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ummer is usually everyone’s favorite time of year. There’s time for vacation with the sun and the beach. It’s calm and peaceful. However, this is not the case for television fans. Our series finishes off, usually with a cliffhanger, and we’re stuck with four months of torture. It’s the end of Monday night bliss and Tuesday morning discussions and debates with friends. With a long break, we are forced to live without Castle and find life outside of being a fan. Nevertheless, as the summer approaches, it is time to balance out the fun and the work. We’re already at the fifth issue of Heat News! That’s roughly one million words, thousands of lines, hundreds of working hours, hundreds of articles, thousands of meetings, and five restless catfights. We’re against the clock to publish issues and filled with stress when we see a blank page. We’re a team of fifteen writers, with some reviewers and translators in the mix. At first, we had 8. Diving closer into our magazine, we’re like a family of Castle fans each with a specific role for the magazine. Mixing our styles together, our craziness, and sometimes our opposing opinions, makes up each issue. Like the team at the 12th precinct, we go away on summer breaks, but we don’t let you last one minute without a present until we come back in September! Enough with our rambling . . . read the issue and find your present! Kat

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New episodes mean new episode records for the site. Thus, records for season 5 have been updated. It offers you the opportunity to discover (or rediscover) the synopsis of each episode, the titles, summaries, and the directors, writers, guest stars, etc.

The series must be rewarded and this website has a duty to show it. This is a new folder that has appeared on the website. It describes all the awards that our favorite series has received from its beginning up until a few months ago. If you have any ideas, advice, or if you want to contribute to the website, do not hesitate to contact us via the email address of Heat News. We will take it in consideration with great interest and pleasure.

The site is expanding with the updates of our beloved cast interviews, made by French magazines. We offer, for example, those of Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion. You will discover new details about the Castle team.

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In the papers

TV Guide

April 22nd - May 5th

TV Guide magazine recently celebrated its 60th anniversary and for their fan favorite section, Castle was voted favorite couple in a TV show by the fans. Honoring the show, the magazine devoted half a page to Castle and interviewed Stana Katic about her role. The actress didn’t hide her joy for the fans’ passion surrounding the couple and her pairing with Nathan Fillion. She was asked a handful of questions which all surrounded Castle and Beckett’s relationship and Ka-

Séries Mag

tic’s favorite scene from the show (when they first wake up in the season five premiere). Finally, she gave some clues as to what questions Kate would have to face approaching the season five finale episode.


EW - TV Guide

EW and TV Guide each devoted parts of their magazine to the end of Castle season 5. Both magazines discussed what obstacles Castle and Beckett would face in the finale. Each article had quotes from Andrew Marlowe as to what he would like to see done with the end of the season.

May - June 2013

Séries Mag once again gave Castle two pages in their magazine to discuss our favorite heroes. During the 100th episode celebration, Nathan Fillion was interviewed with the French magazine. In ten questions, the actor talked about the series’ success, his audition with Andrew Marlowe, his previous success, and his fans. Also, the relationship between Castle and Beckett is a focus point for the article. Nathan discussed the stage of the couple and how it could affect ratings. Previously, Fillion did not agree with their relationship, but he revised his position because characters didn’t change. And as for a possible marriage? Nathan’s answer: “In few years!”

In addition, Nathan admitted that 5 hours of sleep a night is not enough to have a rest and that his social life is nonexistent while filming, but he would not change anything. Lastly, a small section showed the April Fool’s joke from ABC where Nathan Fillion was seen placed in many of ABC’s other series’ photos. The magazine showed a header announcing Nathan Fillion’s appearance as Peter Pan in a episode of Once Upon a Time.

The actor also mentioned his film with Joss Whedon (Much Ado About Nothing) and his latest film, Percy Jackson.

number 05


In the papers Ciné Télé Revue

April 26th - Mai 2nd

On Wednesday, March 27th, the 5th season of Castle began in Belgium. For this occasion, Ciné Télé Revue devoted its cover and two inside pages to the series. The title is catching: “La guerre est déclarée! A la ville, les ex-amants se détestent,” which translates to: “War declared! Ex-lovers fight in the city!” The article briefly traced the growing success of the series. It discussed the 100th episode and the season wrap party where Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion reportedly avoided each other. The journalist returned to the audition of Beckett’s character to find the disagreement’s origin. Reportedly, when Stana came in the room, Nathan immediately knew that she was the one for the role. However, when he didn’t fall for her charms, she suffered a defeat. The journalist even obtained an account from a close acquaintance of actors who described Stana as regularly getting the men she liked. With all possibilities included, the correspondent put forward a hypothesis – a less credible one – that says a relationship could have existed between them and that their disagreement came from the actress’ frustration. After this analysis of Stana’s behavior,

it was Nathan’s behavior that was on focus: many women flirt with him, but he never responds. Explanation: the actor is homosexual. So it would be understandable that the beautiful Stana did not interest him. He kept his distance and he began to think she was unprofessional for her “inappropriate behavior,” therefore they do not get along. These tensions bring us back to the reason why Fillion did not want the characters to get together on the show. As for interviews and photos they did together, they were simply done because it’s their job. The journalist shocked fans and was asked if he had ever seen a single episode of Castle. He finished by announcing the third installment of the Nikki Heat novels in May and then added an image of Kyra (Alyssa Milano) and Castle (Nathan Fillion) kissing in episode 12 of season two, showing what he thinks as “a fake passion on screen…”

Erin - Poling


number 05

Press Package Looking Back on Season 5 Caskett is finally official! Season 5 has ended! After the finale, our writers answered the question, «Did this season meed expectations?»


The beginning of the season meets expectations

Season 4 was undoubtedly one of the best in the series, with the intensity of scenarios and interplay of actors, as well as the development of the relationship between the two protagonists. «Always» helped to close the season on a change in Castle and Beckett’s relationship, although I think the end of this season was not as intense as «Knockout» and fit more as a mid-season episode. I was happy to see the series back in September. My biggest fear was to see a clear change in the episodes. Marlowe had always said that even if they do not share the same bed, our two protagonists were already a couple in the way they act. Would we see a sharp screenplay change once the episode «Always» aired? number 05

This doubt was immediately addressed after the first episodes. The humor was here as it always has been in Castle, I always remember the moment

when Beckett arrives in the apartment, and poor Castle is stuck under a pair of generous breasts lying on his couch. The episode in the Hamptons was also very pleasing to see, and it maintained the focus on humor that we are used to seeing. We also have quality episodes, such as «Probable Cause» that kept the audience spellbound. Unfortunately, my joy was short-lived...


Press Package Risky bet…

Some screenwriting choices were very risky, particularly the episode «Swan Song» that marks, in my opinion, a decline in the quality of the episodes in the series. This episode was hit or miss. In my opinion, this episode really bothered me (the first time in the history of this show!) The characters were completely out of character (especially the final scene where I got the impression that I was watching Stana rather than Beckett), and the choice of filming the episode with an outdoor camera put the viewer completely behind.

