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Year 11 Learn for Life Days & Sixth Form News

Yet another   record  breaking   year   at  The  Heath  as  144  students,  69%   of   our   cohort,   achieved   5   A*   -­‐   C   including   English  and   Maths,   the   Governments’   main   headline   figure.   An   impressive   206   students,  that’s   98%  of  our  cohort   left  with  5  A*   -­‐   C  giving  them   the   opportunity   to   access   further   education  or  employment. We   have   had   some   fantastic   individual  results  with   89  students   achieving   at   least   1   A*/A.   The   results  go   to  show  the   hard  work   and   dedication   of   our   students   and   staff   especially   considering   that   nationally   results   have   dropped.   Here   at   The   Heath   we   continue  to  improve  year  on  year. Jamie  Jardine Principal

On Friday 11th October Year 11 students will begin their preparation for post 16 education with events taking place at both Riverside College and The Heath Business Park. Students will have “taster” sessions for A Level, BTEC and vocational courses as well as a chance to have their say in the design and planning of The Heath Sixth Form. There will also be a presentation by Liverpool John Moore’s University on progression to Higher Education. The Heath Sixth Form prospectus will be unveiled shortly revealing to students the exciting range of courses and opportunities available to them. All current Year 11 students will be given a copy of the prospectus at our upcoming

Learn for Life day on 11th October and they will be available from the school after that time. Following on from this, on Monday 14th October, our Year 11 students will visit a Careers Fair at the Business Park where schools, colleges, universities and employers will be present to answer any questions about future choices for education and employment. We are committed to offering our students the best advice and guidance available to support them in the decision making process. We are very excited about being able to offer Year 11 students the opportunity to continue their educational journey at The Heath Sixth Form from September 2014.

If you  know  of  anything  happening  in  and  around  our  school  community,  let  us  know,  or  if  you  have  any   comments  about  the  newsletter  email:



T h i s m o n t h   t h e   A r t   Department   would   like   to   invite   all   students,   staff   and   parents   of   the   Heath   School   to   join   in   The  Big  Draw  2013. We want to encourage EVERYBODY to enter this year. Use the I-Zone if you need an idea to start you off. Log into the IZone and click on Resources> Art> Christmas Card Competition Folder. Try drawing with biro, fine-liner, pencil, crayon, ink, charcoal, sharpie on plastic, brush and ink, wire, string or paper. !


There are  plenty  of  free,  fun  Big  draw   events   being   held   all   over   the   UK,   and  the  North  West   events  are  listed   above.   Why   not   go   along   in   ½   term   and  see  what’s  on.  The  Tate  Liverpool   has   a   cartoon   workshop,   The   Maritime   Museum   has   a   Sailing   and   Spaceships   theme   event,   and   The   Brindley  is  holding  Family  Fun  Days.   Have  Fun  From  The  Art  Department.  


SMSC In  Action It’s  that  time  of  year  again  where  pupils  and  staff  at  the  Heath   have  been  given  assemblies  this  week  on  the  Shoe  Box   Appeal.     Operation   Christmas   Child   is   a   charity   which   both   staff   and   pupils   at   our   school  have   supported   for   numerous  years  and   have  had  ongoing  success  in  collecting  and  filling  shoe  boxes  to  send  to  Samaritans  Purse  who  distribute  to   children  throughout  the  world. Both  staff  and  pupils  have  been  asked  to  start  collecting  items  to  fill  a  shoe  box  and  hand  into  Mrs  Green   or   Mrs   Pulman   by   the   10th   of   November.     20   pupils   will   then   be  given   the   opportunity   to   visit   the   distribution  office  in  Liverpool  where  the  boxes  are  sent  and  spend  an  afternoon  experiencing  the  logistics   behind  the  processing  of  the  shoe  boxes. This  is  a  very   worthy   cause  and  we   are  looking  this   year   to  build  on  previous  years  by   aiming   to   collect   over   90  boxes  and   beat  our  previous  record.    All  pupils  and  staff  have  been  given  suggestions  of  what  to   include  and  not  include  within  the  shoe  boxes  and  are  reminded  to  include  £3.00  for  postal  costs. So  everyone  get  behind  the  appeal  and  let’s  put  a  smile  on  lots  of  children’s  faces  this  year!

