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s a child, spring is thought about as a time of renewal, growth, and optimism. Still in the shadow of the gray winter days, we begin to feel revived. We cling to the slightest ray of sunshine that feels a little warmer than the others and hold onto any minute of additional daylight. The life of a television fan, of any series, is much different. Such a strange creature, the series fans adore the end of September when all of their shows have returned. They do not swear by religious holidays. No, these fans have a different religion: Television. The celebrate holidays such as two-part episodes and fear the wrath of a hiatus. Unlike the traditional calendar, these fans do not know breaks in their schedules by winter or spring, but by hiatus and back-to-back episodes. On the occasion of this “season-end” apocalypse, the Heat News team asks you to listen to a French author who obviously understands the life of a television fan: «Il y a des pluies de printemps delicieuses ou le ciel a l’air de pleurer de joie.” For our English fans, he says, “ There are some delicious spring rains where the sky seems to cry with joy.” Many might not agree with this, but with the phrase, “April showers bring May flowers.” In television, series finales might bring tons of drama and cute moments that make you cry, but after the episode airs, you feel lost. Viewers might question their sanity in the four months of languishing in a hiatus. But, at this point, do not hesitate to open your window, take a deep breath of spring air, and enjoy the end of spring. Because, out there - the outside - spring is here and it’s in your heart as well ! Everdeen

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Must see Molly Quinn recently stared in a music video for Release The Panic’s song, “Red.” On February 23rd, Stana Katic appeared on the Independent Spirit Awards’ red carpet in a 2013 Donna Karan pink jumpsuit paired. Sporting a braided up do, Katic walked the red carpet dressed by Castle designer, Luke Reichle. She also had an interview with Reichle. Stana Katic, and her production company, Sine Timore Productions, announced their adaptation of Stephen Evans’s book “The Marriage of True Minds”. Evans announced that Katic will play the role of Lena.

Birthdays suggests that there will be an opportunity to order an advanced copy of Castle season 5. DVD release is still unknown.

17 The latest in the Nikki Heat series, Deadly Heat, will be released on September 17th. Sept May

Nathan Fillion announced his appearances at two events: The Dallas Comic-Con between May 17th and 19th and the Philadelphia Comic-Con on June 1st and 2nd.

23 Jon Heurtas and Seamus and Juliana Dever appeared at a gala organized by Farm Sanctuary. Jon and Seamus presented a category at the awards Mar ceremony.

25 Seamus Dever live tweeted the March 25th episode of Castle, (5x18) entitMar led, “The Wild Rover.” 1er Stana Katic was on ABC’s Good Morning America and Live with Kelly April and Michael on April 1st to promote the 100th episode of Castle, “The Lives of Others.”

Terri E. Miller 13 Mai 1956

Monet Mazur 17 April 1976


Stana Katic 26 April 1976


Rob S. Bowman 15 May 1960

The website has seen some new interviews in the past few weeks. Indeed, the team of TOH has gathered the interviews published in French magazines since 2009. More than 30 interviews were added to the site under each actor’s file. We hope you’ll find lots of new things that you hadn’t seen before!

The shopping section has been updated with the Derrick Storm books, comics and the next Nikki Heat.

If you have an idea, a comment or if you want to participate in the development of the magazine and website, do not hesitate to contact us via Heat New’s email address. We begin by writing our articles in French, and then we translate them into English. Currently, we are looking for someone to help translate our articles from French into English.

Esposito graciously opened the doors of his apartment recently. Check out a tour of his home under the file, “places.”

Flash News

What’s up on the Old Haunt ??

Erin has closely analyzed Castle Season 4 and she has found some errors and mistakes that we’re going to share with you.

Ca tweet ?? I can’t believe Ryan was undercover with the Irish mob. The New York City Ballet, maybe, but the mob? Dear Daylight Savings Time, We’re breaking up. U were cute w/all of ur falling&springing,but I just can’t do it anymore. It’s not u,it’s me. I’m about to blow up your twitter feed and your minds. My apologies for both. “@IamFraa: @NathanFillion Do you prefer Game of Thrones or women ?” I prefer Game of Thrones women. @sumiturok: @TerriEdda who wrote the finale of season 5..? @AndrewWMarlowe is writing it, right now, as I write this. #bleedingfingers

In the papers

Tails Magazine

February 5th

Seamus Dever is a highlight in Tails Magazine, published on February 5, 2013. He quickly tells about his career as an actor, from first being in front of the camera at 6 years old to his current role in Castle.

they are educated and require less care on a daily basis. This allows the Dever’s to live their current, busy lifestyle. But, Seamus’ favorite moment in day is to run back Maizy and Sophie, his two dogs, after filming Castle.

Dever then mentions his involvement with animals stating that it began with his parents who would take in lost animals. Today, Seamus and his wife, Juliana, do the same. They are host family for animals that are in need of care. The actor explains several stories about his fourlegged friends, like Rudy, an old cat, who fought with all the neighborhood cats but had an unconditional love for humans.

Seamus is involved in animal defense organizations such as Best Friends Animal Society and Farm Sanctuary. Seamus is also a vegetarian.

The most recent animal to join the family allows Seamus to explain the importance of adopting an older pet. Generally, people prefer to adopt babies, but older animals have a major advantage:

Entertainement Weekly


Returning to the collection of music that Miss Katic has on her iPod, we learn more on her personality. The least we can say is that the actress has eclectic musical choices, which show her escape envy and desire to go off and explore the world and its cultures. She is interested in all registers, each have repercussion in her soul. Funnily enough, she reveals to the reporter Kyle Anderson that she didn’t know the song I want to break free was by Freddy Mercury until recently. Led Zeppelin, Jack White, Teddybears, The Band, Niki & The Doves or Buika are just a few artists from her playlist. She discovered the song The Last Waltz by the group ‘The Band’ at 16 years old and again when she arrived at Los Angeles. This song is a kind of number 04

refuge, a landmark for her. Searching for new musical tastes are a nice hobby to discover the world from the comfort of our sofa, isn’t it Stana?

February / March

Séries Mag

In one of its sections Series Mag devoted about twenty lines about Castle. The magazine refuted the departure of the young actress Molly Quinn and attributed rumors in order to orchestrate the promotion of the fifteenth episode of season 5. It is also mentioned that the series would include a 24th episode. Finally, it returned briefly to the accident that happened on the set last January.