Episodes packed of predictable scenarios and clichés

Second black spot on the table: «Under The Influence», an episode called «centric Esposito.» In the end, nothing was exploited, everything had been done before and was so predictable and cliché. Esposito had the same past and tries to help ... we would not doubt! Additionally, it was a rather flat investigation, which was not exciting for the audience. The gold medal in cliché went to «Hunt.” I have always feared the two-part episodes since Season 3. Indeed, they use scenarios that are much too big and absolutely not credible. While the first part was a little jewel, the rest was the total opposite. I refer

you to the Ever’s criticism in the last issue of the magazine: “But to summarize say that ... the French have not all old names like Gaston and we do not have French flags in our bistro.” Do not forget the green screens poorly integrated which mess the episode up even more. Add to this super-spies who can hear little noise in a city of more than 2 million inhabitants. I take my hat off! In the end, I did not see the point of tearing Pa-


ris apart, leaving us with carbon copy of the movie Taken.

The end of the season saves almost everything

We finally find the humor in the manner of Castle as we like in a certain way. Two consecutive episodes, one about Castle’s anniversary and the other with the «cursed DVD» brought a bit of humor. However, research scenario has unfortunately not been pushed too far. Do you want proof? Covers of movies like The Ring or Rear Window are an example. Despite this «stain» on the board, the rest of the season looks pretty good, even if we do not find the common alchemy of the other seasons. And remains «Still» for which my opinion is mixed. In this episode, we remember this fabulous scene where Beckett, with tears in her eyes, accepts that her death is near. But besides that, «Still» is an “easy” episode, it is a collection of pieces from previous seasons. This type of episode has disappeared since a few years in TV shows in general. Therefore the writers have decided to take a risk again...but at number 05

least we have a certain evolution of the couple. It is not to be classified in the category of «episodes that are useless.» The end of the season thus remains mixed; it was better than the middle of the season, but not like we have seen in previous seasons.

The relationship between Castle and Beckett

The season was exciting, funny and we do not see any differences from previous seasons, with the exception of a few more intimate scenes, but we quickly lost it all. It was like watching an old couple married for 40 years. Small crises of jealousy and small arguments with which they teased disappeared. The writers have chosen to actually establish them as a couple. However, Castle and Beckett must keep that secret. This is quite understandable, so why is Castle no longer flirting or chasing by the first girl who passes by and wants his money? Castle is a «celebrity,» so why haven’t the paparazzi or the tabloids managed to take pictures? The couple has

After a few months, Beckett already wants to know where they are in their relationship and Castle asks her to marry him. This principle of getting married quickly is very American, but do not center the episode on Beckett’s transformation and have the finale be about the two of them trying to find answers about their interrogation would have been proper. To summarize, I would say that this season has not been at all equal to the others, between clichéd episodes and light scenarios; the level has proved to decrease ...perhaps this is due to the change in the screenwriting team who need some time to find the correct wire of the series? That is a possibility. In any case, this season has caused the departure of several fans, even discouraging others who really wanted something else. For some of us, Season 6 will be taken lightly.

been poorly implemented, even if we get beautiful scenes like the ones in «Still,» even though, in my opinion, the atmosphere was weird, but maybe it was to take us to the finale? It’s possible, but it could also be done in the same spirit as the previous seasons. In addition, the finale of this season was premature.

number 05


Press Package

What to say about this season 5? I am very good viewer and I’m not too critical about dissecting series episodes. I just watch erin without analyzing my feelings. But for you, I will make an effort to explain my point of view. A while back I discovered Castle in the middle of season 2. I was full of disappointment from the separation of House and Cuddy (on House) to the point of abandoning the series. Castle came by timely. Investigations are fun, the characters are balanced, (Castle agent’s, Paula is a foil - by the way, did she play the mean woman in Beethoven?), and there’s a focus on the “will-they-won’t-they” between Castle and Beckett. That’s what hooked me, but I promised myself to not get emotionally invested in another series. I almost made ​​it... I must admit if I look at the series as a whole, it’s not just investigations, high-tech equipment, and Beckett’s whiteboard. Castle is Caskett, the Bros and, most recently, Gates! I love the interactions between the characters and being able to enter into their private lives and share their feelings. The episodes that focus on specifically one character, namely on Ryan or Esposito, shine light on these


side characters that you only really see in the professional setting. But as Nono said, the pictures did not allow me to satisfy this curiosity. The story surrounding Esposito, (which is far from being one of my favorites), has not been scratched in depth. There was only a small dent made and I was okay that this character would leave me feeling indifferent towards him. Caskett captivated me from the beginning by their way of hiding their relationship. The shaking hands transmitting the same emotion as their scene at home, even though it still had a little too much “home” and a desire to undress Beckett a little too much. However, scenes with Castle and Beckett discussing their passions in life, like the ones in the episode with Big Foot, make me dream. They shared a piece of what makes up their identities and showed a key to how they understand each other. It had nothing to do with the episode’s story, but it reminded me why I’m in love with the series. We had Castle teasing Beckett with his words. And the scene where she calls her father was simply beautiful. The 100th episode, itself, was one of the key moments in the relationship. The marriage proposal was mentioned as a season finale possibility weakening the surprise. I’m number 05

case while Castle is in Paris, and ends up in holding for a few hours. To respond to Nono, the homages to classical Hollywood did not bother me too much because I have not seen most of the movies that they mentioned. These scenarios have been a discovery for me, although I must admit that after some research on the net, I quickly found the frames of the story. Anyway, when watching the episode, what could have been expected from a seasonal moviegoer was not what happened with me. Season 5 came to me as a season of transitions at all levels. The new writers gave a fresh dynamic in the design to the series, and even in the relationships of the characters. Investigations are now more into the background to allow more room for interaction between the characters.

pretty torn between a desire to jump up and scream or stand by and watch. I believe in Prince Charming, the one and done, and the thunderbolt. This request, however, is made ​​in a particular context where I need to stand by.

Ultimately, this season five will not remain as my favorite, given the sexual tension between the characters season, but it will be one that has reassured me about the Caskett giving me 42 minutes of relaxation without losing my mind waiting for the next episode. One last question: Does the American fandom think the same thing about Castle as I do, or is it just the French in me…?

Gates is a great discovery of the fifth season. This character was in season 4 as a breath of air and a little something extra. But in the fifth season, she reveals her full potential. She attempts to integrate herself in her team. She sustains control and she does not hesitate to call out Castle, but she shows ignorance to the romance happening in front of her nose. Also, we learn a little more about her at the time of the Christmas episode and her passion for dolls and reality TV. Gates spiced up the 12th and made me laugh out loud more than once. The season is filled with small references to past seasons by Beckett’s boyfriends, music, and the swings. I also like when Kate is «badass», tricks Castle while playing with some toys, balances the number 05


