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STAFF EDITOR Poling WRITERS Keancy, Everdeen, Erin, Kat, Mariane, Marine, Minie, Poling, Redjane, Vero SUB-EDITORS Kat, Minie, Poling, Redjane, Vero TRANSLATORS Castle3, Jess, Megan, Minie, Vero ILLUSTRATIONS Paz, saisoto, Amro DESIGN Nono LAYOUT Erin, Nono

The start of the school year is upon us. Some adults are yelling, “Finally,” while some children are yelling, “not yet!” Regardless, it is time for the kids to go back to school and for adults to continue their workday. Of course, it is regretful to see the breaks and holidays to disappear. Personally I went to Nono’s place for a week to visit her side of town. It was a beautiful week making it very hard to leave and return to the real world. However, when talking about the start of the school year it also means that Heat News is returning as well. Although the staff found time to take some time to themselves, it is time that we come together once again to bring the new season of articles, news, reviews, press packages, interviews and so on about Castle. Although we prepare to celebrate the return of our beloved series on September 23, we are also celebrating the first anniversary of the magazine! Each issue is made for you! The readers! We continue Heat News because of you! We want to thank each of you for your support throughout our first year! Now, go and discover the sixth issue of Heat News and more to come every two months! Enjoy the new season and see you next time! Poling

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#CASTLE 3. 20 YEARS OLD Team: Translator Firtst Name: Solène Who am I ?: I’m the new one to the team and attracted to

everything to do with the USA. I am a huge series-addict who especially likes Castle, Once upon a Time, Vampire Diaries and Bones. Even if my artistic sense is somtimes limited, there is only music, writing, fiction and sport that I like more as a participator than a spectator.

#EVERDEEN. 28 YEARS OLD Team: Layout Designer First Name: Severine Who am I ?: I mainly like to listen to music while lying in grass. I like to watch some TV shows at 3 a.m and eat Nutella with a spoon. When I was a child, I wanted to be a journalist, a producer, a ventriloquist, a writer or everything at onceOtherwise, I sort of like sports and vegetables (or not).

#ERIN. 26 YEARS OLD Team: Writer/Editor/Layout Designer Firtst Name: Aurore Who am I ?: Young dreamer girl fascinated and fascinating,

shipper and sometimes romantic, I like to read everything I find. Beside being a series-addicted, I like old houses with ghosts story and hidden treasures. Castle is one of the nicest adventures I could live by meeting other fans who some are now friends.

#JESS Team: English editor Firtst Name: Jessica Who am I ?: My name is Jessica and I live in Sydney, Aus-

tralia. I am the eldest of two brothers and live in a family with a lot of pets. I have 3 dogs, 6 parrots and a blue tongue lizard (my youngest brother’s). I love to write fiction and have been trying to write my own novel, but also write fan fiction for Castle. I love photography and art and have been developing my skills for both.

#KAT. 27 YEARS OLD Team: Writer/Editor Firtst Name: Marie Who am I ?: Novice writer (yes, just like Castle!), I am a

dreamer, but I still live in the reality fascinated by all literature. I try to make Castle fanarts via Photoshop. My life revolves around writing, reading, listening to various musics (but mostly sad and beautiful), and watching TV shows; Castle being my favorite just before The Mentalist.

#KEANCY. 24 YEARS OLD Team: Writer/Editor Firtst Name: Cyrielle Who am I ?: As a huge Castle Fan, I could not make it

through without this series or Caskett. Shipper in the soul, I eat Caskett, I sleep Caskett, I like Caskett, I laugh Caskett and all at once. Because Castle is not the only thing in my life (really?), I have been horse riding for 2 years. I am also fascinated by the history of France, music and TV shows.

#MEGAN. 20 YEARS OLD Team: English editor Firtst Name: Megan Who am I ?: It began with Gilmore Girls, sitting on the

couch having mini heart-attacks throughout the hour. I continue to engross myself in the world of detectives, parallel universes, mythical creatures, and medical jargon. I am currnetly earning a degree in Media Studies. Writing is a secret passion that was only discovered when I tried to convey my television «feels» all over internet. Now I do it daily.

#NONO. 25 YEARS OLD Team: Layout Designer in Chief First Name: Aurélie Who am I ?: Being a graphic designer, I am fascinated by

cinema and some TV shows. On my free time, I work on a 3D project, I make some websites and posters, or I have fun with my friends by playing at Airsoft. I like the geek culture and Otaku: mangas, comics, and video games. I mostly listen to rock, engaged lyrics, symphonic metal and soundtracks of films and video games.

#KRIEK, 22 YEARS OLD Team: Writer/Editor Firtst Name: Claire Who am I ?: I’m a castle addict!! I’m am seller in a petshop

but sometimes I am writing «Follow the geek» for Heat News. I need my video game fix ; I’m a real geek! I love watch TV Shows, movies, comics and mangas

#MARIANE. 15 YEARS OLD Team: Writer/Editor Firtst Name: Mariane Who am I ?: Youngest of the team, horsewoman and series-

addict, I devote myself to addictive practices but non-harmful, like watching Castle, Sherlock, Dexter, The Mentalist, Bones. I’m proud to have a geek soul – I’m never without my earpieces. In my world, the ambitious, passionate and almost bilingual, high school student, would become a writer or a journalist.

#MINIE. 26 YEARS OLD Team: Writer/Editor Firtst Name: Emilie Who am I ?: Computer scientist in the majestic capital

where there is as much rain as sun, I often break the routine «subway, job, sleep». I also would like to live of this overflow cultures. Music, reading, TV shows are part of my life.

#OLIVIA. 20 YEARS OLD Team: English editor Firtst Name: Olivia Who am I ?: I’m a full-time college student, earning a

degree in communications media and sociology. I have a slightly unhealthy addiction to TV. As a result, I spend a lot of time reviewing new shows, obsessing over my old favorites, and crying over fictional romances. My current obsession is Once upon a Time. I’m a fan of hot beverages, cold weather and Sara Bareilles.



Team: Editor Firtst Name: Pauline Who am I ?: A young school teacher in a country where it

rains a lot, I live off of chips and chocolate (mostly chocolate, in fact). I am a fervent defender of the french language. When I do not work, I like to listen to music, read, and be comfortable while watching my favorite TV shows, such as Castle, Revenge, and Lost Girl.

Team: Writers/Sub-editors/Translators Firtst Name: Nath Who am I ?: A fan of US TV shows and a geek soul, I also

really like science and observing the stars. A science-fiction enthusiast, I followed Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly to Castle. Why I like the series ? There’s the humor, the characters, all endearing ,and the way the plot evolves over the seasons. In short, the same thing as everyone else.

#VERO. 20 YEARS OLD Team: Translators First Name: Véronique Who am I ?: I am passionate about a lot of things, but mos-

ty music, sports, and tv series. My biggest passion is traveling. I’ve visited a lot of cities such as New York, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, and Geneva. I am a huge Castle fan. The proof ? The most beautiful day of the week is Monday !.


#SAISOTO. Team: Comic First-name: Isa Who am I?: I’m an engineer that ended up as a web develo-

per. I’m an avid reader and a sucker for new shows. Drawing is my hobby, my outlet, the outcome for a need to express myself. At first I didn’t like the show, but I’d fallen in love with Nathan Fillion since I watched Firefly, so I decided to give it a try. After the first season I loved all the characters, especially Castle family. :)

#AMRO. 26 YEARS OLD Team: Illustrator First-name: Amro Who am I ?: I am Egyptian but whole my life I live abroad

for long time ago . I am working as a Digital Artist & Graphic Designer CASTLE is my favourite TV show for always & foreverIn my free time I like watching TV shows, movies and listening to music.I like traveling to see different cultures especially Asian. I hope one day I can meet Nathan & Stana (Castle) in the reality

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Castle’s underground

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Forbidden Planet James Patterson

The latest gossips on your favorite characters


Agenda Oct 6x04 mber one fan 14-15th Nu Oct 6x05 e will tell 21-22th Tim Oct 6x06 28-29th

Aug 11th

August: On August 11 the Dever family attended the No Kill Los Angeles brunch for the donors of the organization. These organizations are promoting the protection and adoption of animals. Also present was Lisa Edelstein who plays agent McCord on Castle.