In the papers UpScale Magazine


Tamala Jones appeared in the “Home” section of UpScale magazine in their February/ March issue. She explains her taste for decoration and shares with the readers how she uses electrifying elements to create a unique space. Her house is a place that reflects her experiences around the world with a touch of femininity, charm, luxury and fantasy. We can find Buddha statues, French candlesticks or a castle gate for a table, which means that the whole house is made with an ecological mind since the ground is made with bamboo. Tamala said that her house is “the reflection of a spiritual mind and her love of art.”

Télé Loisirs



On March 10, Stana Katic was interviewed as part of her latest photo-shoot. Stana mentions her passion for traveling when she’s not working and her television lead debut in Castle. We also learn that CBGB, the movie where Stana will play Genya Ravan, will have a theatrical release in September 2013. The article emphasizes the fact that the actress only needs her family and friends to feel happy. «I love loving them, and being loved back by them, The rest of it can all go away» Stana additionally discusses the original sources of inspiration for when the Castle team was developing her character, Kate Beckett. “Characters that Kate Hepburn and Lauren Bacall built, that Slim Keith was known to be like, those were the women we modeled Kate after. She’s capable of playing with the boys while still being a woman and enjoying her sensuality,” Katic adds.

23 Feb -1srt March

The end of season 4 made the papers in France. Indeed, Télé Loisirs devoted its cover, and two pages inside their issue, to Castle. The article quickly returned to the «will-they-won’tthey» game of the last four years, especially now, when it’s coming to a close with the recent breakout of Caskett.

The article also included an interview with Nathan Fillion where he says that the reason why Castle has been so successful is because of the romance and chemistry element. Fillion also answered the question previously on fans minds: Why did Castle wait until Beckett was dying to confess his love? The actor says it’s in Castle’s nature to make untimely decisions.

It also discusses the origins of the rumors that Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion do not get along.

Erin - Kat - Poling 08

number 04

Press Pack Behind the scenes in dubbing When French channels begin to broadcast subtitled version, we want to consecrate our press pack to the «parallel universe» of dubbing shows.


ight now, French channels is broadcasting the show in the original version with subtitles (in french). We wanted to devote our file to this «parallel universe» that is the dubbing of a series. Today, this part of the film industry is it threatened? What is the advantage of the dubbing compared to subtitles? Should it be an exact reproduction or, on the contrary, it must be adapted to the way of speaking, intonation, country’s culture?

In any case, one thing is sure, they are actors with many faces and proud of their art. They received us very friendly and let made us ​​this report. You can bet after that, you will not hear the show in the same way!

Monday morning ... After traversed France, from North to South and East to West, we You must love the character to be are at the door of the recording studios To answer all these questions able to defend him/her even in his/ Dubbing Brothers. It’s the lunch break and even more, we chose to time for the actors who are doubling her darkest sides the season 5. Pascale Vital welcomed base this press package on our favorite series witch, whether us warmly, but the work does not wait you are a fan of the original version or not, has an and everyone recovers rapidly his post. The studio exceptional quality of doubling. doors are closes hermetically and outside, the small red light is indicating that the recording is in progress. An heavy silence settled when the images appear. Who are these actors who lend their voices to our First captivated by the images of Ryan and Esposito favorite heroes? How they do their job? Are they also on the big screen, we take few seconds to realize that fans of their characters? the voices of the two protagonists are coming from number 04


Press Pack

the other side of the room ,where, Peter and Serge Tessier Faliu interpreted with a disconcerting ease the scrolling text below the images. «To get there, there is a string that is put in place,» explains Pascale Vital, artistic director of the dubbing of Castle. «Initially, it’s the detection of mouth mouvement and after adapters rewrite the episode and check if the text is synchronous with the movement Then it’s the mixing done by a sound engineer.» «It goes very fast, «adds Pierre Tessier,» on Castle, for Ryan and Esposito we running about three episodes per day, so in eight sessions all episode are completed. For the leading roles it takes an average of one episode per day. « We must say that the actors who do the dubbing on Castle are very experienced. Even the young actress Adeline Chetail which doubles Alexis Castle isn’t in her first show. Indeed, she started playing comedy when she was young. Pascale Vital chose them for their voice but also for their effectiveness in front of the micro. Anne Massoteau and Guillaume Orsat which doubled the lead roles, were also chose for their


complicity immediate since, like their characters, Kate Beckett and Rick Castle, they form a couple in real life as bubbly as Caskett. In the room, the «loops» follow one another. Pascale Vital joined Serge Faliu and Pierre Tessier at the bar for a passage with «Iron» Gates. She has a dual effect on the series because she’s the French voice of Penny Johnson Gerald. An actress for which she not hide her

admiration and appreciate to doubled. This is also the case for all the actors we met. They all have a special affection towards their character. «You must love the character to be able to defend him/her even in his/ her darkest sides» Anne Massoteau told us. For her, Beckett is like a family member, a friend and says she follows the evolution, the way she dresses, her hair. «But she is too perfect to make me able to fully identify myself with the character and it is probable that Stana Katic think the same thing.» Guillaume number 04

Press Pack Orsat does not hide his pleasure to doubling Nathan Fillion. He appreciates the “champagne” and gambler side of Rick Castle, but he also likes touching moments, although he admits to prefer the funniest episodes. He likes to work «out», to play with the emotions of the characters and not just copy / paste the original version, which in some other series, is very «flat». For Castle this is not really the case as the characters, especially the hero, are colorful. Indeed we can note some differences in the interpretation, the actors manage to give a unique identity to the French version while keeping the spirit and humor from the original. We must say that the humor side of the doublers

are not left out and that the atmosphere between all the actors makes us remember the one we perceive between the actors of the show. This may be a key to the success of the series in France. It’s not all the French people who want to turn the episode as a reading session so it gives us the impression that Castle and Beckett are finally good to us! We invite you to discover, in this entire video, the reportage produced by Heat News.

Thanks The team thanks Disney (ABC), Dubbing Brother, Pascale Vital and all the team who allow to assist at dubbing of the show.

number 04


Press Pack Castle French Dubbing cast

Guillaume Orsat

Anne Massoteau

Pierre Tessier

Guillaume Orsat is a French actor born on 7 April 1964.

Born May 17, 1964, Anne Massoteau is a French actress of theater, Television.

Pierre Tessier is a French actor born May 20, 1968.




Vin diesel (Fast & Furious, XXX, Baby Sittor) Brendan Fraser (La Momie, G.I. JOE) Jude Law (Bienvenue à Gattaca, Gangster sex & Karaoke...) + Full Voxographie

Rachel Griffiths (Six Feet Under, Brothers & Sisters, Angel) Eva Larue (CSI: Miami, Obsession maternelle) Jennie Silverhjelm (Millenium) + Full Voxographie

Ryan Raynolds (Green Lantern, Blade: Trinity...) Billy Boyd (Le seigneur des anneaux) Greg Grunberg (Heroes, Felicity...) + Full Voxographie

Serge Faliu

Pascale Vital

Adeline Chetail

Faliu is a French actor. It is the official voice of Adam Sandler.