Press Package

When I first discovered Castle, we were in early May 2011. Without a good series to watch, I ever remember looking out, by the purest chance, that night the episode aired the day before in the United States: «To Love and Die in LA.» Let’s face it; it wasn’t the worse choice of an episode to enter into the dance. That evening, I was fascinated by the combination of humor, emotion, romance, and investigation that seemed to define the series. All these things mixed together were naturally confusing. I laughed, I was touched, and I was also swept away by the beginnings of romance I guessed between Castle and Beckett. Anyway, I had what is called a “real heart.” The following day, I began to avidly follow all the episodes: after waking up, in the afternoon while eating my pasta, during snack-time before my bn’s, and before going to bed. I lived Castle, I breathed Castle, and I even snored Castle. In two short weeks, I was caught up entirely and I was able to sit comfortably in front of my screen to enjoy the last episode of the third season. And what an episode it was! Everything was there to begin with, of course, emotionally. But it was also full of anxiety, anticipation, and apprehension. Af-


ter those 43 minutes, one thing was clear: I would never survive the four months between this season and the next. The anticipation was huge, and I do not remember ever having anticipated the return of a series so much. Never have in my (admittedly short) life found four single months so long to bear. Two years have passed since the golden age of the series. With the fourth season, despite its few flaws, I was still able to keep the flame burning. I must say that after the «season finale» of the fifth season I’m a little more restrained, a little disappointed and frustrated. It lacked something not quite definable. For the first time in two years, I’m not hanging my head in anticipation of the return of the series. For the first time, I can say without lying to myself that I will survive the mandatory hiatus. Admittedly in season 5, which was not free of beautiful things, was still a slight disappointment for a certain part of the fandom, of which I am unfortunately a part. However, we have to talk about the positive because this season was not just negative, starting with the first five episodes of the season that could never predict what was to follow. The series is back after “Always,” carrying the weight of expectations from an entire fandom on its shoulders. The risk of breaking face was necessarily large. But good surnumber 05

prise; the fall did not take place. The first episode of the season, a delicate combination of humor (the memorable moment of Beckett slipping in socks on the floor of Castle’s loft remains a cult moment in the series), and intensity (the Bracken case) opened the door to a whole new world of opportunities, and we revealed that Caskett is absolutely credible in its infancy. We looked forward to seeing lovers, to seeing them get outside the walls of the office, learning to tame this new life together.

investigations not only annoying but also very clichéd.

This arc of five good episodes was concluded in triumph by what I consider to be the best episode of this season 5 (and certainly one of the best episodes of the series), «Probable Cause.» In 43 minutes, I had the sensation of finding the series that I had cracked into two years ago. Again, everything was

Indeed, if the series had not completely collapsed on the police side (despite some medium surveys), we cannot say as much about the treatment of its spotlight couple on screen.

Of course there were some good ideas, such as a tribute to the world of Comic Cons, the hunting of Big Foot, or the 100th episode using the concept of the film Rear Window, but the craziness of everything left our screens too often this year and I must say, we did not even have the opportunity to catch up through good Caskett scenes.

In this regard, the fandom is divided. There are those who were perfectly satisfied by what we have been offered this year, but there are others who were less content. Again I am part of the second category; the category of the disappointed, frustrated fans who think that there was «so much more to offer» regarding these two. The series is built on the strength of their balance of power, the intensity of their relationship, humor, teasing, and fun. We could only anticipate a nice explosion when the barrier was finally crossed.

there! The emotion was omnipresent; there was intense action, a complex plot, and a bonus when we found Castle put at risk for once. The return of 3XK is really what this season has been able to offer stronger and at the time to take stock, almost the only one unfortunately.

Yet none of this occurred; there were no sparks. Strength was found that the relationship was often placed on the backburner. Some episodes do not even show one love interaction between our two heroes. A new viewer watching an episode would not have even have known that there is an emotional link between these two.

Unfortunately, the good things more or less stop there. The following 19 episodes (with some exceptions) were a series of “so so” of “bof “and sometimes of “bad.” Castle, which had always been the incarnation of the crime series, which goes beyond the usual by offering zany investigations has on numerous occasions fail to its reputation, offering

When the relationship was finally addressed, it was so very disappointing. The discovery of the couple’s famous secret was sloppy and shipped with each team member. The famous secret that promised so many delicious scenes at the police headquarters has finally opened the door to anything. We would have liked to see Castle and Bec-

number 05


Press Package kett seeing each other at the 12th, to watch the intensity and desire between them through using simple touches of the hand through the subtext (the series has kept the secret for 4 years). But almost none of that was there, or it was managed in a very awkward way. The only subtext was just like the season: «heavy and redundant.» So we had only 20 coffee trades, followed by emotional glances. There was also this frustrating tendency voluntarily chosen by the writers (as they confided to us during the Castle Convention during November in Los Angeles) to show «as little as possible.» So kissing in the dark chained themselves, as well as kissing failures. Scriptwriting springs that can completely run dry on two or three episodes quickly became unbearable applied to an entire season. So many little things like that ultimately make the fifth season of Castle a lackluster season. Many secondary characters also had a little presence (Lanie, Martha Gates), and have often been used as beam to Castle and Beckett. Other characters have completely missed consistency with the character we used to know (for example, Esposito passing from one woman to another and not looking forward to the future paternity of his best friend.)

his muse, we still can expect that the summer will bring a real fresh air to the series…or maybe rather hope that a former wind is back? You know, that soft wind blowing over New York at the time of the third season. We wait for when we can hear the first notes of the closing credits of an episode, whispering to ourselves, «I cannot wait until next week!» It would be nice, no?

In short, too many disappointments are barely covered by the quality of too few good episodes. The information circulated on the web sometime in last summer that Marlowe had decided to renew his team of writers to bring new life to the series in the fifth season. It wasn’t the result we had hoped for after 24 episodes: a season that starts good in its habits before collapsing completely at the end to provide a snapshot and a bit easier cliffhanger (the marriage proposal.) Finally, if everything is, of course, not to throw in this fifth season of the adventures of the writer and


number 05

News Castle : 100th


nyone who missed the news of Castle making it to the 100th episode mark must not have heard of the Internet. On February 27, the cast and crew of Castle celebrated their 100th episode of the series by having a party on the set of the precinct. Although Heat News is a little late on this event, we wanted to gather all of the information before giving you a full report (the episode, press releases, etc.). For this event, the entire current cast was present and the technical team, the producers, the writers, and the music department joined them. A bookshaped cake sat in the middle of the party with two pages of the 100th episode script printed on it. Included in the celebration were champagne glasses with “Castle” engraved on the outside of them. The actors took time to take pictures surrounding the cake, cutting the cake, and held individual interviews to various media outlets. Also, Luke Reichle, stylist and costume designer for Castle, had the privilege of being on both sides of the production: dressing the stars but also holding some interviews.

While in their individual interviews, the actors spoke about their roles in the episode, the success of the show, and the fun they had shooting it. They all said that the series now feels like family because of how long it has been airing. Nathan Fillion could not resist adding a touch of humor in his speech: “If you know me, and you guys - you know me, you know that I don’t like to learn anything. But despite my best efforts, I have learned in 100 episodes how much I rely - on how heavily I rely - on all of you. When people tell me, and they do, that they love this show I don’t think of the polished piece that we see on TV, I think about the hours we pull, the freezing outside, the laughs, hanging out, and being here. And I appreciate you all, and I look forward to coming to work and being with you all, all the time. Thank you very much.” The

100th episode is a symbol for an American television series. It proves a loyal longevity to the show while showing their devoted audience. We hope to see Castle make it to their 200th episode! Congratulations to the cast and the entire team of Castle on their 100th episode!

