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The Heath

JULY 2012

Message from Mrs  Williams:

Most of  you   know  by   now   that   I   am   retiring   at   the   end  of  term.  I  have  enjoyed   working   at   The   Heath   for   more   than   20   years   and   have   met   some   excellent   students  and  teachers  and   made  lots  of   good   friends.     I’ve   had   a   great   career.     Thank   you   all   for   your   support   &   friendship   and   for   all  the  fun  I’ve  had  with   pupils   &   teachers   at   the   Heath.     Thanks   to   all  the   p a r e n t s   w h o   h a v e   supported   me   over   the   years! Good  Luck  for  the  future. Sheila  Williams

Introducing the new JLT On the 3rd of July we had the difficult task of selecting our Junior

Leadership Team (JLT). After a gruelling interview process which included a presentation, interview panel of current JLT members and an interview panel of Mrs Mullaney, Mr Jardine and Miss Carey. This year we had over 40 applications, the highest ever and the standard was as high

as always. After much discussion the following applicants were successful. Laura Lagares Ballantine(Head Girl), James Shellshear (Head Boy), Ben Jackson Spruce, Ellie Smith, Graham Shellshear, Katie Woodward, Sam Bazley, Jessica White. They have already attended their first training event at Weatherhead High School looking at the different leadership styles and leading teams. One of their first jobs will be to set up a JLT blog on the website so keep checking for updates on what they have been up to.

If you know of anything happening in and around our school community, let us know, or if you have any comments about the newsletter email:

Old Town   New   Beginnings

On  Sunday  8th  July   The  Year  9  GCSE   dancers   were  involved   in   a  country   wide  Big  Dance  project.  The  aim   was   for   20,000   dancers   across   the   country   to   all   perform     different   d a n c e s   a t   t h e   s a m e   t i m e .   Accumulating   in  a  flash   mob   where   the  whole  country    perform  a  dance     together.     This  was   inspired   by   the   London  2012  Olympic  games  and  the   bring  together   of   all  the  nations   for   one  event

Using the  old  town  as  a  stimulus  the   dancers   created  a  site  based   dance   along   the   canal   site   bought   new   experience   and   life   to   the   town   centre.   The  dancers   encouraged  the   audience   to   move   with   them   through   the   town   where   they   witnessed  many   performances.    The   students   thoroughly     enjoyed   the   day   and  had  a  wonderful  experience.   It   was   an   honour   for   the   Heath   School   to   be   involved   in   such   a   memorable  event. As   you   all   know   the   London   2012     Olympics   is   fast   upon   us,   and   ‘Revolution   Dance   Company’,   In  

honour of   this     created   a   dance   based   on   the   games   and   the   Awards  Evening different   cultures,   countries   and   dance  styles.   The   Heath   Annual   Awards   Evening   took   place   recently   In   June   members   of   the   company   delivered     dance   workshops   to   to   celebrate   the   successes   primary   schools   where  the  students   a n d   a c h i e v e m e n t s   o f   got   to   learn   about   the   olympics,     students   throughout   the   watch   a  short     performance  by   the   y e a r .     A w a r d s   f o r   company   and   learned   and   created   achievement,   attainment,   movement   from     from   Indian/   and   attendance   were   made   Bolywood   dance.   This   helped   to   a n d   t h e r e   w e r e   a l s o   develop  their  knowlegde  of  different   o u t s t a n d i n g   l e a d e r s h i p   cultures   and   the   history   of   the   awards   for   those   who   have   olympic  games. shown   qualities   in   this   area.     The  workshops  were   a  great  success   Due  to   the   sheer   number   of   and   as   a   result   Revolution   Dance   people   involved   the   evening   company   has   been   asked   back   to   was  separated  into  two  with   many   primary   schools   to   deliver   Year   7   and   8   having   a   more  dance.  Well  done  Dancers. ceremony  followed  by   Year  9   Watch   this   space   for   next   Years   and  10,   it   was   wonderful   to   see   the   hall   full   of   people,   Dance  festival  details. f a m i l y   a n d   f r i e n d s   c e l e b r a t i n g   t h e   achievements   of   Heath   students.      Year  11  will   have   their  own  Awards   Evening  in   the   Autumn   following   the   publication   of   the   GCSE   results.     Congratulations   to   all   who   achieved   an   award   on   the  night  and  keep   up  the   good  work  next  year. I   would   also   Like   to   take   this   opportunity   to   say   thank   you   and   good   Luck   to   our   year   11   Dance   Time Capsule Captains   Robyn   Capewell,   Naomi   Two year 7 students, Hannah Holland   and   Katie  Smith.   Your   hard   and Callum were proud to work   and   dedication   to   the   dance   represent The Heath when they department   has  been  invaluable.  You   returned to their primary school. will  be  missed. As part of their Jubilee celebrations Moore Primary school buried a time capsule.