Pascale Vital is a French actress, she also held the role of director board for series (Alias, Brothers & Sisters, Sue Thomas ...)

Adeline Chetail is a French actress born on 26 May 1986.


Adam Sandler (Big Daddy, Self Control, Funny People...) James Marsters ( Buffy contre les vampires, DragonBall Evolution) Shrek; l’Ane + Full Voxographie



Penny Johnson ( 24, Castle) Marianne Jean-Baptiste (FBI portés disparus) Vivica A. Fox (Missing) + Full Voxographie


Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical) Desperate Housewives (Lyndsy Fonseca) Wakfu: Amalia + Full Voxographie

number 04

News Stana Talk Radio


n February 12th, Stana Katic surprised her Stana Talk Radio fans with a direct call to the station. Stana Talk Radio is a global collaboration reporting on Katic’s projects and promoting her career.

This is the transcription of Stana’s intervention: «Hi, this is Stana calling. I probably - I have no time - they’re already called me in the set. But I … I wanted to call you guys and wanted to thank you guys for all of the love and the support that you have given me over these years. I am always just blown away by the wonderful act of generosity. Oh! Yeah, no, yeah I just wanted to call-in and obviously thank you guys, thank everyone that ever kind of participated and shared some kindness with me and my projects and I think it really created an interesting community of people. Now I’m gonna get back to work but just sending a lot of love to all of you. Thank you so much!» Stana Katic managed to, once again, reach the heart of her fans by her kindness and her availability...

Writers Guild Awards


athan Fillion hosted the Writers Guild Awards ceremony on February 17th, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. The goal of this ceremony is to give awards to the deserving writers in television and film from 2012. Fillion filled the night with humorous jokes, even asking some audience members if they knew his show, Castle. Cort Casady, executive producer, explained why they chose the actor: “Not only does he play a writer brilliantly on Castle, but also, in addition to acting, he sings, dances, is a popular vocal talent, and has a great gift for comedy”. He also adds the fact that Fillion has over a million followers on twitter, giving them an audience. As for Nathan, he felt pride to be able to host the ceremony and to give awards to the most talented writers of the past year. After the ceremony, the actor was seen at parties organized by the WGA.

number 04


News Oscar Nomines


n February 21st, Stana Katic participated in an organized luncheon for the Canadian consulate in Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles, California.

The lunch celebrated the Canadian Oscar nominees before the February 24 Academy Award ceremony. Katic is of Canadian origin, but she was not nominated for an award. Instead, she gave a speech and showed her smile in her red dress by Alex Perry. Other guests included Pierre Even and Ariel Nasr (producers), Kim Nguyen (director of Tangled) and Mychael Danna (film composer for Life of Pi)

Much Ado About Noting


n Saturday, March 9, Nathan Fillion strayed from his Castle duties to promote his latest film, Much Ado About Nothing, in Austin, Texas. Adapted by Joss Whedon, the popular Shakespeare play features Nathan in the role of Dogberry. Whedon directed the project away from the Hollywood studios and the typical feature film style, unique to this industry. The idea for Much Ado About Nothing came from group readings of Shakespeare plays at Whedon’s house using some actors from his previous projects. Nathan had expressed his joy over the chance of working with Whedon once more; however,

being that the project was a Shakespeare play, he did express his anxiety over tackling the notoriously difficult language. Although the film is reinterpreted, it still tells the story of two pairs of lovers who have different perspectives on romance. Nathan’s role, Dogberry, is a municipal police officer that is not very good at his job. The film has different release dates: June 7 is the pre-release in the US and England and on June 21 is the main release in the US. Nathan also gave interviews to the media outlets that were present. Erin and Poling


number 04

A closer look Nikki Heat

Episode 3x11 The team investigates wedding’s specialist murder.

08,5 / 10 It’s hard to not agree with Castle’s first opinion of Natalie Rhodes in the episode, “Nikki Heat”. There are significant moments in this episode, which is the funniest and the most mixed of the season. First, when Castle tries to help Ryan find the perfect spot to propose to Jenny, his grandiose suggestions don’t go well with Beckett. She interrupts their plans and notes that simplicity might be more memorable. Castle takes the engagement ring from Ryan and, inside a conversation, pretends to propose to Beckett for effect, which surprises the two because of the meaning behind it. Then, the arrival of Natalie Rhodes provokes tensions in the team, particularly with Castle and Beckett. At the beginning, the detective is polite to the actress, contrary to the Castle. Roles invert during the episode when Natalie begins to imitate Kate. It’s weird and Beckett doesn’t know how she can work with the “distraction”. When coffee is involved between the three, it demonstrates Beckett’s jealousy against her “double”. For example, when Castle arrives with two coffees, Natalie gets one. Kate notes this and decides to clear the air. Beckett privately talks with Castle, saying, “She took my coffee Castle!” to which Castle’s answer is, “It’s just a coffee.” No. Definitely no. This coffee is not just a coffee and Beckett doesn’t leave their ritual easily. But the coffee is not the only proof of Beckett’s jealousness.

Obviously Beckett is bitter, and surprised, when Natalie Rhodes kisses Castle in the elevator. The next day, Beckett doesn’t forget, and when Castle brings her coffee, she remarks, “Is that for me or the fictional version of me? Or have you already taken care of her this morning?” However, Natalie reassures Kate with a conversation that begins with, “Is Castle gay?” This question surprises Beckett, who suddenly spits out her coffee, marking a funny moment in Castle history. The investigation is only secondary to the plot between th characters. Natalie is just an actress, but she contributes to the investigation and the arrest of guilty. This proves to Castle that she is ready to take on the role of Nikki Heat. Yes, first appearances are deceptive. Finally, the episode ends with Ryan proposing to a worried Jenny. Because Ryan was panicking over proposing to her, he avoided her and lied about his whereabouts in order to ask Jenny’s father’s permission. It may be sweet and romantic, but concerning to the unaware. But, the detective finally proposes and Jenny accepts, in front of the precinct.

Kat number 04


A closer look The Blue Butterfly Episode 4x14 The investigation of the day drives Castle and Beckett in the maze of 40’s on whisky and piano background and disparition of a mysterious butterfly.