Press releases are expected out of an event like this. Articles traced the history of Castle and discussed the 100th episode. Although the episode aired on April 1, it did not related to April Fool’s Day, but to Castle’s birthday. The plot of the episode was homage to the film, “Rear Window,” and connected Kate more intimately to Castle.

number 05


News First Album On Sale


ans enjoyed Jon Huertas’ voice in the episode “Swan Song” in Castle’s fifth season and what a voice it was! In December, the actor entertained us with the song, “Ledge of Love,” based on the love story between Rick and Kate. A few months later, on April 9, a second single was released, “Champion.” This title tells the story of a man who must fight for the love of a girl. Two clips are released to illustrate his songs. “Ledge of love” includes images of the series and of Rick and Kate. In “Champion,” Nathan Fillion made ​​a small appearance with coffee strangely reminiscent of the beginning of the episode, “Still.” In the process, the release of an album is scheduled for June 11.

According to, the album fit in the categories of groove and sexy music with a mix of R & B and Pop. Before that the actor had already sung alongside Roc$tedy (including Sex Is The Word). The first two singles are available on Jon Huertas’ website and on legal download sites. To promote the single, Jon allowed fans to download the song for free by registering on his website. What do you think of his music?

Nathan Fillion : Calgary


uring his break, Nathan Fillion visited many comic cons to surprise fans and promote his work. On April 27th and 28th, Fillion was at Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo where he answered fans’ questions.

When he discussed Castle and the relationship between his character and Kate, he loves to see them discover their rhythm and figure out who they are.

On his shoulders was – nope, it wasn’t Stana Katic – a big and long snake that John Barrowman and Casper Van Dien welcomed too. During a question and answer period with fans, Nathan announced that he will not be participating in the film, Uncharted.


number 05

News Billboard Music


n May 19, the annual Billboard Music Awards aired on ABC. The ceremony was held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. The event celebrated the musical covers of the past year and presented many awards along the night. This year, actor Tracy Morgan hosted the show. Throughout the night, one or two celebrities introduced each category along with live performances. Among the celebrities, you may have recognized two actors from ABC: Gabriel Mann (Revenge) and Stana Katic, who introduced Jennifer Lopez’s live performance with Pittbul for “Live It Up.” Although Stana Katic arrived on the red carpet

and only was shown for a small bit of time, her presence at the BMA’s was not transparent. The actress appeared with shorter, tousled hair than we are used to. It was her lean pantsuit with a plunging neckline that let us appreciate her figure. The ceremony concluded with singer Taylor Swift beating out Adele for the Artist of the Year award.

25th Awards for Excellence in Arts


n Monday April 22nd, the 25th Annual Awards for Excellence in the Arts took place at the Four Seasons in Chicago. This award hightlights artists’ devotion to the arts organized by the theater department in DePaul University in Chicago. The money raised in this event helps to finance scholarships for other artists around the country. Many celebrities were present for the event such as S. Epatha Merkerson (Law and Order), Amy Morton, member of the Steppenwolf Theater Company, Broadway lighting designer Paul Miller, and an actress that we know well and alumna to the event: Stana Katic.

The Corporate Award for Excellence in the Arts went to the Allstate Insurance Company. This award was accepted by Vice President of Public Social Responsibility, Victoria Dinges. A tombola and auctions were organized during the ceremony. By the end of the night, the event raised more than 250,000 dollars and more than 350 people joined celebrities at the after party.

Erin - Kat - Poling number 05


Custody Meet Robert Duncan One of the benefits of this new interaction between social media and the film/television world is how connected everyone is. I began writing for an independent magazine, Loco Mag, run through Arcadia University, in September 2012 and am still doing so.


write articles for an array of sections on the website and briefly controlled their social media accounts. While on twitter, I was followed by Robert Duncan, musical composer of Castle. Taking advantage of this, I asked through Loco Mag if I could interview him for our “Our Favorite Things” issue. After getting an okay, we held an interview through Skype the same day the cast and crew celebrated their 100th episode milestone. Having come straight from the party, Rob was able to sit down for almost an hour and a half to talk about his career, Castle, and his plans outside of the series. He gave me a tour of his studio (and can make anyone jealous of it, even if you’re not a musician.) We talked about how he came up with “I Just Want You” and if he was going to infiltrate it in other seasons. In between questions we discussed what our favorite scores were from movies and our favorite film composers. Having been in my high school’s orchestra for eight years, and learning just how to really appreciate classical music and scores, this interview was exciting.


Little moments that did not make it to the final draft because they were either irrelevant to the interview or they were caught on video made it even more exciting. Rob showed me Castle’s drum, which you would recognize when he played it, and the multiple pianos in his studio. He uses random parts from junkyards and a beat up piano to make specific sounds for the show. We talked about music that we loved and pieces that he grew up with. We both know what it’s like to be in a high school orchestra and we talked about the ups and downs of that. The “I Just Want You” composition, which can be found at the end of season 4 (you all know the moment), was the first draft of the song. Usually, as Rob says in the interview, a composition takes a few drafts in order to be accepted by the producers and the writers; however, this draft was the first and final.

number 05


This interview, although for a working purpose, was the best one Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve conducted and the most joyful to write up. Coming from a partial music background and seeing how far Rob took his, I enjoyed hearing everything that he had to say. It also highlighted how much work goes in to an episode from behind the scenes. For every minute of scores that goes by, Rob has sat there for hours, as it says in the interview.

Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve learned to appreciate the music in a film/series even more than I did before. It was a wonderful experience to interview this very talented musician. Check out the article for yourself over at


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A closer look To love and die in L.A

Episode 3x22 The murder of Royce brings Castle and Beckett to investigate under the warm sun of California

09 / 10 “To Love and Die in LA” takes viewers away from their comfort zone for the first time in the history of Castle when our two main characters leave the streets of New York City to investigate in those of Los Angeles. Even if the city is not the same, we find this episode still has all the perfect elements that charm us during the show. The Caskett fans are rewarded for their devotion with this episode. Castle and Beckett traveling together is a first, even if it is for business. Castle goes as far as to invite the detective to use the second bedroom in his hotel suite instead of her hotel room across town. This decision leads us to a very beautiful, intimate Caskett scene soon ruined by Beckett when she has second thoughts and decides to go to bed. Even if she comes back a few seconds, it is too late and Castle has gone to his room. This scene is a good representation of their relationship at the end of the third season. The scene at the pool also includes some Caskett times. Trying to distract the suspect, Beckett throws on a revealing one-piece bathing suit, but ends up drawing the eyes of her unsuspecting partner. Thus, Castle shows us, once again, that he is not indifferent to Beckett. Fans of Esposito and Ryan are delighted after seeing this episode. The bro’s were, as usual, in solidarity with Beckett and helped her in the investigation while hiding it from Captain Montgomery.