History On 1st   of  October   88   Year  8  history   students  visited  Quarry  Bank  Mill  in   Styal,   Cheshire.   Students   had   a   fantastic  day  exploring  the  world  of   Britain’s   early   industrial   heritage.   Students   had   the   opportunity   to   see  a  working  water   powered  cotton   mill   where   children   as   young   as   9   were   expected   to   work   up   to   16   hours   a   day.   Students   tried   out   the   beds  in  the  Apprentice  House,   had  a   hand   writing   lesson   on   slate   and   learned   about   the   dangers   associated  with  working  in  factories  during  this  time.    Scott  a  year  8  student  said  ‘it  was  fun  and  educational’   and  that  he  would  ‘definitely   like  to  go   again’.  Olivia  who  also  went   on  the  trip  said  her  favourite  part   was   seeing  the  machines  the  children  worked  on  and  the  beds  they   slept  in’.   The  National  Trust  guides  praised   the  students  as  ‘the  best  groups  they   had  worked   with  this  year’  which   was   particularly   pleasing.   Quarry   Bank  Mill  featured  in  the  series  ‘ The  Mill’  on  channel  4  in  recent  weeks.  Mr  P  Cooper

Year 7&8 Information Evening. Improving communication with parents and carers is of the upmost importance to The Heath. As part of this focus we will be holding an information evening for Year 8 on Wednesday 16th October and Year 7 on Wednesday 30th October, 7.00 – 8.00 pm. The evening will be presented by the Progress Coordinator for the year group and provide an ideal opportunity for you to meet and talk to key members of the year team and learn about the events that will be taking place during the school year. The evening will centre on key areas such as • • • • • • • • • •

Pastoral support Communication with the school Pupil Premium Academic achievement Key dates Home based learning How to effectively use the IZone E Safety Attendance and punctuality Careers, Information and Guidance

Our intention is to improve the way parents and carers receive information about the school, while allowing an opportunity for you to talk to us about any queries you may have about the school year ahead. Mr Dance

The Heath Governing Body Conference The Heath held its first full day Governors’ Conference on Monday 23rd September 2013. Governors were given the opportunity to receive current information regarding Ofsted – the role of governors in the new framework and they were provided with a full curriculum update by Mr Rogers, Vice Principal. Mrs Gargan, Head of Sixth Form gave a presentation to governors explaining how plans for The Heath Sixth Form are moving forward and Mr Byrne provided an update on teaching and learning in school. The conference was a great success and Mr Jardine plans to make the Conference an annual event.

Year 7 Transition I am  very  pleased  to  say  that  Year   7  have  made   a   superb   transition   in   their   first   weeks   at   The   Heath.   They   have   handled   the   massive   change   admirably.   Many   teachers   have   commented   on   how   polite,   smart   and   well   mannered   they   appear   to  be.   From   my   own  observations,   I   can   say  they  are  a  bright,  intelligent   year  group   full   of  character.   Most   importantly,   I   am   pleased  to   say   that   they   are   supporting   and   helping   each   other  –  which  is  important   and  vital  as  we  begin   this   journey   together.   I   am   thoroughly   looking   forward  to  our  Kingswood  trip  in  October,  which   I   am   sure   will   be   a   massive   success   and   will   bring  us  even  closer  together  as  a  year  group Mr  Cookson

PE News It’s been   a  busy   time   in   PE   since   our  last  newsletter.     The   year   7   and   8   netball   teams   have   started   their   All   England   Netball  Association  junior  umpiring   course.     The  girls  have  completed   the  theory   and  practical  parts  of  the   course   and   will   be   putting   their   skills  into  practice  in  the  new  school   year.    Well  done  girls! Most  of  the  rowing  team  have  now   received   capsize   and   water   safety   training  and  have  had  3  sessions  on   the   water.     They   are  beginning   to   look   really   confident   in   the   water  and  their  rowing  skills  are   improving  week  on  week.    Well   done  team  Heath! The  Heath  hosted  the  Runcorn   Primary   Schools   rounders   tournament   in   July.     This   was   only   possible   due   to   the   leadership   work   by   our   Year   8’s  and   10’s.     They   officiated  the  matches,   organised  the  teams,  set  up   the  equipment  and  ensured  everyone  had  a  great   time.    A  big  thank  you  to  all  the  girls. The  year   7   represented   Halton   at   the   Merseyside   Youth  Games   on   5th   July.     They   competed  in  the   quad   kids   event,   involving   running,   jumping,   throwing  and  relay. Our   rounders   teams  were  in  action  against   other   Halton  schools.    The  teams  have  played  really   well,   winning   some   of   their   games.     But   most   importantly,   the   girls   have   been   a   credit   to   the   school   and   played   with   great   determination   and   spirit.    Well  done  teams! The  Olympic   Ambassadors  have  now  been  selected   from  Year  10  pupils  who  have  shown  a  real  interest   in   improve   the  provision   of   PE   and   Sport   at   The   Heath.   The   team   have   already   begun   duties  and   have   set   up   their   own   breakfast   activity   club,   attend  forms  weekly   to  do  speed  stacking  and  have   interviewed   the   new   PE   teacher.   They   were   also   part   of  a  team   building  workshop  hosted  by   Living   For   Sport   Star   Jenna   Downing.   I’m   really   looking   forward   to   their   input  on  Sports  Day.    The  Year  10   Olympic   Ambassadors   also   attended   the   “Lead   Your  Generation  Legacy   Summit”  at   Loughborough   University.    They  shared  ideas  with  other  secondary  