08 / 10 Hands on a piano, air of the fifties, and the sound of flowing whiskey into a glass: this is how the magic of «The Blue Butterfly» begins. More afraid of the episode than I expected, for me, it was a nice surprise. We discover our favorite characters in a world different than the one we are used to. Excited like a child by the discovery of the diary of private detective, Joe Flynn, Castle can’t stop himself from transposing the people in his life into the plot while he is reading it. In this imaginary world, Martha is Joe Flynn’s secretary, while Castle, you may have guessed, is Joe Flynn. Kate is Vera, the girlfriend of a mobster and supposed sister of Sally Scofield, (Alexis), a small town girl in search for her. Esposito and Ryan are the right arms of the Mafioso while Lanie is Betsy Sinclair, a popular singer and an alleged friend of Vera. Much like film noir, the private detective will fall in love with the girlfriend of a mobster and will do everything to run away with her. But beyond a story about transposition, «The Blue Butterfly» is also the story of a murder; a murder that Castle’s imagination will help to solve. I will not reveal more


the story for those of you who have not yet seen this episode (if you even exist). All I would say is that the conclusion is a beautiful parallel between the love story of Joe/Vera and of Rick/Kate. A love story that should not have been born and eventually thrive against all odds. An original episode never seen in the history of Castle, it comes with beautiful costumes and music, and a parallel “Caskett” that we like. It reminds us that, even if the season has not been as magical as hoped, nothing is finished and most importantly, everything is still to come. Despite a banal investigation scenario, the probable future of Castle and Beckett is flashed before our eyes. My heart tells me to put a high score for this episode: 8/10. In the end, the only thing that will stay in mind me after reviewing this episode is Vera saying, «Tell me you love me Joe» with his response of, «Always.»


number 04

A closer look Target / Hunt Episodes 5x15/16 A murder investigation leads to an international conspiracy with Castle’s former muse helping to solve the case.

7 / 10


n the previous issue of Heat News, we discussed the deception of the fourth seasons’ two-part episode. It lost some people along the way and the cute and touching Caskett interactions were not enough to satisfy us. Going off of the theme of threatening elements, Andrew Marlowe had us thinking of where the ending for the two-part episode in season five could take us. Season 2: Fire. The cliffhanger: a serial killer explodes Beckett’s apartment, but she falls into a magic bathtub and survives. Season 3: Ice. The cliffhanger: Castle and Beckett get stuck in a giant freezer and face their deaths, which prompts an affectionate conversation between the two of them. Season 4: Water (we will ignore the “liquid” ice thing). The cliffhanger: A bad guy drives Beckett’s car into the Hudson with our favorite duo still inside. Road safety is not always sure thing and a locked seat belt can cost life, according this episode of Castle. When season five’s two-part episode was announced, the most insane ideas began flooding fan’s minds (no pun intended). Maybe a character will be buried alive? (Season 6?) Or our favorite duo will be forced to jump out of an airplane without a parachute (season 7?).

number 04

The air element might have won because Alexis was transported from New York to Paris. If the first episode of the two-parter was solely based on intensity and acting, it was rich in every way. However, I must add that I was disappointed in the second part and even more so by introduction of Castle’s dad. Over the summer, Andrew Marlowe promised he would not add another major two-part event to season five. He preferred to bring the story back to something more personal for our characters. However, the plot was not simple: a kidnapping, the CIA, and a spy-daddy. The story centers on our series’ heroes, but the drama was overpowering. The first episode managed to pull at our heartstrings with great, moving moments such as the scene with the van or the phone conversation at the end. Nathan Fillion had fans in a puddle of tears from his portrayal of a father looking for his daughter. However, I can’t say the same thing about the second episode. Even though fans expected Castle’s father’s arrival, it still came with a little fear (by Marlowe, who want to correctly integrate this character). Castle’s father is a spy. It’s not a bad idea, but it’s a little exaggerated. His short-lived scenes were clichéd and somewhat disappointing. For a moment, I didn’t see our favorite TV show, but an American blockbuster with Sean Connery and Liam Nesson. Castle’s father has always been a shadowy


A closer look subject; an enigma with a dozen hypotheses. Personally, I think I would have preferred it if he stayed this way. It wouldn’t be fair to speak of only one character out of many who were in the two-part episode. Gates, Ryan, Esposito, Lanie and Martha’s places were not exceptional, but they were balanced. Each had their place. Referring to Caskett, deception is once again among us. Some fans might be satisfied with the level of intimacy our favorite duo has seen, but others, like me, are battling against the love for the season and the love for Caskett. It’s not enough to give fans a sealed episode with a kiss at the end. Where is passion from the beginning seasons and the finale? Does this couple’s television fate end here? Or does it deserve something more intense? This isn’t what we saw in September.


Their relation is once again in the background. Even if we do see beautiful moments and interesting interactions, they are spacious. A season that began celebrating a new relationship has strayed away from its original intentions. To conclude, the most recent two-part episode challenged the way I viewed all of them together. However, both episodes should not be viewed the same. The first episode was controlled, but not like the second episode. And they both had many clichés. After watching both, they were a halfsuccess. I hope the season ends by breaking this pattern of stoic episodes, especially in regards to our favorite couple.


number 04

Cat Fight A group discussion began when Po’ asked an innocent question and sparked a debate, which often happens at Heat News. Two sides formed and a verbal disagreement began between Kat and Keancy against Po’ and Erin. The topic: Gates and her “Caskett” knowledge.

Subject to the approval of the so ciety of cat fight, the third sess ion is now open!

Po’: Do you think Gates knows about the “Caskett”? Kat: Yes! How can she not know? During the twopart episode there were looks and words that can only be exchanged in a romantic relationship. Keancy: OF COURSE. She knows because she’s not blind. She runs a police station. The Captain is always aware of everything! Erin: No. How can she know? Po’: I don’t think she knows, but it’s hard to say. Maybe she does, but she’s said nothing about it and it is not in her nature to say nothing... Kat: Exactly. She’s said nothing because she wants to watch them. She knows about them, but it hasn’t interfered with their investigations, so it’s okay. Keancy: Well, she’s not stupid. Erin: Are you kidding me? Although she’s the captain, she rarely goes into the field on assignments. She’s busy at the station because Beckett’s team isn’t the number 04

only one she has to deal with. She doesn’t care about what her detectives do once their shift is over. Keancy: I think she’s playing them to make them go crazy. She knows, but she knows they don’t know she knows. It let’s them act as if she doesn’t know. They will always be making sure that their relationship doesn’t openly come to the precinct. Po’: It’s not like we had a lot of public “Caskett” moments. Do you think that there are many major changes to their behavior since they have gotten together? I saw more sexual tension and involvement before Season 5. As for the two-parter, their affectionate gestures can be interpreted as friendship. Kat: They look happier as they become closer. And Gates doesn’t stay in her office all the time. Keancy: I agree, Po’! There was more sexual tension before this season. But this is normal because their sexual tension was answered in the Season 4 finale.