PE News

This term,   some   of   the   GCSE   Sport   students  visited   Edge   Hill   University,   Ormskirk,   to   sample   the   fantastic   facilities   they   have   there   and   to   meet   some   of   the   Senior   Lecturers   who   run   the   sport   related  courses.    The   students  started   with  some   team   building  games  and   had  to  work   together  to   solve  a  number  of  problems.    The  feedback  from  the   students  was  that   they  had   a   great   time   there   and  we  all  agreed  that  the   facilities  at   Edge   Hill  University  are   fantastic.     A   big  thank  you  to  the  staff   for  giving  up  their  time   for  us  and,  due  to  the   impeccable  behaviour  of  The  Heath   students,  we  have   been  invited  back.    

National School  Sports  Week  (25th  –  29th  June) During   National   School  Sports   Week,   the   pupils   at   The   Heath   experienced   a  number   of   different   sports  within  their  curriculum.     The   climbing   wall  was  in  for  one  afternoon  and  many  of  our  students   were   able   to  learn   some   basic  climbing  skills,   facing   the   challenges  of  varying   difficulties  of  climbs.     Pro  golfer,  Jason   O’Brien   from   Widnes  golf   club,  came   in  for  two  afternoons  and  gave   basic  golfing   skill  lessons  to  many   of  our  pupils  during  lunchtime  and   curriculum  time.    Lucky  for  us,  the  weather   held  out!    A  big  thank  you  goes  out  to  Brydie   Short  and  Caitlin  Turner  for  providing  a  fantastic  session   of   Zumba.     The   girls  (and  boys)   loved   the   session   and  have   already   requested   a  repeat!     Widnes   Vikings   provided   us   with   excellent   rugby   sessions.     Both   girls   and   boys   thoroughly   enjoyed   the   expertise  of  the  coaching  provided  by  Curtis.    

In addition   to   the   above   activities,   all  the   girls  took   part   in   a   Jump   Rope   for   Heart   event,   raising   money  for   the  British  Heart  Foundation.    The   sum  raised   was  £83.00.    So  a  big  thank  you  to  the   girls   who  made  contributions  to  this  good  cause. Our  Lady   Mother   of   the   Saviour  Primary   school   in  Runcorn,  requested  our  help  with   their  sports   day.    Some  of  our  year  10  young  leaders  assisted   with  the   day  and   put   their  newly   learned   skills   to   the   test.     They   did   an   excellent   job!     Well   done  girls.

Children of   Halton  Sing  2012 A   group   of   pupils   f r o m   o u r   s i n g i n g   g r o u p   a n d   t h e   Re vo l u t i o n   D a n c e   Company  took  part   in   the  Children  of  Halton   Sing   Festival   at   the   S t o b a r t   S t a d i u m   Widnes.  The   theme   of   t h e   e v e n t   w a s   “Olympic   Spirit”   and   t h e   d a n c e r s   performed   their  piece   “London’s   Calling”   in   the  centre   of  the  pitch.   The   singers   joined   up   with   the   primaries   a n d   s e c o n d a r y   schools   in   Halton   to   sing   such   Olympic-­‐ themed   songs  as  “Eye   of   the   Tiger”   and   “Go   for   Gold”.   A   fantastic   t i m e   w a s   h a d   b y   everyone.

PE Contined...

We took   some   of   our   athletes   to   the   Cheshire   Athletics   Meeting   at   Victoria   Park,   Warrington,   where  we  entered  the  70m  hurdles,  the  100m  sprint  and  the  800m.    All   the  girls  tried  really   hard  and  performed  well  on  the  night.    Thank  you  to  Alicia  Ennis,   Fay  Moore,  Holly   Glover  and  Hannah  Shaw  (all  in  year  7)  for   participating.     Hannah  won   her   70m   hurdle   race   in   a   personal  best   of   12.4seconds   and   went   onto   represent   Cheshire   in   a   competition   against   Merseyside,   where   she   came   2nd.     Well   done   Hannah! Our  year  7  tag  rugby  team  were  selected  to  represent  Halton  in  the  recent   Merseyside   School  Games  held  at   Wavertree   Athletics  Centre,  Liverpool.     The  weather   was  awful   but   the   girls  battled  through   the   torrential  rain  to  put   in   some  great   performances.     Three  of  our   Olympic  Ambassadors  came  along  to  the  event  to  show  the  VIP’s  around   the  venue  and  thank  you  to  Tom  Dempsey   for   his  work  with   the  squad!  We   also  met   the  Mayor  and  Mayoress  of  Halton  (Tom  and  Angela  McInerney)