schools about   how   they   can   lead   our  younger  students  to  participate   more   in   physical   activity.     The   students   began   their   day   with   activities  that  had  been  adapted  to   be   fully   inclusive   for   younger   students   and   for   students   with   a   disability.     The   activities   included   Quicksticks   Hockey,   Boccia   and   volleyball,   with   some  fun  warm  up   games  suitable  for  all  levels.    There   was  a  presentation   by   people  who   had  a  variety   of  roles  in  the  games,   including   a   Boccia   official,   an   accreditation   steward   and   a   member   of   the   team   who   lit   the   cauldron.    Following   on   from  this,   a   Paralympian   who   competed   in   the   100m   sprint   and   the   captain   of   the   ladies   hockey   Team   GB   (who   won   bronze   in   London   2012)   spoke   to   the   students  about  their  journey   to   London   2012.     They   answered   questions   from   the   students   about   what   had   inspired   them,   how   they   had   overcome   any   obstacles  along   the   way  and  what   their  hopes  were  for   the  future.    The   whole   experience   was   fantastic   and   our   Ambassadors  are  now  ready  to  put  their   ideas  into   practice,  being  totally  inspired  from  the  event. At  the  end  of   last  term,   The  Heath  PE  Department   hosted   their   first   ever   Sports   Personality   Award.     What   a   fantastic   night   it   was,   highlighting   the   achievements   of   our   many   successful   students.     The   ultimate   award   of   the   night   was   the   presentation  of  Sports  Personality  of  the  Year.     This   award  was  a  result   of  a  whole   school  vote.     The   voting   was  very   close  but   the   overall  winner   was   Ellen  Johnston  of  Year  11.    Pictures  of  the  night  can   be  seen  on  the  school  website. So  far  this  academic   year,  the  extra  curricular   clubs   have  been  very   well  attended.    We  have  welcomed   our   new   Year   7   to   the  school  teams  and  they   are   showing  real  promise.     We  look  forward  to  our  first   matches  against  other  Halton  schools. The   boys’   football   teams   have   already   been   in   action  in  the  English  Schools  Cup,  with  the  Year   8   team  progressing  to  the  next   round   of  the  cup.     A   round  up  of   all  results  can  be  viewed  on  the  school   website  or  by  following  the  PE  Department  twitter   account  @HEATHPEDEPT

Conwy Castle  Trip On   Wednesday   2nd   and   Thursday   3rd   of   October   the   History   department  took  all  Year  11  GCSE  students  to  Conwy  Castle.  This   trip,   undoubtedly   famed   for   poor   weather,   soggy   booklets   and   broken   pencils,   proved   an   absolute  success.   The  weather   was   OK,  if  a  little  misty,  but  we  avoided   the  rain  on  both  days  ( just!).   The  highlight  was,   as  usual,  Mr.  Byrne’s  guided  tour.  Rumour  has   it  that  Conwy   Castle  will  look  no  further   should   a  vacancy   arise   for  a  tour  guide.  Though  his  tales  of  the  ‘Upper  Crust’  and  ‘Left-­‐ handed  Round  Towers’  may   leave  the  crowds  wanting  more,  the   real  purpose   of   the   trip   was   focusing   on   the   development   of   Conwy  Castle  in  comparison  to  other   medieval  castles.  The  Year   11s  will  soon  have  the  enviable  task  of  analysing   this  historic  site   as  al  source  and   a  piece  of  evidence,   something   we,   as  a  department,   are   thoroughly   looking   forward   to!  Good  luck  to  one  and  all!   Mr.  Young  

Year 11s....and  a  massive  wooden  guard!

...the tour  continues....

Pupils in  the  way  of  a  cracking  photo  of  the  castle!

Get Caught  Reading The  start  of  the  year  has  seen  a  real  focus  on  reading   for   pleasure   with   the   English   Team’s   ‘Get   Caught   Reading’  campaign.     It   started  out   with   a  focus  on   finding  out  what   our  male   teachers  were  reading  in   the  hope  of  inspiring  our   more  reluctant   boys  with   suggestions  of   what  to   read.    Along  with   reviews  of   their   favourite  books,  hilarious  pictures  of  the  male   staff  reading  around  school  were  also  taken.    Lots  of   the  teachers  wanted  in  on  the  action  and  they  made   some   really   great   recommendations.     Some   staff   chose  fiction  classics  like  Bram  Stoker’s  Dracula   for   Mr  Cooper,  Mr  Jardine’s  choice  of  Salinger’s  Catcher   in   the   Rye   and   Mr   Wade’s   recommendation   of   Frederick  Forsyth’s  The  Odessa  File.    In   contrast,  Mr   Gregory   and   Mr   Brown   both   went   for   sporting   autobiographies  as  their  most  engaging  reads. The  campaign   then  went   a   step  further   when,   not   wanting   to   miss   out,   female   members   of   staff  