Cat Fight

Castle’s door remembers very well. Erin: Exactly Po’. It can be seen as a strong friendship. She gives him a hug because his daughter was kidnapped. Any friend would do that. And I’m willing to bet that Gates would have done the same if Kate hadn’t done it first. Keancy: The way Kate takes him in her arms and holds his hands at the precinct is not a simple gesture of friendship. The way Gates has to react or not react just shows she knows. She knows they are in love, that he needs her at that moment, so her loyalties to the NYPD rules aren’t important at this moment. Po’: But if she knew, why hasn’t she said anything? Why hasn’t she reacted? Yes they are in love, but as huge as their feelings are, in Gates eyes, they might not last forever. Keancy: She doesn’t want to make them feel uncomfortable. By saying nothing she doesn’t put that extra weight on them. From the moment that Gates announces that she knows it will be her job to follow the rules of the department. Erin: Yes, but on the other hand, he is not the police so the rules don’t apply to him. Kat: Why fire them? If their relationship doesn’t change anything about the cases, why does it matter? And Castle isn’t exactly a legal member of the police department. Po’: I think Gates has doubts, but because she hasn’t said anything at all, we don’t know what she is


thinking. Keancy: You forget one thing: Penny (Gates’ actress) confirmed that Gates knows. Erin: Gates was forced to take Castle back under the Mayor’s orders at the beginning of season 4 and now he wants have an affair with one of their detectives? This is THE time to fire him. Po’: Yes, but Gates doesn’t show this. Keancy: No no no. She cannot fire him. It’s as simple as an equation: Precinct - Castle = no show. Erin: She may not fire him, but, instead, enforce some rules? Kat: I guess there will be no kissing at the precinct! Po’: Frankly, if the question is to fire or to not fire, and if I was asked this question a year ago, I would have said that Gates would fire him. Currently, even if she doesn’t always show it, she does cares about him. She considers him as part of the team. It can be okay if she knows. But if she knew she would say some small subtle message because it’s in her nature. I can see her saying something implied and leave them wondering whether or not she knows. And since they are not sure she knows, they can’t ask her, «Hey captain, do you know about our relationship?” Erin: Precisely. She makes no reference. During the Valentine’s Day episode she even believed that Castle’s gift for Kate was really for her! If she knew she could tell him something, or suggest he keep

number 04

Cat Fight the gift, but she just tells him that she’s married. She does not know whom his true Valentine.

precinct. And like that, Castle will be afraid and would not dare to break the rules.

Keancy: Everything is there. I’ll let you think that I don’t know because otherwise you will freak out!

Kat: Castle cannot be fired. He helps unite the team, now more than ever, and is the link that was missing before. Gates knows they are in love and she knows that her rules would make her fire one of them. But since Rick is not an official member of the team, he can’t be fired. She can only keep an eye on them.

Kat: But she has the reputation of being “Iron Gates”. She cannot be too human. Nevertheless, there are too many details pointing to her knowing, but not saying anything. Because nothing is official, in her eyes, she can’t say anything. Erin: Her adoration for the reality TV shows gives her humanity, so if she had suspicions about Kate and Rick, she would not keep it from them. Kat: No. Her attitude shows her human side and, therefore, she admires Beckett and knows that she is a good cop and wouldn’t let her personal life get in the way of her job. Keancy: I think it is very selfish for Gates to say something. She knows that the team works well together so why would she deprive them of one of their own? Erin: Selfish to say something? No. I think she is right and if she knew the secret she would have set things straight. Po’: Exactly Erin. She can tell them and she can ignore the rules, but in exchange she can point out that she has the authority to kick Castle out of the

Keancy: This is an endless debate. Erin: Yes, Keancy. I will finish by saying that Gates is not officially aware so she says nothing and does not intervene. Unofficially, she knows. When it’s released, she will not hesitate to impose rules on Castle. Po’: Nevertheless, I would have given anything to see her make a bet with the boys. Kat: Me too! And also with Lanie.

Readers, what do you think?

Erin -Kat- Keancy - Poling number 04


Restricted area Surprise! Castle is going to get emotional. The season finale is promising to be poignant, which isn’t all that far from the previous season-enders. Apparently our favorite Detective will be answering some seasonlong questions about her new relationship. Andrew Marlowe also says to expect to learn more about Castle as a character. “We’ve spent four and a half years really unpeeling who Beckett is, but we haven’t learned a lot about Castle.” And like any relationship, Caskett will go through its “mini-bumps,” as Stana Katic calls them. However, before the season finale is even a thought, the main thing on die-hard fans’ minds is: When is Kate going to finally say, “I love you” to Castle? Yes, it has not even been a year for them, but these two have known each other long enough for this to not be a traditional relationship. Kate still has some walls inside of her. Marlowe expects her to say it when she breaks the last of them down. Castle’s ex-wife is also a concern to Kate, bringing up some commitment issues in her head. Because she’s a very private person she’s going to want to question how devoted Castle really is to their relationship. The latter part of the season will be digging deeper into her character and seeing how she is going handle this serious relationship. These final episodes will shed light onto the Castle character as well.


As for one of our other favorite couples, Lanie and Esposito’s current relationship status will be questioned. Tamala Jones says, “They are back together. You’ll see them doing things and being together, but I can’t tell you how.”

Friendships and Castle Family We just met Castle’s father, but that’s about all we got. The fans, along with Castle, himself, should expect to remain confused as to who this man really is. “We wanted to not give him as big a bite at the relationship as he would want,” Andrew Marlowe says about Castle’s connection to his father. Marlowe also says if there is a season 6 this story will carry over into Castle’s future arc. He’s going to want to know whom his father is and crave that familial connection. Although James Brolin will not be returning this season to reprise the role of Castle’s father, we will be seeing this character’s presence looming over the writer. There is a new Derrick Storm novel about to come out and this man’s aura will be stuck in Castle’s mind.