Sep September 17: Tamala Jones attended the 17th the 65th annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Oct 5x21 Quail Squab and the 14th The

Sep 30th

Oct 5x22 Still 14th Oct 5x23 man Factor The Hu 21th Oct 5x24 Watershed 21th

September 30: Some members of the Castle cast and crew attended the panel at Paleyfest in Beverly Hills. There will be an article discussing this night in the next issue of Heat News.

Oct 5x07 an Song 14th Sw Oct 5x08 After Hours 21th Oct 5x09t Santa Secre 28th Nov 5x10 rs Significant Othe 04th



Storm Front, the latest novel featuring the adventures of Derrick Storm, was released on June 5. If you missed the publication there is still time to run to your local bookstore to pick up a copy.


The votes for the 2014 People’s Choice Awards will begin shortly. Category voting will be open until October 22. Votes to elect the nominees start shortly after that. Start exercising your voting hands!


The DVD of the fifth season of Castle will be available in France on December 4.

John Huertas October 23,1976

Tamala Jones November 12, 1974 ................................................................. Andrew W. Marlowe November 18 .................................................................. Susan Sullivan November 18, 1942 .................................................................. Ruben S.Hudson  November 24, 1956

Flash News

What’s up on Twitter ?? ...@AndrewWMarlowe always LOVES every one. #CastleSeason6 Good times.

Good morning! Let me take this moment to say: You are so frickin’ cool. Thanks for being you, Tweeps.

Thanx 2 all u Castle fans 4 making my dream a reality everyday! I’m humbled & honored 2 be able to do what I do! #winning #childhooddream

I found our lock @seamusdever! It took a bit, but I found it. So happy to see our #lovelock still in #Paris #missyou

@CleverDever aww baby. I bet it took awhile to find it. Miss you too.

I haven’t live tweeted the show in a while. The premiere on Monday is as good as any to start back up again, I think. Thoughts?

Beckett’s gotta save her man! Castle/Beckett lovenothing’s ever easy. Ughh! Stressballs.

What is joy? A shoulder massage from Nathan, a warm sister embrace/Terri. What else? You!


number 06

In the papers The French newspapers August - September The French newspapers were present for the series come back, and Castle holds a good place. The articles give us a very positive review of season 5, but we could also regret that some tell too much about what is going to happen in the next episode. Let’s make a summary.

August 31st to September 13th) announced that season 5 is very entertaining, but still reveals too much about some episodes. In a double page again, Téléstar (from August 31st to September 6th) announced that season 5 will tell us more about the past of our two heroes, and will allow us to enter into the couple’s private lives. Three episodes are highlighted (one of them being the 100th of course), but also the two-part episode and the first of the season, but without revealing too many details. Télé2semaines (from August 19th) offers us a concise but still clear article. After some general information about the series, they explain how the writers have succeeded in avoiding the «Moonlighting Curse», and a trend of the series in becoming, and I quote, «soapy», by trying to spice up the plots and playing with the humor.

On the Front page of Télé Magazine, the series is granted two pages, which spoil almost all the framework of the season! The magazine even reveals the end of the last episode, and announces Lisa Edelstein as a future guest and explains what her role will be in the season 6! So, unless you are the type who begins a book by reading the last page, or you have already seen the season 5, we advise you to avoid this article.

Finally, a little interview of Nathan Fillion in TéléZ reveals that the French fans are apparently the only ones to send him fan letters, and he finds that the French voice doubling him (Guillaume Orsat) fits perfectly with his character (much more than the Japanese voice.) I want to take this moment to remind you that you can still read the report focused on the dubbing of the series by our very own Heat News magazine in its 4th edition.

In the same style, TV Grandes Chaînes (from

Télé Loisirs

August 31st - September 6th

Télé Loisirs does not stray from the rule of autumn term with an article on the return of the leading series, drawing a parallel between two assets of France 2 and TF1: Castle and The Mentalist. The romance between Castle and Beckett is presented as the background of season 5 with the high point: the disclosure of their relationship to their family and friends. The two-part episode is also highlighted. The conclusion of the Red John case, foretold number 06

by the end of season 6, could mark the end for The Mentalist, while Castle’s stable ratings make it a solid value for ABC which is rather good news.


In the papers TéléTop Matin

August 25th

The August 25th, 2013 issue of Télétop Matin (Belgian Magazine) left a gift to all fans of TV, and particularly to Castle fans. It warmed the fans hearts by devoting almost a full page to this show. The article provides no spoilers about the upcoming events and long-awaited answers. They discuss details that can scare more than one fan of the crime drama. The private lives of the characters are more of a focus compared to the investigation, but rest assured, the series will not become a soap opera; it will keep its status as a crime drama show with funny cases.

An example? If this Christmas you do not find gifts under the tree, it may be because Santa Claus was killed (5x09). So Belgian fans, you can watch the end of season 5 at 8:35 on RTL TVI.

August 2013 The German magazine Serien Highlights devoted an article to one of our favorite main characters of Castle: Stana Katic. They describe Stana’s biography and her filmography, which begins with the drama, Shut Eye in 2003 and continues into her recent career.

Serien Highlights

Miami, Stana’s success reaches a new peak when she received the role of Kate Beckett in 2008. The “will-they-won’t-they” is the most popular theme for the series. They continue to discuss how Castle is nothing but a boost for her career. It is allowing her to receive more important roles such as Sofia in For Lovers Only by Mark Polish. The article also recalls her first meeting with costar Nathan Fillion and eventually ends on the note that season 6 will begin on September 23 in the USA.

After number of minor roles in television series such as JAG, Emergency Room, The Closer, Brother and Sister, and CSI:

EW et TV Guide On the other side of the Atlantic, newspapers and magazine discuss the beginning of season 6: Entertainment Weekly explains that fans will not have to wait long for long-awaited answers. But whatever it is, it will affect their relationship, says Andrew Marlowe. Additionally, there will be episodes with tension and others with comedy, like to one

September 2013 with guest star Antonio Sabato Jr. The TV Guide article is devoted to the arrival of Lisa Edelstein in the series for at least three episodes. The former partner of Dr. House will become Beckett’s mentor, and she will not be very agreeable in the presence of Castle.



number 06

Press Pack Castle’s Underground We always forget, but a television set made up of mostly visual sites. Americans love to localize their sets and series’ actions. It’s important to show the city on the set That’s why we invite you “Castle’s Underground”.

Los Angeles (LA) or New York (NY) Generalities New York is one of the most important cities in the US. It is a global power and a cultural capital. It has an influence on the financial, commercial, entertainment, media, fashion, and art world. So, it is no coincidence that Castle is set there. The police world is well represented in NY and visible in the city at any time. Great stories tell perspective. Although the series is in NY, it is filmed in Los Angeles for economic and practical reasons. The actors live in Los Angeles and it is obvious that the weather is milder. Also, LA plays a major role in the television/film industry. Series’ Pilot

number 06

The pilot features 30 minutes that was filmed in New York. The outdoor spaces that we can see are real. The decor of the 12th was filmed in NY as well as Castle’s loft. When ABC picked up the series, they added 15 minutes to the episode, which was filmed in LA. Therefore, the 12th might look different depending on the take, as well as Castle’s loft. This addition also marks the arrival of another actor, Seamus Dever, playing the role of Ryan. There is a lot of false connections in the scenery during the first episode.

