fruit during the coming year. Thanks to your generosity, the Outreach Committee was also able to further assist us in our ministry of “looking up” by providing support for those refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo who

we are a part of something much greater than ourselves

have become part of our congregation. On the last Sunday in June, a group of refugees from the DRC arrived at our South Sixth door (appropriately, just steps away from the reminder to “Look Up”), ready to transfer membership from their diocese in Africa to our parish. I have been pleased and proud to see how the Heavenly Rest community has embraced our Congolese friends and incorporated them into the life of the parish. I’m particularly grateful to Kathy Diamond, who was instrumental in getting jobs for several members of the community, and to all those who donated furniture, house wares, and other items to help ease their transition into this country. As you know, we now have a service of Morning Prayer in Swahili every Sunday afternoon, and I am grateful to Bikole Mulanda for his liturgical leadership and preaching. I’m confident that this service is part of the reason that our friends from the Congo feel so connected to this community. Their incorporation into the life of this parish is an emblem of our call to build relationships that establish God’s kingdom.

its ecumenical relationships in Abilene. Over the past year, we have celebrated the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity with two pulpit exchanges, one with Brook Hollow Christian Church and one with First Central Presbyterian Church. These events have been opportunities to hear fresh voices from our pulpit and foster understanding among our sisters and brothers and Christ throughout the city. I continue to meet with a group of my ecumenical colleagues every Monday afternoon at Mezamiz. Not only have these meetings provided forums for sermon preparation, they have been opportunities to build relationships that transcend denominational boundaries. Over the past year, Heavenly Rest has also been involved in creating ecumenical worship opportunities for the Big Country using the traditions of Taize. Taize is a monastic order in France known for its contemplative worship, meditative music, and emphasis on reconciliation. Our ecumenical Taize services meet the first Sunday of every month at various churches around the region. Heavenly Rest also continues to be a leader in creating dialogue across faith traditions. We continue to Heavenly Rest has also devoted consid- host the Abilene Interfaith Council for erable time and energy to building up their monthly luncheons, and our own

Becca Kello has organized “Café Conversations” for the Interfaith Council. These meetings provide people an opportunity to discuss challenging issues with members of other faiths in a safe environment. I am grateful to Becca for her leadership in creating this opportunity for the Abilene community. Finally, a commitment to “looking up” has shaped our programs for Christian Formation over the past year. During Lent in 2013, we reminded ourselves of the importance of remaining near the cross, a symbol of our faith that is sometimes misunderstood. We spent the season of penitence and renewal examining the cross from a variety of perspectives and exploring how it can shape our faith. In the Associate Rector’s Study (formerly known as the Curate’s Study), we have explored several authors whose works challenge us to look at the Church, the world, and our faith differently. More than fifty people participated in discussions of books by Marcus Borg, Cynthia Bourgeault, Diana Butler Bass, Katherine Grieb, Saint Paul, and N.T. Wright. During Advent, we spent time exploring the theme of wakefulness and its importance to our faith tradition. I am grateful to everyone who participated in these programs and to those who offered their talents as they led us through a journey of exploration. As Christians, we put our trust in a God who considers the lilies, cares for the birds, and counts the hairs on our head. In other words, the God we worship is a God who notices, a God who pays attention, a God who “looks up.” I am grateful to all who embraced our call to “look up” and care for those around us. I pray that in the coming year, we might continue to reach out in love to our community, notice the beauty that surrounds us on all sides, and build relationships that establish God’s gracious kingdom.


Care. Share. Create. Serve. • 2013 Annual Report

SoupSisters A HISTORY OF SERVICE Visit the Soup Sister’s page online to see how this ministry began in 2004 and continues to connect women through service. Soup Sisters gather in the Heavenly Rest kitchen on the second Monday morning of each month throughout the school year. All women in the church are welcome to become Soup Sisters. Neither skills nor training are required! Some Soup Sisters are excellent cooks, some are not, but each takes a role in this hands-on show of love for our church family. We deliver soup to any parishioner who needs a warm bowl of soup, cornbread, and a cookie. We also cook for an Advent supper, Lenten suppers, and a summer breakfast. If you have questions, please contact Sue McWilliams, 698-1009.

MINISTRY LOCATION Kitchen of the parish hall at the Episcopal Church of the Heavenly Rest MINISTRY HOURS 9:00 am on the second Monday of each month from September through May. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Select menus, prepare soup, organize teams for preparation and delivery,


deliver soup to identified individuals.