And with the theme of these character-centric episodes, Lanie is due for one! “I keep hearing little whispers that Lanie may, “ Tamala Jones says, “ But you know how Andrew is so secretive. But I believe you’re definitely going to see a Lanie-centric episode.”

number 04

Restricted area

At the 12th Spoilers have been floating around, but they are limited. According to Tamala Jones, even the actors do not know what is happening during the end of the season and the finale. The writers, apparently, are very strict about releasing spoilers. Fortunately, for us, some information has filtered. The next episode, 5x21, is called «Still». This is logically the 24th episode issued by ABC, but will be placed in the 21st episode slot of season 5. The episode is directed by Bill Roe and will be a little different, but according to Seamus Dever, the public will love it. «Still» will not be a bottle episode (shown on one set with the same amount of actors for the entire episode), but it almost is. Suddenly, Castle and Beckett find themselves stuck together for almost an entire episode in one location. Indeed, the detective will accidentally trigger a bomb threatening her life, and Castle’s, if she moves. Because of this situation we will learn more about their relationship. Castle will attempt to distract her by starting a debate about who fell for the other first. Assuminly, it will be Ryan and Esposito conducting the investigation to help their friends. This episode looks quite interesting

title of the finale episode is «Watershed» and Stana Katic reportedly stated in an interview that Beckett will receive a work proposal unrelated to her present case. Is this a promotion waiting for her? As far as episode 5x04 goes, we know Andrew Marlowe has no plans to bring back Senator Bracken. We will not see him by the end of the season. Marlowe prefers to save this for a different time. He promises that he has not finished with him yet, but he will keep him for later. Don’t forget that Bracken still has a debt to Beckett, who saved his life, but will she ever need his help? And if so, would she call him? These questions can only be answered if we have a season 6 renewal, which should come around late Spring or early Summer. Although we do not yet know if this is the case, Marlowe said that even if the mystery surrounding Johanna Beckett’s murderer was solved, Castle and Beckett are together and Castle has met his father, there still are new secrets and new complications for season 6.

For episode 23 (5x23), we are in possession of even less information because nothing has filtered around yet. The

Poling & Megan

number 04




g ive ‘em hel

music : Here’s to Us de Halestrom


n the fandom world, when it comes to fan-vi+ more v i deo deos, some names stand out from the rest. The quality of their independent videos nears perfection and reminds us of professional work. There are too many to mention all of them, but we can quote some memorable names, such as HalfOutLoud or Pe4alhar, who control their image very well. We’re also highlighting the talent of videographer, PauseTheTragicEnding and Jyleafer15, who have the ability to combine the series atmosphere into a small video. Among the talented fan film editors are IrmaArdeen1, this issue’s fan-video creator that we would like to feature. This fan has a talent to enhance a scene with perfect music and carefully chosen coloring tints. The video is titled “Give ‘em hell” which is seen as one of the top fan-videos by many ofthe Castle fandom. This video is part of the top five most viewed on the artist’s page. Personally, this artist is in my top three. ImraArdeen1 says moments in videos communicate a fun and friendly mind of the series in specific colors and moments. Behind the scenes of the fun and flirty Castle plays, “Here’s to Us” by Halestrom. There’s no drama or dark moments, just a compilation of all the light scenes where our heroes are enjoying each other’s company. This video is really particular in that it transfers positive emotions. It brings a smile to our faces while we think, “It’s really a series like no other!” Without further discussion, we share this video with you and let you discover the editing! Ever’


number 04


F A NFI C T I O N TENTATIVES Gender: Thriller / Drama / Romance Language: French Chapter: 35 Author: Tess Read the fanfic

But how, he murmured, how I announce to my 17 year old daughter that someone out there wants to see her dead and that’s because of me?


his fiction is one of the few that stuck with me. I quickly entered into the story and when the end came down, I was still very nervous. All ingredients are there to keep the reader in suspense: an investigation, a little humor and a lot of love. Alexis is the main character of this investigation, she is the target. Remains to be determined by whom, because of who and why... Tentatives focuses, as its name suggests, on the attempted murder suffered by Alexis when she is with her boyfriend, Ashley, in the street. Each chapter has a soul and a purpose. We discover a character, his feelings towards Castle family and his commitment to the 12th. Action, suspense, sweetness, reality, cohesion, humor, friendship, love and family are keywords that make this fiction a worthy story of Richard Castle’s novels.

number 04

I also love this fiction because the author does not try to place Kate as Alexis’s mother. She is important but she doesn’t take Meredith’s place. The relationship between Rick and Alexis is strong and primitive; the one between Castle and Beckett treated with more discretion but appropriateness. The story forces us to think about the future we hope and fear of our actions on our close relative… The end is right. It shows the humanity of the characters who keep some negative effects from this case. They have weaknesses, fears and dark areas that the author have wonderfully described.



Artzone Coup de coeur de Poling: Sarah For this 4th number I chose talk to you to Sarah, a perfect pencil handled artist

Can you introduce yourself? My name is Sarah. I am 18 years old and I live in France. I am passionate about cinema, literature and music. Of course, I’ve loved to draw ever since I was a little kid. And yes, I’m also a fan of Castle.

When did you discover your passion for drawing? Are you a trained artist? I’ve always been drawing, but I started taking painting lessons once a week when I was 10 years old. I learned a bit of everything: landscape painting, African style, watercolor, etc. I guess I was just searching for my style. Then, about 1 year ago, I









Can you tell us how you prepare to draw? Do you have a sketch that you start with and then transfer it to the computer? I draw exclusively by hand. I am not using software, except sometimes to change the quality of the pictures of my drawings. I just take a picture of a model that I like and I start the basics of their face and their hair with gridlines most of the time. I mostly always start by drawing their hair first. Drawing Stana Katic does take some time!

numéro 04

Artzone On your Deviantart, I saw that you did a lot of portraits. Is your specialty? Right now, yes. This is what I do, principally. I got tired of drawing landscapes and other things. I wanted to tackle something more alive. Portraits are, simply put, just impressions and I love it when portraits are lifelike. For example, those drawn by Arlene are really beautiful!

The drawing you did for the Heat News calendar (April) was very different from what I’ve seen on your Deviantart. Did you feel the need to change and do something less realistic? Castle and Beckett in Easter eggs, I thought it was a cool idea!

Where do you get your inspiration? I am inspired by looking at the drawings made by other artists on the Internet, as well as tutorials, but I still try to have my own style.

How long does it take to make a drawing?

Do you wish to say a word to our readers?

I can spend about 20 hours on a drawing when I really want it to be perfect. Sometimes it’s just 2 hours when it’s just a quick sketch. It really depends on the size of the drawing and my patience!

One word? Always.