Les décors : There is much to say about the scenery. However,


Press Pack all of it is already described in the section The Old Haunt in the «File» tab. Here’s the link: Also note that the actors also bring a personal touch to the decor. We can see elephants at Beckett’s desk in the 12th. Stana was given those by some fans. In addition, Jon also gave his opinion on the makings and decorations of Espositio’s apartment. Technical: Castle, a Series of Composition. The Game Funds The filming of a scene does not take place in one go or in a dream where no editing is required. The constraint of Los Angeles is, of course, visual order for outdoor scenes. It would be a shame to see Santa Monica beach in the heart of Manhattan! One of the most commonly used special effects on the set is the green or blue screen. The goal is to turn plans on a colored background and superimpose another image later in the post-production process. The color green provides a transparency in postproduction for replacement. This technique can be applied directly, like when you are watching the weather channel. Castle well illustrates this technique in one of the episodes of season 5 when he pretended to be Superman on the New York skyline when they visited a news studio. The other technique is to integrate a virtual studio or impossible to turn live setting. The use of a blue or green background depends on the type of construction. When they use a blue color, it is usually becuase the actors are wearing it and they will superimpose something onto their


bodies in post-production. The green background is most prevalent in movies and television as CCD cameras are more sensitive. Any thing works for getting a green background : wallpaper, paint or canvas (which is reminiscent of the canvas Castle used for his projector). In the workplace, they use a green screen. The camera is an important element. It must be as sensitive as possible and have a good definition. The more CCD sensor pixels, the better. Ideally, to get the best possible result is to use a professional camera. On Castle, cameras are obviously quality and pose no such problems. The assembly is technical where one must revoce the background color of the image so that the new image can be placed on top of it. To do this, you must use the software that specializes in image processing. Professionals have commercial software with plugins specially dedicated. Present a Scene That Takes Place in the Heart of LA, But After Assembly, is NY.

number 06

Press Pack

American cities are all built on the same model : that of the grid plan with streets at right angles and wide avenues. Nothing is easier than to add a few details in a shooting. For example, the presence of a phone number with the area code and the absence of tall buildings on screen . Some adjustments later, buildings appear in perspective, the phone number has changed to be the colors of NY, and yellow taxis give the illusion. Los Angeles has become New York. Only locals can tell the difference of the cities. More subtle changes are carried out and give an identity, a location, on the series.     The company that handles special effects (VFX ) in the series has posted a video explaining the changes made by computer. Through this video, we invite you to discover the work of these men that might make you take a second look when you watch an episode. If we take the example of Beckett at the end of «Always, » Stana Katic is actually safe and not suspended off a building. At other times, subtle changes are operated and give identity and a geographic location to the series. The Discussions Initiated on the Sets via ABC Let’s look at the work done before: enter the head designers! Designer Alfred Sole often talks on Twitter and on the ABC website showing how they work. When the script is revealed, the team sets to work on the board. The design team works closely with all the teams. They must respond to the request of a completely new design when it’s given from the ship of the Nebula -9, for example, to the murder board, or the design of a crime scene. The murder board is an important part of each episode and its layout thought out. The purpose is to

number 06

give information about the murder, but to have a harmony to the board. They also want to show the evolution of the investigation. You have to give the viewer the impression that the picture is actually filled with elements of the investigation. The other key element of decoration is recycling. If you have the impression of seeing the same object several times in different episodes, you’re not going crazy. Alfred Sole told us it is not unusual for him to use the same object multiple times in different episodes. Since he does not tell us what objects they are or which episodes they are in, it’s up to you to investigate. On the other hand, some designs are reworked from pre-established plans and drawings. For example, the cabin in the episode « The Human Factor, » (5x23), has undergone a complete makeover: the exterior has grown and has solar panels. The interior was restored in the studio and other set pieces were reused to build the walls and decor. The Influence of the Characters on the Sets With the feature on sets on the DVD of season 5, we can see what went in to decorating all the apartments on the set of Castle. The apartments are decorated according to the character’s personality. For example, Beckett’s apartment is made up of strange antiques and artwork that is specific to her character. When it came time to create her apartment, the decorative team talked to the writers about what Beckett would have in her apartment and what kind of person she was to make this style. Moreover, in Castle’s apartment, we do not find a passion for the past. Who has not noticed the books in his apartment? This decorative element is present to demonstrate his passion for reading.  


Press Pack

All the decorative elements go together to allow us to associate the decor personality of the person who lives there. We could describe the same thing featuring Castle’s loft, but it would be spoiling the DVD extra from season 5 !pour démontrer sa passion pour la lecture. Bref, tous les éléments du décor réunis nous permettent d’associer le décor à la personnalité du personnage qui y vit. Il serait possible

de faire le même exercice pour le loft de Castle mais nous vous invitons à la place à visionner les bonus des DVD de la saison 5 qui traitent justement ce sujet.



number 06

News 65th Emmys Awards


n September 22, 2013, a few hours before the 65th Primetime Emmy’s Awards were to begin, Nathan Fillion posted on his Twitter account that he was looking for a place at the ceremony. Fans were surprised when he appeared in a suit and tie, accompanied by Mikaela Hoover, his girlfriend, on the red carpet at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.

sixth season of Castle to which he responded to with silence. However, the big surprise of the evening was his appearance in the middle of the ceremony. Indeed, Nathan appeared on stage with comedian Sarah Silverman and his friend, (and host of the ceremony), Neil Patrick Harris, during the «In the Middle of the Show» number. After a bit of dancing, he made the assembly laugh with his « Shut up I’m gonna sing « part ... which he did while dancing. Although his appearance on stage was brief, fans were able to rediscover his singing talent.

A reporter asked him if he really wanted tickets and, as usual, he responded with his humor. The journalist also asked him about the


28th Annual Imagen Awards


ver the summer, Jon Huertas, aka Javier Esposito, released his first album, held a convert, and earned an Imagen award. On August 16th, Jon was awarded the prize of «Best Actor» in a TV show for Castle. This ceremony, which took place in California, honors actors with a Latin origin. Jon also accepted the award for Best Primetime TV Program on behalf of the Castle cast and crew. A few days before, Jon devoted himself to another one of his passions: music. Since the release of his album in June, the actor has been doing both music and television. For his fans, he gave a concert in the Dragonfly

room in Los Angeles where he sang songs from his album. Finally, Jon attended the events sponsored by GLAAD at Handcock Park.


number 06


News Elysium


e discovered a vivacious Stana Katic at the premiere of Elysium on August 7th in Los Angeles. Katic wore a plum colored dress by Bec & Bridge paired with black Jimmy Choo heels. Her jewelry was designed by Dana Rebecca. Upon her arrival Stana appeared very cheerful and happy as she was captured by the crackling flashes of photographers from all sides. In high demand, it was with pleasure and laughing that she met the needs of the poses requested of her, even if they were funny. Other celebrities were also present at the film premiere.

