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Wouldn't it be great to have a live-in parenting coach to help you with the bickering, whining, not listening, homework, bedtime, and chore battles? Now you can have the next best thing!

The Parenting Mentoring Program course will allow you gain valuable insight in regards to your current parenting questions and you will learn how to: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Eliminate power struggles over bedtime, homework, eating, doing chores, cleaning their room, etc. Create family teamwork. Be an approachable parent. Empower your child. Minimize sibling bickering and/or fighting. Become less reactive and more proactive - minimizing nagging, yelling, bribing and threats. Set clear limits and stick to them. Teach children self control. Minimize stress. Teach children how to listen. Maintain closeness rather than distance through discipline. Create lines of open, honest and trusting communication.

Bita will personally walk you through this six-week program that combines individual telephone sessions, group teleconference calls that are recorded in case you have to miss one, and weekly assignments to help integrate your new parenting tools into your everyday life.

Bita Faraz Certified Parent Educator INCAF ~ Certified Instructor of Redirecting Children’s Behavior Certified Life Coach

PROGRAM IS LIMITED TO 10 FAMILIES, including all caretakers, guardians, and teachers. Tuition: $239.00 (tuition covers all adult family members, or guardians) Starting Monday November 7th at 9pm-10pm

Enroll Now! Feel free to contact us for more information:

8 5 8 - 3 5 0 - H O L C

or visit

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Parenting Tele-Course  
Parenting Tele-Course  

Six-Week tele-couse starting November 9th, 2011