Retrouvez Sarah sur

What are your other interests? As I said, I’m studying cinema, maybe to become a screenwriter or director (we can always dream!). I watch a lot of TV shows at the same time. It is so horrible; I am never update, except for Castle, of course!

numéro 04


Follow the geek

Stana Katic vs Audrey Hepburn


uring the 1960s, a newspaper once wrote:

«[Audrey Hepburn] is a young woman who can give you heart palpitations, with a style all her own, a real acting talent and photogenic which earned her a prominent place in the press”. Today, this quote might belong in an article about Stana Katic. These two women have many similarities, whether it is their physicality or their personal history. The ways they view life and what others have said about them have followed them both through their years. During a public event last year, Stana Katic wore an outfit (see photo associated with the article) recalling a similar one worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a film released in 1961. Clothing might be only one similarity between Stana and Audrey, but it is a step to identify what is it about these two women that make them stand apart from the rest.

number 04

To begin, Stana Katic, like Audrey Hepburn, has family origins far from their home base of From Croatian decent; Stana’s parents immigrated to Canada from Yugoslavia before moving to Chicago, where she spent some of her childhood. With this multicultural background, Stana developed a fascination for the world. With her love for traveling, and her parent’s encouragement, Stana learned five languages including English, French, Italian, and versions of Croatian. Meanwhile, Audrey Hepburn was born in Brussels, Belgium to a Dutch mother and an AngloIrish father. She quickly developed a talent for languages, learning how to fluently speak English, Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian. The two actresses entered the world through backdoor fame, beginning with very small roles where they were hardly noticed. Stana Katic appeared in The Spirit, Feast of Love and Stiletto before landing her role in Castle. Before Audrey Hepburn became the mega actress that she is remembered as today, she appeared in Laughter in Paradise and Gold in the Bar. Both women found their fame in one role,


Follow the geek which opened new doors for them. William Wyler, who chose Audrey Hepburn to star in Roman Holiday, said, «She had everything I was looking for: charm, innocence and talent. She was also very funny and absolutely delicious. We said, ‘This is the one we need!’” This statement is very similar to the ones the Castle producers said about Stana Katic after they had casted her as Kate Beckett. Of course, the professional career of Audrey Hepburn and the one of Stana Katic aren’t exactly comparable in every way. Hepburn became a Hollywood legend, leading many iconic films and Stana Katic is at the beginning of hers, breaking through in television. But what also brings these two women together is their passion for helping others and helping our environment. Their curiosity about the world and their humanitarian evolvement is widely shown in their various interviews. In many interviews, Audrey Hepburn alluded to the «childish» side of acting. She highlighted the characteristic of acting which pulls from someone’s childhood innocence and fun. On many occasions, Stana returned to this characteristic saying, «an actor taking on a new role, it is like stepping into a sandbox. The only thing you can hope for is that the person on the other side of the sandbox is ready to send you the ball.»

These two women have a real passion for the world and a strong desire to help others. Both come from a background where nothing was gained and everything is earned if you deserve it. Audrey grew up during the Second World War and experienced its hardship, which made her grow into an adult with a huge desire to help those in need. She was committed to UNICEF at the end of her career and had spent the last years of her life helping children suffering from malnutrition. Stana has made several trips to small countries such as India and Mongolia, but she also engages with children through the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Both actresses have also never been very keen on the life of the rich and famous. Audrey Hepburn hated the iconic status that she developed. She ended her career early in Hollywood, preferring to live quietly in a house in Switzerland, which was named “The Peaceful,” with her family. Like Audrey, Stana loves privacy and intimacy in life. She doesn’t reveal much about her personal life like some do in modern Hollywood. Stana prefers to backpack across the world to an unknown destination. In conclusion, these two actresses are leading similar lives, just decades apart. Both have childhood in their eyes, the love of the world in their heart, and, “an indefinable charm,” that makes them different from other actresses lost in the world of glitz and glamour.

Everdeen 30

number 04

Follow the geek

Valentine ‘ s Day


or this issue I decided to write about a film surrounding Valentine’s Day. The day for lovers is certainly behind us, approximately two months that is (and thankfully the red and white hearts around the shops are as well). But why not simply take this opportunity to talk about love? For one thing the movie, Valentine’s Day, is a love story. The release date for French cinemas was not chosen timely, as it was released in on February 17, 2010, three days after Valentine’s Day. I remember wanting to go to see it in the movies. Yes, I’m a romantic, but a beautiful array of famous actors in the same film also called to me. However, I was unable to see it. I don’t know why I didn’t go to see it and I must confess: I don’t regret it at all. Valentine’s Day was directed by Garry Marshall (Pretty Woman, Just Married) and includes many well known actors: Jessica Biel, Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, Ashton Kutcher, Patrick Dempsey, Hector Elizondo, Jamie Foxx, Bradley Cooper, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift. The viewer follows each character’s Valentine’s Day, all in different stages of life. Reed, a florist, asks his girlfriend to marry him, but she gets

number 04

scared and flees. Julia, a teacher, is about to surprise her boyfriend by rejoining him in San Francisco where he was «detained» by work. Holden, a businessman, and Kate, a military girl, meet on a flight. Sean Jackson, famous quarterback whose career fails, openly reveals his homosexuality on Valentine’s Day. However, among all of these pairs, Kara, a member of the press, and a bachelorette, begins the day with saying, «I hate Valentine’s Day.» This movie is a message of hope and a tribute to love. It perfectly illustrates the famous song of Michel Sardou: «She runs, she runs the disease of love in the heart of the children of seven to seventy-seven years old,» since the youngest to celebrate Valentine’s Day must be seven years old and oldest couple has been together for 51. I have (finally) watched the movie after Castle has spoken about it in «Under the Influence»(5x11) because I was curious as to why he disliked the movie so much. After viewing, I can only agree with Castle. Kate should not lose a turn, but at least two, as Esposito


Follow the geek suggests. I had a lot of trouble getting into the story perhaps because of the significant number of characters that had to be equally presented which made the beginning slow.

Nevertheless, the film is not bad; there are some beautiful, touching moments, particularly, the small Edison and his commitment to bringing a card and flowers to his Valentine touched me. The fact that Beckett chose to watch this movie with her boyfriend shows her romantic and dreamy side. It’s interesting how a simple mention of a movie can make us learn more about the detective’s personality. However, I can understand why Castle did not appreciate this romantic comedy.