Fan expo


rom August 22nd to the 25th, the 19th Annual Fan Expo took place in Toronto, Canada. This convention highlights cartoons, animation, games, TV, and film. This year, Nathan Fillion was present for the science fiction genre. Nathan represented Firefly and Castle on both Saturday and Sunday. The actor made the audience laugh with his humor, for example, when he said that his knees hurt him because he had spent the hiatus on his knees waiting for an answer from Kate. He also talked about Firefly and Castle while he participated in a question/answer period with his fans. POLING


number 06

News Promos pictures


here has been a long wait for them, but they finally arrived on Septeber 4th and 5th : the promotional pictures of Castle season six ! The fandom, dying from impatience, has finally discovered them, seen them, analyzed them, and peeled them to bits. Just like season 5, the opinions are once again divided. Some fans were so happy about their reveal that they didn’t complain about the pictures. They were focused on the joy that they had from simply seeing them. Others have torn them apart. They’ve critiqued the photo’s editing quality, specifically how the photo doesn’t have enough of a «human » quality. while some have deplored the abuse of the editing software’s use again. Since last season, the use is so intense that they look like they are a doll from Madam Tussaud’s wax museum. Let’s start with the promotional pictures of the secondary characters. Gates wears a grey dress, which enhances the cold and authoritarian aspect of her character. Alexis wears a sober dress, but with more joyful colors and shorter in length than the other women. This is highlighting her becoming an adult. As usual, Martha wears a very original outfit, but less colored. Lanie wears the most colored and «joyful» outfit of them all. We also noticed that Martha is the only one to be smiling in her photo. The others have a neutral face. Ryan and Esposito both wear dark suits. Let’s finish with Castle and Beckett’s photos. The

number 06

couple appear in calm pictures with simple poses on a background that looks like a painting of a room with a staircase. Beckett is once again in the chair, as well as Castle in another photo. Kate wears a simple white blouse paired with dark trousers. This outfit could show the necessary rigor and professionalism of her new job. Rick wears a grey and black suit paired with a navy blue shirt. In these photos there is nothing to clue that they are an engaged couple, or even close to each other as people. With their photos together, two were taken in front of the same background as the other characters, which is a grey background. But, with these photos, we can see that they are close to each other unlike the other characters. They look happy together as well. With all of these photos, there is nothing to show that they are important to each other. Their relationship does not reflect back to the viewer. More than that, we can not tell that they are engaged because Kate is not wearing a ring on her finger. A few days later, the group picture was revealed on Entertainment Weekly’s website. From the time of its release, the picture created a divide in the fans. Some found it too simple and not too attractive. All of the characters are posed almost the same as they were in their individual photos. The lack of originality was highlighted many times among fans. Even if the fans were entertained by the revealing of these photos, we still wait to see the other pictures from this photo shoot. POLING



Have you always known that you wanted to be a designer?


Where do you find your inspirations for your set decor?

No. Initially, I wanted to be a film director but as things turned out, I had more opportunities as a production designer as my background and training was in architecture.

I find them from life! Also I check out photography magazines, fashion magazines, films, and architecture. I always get inspired by other designers and cinematographer’s work. You truly need to have a passion for movies to be in this industry.

How did you become a production designer? How did you get your job on Castle?

Do your inspirations change depending on the season?

My first job as a production designer was for the director Martha Coolidge on Crazy In Love. I was an architect and was designing the house for her while she was directing a film. The producer, who was a good friend of mine, helped me fake a resume as a practical joke and ultimately she gave me the job. I told her, “If I can design your house, I definitely could design your movie. “

My inspirations change depending on the project.

The creator of Castle came to visit during the filming of Veronica Mars and really liked the sets. At the time, I was designing a pretty cool hotel suite. When Castle came around, she remembered me and I got a call to come in for an interview.

What happens to the sets when they are not being used?

What have been your greatest challenges in your job? Creativity and commerce: the biggest challenge in production design is that it is an art form, but you also have to be responsible for the finances.

We put them in storage. If it’s a low budget film, we give it away to another production that could use it. However, in TV we will store it or recycle them to number 06

Custody use them again and again. How do you get the items for your set? Buy, rent from a prop house, or have them custom made. What is the most exciting part of putting together a set? Working with the screenwriter and director on the concept. And the actual designing. Especially when you are left alone to do all the designing and you don’t have to answer to anyone. What is your favorite set and why? The underground FBI agency. I was able to expand the look of what a typical FBI agency would look like and work with modular sections of concrete and steel. There were a lot of challenges in terms of the actors’ movement in the set. What other projects are you working on? I am looking into remaking Alice, Sweet Alice, a film I directed back in 1976. Is there anything you can tell us about season 6?

Lastly, how does a set come together from the time you get the script to the time the scene gets to air? Is there anything particular that happens? Lots of hard work by a lot of creative people. If you could, can you show us a step by step of how you create a set from the beginning of the script until the end when the scene is on the air? (Team discussions, plans, delay, set up, realization, etc.) If possible, are there illustrations to explain this process? It just so happens that on season 5, if you buy the DVD there is a half hour featurette in which I do exactly that!

This season is going to be exciting because it is season 6 and writers are running out of ideas. When writers run out of ideas, it usually gets bigger and bigger and bigger. I predict that there will be lots more action and explosions.

More Website : Facebook : Castle art dept Twitter : @CastleArtDept


number 06


A closer look Wrapped Up in Death

Episode 2x19 The murder of a museum curator gives Castle and Beckett the opportunity to compare their theories and to face THE malediction. Guess who think the mummy did it?

8,5 / 10 The 6th season begin in USA just as the 5th was beginning it’s second life across the Atlantic. The last three months have been endless to us all. Looking back all I see is a beautiful detective with boiling temper with a charming writer by her side and now they are engaged. It has all gone by so fast! A lot of water under the bridge has passed since the characters first met each other back in 2009. But there is something that has never changed and continues through the series. Have you any idea? Yes, sure, we won’t include Nathan Fillion in this. I’ll help you. It’s that one thing you have on your face as the episode begins. It’s the thing that appears every time you hear this line “this series is really great.” It’s a smile on your face. The series regularly offers us humor and delicious references that we digest with happiness. “Wrapped Up in Death” is an episode that gives audiences an extra breath. That’s why I choice it and because I have a soft spot for the 2nd season. The story is classic: Will Medina, an archeologist and curator for New York’s Museum of Natural History, is victim of a unique murder . . . by a mummy. Having discovered the tomb of Kan-Xul, a legendary Mayan king, he was struck by the curse when he saw the face of the

mummy. Of course, the reality is much more mundane and it is revealed that Medina was covering up another murder of a student. This episode is tasty with all the little allusions and references to Scooby Doo, (Beckett taking Velma’s place and Castle comparing her to Daphne), and Indiana Jones (yes, I admit, I’m a fan). I especially love the part where Castle thinks he is Indiana Jones and opens the sarcophagus of the mummy, which frees the curse that haunts him the rest of the episode. His fears progressively turn to paranoia as the misadventures continue. Whether these events are real, or maliciously planted by his colleagues, the scenes produce unforgettable moments that included a tampered coffee machine, an unscrewed chair, a haunted elevator, and an angry dog. Guest starts that were invited to this episode also contribute to the story’s success. They include Currie Graham, from The Mentalist, and Erick Avari, who acted in The Mummy. “Wrapped Up in Death” also included Gil Birmingham from Twilight and, most recently, The Lone Ranger. In short, all the ingredients are present in “Wrapped Up in Death.” It’s a great episode and one of the funniest in the series.



