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digital world, attracting local and international fans fascinated with this original and thought-provoking take on an everyday item. “We were surprised when Apex Predator went viral and was then picked up by the mainstream media,” the pair comments. “The work then took on a life of its own; its original concept got blurred as people projected their own personal narrative on what kind of person would wear a pair of shoes such as this.”

fresh perspectives can be sought and discussed, and you feel able to solve theoretical and practical problems much easier.”

“The fact that so many diverse people from around the world connected with the work made us smile. The work straddled the creative disciplines of Fashion, Design and Fine Art, so with hindsight the demographic audience was always going to be larger than our other artworks.”

From the Museum Hundertwasser to the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Apex Predator has been exhibited around the world with more exciting developments to come. “Due to the success of the Apex Predator we will be launching in September 2014 a pedigree lifestyle brand that will dramatically expand on the Apex Predator range,” says the duo. “It will be tailored for the discerning client with the taste for power and exclusivity. The full Apex Predator range will be exhibited in London, early autumn.” Now that’s something we can sink our teeth into. — ANASTASIA RUBIN

Mariana Fantich and Dominic Young have long been creating innovative pieces that are known to spark heated debate. The East London based artists first started working together in 2008, having been neighbors at the same creative warehouse. “When you work as a team, you can bounce off each other,” says the pair. “You get less precious with your ideas;

Fantich & Young create art that subverts Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution with elements of supernatural ceremonial ritual exploring the concepts of nature and super-nature. The design duo views this process as Darwinian Voodoo.


HEAVEN HAS HEELS august 2014

Heaven Has Heels Food Issue 2014  
Heaven Has Heels Food Issue 2014