In 2013, the Thrift House lost a very dear, faithful, cherished woman, Florence Jones. This awesome lady served on the board for many years and she worked almost every week at the store. She loved the Thrift House. Many, many times did Florence pull out her wallet and pay for items for people in need.

761 Walnut Street Abilene, TX 79601


The Thrift House is a Labor of Love. Standing on a strong and faith built foundation, it takes time, patience and good ole fashioned elbow grease to maintain this consignment store. Do you know how many items - how much clothing has to be circulated through the Thrift House in order to accomplish over $100,000 in sales? We have over 20 volunteers that work various shifts and we have 4 part time employees with 1 full time manager. We are always trying to recruit volunteers. If you are interested in serving your church and your community thru this wonderful ministry, contact Shirlene Plocheck, manager, at the Thrift House at 325-672-3812. Our hours of operation are 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday. 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, if we have the volunteers! 2013 was a productive year. Hands-On Outreach sent dozens of people in need to the store. In turn, we gave away approximately $1,500.00 in clothing and household items. None of this would be possible without our volunteers. Brief Financial Statement from 2013… Total Sales for 2013: $101,610. Consignments Paid Out: $ 36,134. Payroll Expenses: $ 52,590. Building Repair/Maintenance*: $ 21,558. Operating Expenses: $ 14,130 *Major repairs to the building were needed in 2013. A/C units needed to be replaced; the front wall had several holes in it, lighting needed to be redone. The ‘House’ got a fresh coat of paint and new signage. The Episcopal Church Women matched a $10,000 grant from the Church of the Heavenly Rest Foundation in order to accomplish these much needed repairs.

Volunteers Evelyn Bein Karen Boyd Hazel Clements Coletta Clermont Connie Collier Emily Cornett Mary Crymes Geanna Cutbirth Ginny Eubank Gretchen Henson Revone Hewitt Margaret Hollowell Blanche Jerige Malinda Kraly Vona Lindsey Cindy McCarty Maureen McCormick Nolan Kelley Sharon Kelley Betty Parsley Shirlene Plocheck Martha Polva Susie Ramsey Mary J. Renfro Martha Schwartz Jean Seymore Dorothy Thompson Peggy Valentine Jackie Walters Amanda Watson Kathy Wolaver.

Every year when the church financials are audited, the Thrift House books are audited as well. If you have any questions regarding the finances of the Thrift House or if you would like to make a charitable contribution, please contact Mary J. Renfro in the church office. As always, donations of household items, clothing and furniture are appreciated and accepted by making arrangements with the manager, Shirlene Plocheck, at Thrift House at 325-672-3812 or e-mail at

Episcopal Church Women’s

checking account


Outreach Care. Share. Create. Serve. • 2013 Annual Report

Because of the generous giving from members of Heavenly Rest and the commitment of our Vestry to care for those in need, the Outreach Committee was blessed to have a yearly non-allocated operating budget of $30,000 for 2013. Since this was the first time in the past several years we had non-allocated funds available, one of our first tasks was to develop criteria for responding to requests and making disbursements. We defined our criteria in terms of 3 inter-related priorities.


Need Priorities: 1. Provide relief for human suffering 2. Support empowerment of the disenfranchised Program Priorities: 1. Support existing programs sponsored by CHR 2. Support agencies and activities in which members of Heavenly Rest are involved 3. Respond to other needs as they arise Geographic Priorities: 1. Local neighborhood 2. Abilene and surrounding communities 3. State…National…Global needs

New Beginnings Utilities Food

Clergy Discretionary Funds

Our House

FaithWorks Bus passes

Episcopal Young Adult Service Corps Ben Richey Boys Ranch


St. John’s Episcopal School

“Everybody can be great...because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve.

You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”

- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Using these priorities, some of the allocations we made included: 1. subsidizing our Deacon Amanda Watson with “seed money” to develop community based activities and programs; 2. providing our Priests with additional monies for their discretionary funds, so that they could continue to respond to the needs of individuals and families in our community; 3. allocating additional funding for our “Hands On” outreach since the demand for their services exceeded previous levels; 4. providing financial assistance to several Abilene [or nearby] based human service agencies such as: Abilene Transition Center; Our House; Medical Care Mission; FaithWorks, Ben Richey Ranch, New Beginnings, and Resource Care Youth Program [Albany]; 5. assisting Carlin Van Schaik from the Episcopal Young Adult Service Corps. for her missionary tour in Korea; 6. supporting a house building project in Haiti sponsored by Food for the Poor.