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A closer look Watershed

Episode 5x24

5 / 10 After a blurry season, « Watershed » is an episode in line with the previous 23, but more disappointing than the previous cliffhangers. The only safe point in these 42 minutes is the investigation, but, as always, this part of the story does not always interest us ; even less so in the finale. Even if Castle does not seem to notice it, the tension is palpable throughout the episode. Kate flies to DC without telling him and openly lies to him until almost the end of the episode. All of this coming from the woman who accused him of going behind her back almost a year ago. He lied to protect her, yet she does it by fear. Please understand that I do not criticize the evolution of the characters or the arrival of this job, but the way that they were treated and handled. Castle proposing to Beckett, regardless of the circumstances, seems logical to me. Some might think it is too soon, but for me it is not. Anyway, I found that this proposal, even

The team investigates the death of a woman who hacked a law office for a specific file. It seems she thought her best friend was killed, and she was on a lead to that killer. Beckett interviews with the FBI and Castle proposes marriage. though it was proceeded by the new job, came out of the blue. It comes out of nowhere and is poorly served by the characters who are opposed to what they have been told since the beginning! Martha said to her son that his relationship with Kate is doomed to failure, that he knows it, and maybe that is why he clings to it. Where has the Martha who pushed her son towards Kate gone ? Who believed in their relationship? Has Alexis known what has been going on and is refusing to ask him what’s wrong ? Only Esposito and Jim stay loyal to their characters. Espositio feels that something is off with Castle and Jim Kate to listen to her heart and that she might not have to choose between both. I am really disappointed by this episode. Maybe I misunderstood it. Maybe the overall level of this season has biased my judgement even before I saw the episode. All I know is that every time I watch the show I try to seek out that flame that was so strong in the beginnings of the series. Lets hope this season brings it back.


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A closer look Valkyrie / Dreamworld

6x01 - 6x02 Beckett is now working at DC and has accepted Castle’s proposal. But it’s quite hard for the writer to stay away from his muse’s investigations.

7, 5 / 10 It would be a lie to say that the last episode of season 5 was completely unanimous among the team (or even among the fandom). The plot in this final episode seemed a bit wobbly and to initiate some big changes to story of our favorite show. And it is known change is scary. We like consistency, stability, and security of what is already working. Just think about the riots that can raise the smallest changes in a social network or a social reform to measure how much one hates when we disrupt their habits. However, every time (or at least most of the time), months pass, people calm down and the change is finally digested and integrated. Proof: if one does not like changes, they are still nevertheless able of adaptation. Now, to borrow a quote from another TV series that has seen a lot of radical changes over the past 10 years: Meredith Grey (Grey’s Anatomy) once said: “Change; we don’t like it, we fear it, but we can’t stop it from coming. We either adapt to change or we get left behind. And it hurts to grow; anybody tells you it doesn’t is lying. But here’s the truth: the more things change, the more they stay the same. And sometimes change is good. Oh, sometimes, change is … everything”, After the first episode of season 6, “Valkyrie,” I think we can nod with enthusiasm and acknowledge that this change made in the base of our series might be a generator of beautiful things. The second episode, Dreamworld, was a little less successful, but we will talk about that later. “Valkyrie” starts with where we left things in May. Our favorite writer is on his knee, asking his girlfriend to


marry him while Kate stares back with a puzzled look. While many fans were worried during the hiatus that Castle was proposing simply to keep Kate in New York, the first moments of the episode reassured them that he isn’t. His question is not a desperate ultimatum. Yes, Castle is ready to let Beckett leave, and if she decides to leave, he will still love her and wish to marry her. Breathe a sigh of relief, fandom. We avoided the worst. So, Kate finally accepts the marriage proposal in a delightfully funny scene packed with a lot of misunderstandings «Yes? No. No ... Yes! But no! Yes? « And, as expected, the show skips a few months and we end up in Washington. The entire plot of the first episode, (the way things are set up, the relationship between Beckett and her new colleagues and Castle trying to get a place in this world where he is a kind of undesirable) represent the quotes of Meredith Grey, «the truth: the more things change, the more they stay the same.» Ultimately, what transpires in this episode is an unexpected return to the sources. We found the same humor that was seen in the first two seasons and a more smiling, playful and intimate Caskett than we saw in 24 episodes last year. We smile, we appreciate, and we are charmed by the addition of some new characters. We can finally say that the change is good and the series can really build something this way by going back to the beginnings to create something greater. Incidentally, we note quickly that Beckett is not exactly in her prime at this new job. On the field, Kate is having a difficult time. She is closed off and dark in the first 10 minutes of the episode. However, the moment Castle is back with her she becomes bright and happy again. This

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A closer look

is evidence that this new life in DC does not seem to suit her entirely. Valkyrie ends on a promising cliffhanger: Castle (which, as usual, has been poking his nose everywhere) becomes infected by a deadly toxin and has only 24 hours to live. The promise was perhaps too beautiful and too big. The fact that many of us have wished to see Castle in danger for over five years inevitably has a little effect. Still, the second episode of this introductory arc was a little below the first. “Dreamworld” starts with a very interesting premise: a race against the clock to save the life of our favorite writer. Unfortunately, the majority of the scenes focused on endless investigation. During the 42 minutes of the episodes, only 7 or 8 were devoted to the psychology of the characters and their feelings during this threat again Castle. It gave us the impression that the danger was not that grave. Of course we knew that Castle would not die, just as Beckett did not die at the end season of three or during “Still” last year. We all know when fatal dangers threaten our main characters it is just an excuse to develop more personal story lines. Only “Dreamworld” did not really get it right. We did not even see an exchange of minimum intensity between Castle and Beckett. The writer falls on the ground at the 35-minute mark without tal-

king for more than three minutes with Kate throughout the entire episode prior to this moment. And, although many things were transmitted via looks during the first half hour, you can assume that it remain quite surprising as how to handle such situation. Besides these observations, the second episode is not entirely disappointing. Castle calling his mother and daughter is an emotional example of love and restraint. We also have the opportunity to once again realize that this life is not really made ​​for Kate. The final scene illustrates this perfectly. She realizes that she is in a corrupt world and will not always be able to catch the criminals. Some of them will be untouchable and she will have to live with that if she really wants this job. She comes to Washington to get the feeling of doing more, but will she be satisfied with this aspect of it? Nothing is guaranteed and future episodes should reflect this. However, with the return of the series, despite a somewhat disappointing second episode, it still shows that after six years Andrew Marlowe and his team still have something to tell. Some new characters, including the wacky Pi, should bring some fresh air to the season. This is certainly what we (Heat News team) hope! And you? What do you think of change? Has Meredith Grey has convinced you? Or are you going to protest all of these changes?


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Cat Fight Despite the fact that we have been working on a new issue of Heat News, some writers are not back from vacation. We all know that when the cat is away, the mice will play and we are no exception for this rule. That’s why instead of working, Kat, Mariane and Ever’ discussed the future of Esplanie. To fell less alone, they decided to invite a French fan who famous for her esplanie propaganda to join in: Hellandbliss. Maybe she is some little spy hired by Po’ to watch her team while she is away. SUBJECT TO THE APPROVAL OF THE SOCIETY OF CAT FIGHT, THE SIXTH SESSION IS NOW OPEN!

Hellandbliss : We always speak about Caskett, but for once can we talk about ESPLANIE!? Kat: You think that Esplanie can have an “always” end like Caskett? I mean, I don’t see them married and having a baby… Hellandbliss: Absolutely! Yes! But not necessarily married. If they broke up, it’s because of Lanie and her fear of commitment. Many believe that Lanie was married before and she was traumatized because it went wrong. Kat: Yes, possible, but there is something in Javier too. Like when we see how he reacts when Ryan tells him about the baby. In fact, this could be a parallel with Caskett, except that it’s Kate who works on her issues… Hellandbliss: This is it! Kate and Lanie. It’s the same thing, really. But Kate learns to live with her past and accept it to have a future with Rick. Right now, Lanie doesn’t seem ready to change. So at the end of season 4, when she gives her speech to Kate, I think she’s a hypocrite. She told Kate to move before she loses Rick, but she’s doing nothing about her relationship with Esposito. Kat: This is normal. She is her friend. But I don’t think it is in the personality of Espo to have a typical married life. I’m not saying that they cannot be a couple, but there are definitely reasons for their break up. Mariane, what do you think?