Mr Byrne  in  full  flow....

contributed their  book  choices,  with  favourites  from   Captain  Correlli’s  Mandolin  to  Wonder  by  R  J  Palacio   and   a   couple   of   classics   by   Jane   Austen   and   Charlotte  Bronte   thrown   into  the  mix.     Finally,   our   students  caught  on   that   getting  caught  reading   was   actually   quite   cool   and   they   selected   some   super   reads   that   they   felt   would   inspire,   engage   and   entertain   their   peers.     Top   student   book   choices   included   War   Horse,   by   favourite  children’s   author   Michael   Morpurgo;   The   Hunger   Games   Trilogy,   a   whole  host  of  Jacqueline  Wilson  novels  and,   one  for   the   boys:   Contact   Harvest.     The   displays   for   ‘Get   Caught   Reading’   were   put   up   in   time   for   Open   Evening   and   have   really   brightened   up   the  English   corridor   –   we   hope  you   get   chance  to  check   them   out  sometime. Students  and  parents  should  also  keep  an  eye  out   for   more   reading   competitions   and   challenges   throughout  the  year.

LIPA 4:19 at the Heath’ is a part time performing arts academy which is part of Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. The academy is based at the Heath School, Runcorn and has been operating in Halton for the past 4 years. We currently have students aged from 4 - 19 at the academy, which runs on a Saturday morning during term time, but we have spaces for new recruits. Classes are in Singing, Dance and Drama and operate on a rotational system of 1 hour each for 7-19 years from 9.30am -1pm. Early Start Classes (4-6 years) run from 10 - 11.30 am each week. For all age groups, classes are fun and stimulating and provide challenging, inspiring lessons structured around technique and performance skills. Since beginning LIPA 4:19 we have performed and produced 9 shows in venues, such as an outdoor Shakespeare performance in Liverpool Sudley Manor, an 80’s Rock version of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. More recently we performed a show based on musical movies at the Brindley Theatre and the Heath School. Students also have the opportunity to take exams in the various art forms.

Recently we have performed for the Mayor of Halton’s inauguration and also reached the final of Halton’s Got Talent on 20th July Students have also performed in various charity events at the Brindley Theatre, Runcorn and Parr Hall, Warrington, alongside stars from London’s West End Stage in "West End Stars Live!". Zoe Curlett, one of the stars said: "Highly well done to all! What young professionals you were! Thank you for all your hard work and for making the show so extra special - Stars in the making xxx" All staff at LIPA 4:19 are trained and experienced performers and practitioners – highly skilled in their various fields of performing arts and working with young people. Children do not need to audition for LIPA 4:19, just complete an application form and places are allocated on a first come first served basis. Termly fees do apply.

If you would like to apply for a place or find out more information please contact Kate Allerston, Principal of LIPA 4:19 at the Heath

t: 01928 576664 or e:

Geography Field Work 2013 On Friday the 20th September 2013, all of our Year 11 Geographers went out and about in the local area, undertaking a field study for their GCSE controlled assessment. All pupils were responsible for their own data collection and learning that day and every group of students turned in an excellent performance. The day was a complete success and this was down to the hard work and attitude of all involved. Well done Year 11! Mrs Hignett

Performing Arts Extra Curricular Timetable Day

Clubs, rooms and times

• • • • •

KS3 Drama  Club:    DR2,  3.10-­‐4.10pm Vocalise  Singing  Group  (All  years):  41,  3.15-­‐4pm


Dance Company  rehearsal:  Hall,  3.10-­‐4.10pm


• •

Band Night/The  Collective:  41,  3.15-­‐4  pm Commercial  Dance:  Hall,  3.10-­‐4.10pm


• •

Beginner Taiko  (KS3):  41,  Week  2  Lunchtime Advanced  Taiko  (Y8&9):    41,  3.15-­‐4pm

Monday Tuesday

KS4 Drama  Club:  42,  3.10-­‐4.10pm KS3  Dance  Club:  DR2,  3.10-­‐4.10pm Samba  Band  (All  years):  41,  3.15-­‐3.45pm

Principal’s Surgeries

Mr Jardine  will  be  holding  his  Principal’s  Surgeries  on  the  following  dates  between  4pm  and  7pm: Thursday, 10th October 2013

Thursday, 3rd April 2014

Thursday, 14th November 2013

Thursday, 22nd May 2014

Thursday, 6th February 2014

Thursday, 10th July 2014

If you  would  like  to  book  an  appointment  slot  to  see  him  on  any  of  the  above  dates  please  contact  his  PA,   Marie  Wadsworth  on  the  school  number  01928  576664  or  by  email:

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October 2013 newsletter  
October 2013 newsletter