Mrs Wood

Music Instrumental   Lessons Over   the   summer   holiday,   some  students  may   consider   a   n e w   c h a l l e n g e   i n   September  –   to  learn  how  to   play   a   musical   instrument.   Lessons   are   very   popular   at   the   Heath   and   we   have   a   fantastic   team   of   teachers   who   visit   school   to   provide   s p e c i a l i s t   t u i t i o n .   We   currently   offer   lessons   in   electric,   acoustic   and   bass   guitar,   drum   kit,   singing,   saxophone,   clarinet,   flute,   v i o l i n ,   t r u m p et /co r n et ,   t r o m b o n e   a n d   p i a n o / keyboard.   Please   see   Miss   Dale   for   information   and   a   form   to   complete,   and   lessons   start  back   during  the   second  week  in  September.

The Heath  School  at  ‘Halton  Employment  Day’ Laura   Lagares-­‐Ballantine   and   James   Shellshear   (pictured)   our   newly   appointed   head   girl   and   head   boy   respectively,   were   invited   to   attend   to   Halton’s  Employment  Day  hosted  by  SOG  at  the  Heath  Business  Park.   The   theme   of   the  morning  was  to  celebrate  the  opportunities  in  Halton   for   business   growth   and   future   expansion   of   the   region,   as   projects   like   the   ‘Mersey  Gateway’  bridge  project  and  others  begin  to  step  up. Shadow   Minister   for   Employment   Stephen   Timms     spoke   first   to   speak   followed  by   David  Parr  the  Chief   Executive  of  Halton  BC  then  closely  followed   by  John  Lewis  ,  Managing  Director  of  SOG.   The  key   note  speaker   was  Alastair   Campbell,   former   Downing   Street   press   Secretary   and  Director   of  Communications  for   the   Labour   party   under   Tony   Blair’s  Government.     A  very   light  hearted  speech  sharing  stories  of  when  he   was   with   President   Obama,   Jacques  Chirac   at   the   G8   Summit   and   Angela   Merkel  discussing   the  Euro  Zone   to   name   just   a   few.   No   mention   of   Piers   Morgan   though!   A  really  interesting  day   and  great  exposure   for   our   new   leaders   of   the   junior   leadership  team  of  the  Heath.    

LIPA 4:19   at   the   Heath’   is   a   p a r t   t i m e   p e r f o r m i n g   arts   academy   which   is   part   of   Liverpool   I n s t i t u t e   o f   P e r f o r m i n g   Arts.   The  academy  is   based  at   the   Heath   School,   Runcorn  and   has   been  operating   in  Halton  for  the  past  3  years.   We   currently   have   students   aged   4   -­‐   19   at   the   academy,   which   runs   on   a   Saturday   morning   during   term   time,   but   we   have   spaces   for   new   recruits. Classes   are   in   Singing,   Dance   and   Drama   and   operate   on  a  rotational  system   of  1  hour  each  for   7-­‐19  years  from  9.30am  -­‐1pm. Early   Start  Classes  (4-­‐6  years)  run  from  10  -­‐   11.30   am  each  week. For  all  age  groups,  classes  are  fun  and  stimulating   and   provide   challenging,   inspiring   lessons   structured  around  technique  and performance  skills. Since  beginning   LIPA  4:19  we  have  performed  and   produced  9  shows  in  venues,  such  as  an   outdoor   Shakespeare  performance in  Liverpool  Sudley  Manor,  an  80’s  Rock  version   of   ‘A   Midsummer  Night’s  Dream’.   More   recently   we   performed  a  show based  on  musical  movies  at  the  Brindley  Theatre   and  the  Heath  School. Students  also  have  the  opportunity  to   take  exams   in   the   various   art   forms.   In   March   most   of   the   academy  were  entered  for  their IDTA   dance  exams,  age  4  to  19  and  all  passed  with   flying  colours  at  their  various  levels! Next   term   sees   some   of   our   older   students   perform  in  a  charity  event  at  the  Warrington  Parr   Hall,  alongside  stars  from  London’s West  End  Stage. All   staff   at  LIPA   4:19  are  trained   and  experienced   performers   and   practitioners   –   highly   skilled   in   their  various  fields  of  performing arts  and  working  with  young  people. Children   do   not   need   to   audition   for   LIPA   4:19,   just  complete  an   application   form   and  places  are   allocated  on  a  first  come  first served  basis. Termly  fees  do  apply.