COMMITTEE MEMBERS Julie Beckham Peggy Beckham Gail Kaiser Kathi Procopio Sue McWilliams Suzie Ramsey Steve Strain Doug Thomas, chair EX OFFICIO MEMBERS Luke Back Yvonne Batts Susanna Brosseau Mike Denny David Romanik Amanda Watson

Thank you for your support in all these endeavors. We look forward to serving you, and those in need, in 2014.




“When someone loves you so much that He dies for you, you can trust that any rewards He promises are going to be good.” - David Servant, Forever Rich

Care. Share. Create. Serve. • 2013 Annual Report

office administration


Diocese of Northwest Texas The Right Reverend J. Scott Mayer, Bishop 1802 Broadway, Lubbock, TX 79401 Diocese Office (806) 763-1370 Fax (806) 472-0621 Church of the Heavenly Rest 602 Meander Street (325) 677-2091

The Reverend N. Luke Back, Rector The Reverend David F. Romanik, Associate Rector The Reverend Susanna Brosseau, Curate The Reverend Amanda Watson, Deacon


Bikole Mulanda, Swahili Minister

OFFICE VOLUNTEERS MONDAY Morning: Dorothy Chick Afternoon: Sally Orsini TUESDAY Morning: Afternoon: WEDNESDAY Morning: THURSDAY Afternoon:


FRIDAY Morning:

Weezie Fitzhugh Mary Crymes Sharon Kelley Karen Boyd Gay Ann Walts

Dr. Wes Gomer, Organist and Choirmaster Mary J. Renfro, Director of Administration and Finance Lynsi Musselman, Communications Coordinator Belinda Shepherd, Christian Education Coordinator Susetta Rockett, Music Assistant Katie Young, Youth and Office Assistant Barbradon Brooks, Harpist Arnulfo Guerra, Sexton Dorothy Guerra, Housekeeper George Scott Bishop, Chancellor Annabel House, Treasurer

Care. Share. Create. Serve. • 2013 Annual Report

PLEDGE REPORT FOR 2013 NEW 17: $37,675.96

Stewardship Report

INCREASED 74: (by a difference of) $72,521.80 DECREASED 18: (by a difference of) $25,385.00 STAYED THE SAME 130: $279,399.04

Thanks to the generosity and vision of the congregation, and your commitment to continuing to expand our outreach ministries, our 2013 stewardship effort resulted in an increase in pledged commitments of approximately $50,000 over the previous year. The total amount pledged to our 2014 budget was $818,000. The vestry and stewardship committee deeply appreciate your generous response to this campaign.

PLEDGES 239: TOTAL: $768,377.00

I would like to recognize and thank those who served on the 2013 Stewardship Committee: John Stowe, Co-chair; Rachel Anderson; Yvonne Batts; Tom Choate; Mike Denny; Nancy Estes; Jim Fitzhugh; Judy Godfrey; Rosemary Suttle; Steve AVERAGE Suttle; and Courtney Vletas. Also assisting were Mary Crymes, Gretchen Henson, $3,214.97 Robyn Morris and Rita Turkett.

PLEDGE REPORT FOR 2014 NEW 21: $56,407.95

If you would like to make a pledge to help support the missions of Heavenly Rest in 2014, you may certainly still participate by simply calling the church office and speaking with Mary Renfro

- Kim Snyder

INCREASED 73: (by a difference of) $77,309.21 DECREASED 20: (by a difference of) $28,490.00 STAYED THE SAME 92: $272,360.04 PLEDGES 206: TOTAL: $813,494.20 AVERAGE $3,949.00





balance sheet ASSETS CURRENT ASSETS CASH 1st Financial Trust Chkg 1st Financial Trust Invst

$418,977.01 4,649.30

Subtotal Cash 423,626.31 RECEIVABLES Back Loan 11,300.00 TOTAL ASSETS $434,926.31

