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// Final Major Project





Concepts and Visuals 7

The Path- Ground and First floor plans 25



Maquettes and Final Models




The Tote/ The Fancy Saddle





St Peters Church The Porch 36

Bird Rehabilitation Centre 38


// Henry Moore Staircase




Paintings and Graphic Designs 41



Feasibility Design Report


An Independent and individual conveyed enquiry and research based module. The module helped me break boundaries of my potentials through providing self motivated profound survey, and enabled me develop understanding, knowledge, information, ancient foundational evidences and significant primary and secondary sources which shaped and initiated this individual chosen Major design project. Through identifying an appropriate building and prudent purpose for it, I began my expedition on this project. The report became the biggest asset as it required the content of analysed building, site context, precedent study, case studies, conceptual approaches resulted with material and technical insight. The report consists of around 15,000 words and stands graphically considered front to back, resembling project topic considered design.








he Path will be a Pentecostal Christian Youth Ministry Centre in Lewisham, and it will be the first of its kind in the UK. The Tabernacle wants to provide bespoke facilities which give the best possible educational, practical and spiritual foundation for the youth members of the congregation, to become strong evangelists of the faith. The Path will provide innovative Youth Ministry Centre with dynamic, vibrant youth focused spaces for these young church members in line with the purpose of Pentecostal youth mission in the age group of 13- 21.

Ladywell Baths

better known as The Playtower is a Grade II listed building which was established in 12th May 1884 to designs of Wilson & Son and Thomas Aldwickle, a very known later local architect who designed several baths and houses at the time. The Playtower originally served as a first and second class swimming pool, it now stands abandoned and valdalized.

The Pentagonal concept was driven from The Tab holding a Pentecostal denomination and Pentecostalism involving the number 50 and so 5 sides, as the most important day and celebration of Pentecostalism occurs fifty days after Easter. And this shape revolves around the space reminding the members of their Identity. Water plays an important role in the design both reflecting on the history of the building and corresponding to the new use. The Baptism centre is located considerately where the copping stones of the ancient Holly Well called Ladywell were reserved, which is in the courtyard. Occasionally during baptism ceremony water channels are to be flowing the holly water from outdoors towards the worship space and through to the Baptism bath. This layout will grab the street passenger’s attention and give them the urge to follow the pathway. The tower as a prominent figure of the building will be hosting the Radio station operational space and standing as a beacon representing the amplification of the youth ministries spreading The Word and their main mission as Christians which is evangelism. Therefore, on top of the tower where the original conical turret was situated, will be placed a dome consisting of 50 pentagons that subtly illuminate and reflect light. The centre will be comprising a number of activities to inspire them prepare for their future with key spaces such as Worship and performing area, radio station and a baptism ceremonial courtyard being the heart. Whilst serving ‘The Tab’ Church as a youth facility, it will also welcome all religion as to maintain unity in the community.


Photos of Existing Interior Ground floor


Significant Characters

Second floor



earable concept The concept was driven by the urge to express the atmosphere and meaning I had intended the users to gain. As a designer this task helped me identify the ‘reassuring uplifting and purifying’ genius loci my project aimed to unleash in the new space.

The most initial sketch model as a conceptual approach which speaks of Purification, Elevation and Pentecostalism in material form and shape. It marks the relation Pentecostalism has with the number 5, and so pentagon with 5 sides.


A more developed and bespoke maqquete piece which is also matarial and technical wise considered. this most expressive piece is wore inside the building model providing a provision of the final effect. Its stands with opaque, translucent then transparent objects from groud to above and in scale of 1:50. Materials used was white and transparent acrylics. Partial of the transparent acrylic have a bible verse’s etched within them tnat implies to youth and the scheme is supporting to remind the congregation of their mission and faith


A combine was a task requiring the design’s progress through more research of the chosen site and evaluating the original genius loci and site story and somehow demonstrating this. Particularly, this combine piece exposes the evident segregation evolved in the past use of the Ladywelll Baths as to having established First class and Second class swimming pools. Also the cause of this segregation originating with the concern of the hygiene of the lower classes that local vestry were permitted to tax a rate for baths and washhouses. The piece in general highlights this topic through various glamorous and modest objects having one foundation then scattering and separating into opposed spaces.