If at first this episode looks too dramatic, be warned, it is not. There is also a lot of humor in it: Beckett troubled by the actors playing the characters of Esposito and Ryan in the movie «Heat Wave», the interrogation of a witness using the sets of the movie and many other touches of hilarity scattered throughout the episode. Special mention to Ryan who, in my opinion, had one of the funniest moments of this episode: «Nine, one ... what comes after one?” In this episode, it is the first time we see Castle drive during an investigation. And when the writer decides to drive it is neither more or less than a Ferrari. What I didn’t like about this episode is that, except for the palm trees, scenes in Santa Monica and the «guest star» Gene Simmons, we only have the scenic impression that they are in LA. I did not find it very credible that Castle and Beckett could bring a witness in for interrogation, as they have no power there. What I think that makes this episode an exceptional one, despite some inconsistencies, is the well-chosen music particularly during the scene in the hotel room and at the end. The scores perfectly expressed the emotion, which is why I give this episode a big 9 out of 10.



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A closer look Tick tick tick... Boum

Episode 2x17-2x18 When an obsessed fan of Nikki Heat challenges Beckett, the team is forced to work with the FBI to solve the case...and things do not go as planned

09 / 10 We all know Castle used Detective Beckett as his inspiration for Nikki Heat. Although being a bestseller brings its perks, Nikki Heat also brought on fans that were a little strange. Nevertheless, Castle surely did not expect one of them to attempt to murder Nikki Heat, meaning Beckett. At the beginning of the episode, nothing suggests this horrid plan: it is only a murder in a train station claimed by a fanatic of Nikki Heat. The body itself is not important, but the bullets found have engraved letters on them, which form a sentence later to be discovered as “Nikki Will Burn.” After the second murder, Kate must work, in spite of herself, with Jordan Shaw and her team from the FBI, which is far from displeasing to our writer who is excited to see their many gadgets, including their Taser and their night vision goggles. Thus, with the help of the «Federal Beckett» aka Agent Shaw, as nicknamed by Castle, the team did not take long to profile the killer who happens to be too smart to be a psychopath. We can already see some jealousy from Kate, although she denies it: Castle is her partner and not Shaw’s. We see this annoyance again when the FBI thinks they slept together because of the chapter in Heat Wave. Kate denies it: the sex scene in the book is fiction and Castle is only there to observe her job. The latter says the same thing to Ryan and Esposito when a body is found at Kate’s apartment door the next morning, where Castle had just spent the night to protect her. After waking up and making pancakes, Castle has a few glances thrown to him when the force arrives.

number 05

Later, after the suspect kills himself, Kate seems to be (finally) out of danger . . . until Castle becomes aware of a forgotten clue showing that the real killer is still alive. Thus, the anxiety is back with the idea that Rick cannot tell Beckett in time. However, he manages to reach her apartment before it exploded, which is the last scene of the first episode, leaving us in overbearing questions for the next episode. Because the apartment explodes just as he calls Beckett’s cell phone, the idea that she is hurt, or worse, heavily hangs over the fans’ heads, and Castle’s. Castle runs into her burning apartment building to save her. This rescue echoes the end of the second episode when Beckett, trying to save Shaw from the clutches of Scott Dunn, finds his gun pointed at her. Castle saves the day by intervening and shooting Dunn’s hand, even though he was aiming for his head. This double episode highlights the sense of protection towards Beckett and guilt felt by Castle. This protection can be a symbol followed through future episodes. What pleases me, personally, is the story line with Jordan Shaw: a woman just as intelligent as Kate. Jordan Shaw might even be seen as the future Beckett: a happy working-woman while still finding time to be a wife and a mother. Also, the fact that Jordan tells Kate that her husband comforts their daughter by saying that her mother chases dragons reinforces this idea. After all, Kate also has a dragon to chase...



A closer look Still

Episode 5x21 When Beckett accidentally steps on a bomb, Castle stays by her side to distract her and discuss the best moments of their relationship.

09 / 10 An episode ordered too late and not really connected to the rest of the season, “Still” is your typical flash-back episode that almost every TV show has to go through at some point and written specifically for the fans. Not surprising when you know Castle finds inspiration, and even its origin, from multiple “past” influences. Broadcasted a week later than originally planned, (after Boston’s tragic events in mid-April), this season’s 21st episode could have been its climax. Unfortunately, its position in an odd timeline wasted its very good content and praise because of the misunderstanding of what happens in the surrounding episodes. Still begins in a very beautiful way with a scene that we would have loved to see much more of this year! While we did already see love scenes at the loft, there was never one that seemed as true and sincere as this one. The moment is simple: on a quiet and delicate song, Castle brings Kate breakfast in bed. There is an exchange of smiles, morning talk, and light kisses. It lasts less than two minutes, but during those few moments, it is obvious. This offered us some nice Caskett time this season; simple, fun, kind of sexy with teasing and full of spars, just like the first three fantastic seasons. However, Castle’s scenarists have made it clear that it wasn’t their choice. It’s a shame. The episode soon takes a very dramatic turn. Kate steps on a bomb and, for the 18th time in Castle history, her life is threatened: the perfect opportunity for her to retrospectively think about the beginning of


her relationship with Castle (who, for the occasion, is adamant about being her “bomb buddy”) in order to answer a life-or-death question: “who fell for whom first?” The accumulation of flashbacks, although a bit too much like a bunch of fan videos, gives rise to smiles. Those of the end, however, are more about emotion (some wonderful flashbacks being otherwise enhanced by Robert Duncan’s music). Of course, Beckett will finally be saved (which true fan really feared for her life?) and will kiss her better half under the scrutiny of a very consenting Gates, who had discovered their secret a while ago! Although definitely disconnected from the rest, this episode delivers a sizeable element in the lovers’ chronology. For the first time in five years, Kate Beckett finally says three words we longed to hear: I love you. This “I love you” is really moving, although it is a fairly unfortunate that it took another life-or-death situation to bring the words out of her! To conclude, “Still” is a very good episode, if separated from the other ones. It has it all: emotion, humor, sweet Castle moments, etc. Two complaints though: First, there is some kind of contradiction in the characters’ behavior. Castle is ready to die, leaving his mother and his daughter (who aren’t even addressed by him during the episode), demonstrating that, in reality, there is absolutely nothing at stake. If something like that were to

number 05

A closer look

happen, any father would think twice before deserting his child, even for love. My second complaint is simply the fact that “Still” makes no sense if we watch the two episodes that surround it (particularly 5x22, which became 5x21 because of the change in the broadcasting order). In this episode, Castle shows off his foolish bravery and is determined on staying with Kate until the very last second, even if he dies for her. And in the following episode, the very first scene displays Beckett having doubts about her writer because he’d rather play videogames than come to bed with her. This doesn’t make any sense! How can you doubt the man so quickly after he nearly died for you?

number 05

In order to enjoy “Still,” it is strongly advised to consider it as an isolated episode or digression; a little bubble of happiness in a very heckled ocean or an intake of air before diving into the last three episodes without oxygen. Time to get your snorkel!



Cat Fight The end of the season 5 finale produced many questions in the Castle fandom. We all question how the next season will begin and the decision that Kate will make. Fortunately, Poling, retained by family obligations, passed by the editorial office on Tuesday evening. The team has a lot of resources and Carloslatomate, the maid who had just finished her shift, was passing by the conversation. At the beginning, each kindly gave their opinion of the finale, but the discussion quickly became heated . . . Subject to the approval of the so ciety of cat fight, the fifth session is now open!