Mariane: Frankly, I don’t know if this is because they are not the main couple, but I feel that their story isn’t serious enough and it never has been. Especially when you see how Esposito looks at girls in Season 5... Hellandbliss: No, because in season 3, Esplanie looks more established than Caskett since it was the beginning of their relationship. Two years later it seems like they were never serious which is badly written and illogical! Kat: At the beginning there was this force and now there are no real efforts on both sides to maintain their relationship. Besides, the writers want to keep the fact that Javier is a «macho” type. «I want to show that I’m not a submissive man,» while I think Lanie believes that she is dominating. Hellandbliss: These two characters are very similar. I really think that they are made for each other! At Ryan’s wedding they were jealous of each other’s partners without admitting it. They are afraid, but too proud to admit it. Mariane: I cannot imagine Esposito married or being a father. We’ve always had this view of him being a flirt (amplified by his perfect body). Hellandbliss: Perfect body, that’s the word. :D Kat: He seems to want to keep some freedom. Just look how he was when Ryan was getting married.

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Cat Fight

Hellandbliss: I don’t imagine them married either. Or not right now. But together, yes. I see them as exclusive and why not with a child? (Maybe as an accident?). Kat: I can’t imagine them with a child. Their relationship is not «stable». Their love is not at the same level as Caskett. Hellandbliss: Espo has an image of a womanizer. I’m sure he feels something hard for Lanie otherwise he would not accept just being friends with benefits. I imagine perfectly Lanie throwing him out of the bed in the middle of the night when he wants to stay. He’s hurt when she said, in a deleted scene from Season 4, that she does not want to marry him because he already sees a future between them. I think he’s in love with her, but she’s the problem. This push to keep his flirty image is to protect himself. He doesn’t easily show his feelings, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like Lanie. Mariane: Their relationship is beautiful, but it seems to be a more loving and passionate game. None of them really talked about their future and where it will lead. Kat: Or they are both afraid of routine. A routine kills their love and, therefore, their relationship can’t survive. Mariane: They need a rebound. They need to find the spark, which triggered the flame to ignite them! (What a philosopher I am ^ ^) Hellandbliss: It is clear. Without a trigger they will stay the same. She needs a shock to make her forget her fear of commitment because she is in love with Esposito. For cons, I do not think she’s afraid of the routine. It is deeper than

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that. Espo is someone who gives himself this personality of womanizer and she gives herself a personality of a girl who has nothing to do and just wants to have fun. She hides her past behind her actions. Mariane: But we can’t really give a strong opinion because the show is always about Caskett. We can’t really see Esplanie. Hellandbliss: The problem is that they are not the canon couple ever since the principal duo is now a couple. Andrew did not want to write a lot about their relationship, especially since Kevin and Jenny are married. The first thing they must explain to us is WHY they broke up. We don’t have any explanation! They have true romantic potential, not to mention the chemistry between Jon and Tamala that makes me melt when they are in the same scene. ^ ^ Kat: It’s true! We never got an answer! Mariane: We also stuck a “womanizer” label on Esposito. People can change . . . Kat: Just look at Castle who used to be a real womanizer ^^ Hellandbliss: Absolutely! And we love the flirting, but we love that he can be very serious with his girlfriend. Girlfriend. There are a lot of guys like that! Uh ... Castle and Espo are almost the same? No, Espo is a thousand times hotter. * hides herself * Mariane: They just gave us a little scene in bed in the morning to fill the void.


Cat Fight

Hellandbliss: They are not in bed, but ON THE FLOOR! A thousand times better. : D Kat: But precisely, if they should end up together I see them with this kind of life: moments in bed (or on the ground), comparatively of a «normal» life. Hellandbliss: Yes Kat, I’m agreeing with you. Kat: OMG! Hellandbliss, the queen of the ships of Esplanie, agrees with me! Mariane: We almost get this impression that it’s only about sex with them even if they have feelings for each other. I mean, I do not imagine them at home eating alone, watching TV... Hellandbliss: But that does not mean there is not a strong connection between them. At the beginning of their relationship they both had a weakness for each other. They started things off slow, but it’s quickly becoming serious. They rapidly had feelings for each other and it shows well

after their breakup. They sleep together again proving that they are unable to not be together. This is much more than friends with benefits. They have conversations and talk about their lives. Kat: I think Esplanie is an exclusive couple, which will be more important in season 6. The will never be the main couple, except if the make a spin-off. : D Hellandbliss: I want to say that if Andrew doesn’t give a little more credit to their relationship, he needs to put an end to a couple who has every reason in the world to end up together. It would be a mess. All the people who deign the relationship plausible still want to keep hope because, as Castle said,: «Esplanie, which is perfect.» I think I could write novels about them ^ ^ Mariane: I want the last word! «Do not be fooled by couples that hold hands. If they do not let go of each other hands it’s because they are afraid to kill each other.»

And you dear reader, what do you think?



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Restricted area

THE LOVE It’s not a secret anymore (at least I hope). Richard Edgar Alexander Rodgers Castle and Katherine Houghton Beckett are getting married ! Even if the wedding date has not been determined yet, we can tell you a bit more about what it is going to happen during the next few episodes. With the «will they, won’t they» game well over, and their mutual feelings out in the open, they are both well committed to eachother. However, the couple still has a long road to go. Their story will not be all beautiful and soapy. It will have more ups and downs to relate more to real life, according to executive producer, Andrew Marlowe. In addition, during this season there will be more of a focus on finding a balance in the Caskett relationship and making it work while taking both character’s lives into consideration. Now, all that we need to know is if this balance, despite the assumed obstacles that the writers will certaintly put in their way, will lead these characters to the altar. But, as Andrew Marlowe says, it

is still too soon to tell if the wedding will happen or not. Regarding the other couples on the show, they will not be neglected simply because Castle and Beckett are together. Andrew Marlowe promises us an explaination on Lanie and Esposito’s break up, which happened in season 3. An explanatory scene was shot during the previous seasons, but it was cut before the episode aired. The ex-couple will have a little more space during this 6th season, however, we still do not know if they will get back together any time soon. Ryan and Jenny are going to have a baby and this makes Ryan a bit (a lot) more obsessive. Fortunately, the delivery should not be far off in the future and we should meet the baby before the winter hiatus.

FRIENDSHIPS AND CASTLE FAMILY Concerning the bromance or the different friendships on the show, nothing has been revealed on the subject yet. Molly Quinn does not know if there will be any new Lanie/Alexis scenes, even if she wants there to be. Regarding the Castle family, the future of Martha is still unknown, just like the future of Alexis’ relationship with Pi. While she is used to seeing Castle as a partier, Alexis will apparently have some troubles accepting his new plans for the future. Her world might turn upside down by the news of the engagement. However, the investigation of episode 7, « Like Father, like daughter » will bring both of them closer because they will be forced to talk about the future of their family. Will this reassure Alexis about the wedding? Only the next episodes will tell us ...