Material Sampling/ Experiment

Translucent concrete sampling and more detailed research of the main and bespoke material throughout the new institute. These were handmade in a workshop using clay and pieces of acrylics to demonstrate the effect of concrete and fibreglass cooperating to form translucent concrete reading relevant verses and scriptures.





The pentagonal canopy is a development of part of the site strategy, these would stand guiding one to the Ladywell Fields which sits on the edge of the conservative area, and existing as visually natural beauty to the borough and this extension strategy will stand supporting a natural environment and the local development in process of cleaning up the river, naturalising, tree thinning authorised by the Council’s Green Scene Service. This will open views to the Ladywell road, and the ‘The Path’ externally from the park and further areas.





A developing experimental conceptual approach of uplifting and division of spaces and hierarchy. The box consists of floating and fading (as they go up) pentagons that express the intended atmosphere of subliminally taken away/ uplifted.


s k e t c h e s


Sketch Model One of the initial stripped building models I made to give me insight of the structural walls and the spaces capability which eventually gave me access to develop feasible schedule of accommodation.

Site Analysis

An early strategic piece of 1:500 site map I prepared which helped me get a broader and clearer image of the surroundings state. This piece consisted of information on main and secondary roads, open, closed accessible areas that lead to my feasible site strategy.



Key Visual

A vignette required to visually reveal the main purpose of the new proposal through laying out indications of the new purpose, location and atmosphere, so the visual would provide insight and understanding to strangers and imply the new proposals intention. 15

Design Manifesto

A design manifesto was introduced to reinforce the project design through creating a creative illustration piece including key words these speak out of the new purpose of the design. I began by evaluating the power of natural, spiritual and most expressive subjects in my brief including the developing concept. The tree represents unity support and growth. As a whole the manifesto reflects natural light and sanctity as significant matters.

Initial Spiritual Encounter

This brief initial visual started of as a sketch in order to study the initial encounter scene, the new proposal aims to display for public, through the main entrance to the worship and performing space.

The Amplification

The tower will be a significant aspect of the Youth Ministry centre occupying the radio studio as to indicate the voice of youth missionaries being amplified. And so this will be represented by situating a beacon as a roof withholding 50 bespoke pentagons that subtly illuminate and reflect light.

Main Worship and Performance Area

Visual section of one of the key space showing the effect of visually elevating and fading surrounding. The use of chosen materials will be essentially considered, as it should maintain a steady gradient effect of opaque, translucent and transparent in the space. Putting this into consideration and after thorough investigation white concrete, translucent concrete (fibre glass embedded into concrete writing out scriptures) and finally glass seemed to be these three main resources.


Heath Robinson expression

As part of the design expedition a drawing that illustrate the history of the site and the events it had gone through is displayed on the right, producing such piece emphasised that water has been a persistent subject in the society, which helped refine and escort my design eventually.

Site Strategy

A 3D piece demonstrating the new and final key site strategies that this project will be including such as the Sports hall restoring the ruined former second class pool located on the south, cleared out area for parking, and extension of pathways to St Mary’s Church as well as Ladywell fields.



Canopys Pathways

Ladywell fields

Ravensbourne river

St Mary Church


Baptism Space

A visual illustration showing the Baptism scene as it will withhold a victorious and remarkable occasion at the heart of the site which is the courtyard. The visual also indicates the steady and longer steps down to the pool giving the seekers (candidates) the time and setting they need to cherish the moment. 22

The Sacred Journey A visual illustration of the prominent three steps of baptism ceremony, which are the seeker firstly entering the gowning room to dress with a white robe before entering the transition space separated with bespoke columns from the courtyard to meditate, pray and have a spiritual connection and then finally emerging the courtyard to get baptised.




Detail Section

A more zoomed and detailed technical and structural analytic piece was required, and producing a 1:5 sectional version gave me an insight on the circumstances an existing structure has to stand to collaborate with the proposed and if the scheme is safe and appropriate to proceed.


Floor plans of



Ground Floor Plan

A 12m x 10m junior sports court provided on the same location as where the ruined former second class pool used to be found.



scale @ 1:500 B

Baptism bath.