Kat: I think Kate expected Rick to break up with her.

man! He’s super famous, he signs breasts, and he was married two times! She’s afraid that he will get tired of her.

Ever’: I think she will leave. When she came to the swing set, she clearly made ​​the decision to leave. She was going to flee and when Castle told her they both deserve better she already made up her mind. She thinks he’s going to break up with her.

Ever’: In fact they keep repeating their usual acts of defense. She backs away and he acts like a child again. They do it whenever they are angry.

Carloslatomate: I think so. She needs something new. Kat: She wants to leave because she doesn’t feel good enough for Rick.

Mariane: What I do not understand is that after all they have lived through together she might want to leave everything and let him go without even talking to him.

Ever’: I do not know if that’s really it. In my opinion, she started to flee because of the commitment she was facing. Like Castle’s father, Kate always has one foot out of the relationship.

Ever’: With this said, can we consider that he might not be taking responsibility, but instead making a childish decision by proposing to her?

Carloslatomate: However, it is not for lack of showing that he cares about her. Kat: Yes, but remember she saw Rick as a ladies


Carloslatomate: It is because Martha told him to take responsibility that he proposed.

Carloslatomate: Kate needs to think. Yes Ever’, he is thoughtless because he is afraid of losing her and uses this as a last resort. He loves Kate, but this request is too rushed because of fear of losing her. She will ask him for some time. number 05

Cat Fight

Kat: I do not think he’s irresponsible. Rick is sincere, even though I’m sure he would have asked later if the circumstances were different. Kate knows that he would not get engaged if he weren’t completely sure that he wants to. Mariane: Kate can’t think that this proposal is just so he can keep her close. Otherwise, this whole thing is ruined. Ever’: They both have a hard time with their feelings anyway. That said, what disappoints me most from Marlowe is that he had said that this season would deal with the insecurities of Castle, his previous marriages, etc. In the end, it seems that this proposal brings up those insecurities and sets it up for season 6. Frankly, what has actually changed between episode 1 and 24? They drank wine 17 times on a couch, Kate wore a hideous mask, and he made hearts in her coffee! Realistically, if Kate wanted to leave she would have done so in episode one. What makes this an interesting cliffhanger is the impact it has on the relationship and the marriage proposal of Castle. Kat: She will not accept it. She will say that she needs time, that she’s not ready, and that she’s worried that he is asking her just to keep her in New York City. Mariane: I don’t think she will say yes right then. They need a twist to avoid clichés and the story falling flat. Ever’: This job is a big excuse. This is just so not her. Frankly, you’ve seen the beginning of the finale? It

number 05

is gray, austere, colorless, madness . . . she will not hold out without saying something. Carloslatomate: No, this isn’t who she is, but she must leave in order to figure that out for herself. This is why in the season 6 premiere she will leave, but return. Mariane: And puts Castle in her suitcase when she leaves. Po’ (joins the conversation without having heard anything that was said): I think she will talk to Castle and he will push her to take the job because he wants her to flourish. He might even think to follow her to D.C. Then she goes to work there, but she will not like it because she misses the 12th and her friends. However, from a professional point of view, I think she should accept it. Ever’: Oh! Maybe he will try to help with her new job and get yelled at by the big boss in D.C. Like back to the pilot of the series! Mariane: Maybe she will give it a shot and go to D.C., but then regret it or change her mind and come back. But if Castle does not go with her, when she comes back it will be a bit complicated. Po’: Kate is a good detective. So what this job is offering her will help her. She has the capacity to do the job. It’s just that I think she needs her current surroundings and her friends back home. Carloslatomate: Yes, if she is alone she will not succeed and might get fired.


Cat Fight Kat: I don’t think she will leave. Something will happen at the last minute forcing her not to leave. I do not know what it could be. Rick is in danger, something like that? I don’t know. Ever’: Even something that would prevent Kate from leaving would mean that it would not be her own decision to stay. D.C. must refuse her. She must choose to leave DC otherwise it will always weigh on the relationship but right now, she is curious about the position. Kat: Yes, unless an outside element intervenes and prevents her from leaving. But it will take a very good reason to make her stay. Po’: I agree with Ever’. She must leave and realize for herself that it is not what she wants. Otherwise Castle could blame himself and she could blame Castle. Kat: But she wants to leave to get away from Rick. She is tired of the same thing and she is not sure where her relationship is going, which scares her. She is afraid of what she can’t control. Carloslatomate: She will realize that her home is where it always has been, but she needs to have her own experiences as well. Mariane: But DC is still unknown to her Ever’: Well see, Mariane. She is fleeing an unknown territory to another. She doesn’t physically know D.C., but she doesn’t know what she has with Castle either.

handles the unknown. This is the only area where she can control the events. Mariane: Sure it’s a hard choice but, if you look more closely, she often left her job to handle her relationship and her feelings. Ever’: Thinking of all the season finales, this is the one that leaves the most questions. Kate has spent the entire season afraid that Castle is too distant with her. In the last episode, she said nothing to him about her interview and decides to leave. Two episodes before, she thought he did not love her enough because he played PlayStation. It’s not very logical. Mariane: At the same time, if he was naked when he proposed we would not be having this discussion. Ever’: We will do a little bet. Carloslatomate, Po’ and I think she will leave for, at least, one episode. Kat and Mariane think differently. We will talk about that the day after the season premiere! Carloslatomate: Losers wear a dress and shave their head. Mariane: Hmm… Kat: Oh no, I let my hair grow. Po’: A guaranteed mention in Heat News 6 for the losers! Ever’: The losers will have to write a poem about a love story between Martha and Perlmutter!

Kat: But right now she has a divided heart. Which does she love more: Rick or D.C. Love or her job?

And you, dear readers, what do you think?

Ever’: Money! Kat: The love; finally their love. They are soul mates and it’s obvious. He is her one and done. Ever’: Her professional life is where she best

Editor’s note: We apologize for this brutal cut. We had to save you all the crazy ideas that we had gone through after the beautiful idea from Ever’.


Kat, Poling, Mariane, Ever, Carloslatomate

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Artzone Coup de coeur d’Amro: Kristina Habituellement c’est moi qui vous propose mes travaux dans le magazine, pour ce numéro je suis passé de l’autre côté de la plume afin de vous présenter les travaux de kristina

Can you introduce yourself in a few words? My name’s Kristina, but everyone calls me Krissy. I’m 21 years old and I live in Germany. I study Science and soon I’ll be in my third year of college. My family and friends are really important to me and I’m also in love with music and, of course, drawing. What is it that attracted you to Castle? I started watching Castle from the first season and I immediately loved it. This show was different from most other crime shows. Castle has it both: a lot of humor and thrilling cases. The first thing I liked was the little banter between Castle and Beckett; I was intrigued how their relationship would unfold. With each season I loved it more and more. Also, the development of each character was amazing.