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Restricted area

AT THE 12TH For the 6th season, Andrew Marlowe promises cases that will bring serious and exciting moments, adventure, mystery, and fun. In the 4th episode,»Number One Fan,» the team will investigate the death of Angelo Vazquez. The main suspect of this case is his girlfriend, Emma Briggs, portrayed by Alicia Lagano (The Client List). She will take some people as hostages, including Billy Miller (Mickey Gerhardt), a banker. Zack Roman, a member of the NYPD elite unit, will try to negotiate with Emma who will refuse to communicate with anyone on the police force because of her lack of trust. However, because she is a big fan of Castle’s, she will talk to him. As far as the next episode goes, there are few spoilers floating around. We know it will be called «Time Will Tell, » and will tell the story of Simon, a man who pretends to come from the future to prevent a disaster from happening. The title of following episode has not been revealed yet. The only information we have is that the episode will feel partly like that of Benjamin Gates and partly like that of The Da Vinci Code with a treasure hunt. Episode 7, « Like father, like daughter « will be centered around Alexis and focus mostly on her relationship with her father. Alexis, aided by one of her professors, will try

to help free Franck Henson (Hames Carpinello), an innocent man sentenced to death for the murder of his neighbor. With the prisoner having no more than 72 hours to live, Alexis will turn to her father (and Beckett) for help. The mystery for us is to find out if this man is really innocent. Is he pretending to be honest or will the team be left to find the real murderer ? In «A Murder is Forever, » it is one of Castle’s «colleagues» that has been murdered. Alice Booth, the victim, is also a best-selling author. The only other bit of information for this episode is that i twill also have a billionaire named Steven Warner. Among the other investigations that the team will have to solve, there will be one featuring the death of a teenage television star. The episode will remind viewers of «Saved by the Bell, » a TV show from the 1990’s. Regarding the idea of a second two-part episode later in the season, Andrew Marlowe does not know yet. They have some ideas for a fun two-part for February, but they will only make a two-parter if they have a reason to make it. Lisa Edelstein, who plays Agent McCord, could come back later in the season. It will depend on her availability since the actress is currently on another TV show.



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Artzone Erin’s favourite: Paz

Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Can you explain your process when you draw?

My name is Paz, I’m 24 years old, and I live in Argentina. I’m currently working on my thesis to get a degree in Design & Visual Communication.

It’s really relative. Sometimes the idea is pretty clear in my mind and I go right into sketching. And sometimes I take more time brain-storming, or thinking about themes. Then it always comes a period of research, like postures, gestures, lighting. After that I paint vaguely, just blocks of colors, to have a general idea, and then slowly get into details.

Has drawing always been one of your passions? Yes, it came along with music at a very early age. But at first it was just a way of expression, just like any other kid. It didn’t become a ‘passion’ until my teenage years. When did you start drawing? Did you take a course? I started as any kid, but then when I was around 12-13, I started doing portraits in pencil. Nothing really conscious. After a while I started getting interested in different materials, papers, pencils, and took it a little bit more seriously. I have never taken a course. Even when I study Design, in my orientation there aren’t subjects like Drawing or Illustration, sadly.


How do you choose your subject? As I said before, it’s relative. It can come from music, a movie, or just a sensation. When I saw some of your drawings, I noticed you did a lot of female portraits. Do you specifically draw women subjects or is it at random? I draw men, but rarely. I really enjoy drawing female much more than male.

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Artzone I loved Beckett’s drawings entitled «Half Light» and «Pretty Dead». How did you find the idea to do these? The idea for “Half Light” came from a song that has a line that says “Do I look beautiful in half light?” and naturally I randomly connected this with kind of a cyborg concept. And “Pretty Dead” I was kinda obsessed with ‘The Walking Dead’ TV show, and I wanted to do something about it, but without actually portraying their characters (which I have done in other occasions). I think in both pieces, there’s like a concept of beauty in spite of “being a machine” in the case of the first one, and “being a zombie” in the second one.

Do you have additional hobbies besides drawing? I practice two disciplines of martial arts, which is great for mind and body. I also enjoy very much trekking and traveling. Is there anything you would like to add or say to our readers? Feel free to contact me if you had any question, advice. You can find me at:

You have many different styles: traditional art, digital art, mixed media colored, etc. Do you prefer one to the other? Why? At this point, I prefer digital over any other. Sometimes I go back to my roots and do something traditional. But I prefer digital art because it’s the most fun to do.

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FA N F I C T I O N Decisions and Dominoes Rated: Mature Genre: Crime & Angst Language: English Chapiters : 44 Author : Flashpoint33 Read the fic

E v e r y b o d y remembers the last seconds of the 5th season to our favorite series – if you happen to forget it during the holidays, think about proposal and marriage. Marlowe did not let us know the answer, which inspired many writers to take into their own hands. In the castle of author Flashpoint33, the answer was “no.” In Decisions and Dominoes, Beckett accepted the offer to work in Washington, D.C. for a few months. She doesn’t have contact with her former team, except by phoning Lanie and her father. Castle has reconstructed himself and reinvented his place within the team, even with the heartless Captain Gates. He turned over a new leaf with his new girlfriend and forgot the story of his former best friend and girlfriend. However, troubles arrive when a


common enemy of Beckett and Castle informs them about some murders. This enemy doesn’t stop until they arrest him together with rules. How can Beckett return to the team and figure out a way to stop the murders? The fiction has two aspects: emotional (essentially the evolution of the relationship between Beckett and Castle) and criminal (murders and murderers). It simultaneously satisfies the needs of shippers while still keeping you on the edge of your seat. While I am writing this article, season 6 has not begun and spoilers have not surfaced. Is

Flashpoint33 true? Does Beckett refuse the proposal? Do they work together to solve an investigation? Or is Flashpoint33 false? Does Beckett want to marry Castle? Do they continue to work together without remorse? Marlowe will give us the answer this fall.

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Read video

101 reas ons


to ship Castl

e a n d B ec k e

arkduby’s fan video, “101 Reasons to Ship Castle and Beckett”, is certainly one of my favorites. I would even place it in my top 3. The chosen moments are simple, but wonderful, and this final product is the result of painstaking work. Niennaju, a friend of Darkduby, has collaborated in the process with an almost perfect knowledge of the series and moments that all Caskett fans must know.



More than that, we follow the slow progression in the Caskett relationship through the video. Thus, it ends with the word, a real promise between our two heroes. To summarize, this is a video not to miss under any circumstances; it’s a video to add to your favorites, to view again and again, one which made us forget for a moment everything that is wrong around us.

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Follow the geek

James Patterson


s a famous bestselling author, it is not surprising that the great Rick Castle has writer friends with whom he shares poker tables in order to compare their successes or even exchange ideas. James Patterson is one of Rick’s loyal friends; he was featured many times in the show, guest starring as himself. Who doesn’t know Patterson and his famous hero, Alex Cross, who will be played by Morgan Freedman in the film adaptation? James Patterson published his first book at 27 after a big burst of publicity. He is a fan of Dickens, criminal investigations, and of the thriller genre. This genre became his brand and gave him global recognition. The mid-2000s marked a turning point. The author turned to literature with Santa Kid, and then to books for teenagers. Even with all that, he does not neglect his police investigations. He became a phenomenon in American literature with more than 100 million books sold and is nicknamed «Mister James.” We must say that his technique is perfect and well established. He keeps the readers on the


edge of their seats from the first to the last pages. The reader gets hooked. Patterson’s writing involves multiple people. As Laurent Lafont (who published the books in French) explains it, Patterson works in his office decorated with a pirate’s style in his manor in Palm Beach. He wakes up before 6 AM and writes his ideas on paper, which are then sent to his collaborators who are in charge of writing. Those writers are naturally credited on the back cover of Patterson’s novels. Patterson’s aim is to give a moment of happiness to his readers with very short chapters, and to compete in the video game industry. In France, the sales rate of his thrillers barely rises; French people tend to prefer black thrillers. However, the author’s sales are more than acceptable. Patterson is involved in numerous charities, including the ones with the children and with the reading like Nathan Fillion. He created a foundation that encourages parents to promote reading to children. Let’s talk about the hero of a successful series. The originality of Alex Cross’ series stems from placing

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Follow the geek a black character in the center of the story and making him a hero. The character has a complicated story with an alcoholic father and a dead mother. He leaves for Washington, where his grandmother raises him. He studies to enter the medical circles, more specifically the field of psychology. However, practices in this environment displease him. This ultimately leads him into working for the FBI. He resigns from his job in order to go back to first loves while still staying a consultant. One of the Patterson’s favorite books is Honeymoon.