Altar // Stage

Entrance 2 leading to the everyday youth activities.

Entrance 1 leading towards the sacred occasions.

Reception // Lobby


First Floor Plan

Open space (courtyard)



Counseling space which will give new Christian youths an open attention centre to be heard when they face difficulties and issues and need an inspiring guidance from the leaders.


scale @ 1:500

An overlook/ Interior balcony inside the Worship/ Performance hall.

Rooftop Gardening.

Elaborated Visuals

Section A-A Not to Scale

An open balcony area towards the courtyard (a great view of the baptism occasion could be caught from here).


The Chapel

Social Area- Its important that members adapt to the place instantly. This space will motivate new visitors to engage and bond with one another as growing missionaries.



scale @ 1:500 B

Prayer/ Transition area

Section B-B Not to Scale

The Beacon

A sectional visual of the radio station that will be hosted by the youth on a regular basis. Operational spaces are provided and the tower will be standing as a beacon representing the amplification of the youth ministries spreading The Word and their main mission as Christians which is evangelism. Therefore, on top of the tower where the original conical turret was situated, will be placed a new roof consisting of 50 pentagons that subtly illuminate and reflect light.

Key Moves The blue acrylics mark the key moves the new scheme will be making in more defined and vivid way.

The restoration of the former second class pool as the new sports court.

The Baptism bath at the heart of the site.

Sacred water channels, these crossings perpendicularly intersecting and forming a cross on the altar, where it is displayed under the glass floor, indicates space elevation purification and guidance, serving as a nave to the worship space/ Performance area simultaneously.

Final Model

Here is displayed a close up photos of the final model for The Path focusing on the key space Worship/ performance hall withholding the altar, new Interior balcony, the readjusted columns and aesthetic skylight. Also the water channels which will be carrying out the holly water from the baptism bath still visible as it intersects in the middle underneath the performance stage/ altar and proceeding to outdoors.


Baptism Bath 32

Degree Show


IAd 5.1 The Tote Project

Sketch Model @ 1:100

Ground floor plan- Not to scale Final Model @ 1:50

Iad 5 The Fancy Saddle

Sketch up work of the final layout...

Visual of control of natural light in the interior and views of the racecourse from the display room/ lobby.

The Fancy saddle

The Tote The tote, founded 1-mile north of Catterick village racecourse field is to be repurposed into a saddle workshop and market centre. The main target of this scheme is to fulfil a potential horse rider’s needs and desires focusing on saddles, bridles and bits. Being inspired by The Leather Museum and the history of ‘Side Saddle’, to giving it more consistency the workshop will also run a personalizing and customizing programmes, as well as withhold an exhibition centre based on the history and exception of Side Saddles.

Glass instalation

An experimental concept pieces of resin casting in molds in order to achieve a glass effect.

St Peters Church Sunderland The Porch

Glass Instalation

The Memorial

Lighting Manipulation


Watercolour Illustration

Iad 4 The Lost Soul

The Lost Soul was a final project during my first year that aimed to provide a rehabilitation centre educational exhibitions alongside sessions for wild birds to promote a natural environment.

The Staircase Project

// Henry Moore Ground floor staircase

Project of detailed and technical presentation of existing staircase through survey and digital drawings.


General Notes - Oak timber stairs - 11 treads in total on each stairs. - Treads: oak timber 37mm thick bolt screw finished on the edge of the going. 1069/278/175 - Total riser of 1 flight including landing: 1925 - Total going of 1 flight: 2780 - Landing of 1 : 1435/ 2330 - T.B steel stringers Thickness: 10 - 1 column of 389 diameter. - Balustrade: Frosted Glass panel - Measurements in millimeters unless otherwise stated. - Details standard unless otherwise stated. - 1 flight refers to 11 risers including one forming the landing.


Personal Artwork

These are few favourites of my personal Artwork I completed previously relating to Architecture, inspired by modern Impressionism and graphic illustration.

Graphic Design

I had always embraced so much passion for architecture and its splendor which gave me the urge to experiment and explore to express it in any creative possible way.


Interior Architecture and Design Portfolio 2016