When did you start drawing? Since I was little kid I always drew something and everywhere. Back then I was just scribbling. I tried my first portrait in 2006, I think, and that was the time I really started to draw more frequently. I only started the digital painting last year. How do you choose your subjects for your drawings? I’ve been doing fan art for about a year. I started out doing portraits of celebrities. Friends, family, music and books also inspire me. My dad used to draw when he was younger. He was really, really good and I always wanted to draw as well as him. Your work reminds of Tammy, whose her real name is Tamara, in the style and colors you’re using. Do you know her? If so, has she inspired you? I don’t know her personally, but I’ve seen her

number 05

Artzone art. It is amazing; it really takes my breath away. She is so talented and I always loved seeing a new drawing of hers. Yes, she inspired me in doing fan art. I choose the colors for my works depending on what I think would fit the drawing best, but I really like to experiment with the colors and the style. I don’t think I have my own style (concerning digital drawing) yet. I’m still trying to find it. Which are your favorite works in your gallery and why do they hold a special place in your heart? One of my favorite drawings is the pencil drawing of a tiger because it has a special meaning for me. I made it for one of my best friends who had to struggle a lot these days and I wanted to make something unforgettable for her. But when we talk about my favorite Castle drawing, I would say the pencil drawing of Kate Beckett.

What other hobbies you like? Music is my other big passion. I’ve been playing the guitar for about 4 years now. Dancing is also a huge part of my life. I started to dance when I could barely walk, and since then I’ve been doing ballet, jazz and hip-hop. I always loved all kinds of ballsports, mostly basketball, baseball or tennis. Unfortunately I don’t have that much time for it anymore since I’ve started with University. Do you want to say some few words to our Castle readers? Thank you guys for being such an amazing and creative fandom :)

Do you have any favorite works, whether they are from a renown or an unknown artist? I don’t really have this one favorite artwork, but there are artists on DeviantArt, or just on the Internet, who I really appreciate and inspire me.


number 05



T his is wa r Fan videos allow fandoms to extend the pleasure they get from a series after it concludes for the season.

music : This Is War - 30 Seconds To Mars duration : 1:31

+ more videos

Like fan fiction, they can create new stories or simply highlight the beautiful moments from episodes with «tributes» that might just make you want to watch the episode again! I especially like the rhythm videos where the music and the tempo are important. This is the case of most of TVfreak56sback creations and this is the exact reason why I chose to highlight her work. In most of her fan videos, the effects are used appropriately and without overusing them. It was hard to choose a single video that I liked the most, so I decided to present the first of her fan videos that are my favorite. What appealed to me in these videos were the music, («This is War» by 30 Seconds to Mars), music synchronization, and imagery, especially in the second part, which is really excellent. It is a little old, but I still watch it with pleasure. Sticking with the same creator, the video for «Seven Nation Army» had very good editing with a sustained and perfectly controlled rhythm. Also, «All Star» always reminds me why I love Castle!



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FANFICTION Of finding innocence Genre : Friendship / Romance Language : English Chapiters : 41 Author : : FanficwriterGHC Read the fanfic - in english


f Finding Innocence tells the story of what it would be like if Castle had met Kate before she made detective. When we first meet 24 year old Kate, she is standing in line to get one of her Richard Castle books signed with her friend Maddie; both of them young and finding their way in their chosen careers. Kate leaves the line to use the restroom and bumps into Alexis Castle, a recently turned seven year old. After a few moments with a recently divorced Castle, she offers to watch the child while her father signs books. The relationship between the three of them is rooted from this event. This 41-chapter story takes readers on a path that absorbs the characters that we all know and gives them their own niche in this world. Even though this fan fiction begins earlier than the show, the author still finds a way to give readers a procedural aspect of this story. There are some differences between the series and this fan fiction, they go unnoticed because of the power of the story. However, some miniscule aspects do require some of the readersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; suspension of disbelief, but they are very limited. The characters do repeat

themselves, especially the relationship between Kate and Alexis. The dialogue returns back to one rooted question between them, but this brings reality to the story. While being entertained, reality is sometimes quickened for the mind of the viewer, but this story doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t do that. The most powerful part of this story is the relationships between the characters. We dive deep into their conscience and discover their thoughts and their fears as if they were our own. We see their problems and feel them as they figure them out on the page. I have found this to be on the most interesting fan fictions written for the Castle fandom. It gives readers exactly what they want: a truthful relationship between Castle and Beckett.


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Rear Window


ver since it was created, Castle has tried really hard to pay tribute to a large part of pop culture through its episodes’ themes. The TV show is overfilled with winky references. Anything goes: from Star Wars to Indiana Jones, action movies like Taken, horror movies built on elaborate plots, and even the 40s-style film noirs. Therefore, in a very logical way, the celebration of the 100th episode carries on this tradition by paying tribute to one of the greatest movies of its time from the 50s: Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window. For those who weren’t born at the time, or those who didn’t care enough to discover this American work of art by themselves, Rear Window is a suspense drama with a photographer who, after an accident, finds himself in a wheelchair and makes the most of it by peacefully watching his neighbor’s life through his window. It dramatically changes when he suspects that he witnessed a murder from his own apartment and, although he is surrounded by strong characters, including his girlfriend, played by the great Grace Kelly, nobody seems to believe him.


This very same plot was implemented in Castle’s 19th episode from season 5. Our favorite writer is stuck at the loft because of some “nasty fall in skis” and, to stave off boredom, finds himself watching his neighbors using some binoculars his daughter bought him. Just like Hitchcock’s film, he quickly becomes the spectator of a strange scene and starts putting theories together under Beckett’s, his daughter’s, and his colleagues’ puzzled and unconvinced looks. However, unlike the movie, our episode doesn’t end with Castle’s neighbor getting arrested. Indeed, all of this was actually a conspiracy; a surprise masterfully orchestrated by Beckett who had decided to throw an unforgettable surprise-party for her boyfriend’s birthday. The parallel ends on that note, but it is very interesting to observe the small similarities between those two works. Undeniably, Jeff (James Stewart), Rear Window’s protagonist, is in love with the beautiful Lisa (Grace Kelly), but wonders about the future of their love story. His fear of commitment appears as a real foreshadowing for Castle for the end of the 5th

number 05

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season’s plots about the possibility of a wedding and the lovers’ future as a couple. Just like Hitchcock enjoys doing a little cameo (around the 25th minute in Rear Window), Andrew Marlowe and his wife Terri Edda Miller, the couple leading the show’s writing, appear for a few seconds in one of the apartments Castle spies on. And those are not the only things they have in common! For that matter, you can have some fun trying to figure them all out by yourself!

All in all, more than a copy or a plagiarism, this 100th episode of Castle is definitely a tribute to an incredible work that is still quite relevant with our changing times and we strongly advise you to see. If you love the show, you’ll find that the movie depicts a similar spirit: a relationship between the two main characters that resembles that of Castle and Beckett, and a sense of humor that hits the nail on the head!


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tarhawk is one of the impulse games that out friends at Castle play on Playstation 3. We decided to learn what it was about this game that would keep Castle from joining an explicit Kate in his room. In Starhawk, sometime in the near future, Emmett Graves, a mercenary touched by the most precious energy source called Rift Energy, has to protect it with his shot and knife. The object of this game is to defeat and hit some enemies by the “Build and Battle” system on earth, in the air or with a vehicle. This system constructs a strategic aspect of the game, like “Age Of Empire”. You can receive some equipment, vehicles or fortifications (like walls) by air to defeat different kinds of enemies (Outlaws: enemies on earth, Hawks: flying mechs…).