I also found the movie a little too «nunuche» (and I’m quite fond of romantic comedies).



number 04

Coffee talk There’s Action in the House So far, season five has given the impression that the presence of Castle’s family is starting to disappear from the show, however the last few episodes have begun to prove us wrong. The twopart episode of this season centered on the familial dynamic between the Castle’s. Alexis’ kidnapping showed us (even if we already knew it) how much she means to Castle and how much he does love her. All his actions in this episode (good and bad, legal and not) were intended to save her. Castle made us cringe with his justified torturing of the witness and worried us with his quick departure to Paris. Meanwhile, Martha was not very present in these episodes, but her few appearances did remind us that her son and granddaughter are important to her. However, Alexis’ kidnapping was not the main Castle family event in these two episodes. No, no, no. It is rather the discovery of Castle’s father. He

exists and he is still alive. This double episode allowed us to meet him and finally know the reason for his absence in Castle’s life. Castle’s encounter with his father is not a coincidence. It’s the main reason why Alexis has been kidnapped. Although it is easy to think otherwise, this man seems to have an important place set aside in his heart for his son and his granddaughter. It remains a mystery as to whether or not this discovery will be discussed in future episodes and if it will have a lasting effect on Castle.

Love and Action The most recent episodes of Castle (prior to the 100th episode) have not been focused on Caskett, but we still did get a few romantic scenes between the two. On Valentine’s Day, we were given the first tangible scene of love when Kate gave Castle a drawer in her dresser for the holiday. Although this looks like a simple gesture, for Kate, it’s a lot. The two-part episode, for the first time in the history of this TV show, was not centered on Caskett. However, Beckett showed that she would always be there for Castle even if he leaves the city without telling her to cross the ocean in order to save his daughter. During his absence, Beckett ensures the advancement of the investigation. She even allowed herself to be very «bad ass» during the interrogation of the girlfriend of a missing suspect.

filled with horror. Castle’s overactive imagination was not equal to the logical mind of his girlfriend. His wild theories even prevented them from having, what seemed to be, a very romantic night. Despite her efforts to charm him, Kate realized that her boyfriend’s suspicions had won. Once the mystery was solved, and the proof that it was not due to a supernatural force, the writer was ready to have the night he had refused a few days earlier.

After the two emotion-filled episodes, our two lovers conducted an unusual murder investigation number 04


Coffee talk Gates is back !

with her actions.

The absence of our dear Captain had us afraid for her, especially in the latest episodes. Fortunately, she reappeared and did not fail to entertain us

Gates has shown that she is both a stern detective and a compassionate person. She has the coldness of a Captain. She is a woman who leads her police station the right way to bring justice to the victims. She tries to be fair and to give freedom to her team while showing that she is present. The second part of her is the humanity of someone who understands the pain of the victims’ families. She provides the necessary support when it is appropriate.

The return of Gates also brings battles between her and Castle. The Valentine’s Day episode will remain engraved in the records of the Precinct. Near Valentine’s Day, Castle tries to get closer to the Captain in order to get Kate’s gift that he had put in Gates’ coat by mistake. Gates discovers the gift and, thinking that it’s a romantic gesture from the writer, politely declines it. However, this small error of course does not prevent her from helping him when his daughter is kidnapped. She lets Kate investigate without intervening. Gates also supports her team when Beckett must guarantee the security of Bracken. Gates understands that there is something more behind this, but she does not try to intrude. She respects her team as long as this does not affect their work.

The Bro. What about the friendship between Ryan and Esposito during these episodes? Their interactions are very enjoyable to watch. The bros stand together when Kate must protect Senator Braken. They do not hesitate to get personally involved, even when they are at risk of becoming targets themselves. This duo is also characterized by differences of opinion when it comes to myths and superstitions. Like Beckett, Espo is rational while Ryan is superstitious. When a young woman is found dead from fear after watching a haunted video, Ryan refuses to watch it because he and Jenny are trying to start a family; therefore, they are avoiding every superstition. Espo mocks his sidekick, but when Beckett asks him to watch, he declines as well, in order to not make his partner look like a wimp. Beautiful, Bros! Their friendship also plays around the romantic relationships of the two men. Ryan shares his plans to start a family with his friends. Esposito


occasionally drops a few hints that he has resumed his relationship with Lanie, earning a few amused looks from the rest of the team. Finally, the Bros confidence is limitless. Ryan is on an undercover mission and he does not hesitate to put his life in the hands of his partner. While standing in front of a gang member with a gun, Ryan does not pause to call on his partner because he knows he is there. Esposito is loyal to his position and will fight for his brother.

number 04

The 12th dimension



21/04 - 20/05

21/05 - 21/06

Love: It’s time to prepare for the Love: You gave him a place in hiatus. Summer is near. your drawer, but the place he has in your heart is more important. Health: Wait for the season 6 renewal! Don’t bite your nails off Health: The demons of the past completely! may arise at any time. Call Dr. Burke! Work: Warm up the DVD player. It will soon be your best friend. Work: Even at work, don’t hesitate if your partner needs you!

Love: Even if you are undercover, you help each other!

Heat news 21/03 - 20/04

Ryan & Jenny 22/06 - 22/07

castle 23/07 - 22/08

Love: Use time to yourself now; Love: Pay more attention to your soon you will not have any. family in these coming months. Health: Stock up on your coffee Health: Since when has the fear and energy drinks. of supernatural beings kept you from being with Kate Beckett? Working: Have fun with your friends now. Soon, you will be Work: Do not forget that your spending time with a different weapon is a pen, not a gun! kind of bottle and inside a nursery.

number 04

Health: Over the next few months watch your attitude with your partner. Work: Be there for your partner, especially if it can earn you extra “Uncle” points.


23/08 - 22/09

Love: There are people who have been looking after you since you were born. Health: Don’t let that visit to Paris get to your head. Work: Always remember what your father has taught you.


The 12th dimension

Gates Lanie

24/10 - 22/11

EspLanie 23/11 - 21/12

23/09 - 23/10

Love: It might be time for you to decide once and for all?

Love: Show your support to your employees. They need it.

Love: Do not be afraid of the great reunion!

Health: Take a little rest; Perlmutter can take your place for one case.

Health: A little ground action wouldn’t hurt you.

Health: Single might be fun, but being a couple might be better.

Work: In some situations, it’s good that you can be the calm one.

Work: Don’t forget the 12th!



22/12 - 20/1

Love: No matter the situation, you are always a nice comfort.

Health: Does staying in the shade help you keep up your image?

Health: Cheers!



21/01 - 19/02

Love: You do not have to become friends with your worst enemy.

Work: What kind of conspiracies are you creating?

Work: Your coworkers might have your love life under a microscope, but that doesn’t mean you have to as well.

Work: Do not let yourself be replaced by a secret.

20/02 - 20/03

Love: Someone out there has never forgotten you and has been watching out for you. Health: Turn to your family in stressful times. Work: Your son might need you in his time of need.

number 04

number 04


Heat News #4 English  

Heat News #4 English

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