LIABILITIES LIABILITIES Clergy Housing Fund $53,094.12 Capital Campaign Fund 7,476.73 Auto Rental 3,349.59 Dan Abbott Scholarshp Fnd 1,193.32 E.F.M. 125.00 Library 8,521.24 Rector's Con't Ed Holding 154.17 Assoc. Rec. Con't Ed Hold 500.00 EYC - JEYP 3,164.91 Youth Christian Education 2,264.55 Jane Breed Memorial 23,307.49 Soldier's Angels 506.18 Soup Sisters 4,493.41 Financial Peace Univ. 75.94 Episcopal Relief & Develo 1,445.00 Rector's Discretionary Fd 458.97 Ferguson/Armstrong Outrch 32,363.60 Carillon Maint. (Music) 2,390.68 Music Director's Choir Fn 15,978.70 Organ Fund (Music) 897.90 Dio. Conv. Delegate Fund 768.94 Insurance Deductible 646.87 Staff Christmas Fund 50.00 Friendship House 800.00 Special Clearing Projects 40.12 Concert Series 3,318.00 Curate's Discretionary Fd 550.00 Associate's Discretionary 250.00 Canterbury College 2,106.49 M Heidebrecht Columbarium 23,950.56 La Grande Familia Gregory 1,500.00 Subtotal Liabilities


VESTRY DISCRETIONARY FUND Interest/Dividends 213.63 Operating Fund Reserve 102,420.68 Advance Pledge Payments 127,436.11 Undesignated Memorials 9,113.41

Subtotal Vestry Discretionary Fund




Care. Share. Create. Serve. • 2013 Annual Report


altar guild financials

Altar Guild Statement of Receipts and Disbursements December 31, 2013 Altar Guild Operating Account Balance December 31, 2012


RECEIPTS Sunday Flowers 3076.00 Easter Flowers 2423.00 Christmas Flowers 2846.00 Gifts/Memorials/Donations/Dues 1865.00 Reimbursements 995.00 TOTAL $11205.00 DISBURSEMENTS Sunday Flowers 3946.00 Easter Flowers 2000.00 Christmas Flowers 1615.00 Special Services/Installations/ 508.65 Expenses for CHR--some to be reimbursed 1475.00 Altar Needs/Vestments 932.57 Repairs on Altar Items 231.12 TOTAL $10708.34 Balance December 31, 2013 $5115.97 Altar Guild Savings Account Balance December 31, 2012 $672.88 Interest Earned .21 Balance December 31, 2013 $673.09


Discernment Care. Share. Create. Serve. • 2013 Annual Report


• HRE has experienced significant growth in young families in the past 3 years. • The Nursery is on some Sundays has experienced over 25 babies and toddlers. • The Parish Hall will not hold over 200 people for a standing reception. Attendance at the 10:45 a.m. Service, Receptions, Christmas Party will no longer hold the entire congregation if they choose to attend an event in the Parish Hall. • Closets are loaded with items that should be stored in a different place. An example would be paint, ladders in the Bell Tower. • Renovations are needed for the interior space of the Parish Hall and Parish House. • Meeting space is needed. Parking space is limited. • The configuration of the physical space between the Nave and the Parish Hall limits the interaction opportunities for hospitality.

The Discernment process was introduced at the Heavenly Rest’s Annual Meeting 2013 by Ralph Cousins, consultant with the Episcopal Church Foundation. Members of the Discernment Committee were introduced: Nancy Estes and Tom Choate, co-chairs of the Discernment Committee; committee members are Yvonne Batts; Mike Denny; and The Rev. Luke Back. Ralph explained how the Discernment process is an intentional listening for God’s purpose and desires for our Parish. Listed below are statistics on the sessions; priorities gathered for the Vestry to use in planning; and facts that were noted at the sessions. Ten (10) Discernment sessions were conducted in April and May. 150 parishioners in attendance (Men 32%/68% Woman and 53% of pledge units). 10 Discernment teams comprised of 27 parishioners serving as hosts, facilitators and scribes. 13 Pages of data was collected.


• Children & Youth • Outreach • Music • In Reach & Fellowship • Facilities

After this information was reported to the Vestry, they recommended a Feasibility Study be conducted by the Episcopal Church Foundation to determine if there is support for a capital campaign. DETAILS For more information about the feasibility study, discernment process and capital campaign visit



Care. Share. Create. Serve. • 2013 Annual Report

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The Church of the Heavenly Rest 602 Meander Abilene, TX 79602 (325) 677-2091

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