Although the graphics have a beautiful quality, and campaign mode is interesting and diverting, multiplayer mode is not. This last mode is less attractive than solo mode and servers – most are on the American continent – are difficult to access for our European friends. In some French stores, the game withdrew from the market and seemed dead. You can test the solo mode version at the Playstation Store and also sample a free demo to make your opinion. Finally, to come back on Castle, like a geek, it’s not surprising that he preferred to save his game than join his sweetheart … who could wait until the end of the game, right? Kriek

Starhawk offers the possibility to play in different environments (desert, marsh, sanitized base, space) with awesome graphics. Like most of games, we can play online with multiple players. So, you could have up to 32 enemies; play with an offline friend, or incorporate mode with a maximum of 3 associated players.


number 05

Coffee talk Rick’s women For the first time, we have discovered that the drama class that Martha teaches is good. In fact, we admired the talent of her students during the staging of a murder specifically concocted for Castle’s anniversary. Good job Martha; the success is assured! Even when you’re a famous writer, mom’s advice is always welcome. Thus, she is the one who opens her son’s eyes about his fear of commitment with Kate. Although convinced he loves her, she thinks it comes from the fact that deep down, he knows that it will not work. Likely to result from their conversation, the actress will probably have a new daughter-in-law. As usual, Alexis shows her maturity and selfless by giving her pocket money for the ecological Clean Air Foundation. However, she is caught stealing food from her father, who catches her and requires

Castle is a little overprotective, and is therefore reluctant to sign the check allowing his daughter to travel for six weeks in the rainforest of Costa Rica...

explanation. A chateaubriand is is the safety of his only child. After the events in Paris, Yes or No ??? Before trying to impress his girlfriend on the ski slopes, Rick should have remembered that pride comes before a fall. With one leg in a cast, Caskett said goodbye to a vacation in the sun for his birthday. But Beckett always has a solution and still finds a way to offer a lovely gift to her boyfriend. Indeed, she fakes a murder scene in order to occupy the injured Castle during his rehabilitation. A witness in his own home, he finds a way to conduct the investigation alone from a wheelchair because nobody believes him. However, everyone Castle knows is in on the secret! Regardless of the trickery, Castle said it was the best birthday gift he ever received. In “Still,” what a pleasure it was to see them kindly squabbling about who fell in love with whom first, all while Kate is standing on a bomb. Although criticism surrounded the much anticipated “I love you” from Beckett, she still said it (even though she was about to die). Despite this declaration, the couple is later put at risk when a handsome billionaire with an accent requests Beckett as his bodyguard and tries

number 05

to seduce her. Luckily the detective rejects his advances, but the man still managed to insinuate doubt in her mind when he asked how serious her relationship with Castle is. After this, everything goes wrong for the couple. An argument broke out between them when Castle happens to find a plane ticket on Beckett’s floor, requiring her to tell him about her interview in D.C. Beckett talks to her father and Castle talks to his mother, leading us to the question that opens our eyes. Castle decides he needs to show her that he wants more from them and asks her to marry him. What is Beckett’s answer? We are as eager as you are, but we must wait until September!


Coffee talk Gates: a caskett fan? We already have discovered several sides to Gates, but recently she revealed that she has yet another one. She bluffed all of us, including Castle, when she reprimanded the writer and his muse for violating many rules in an unnecessary (and fake) case. Yep, Gates participated in Kate’s elaborate birthday gift for Castle. Her performance even deserves an Oscar for realism. By this, she shows that she is never far away when it comes to playing a joke on Rick. The fact that she participated in the surprise organized for his birthday also showed her loyalty to the writer.     

The fact that she likes her employees is no longer a secret, but she has once again shown it when she commands the team that is trying to save Beckett from the bomb she is standing on.   With each of Gates’ appearances, we discover a new part of her personality. Contrary to what the team first thought, Gates new about Castle and Beckett but turned a blind eye about it at the 12th. At the end of “Still,” she encourages Kate to “kiss her man” to thank him for all of his courage and support during the bomb scare. Finally, to everyone’s surprise, she responds positively to the proposal of Beckett’s promotion. She even pushes her to accept the opportunity and says that she will give her a recommendation. Gates may, therefore, be a good adviser and act in the interest of her troops. Victoria Gates never fails to amaze us!

The Bros: a real team

Most of the time the Bro’s are on the same team, except when it comes to rationality. In these cases, new pairs tend to form in the 12th team. Thus, Esposito and Beckett find themselves fighting against the fanciful minds of Ryan and Castle. But when it comes to saving their friend and colleague from danger, the two men are doing everything they can to solve the case. In terms of love, everything is good for Kevin. Esposito is delighted about Ryan’s future as a father, and the latter is really happy about that. However, if there is a pair for whom we do not really know where they stand, it is Esplanie. One day they are canoodling in the background, and the next day, both look to other people of the opposite sex. Are they in a free relationship?


number 05

The 12th dimension

Heat news


21/03 - 20/04

Love : Like every summer, the hiatus is terrible. Health: Find something to do and the 130 days will fly by! Work: 4 months of vacation? We look forward to September!

Ryan & Jenny

22/06 - 22/07

Love: 2 is good, but 3 is better.

21/04 - 20/05

Love: You have a choice to make. Health : You might want to look at your hand in the next couple of weeks. Work : DC or NYC?

21/05 - 21/06

Love: Pamper one day, pamper forever. Health:Enjoy the next few months and party. Work: Is there space for a cradle between your desks?

castle 23/07 - 22/08

Love : You have a lot of guts.

Health: You might want to start Health : Try to keep your stress levels waking up during all hours of the down night now to prepare yourself. Work : You can write anywhere. Why Work: Be careful and manage your not a little change of scenery? time. Your family might want to see you more.

number 05



23/08 - 22/09

Love: Are you in a relationship with the invisible man? Health : The blue looks good on you Work : Focus on your studies rather than shopping.


The 12th dimension

Gates Lanie


24/10 - 22/11

23/11 - 21/12

23/09 - 23/10

Love: Watch your half of the “relationship” and manifest your feelings.

Love: Your kindness will honor you.

Love: Make a decision!

Health: Rest!

Health : Couples counseling?

Health : You’re luminous. Have you done something with your hair?

Work: On the field or behind a desk, you will not be fooled.

Work: Find a common ground where you both can be.




22/10 - 20/01

21/01 - 19/02

20/02 - 20/03

Love: Is there water in the flames? We have not heard much from you?

Love : You go hand to hand these days.

Love: You give good advice, but what about your love life?

Health : Healthy as a horse in a scaly body!

Health : Get ready to travel.

Health : Do you feel good?

Work : How long does it take a coffee maker to get from New York City to D.C.?

Work: On stage!

Work: Nothing too special. Make sure you live your life unlike those on your table.

Work : Nothing to report, but you should still watch your back!


number 05

French Dubbing: meet with Castleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s voice

Heat News #5 English  

The burning underside of Castle

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