James Patterson with bestseller authors playing poker at Castle’s place

ERIN number 06


Follow the geek

Forbidden Planet «Forbidden Planet? Isn’t it the one with the Robot?»

sel (the Bellerophon) which had disappeared for 19 long years.

By pretending to have never seen this classic American science fiction film from the 1950s, Castle manages, during the 19th episode of season 3, to get a cinematic «date» (something like that) with his favorite detective. The reality is an entirely different story of course. Our writer friend, being the geek obsessed with science fiction that he is, has already seen this movie more than once.

Once there, they unfortunately discover only two survivors: Dr. Morbius and his daughter Altaira; both are accompanied by a robot named Robby.

This small reference allows us to discover a film that is considered to have clearly defined an era. Forbidden Planet is a movie released in 1956, and is one of the first movies that has the Cinemascope format and color. The plot of this movie is an adaptation of famous Shakespeare play The Tempest. It takes place in the year 2257, and of course in the space (as the name suggests.) Commander Adams, who heads the space cruiser C-57-D, lands on a planet named Altaïr 4 in an attempt to rescue the crew of a ves-


The doctor and his daughter then tell commander Adams that the crewmembers were killed off one by one by a strange and invisible force. They also tell him that this planet was once inhabited by an extremely advanced civilization: the Krell. This work is sprinkled with references to Greek mythology and really emphasizes the dark side that exists within each of us, inevitably closing doors to knowledge and wisdom. The music, created by the Baron couple is considered, to this day, to be the first soundtrack that uses only electronic resources. It should also be noted that Forbidden Planet is more than one source of inspiration for the original

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Follow the geek Star Trek series that aired only a few years later, and that the show’s creator, Gene Roddenberry, had recognized on numerous occasions. We find references to this movie in many media sources through the years. Thus, an episode of Doctor Who entitled «The Brain of Morbius» was an obvious reference to Dr. Morbius. The TV show Lost in Space was also very much inspired by the film; Robby the robot has even find a place in it. And our favorite series, Castle, made a slight allusion to it in 2011.

James Cameron, but so far nothing has really emerged. In Heat News, we advise you to watch this little gem of science fiction if you have not already. The set is certainly dated, but it’s exciting to discover how the visual and special effects, along with the music were managed nearly 60 years ago!

In 2007, the possibility of a remake of the movie was discussed; they even announced names like


number 06


Coffee talk What’s up ? What’s new on the friendships level? Nothing extraordinary. One more time, Castle can’t stay out the his friends’ stuff. In order to achieve his goals, Castle tricks Espositio and Ryan into helping him by giving them gifts.

Not so much later, worried after Martha came by asking for their help, they call Kate to learn more. True to herself, Kate denies that anything is wrong and tells them that Castle is fine. The friendship wasn’t on the top during the first two episodes.

During this, he doesn’t refrain from teasing Ryan, who is playing with a doll to prep for the arrival of his child. A few days later, back in New York, the writer shares how difficult it has been to be far away from Kate with the boys. Their talks drift quickly into Beckett’s investigation. This is the moment where Esposito informes Castle about a special forces military base: «DreamWorld». During a scene that is as much moving as it is fun between the bros, Ryan tells Esposito that he thought that they would have had kids together, which Espo jokingly misinterprets. Ryan means that their kids would do everything together and that they could support each other as parents. You should have waited few years when Esposito will be settle down, Ryan !

New status, new town Last season ends on a cliffhanger that will influence the relationship between the two main characters forever. What’s Beckett’s answer to «will you marry me?» and to her new job offer ? The season six premiere is when we finally know the answers to both. Castle and Beckett are now engaged, but live a long distance relationship (New York - DC).

a little bit, she does not seem to hold it against him. More than that, their engagement could have been short-lived for the two lovers, because by looking into FBI business, Castle was infected by a virus that gave him less than 24 hours to live. Finally, a connection between Castle and Beckett’s theories bring them to the murderer and everything is okay.

During the first months of this new situation for the couple, everything seems to be going fine. On the other hand, when Castle visits D.C., it complicates Beckett’s work. Indeed, after he found evidence inadvertently left by Beckett, the writer decides to put his nose where it does not belong : the FBI. Because of this, Beckett could have lost her job. On the other end, even if she baffles him


number 06

Coffee talk Relationship and engagement Richard Castle is now engaged to Katherine Beckett. Alexis Castle is now in a relationship with Pi (Castle family) Yes, there are big moves in the Castle family. First, Castle is engaged and has a long distance relationship with his fiancee. This is why, from time to time, Castle leaves his NY family to spend the weekend in DC. But, there it is not just Castle who has changes in his love life. Alexis, on her trip to Costa Rica, seems to have had some new meetings. One of the most important meetings that she seems to have made is the one of Pi. Indeed, a romantic relationship is developing between the two young people. PI even goes back to New York with Alexis and moves in, temporarily, (or for more time, who knows?) to the loft, much to Castle’s displeasure. The two are not on good terms because both of them have strong personalities and are very different. As for Martha, we do not know much about her life beside the fact that her acting classes seem to be doing fine.

During the second episode, we can note one more time how this family is strong. When Castle gets poisoned, he tries to hide it from his mother and his family. He does not tell them that he has less than 24 hours to live. On the other hand, both his mother and his daughter are not fooled and can tell something is off by the tone in his voice. So they decide to investigate, but in the end everything ends well.


number 06


The 12th dimension

FANDOM 21/03 - 20/04

Love: It is once again that sweet time of year that makes you smile stupidly... Work: Why work when you can stay in front of the TV? Health: Be careful not to be overwhelmed by your emotions.

RYAN & JENNY 22/06 - 22/07


BROMANCE 21/05 - 21/06

21/04 - 20/05

Love: Out of sight, but not out of heart.

Love: The gap is widening between recklessness and responsibilities.

Work: You’re a rookie again! It’s time to prove yourself once more!

Work: Are you missing your mother?

Health: Don’t have too much of a good thing; the wine is certainly good, but in moderation.

Health: Looking good.



23/07 - 22/08

23/08 - 22/09

Love: Better than ever. Your family will expand soon.

Love: You’re only missing one per- Love: Costa Rica is now your favoson and it’s obvious. rite destination.

Work: If everything is ok, it will just take a few hours.

Work: Write...interfere in her daily Work: Don’t forget about your life...write...this is a difficult dilem- classes... ma. Health: We feel stronger when you Health: Stay calm with the new are too. addition to your loft.

Health: You know how to do it? Breathe in; breathe out!


number 06

The 12th dimension


24/10 - 22/11

23/09 - 23/10

Love: Everything seems to be blurry lately. Work: Do you have a morgue-related job to do? Health: Save your little heart.


Love: The one you give to your troupe will honor you.

ESPLANIE 23/11 - 21/12

Love: It’s time to learn to talk.

Work: Avoiding each other is not Work: Does it seem like the iron fist helping. is loosening a little bit? Health: Talk to each other; it’s the Health: Everything seems okay, but key take care of your nerves.



Love: We didn’t hear so much more about you. Are we on a break?

Love: A traveling coffee is a coffee that has time to mature.

Love: Do you have a man in your life? You are gorgeous!

Work: R. A. S.

Work: You’re the link between two different professional lives.

Work: An actress for a day, an actress forever

22/10 - 20/01

Health: Hopefully you’re all fired up!

number 06

21/01 - 19/02

Health: Be bolder, they need it.

20/02 - 20/03

Health: Take a little rest; its looks like we need you at home



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