If you   would  like  apply  for  a  place  or  find   out  more  information  please  contact Kate   Allerston,   Principal   of   LIPA   4:19   at   the  Heath t :   0 1 9 2 8   5 7 6 6 6 4   o r   e :

The Olympic   Torch   Comes   To   The  Heath On   Wednesday   30 th   May   the   Olympic  torch  was  carried   through   school   by   a   nominated   torch   bearer  and  ex  student  Paul  Gavin.   Paul   left   The   Heath   in   2004   and   joined   an   apprentice   scheme   at   Vauxhall  cars.  Shortly  after  his  19th   birthday   Paul  was  diagnosed  with  a  rare  form  of  bone  cancer   and  was  given  a  50%  chance  of  survival.   Paul  battled  through   the   treatment   and   numerous   operations  before  being   given  the   all   clear   3   years   ago.   Since   his   recovery  Paul  has  tirelessly   raised   money   for   cancer   charities   and   consequently   was   nominated   as   an   Olympic   torch   bearer   and   carried   the   torch  through   Ruthin   in   North   Wales  before   accepting   the  invitation  to  show  the  torch  to   the  students  of  The  Heath. The  Torch  was  carried  by  Paul,  who  was  accompanied   by   our   own   year   10   Olympic   champions,   through   the   school  from   the   front   drive,  down  across  the  front  of  school,  around  the   turning  circle  and   ending  under   the  dome  on  the   back  yard.   All  the  way   our   students  lined  the   route   and   gave   their   vocal   support. Throughout   the   rest   of   the   day   Paul   presented   a   series   of   assemblies   to   all   year   groups   telling   them   of   his   inspirational   story.   Paul   was   joined   in   the   assemblies   by   Olympic   swimming   representative   Michael   Rock   who   also  presented  about  what  it  means  to  be  an  Olympic  athlete   and   the   dedication  and  hard  work  it  requires.   You  can  cheer   on  Michael  in  the  100m  butterfly  event  at  the  Olympic  pool. Both   Paul   and   Michael   were   inspirational   in   their   presentations   and   anyone   that   heard   them   couldn`t   be   moved   by   the  very   different  journeys  these  young  men  have   made. The   students   were   once   again   very   generous   in   their   donations  to  Paul`s  charity   on  the  day   and  the  following  non   uniform  day  raised  in  excess  of  £1000  for  charity. The   day   was   a   great   success   and   all   who   took   part   were   proud  to  be  involved  in  this  historic  day  at  The  Heath. Mr  Byrne

Year 11  Prom On   Friday   6th   July   at   The   Holiday   Inn   200   pupils   and   staff   came   together   to   celebrate   the   passage   of   the   current   Year   11   the   class   of   2012   in   to   the   w o r l d   o f   c o l l e g e ,   a p p r e n t i c e s h i p s   a n d   work.     The   young   l a d i e s   a n d   gentlemen   dressed   themselves   up   to   the   nines   (and   even   a   few   staff   tried   as  well!)   and   hopefully   had   a   night   to   remember.     The   atmosphere   was   terrific   and   with   the   leavers   assembly   in   the   morning,   a   fitting   tribute  was  paid  to  a  great  year  group  with   the  world  at  their  feet. From  a  very  proud  Progress  Coordinator Mr  McNamara

Drama London  Trip The   Drama  Department  hit   the  Big  Smoke  again  this  half   term   to   experience   all   our   capital   city   has   to   offer!     Workshops   at   The   Globe   and   Dragon   Hall   were   among   the  best  we’ve  attended  and  students  looked  at   Dramatic   tension  and  the  Shakespearean  classic   ‘Romeo  and   Juliet’.     The   BBC   tour   was   once   again   insightful   and   gave   students  the   opportunity  to  consider  the  Media  industry   and  how  it   works.    The   West   End   did   not  disappoint   as   we   watched   the   acclaimed  ‘Woman   in  Black’,  which   even   had   Mr  Holmes   jumping   in  his  seat!    Shopping  in   Covent   Garden  and  seeing   the   sights  from  The   London   Eye  were   memorable   experiences   that   students   loved!     The   students   were   fantastic   as   always   and   were   complimented   on   their   manners,   attitude   and   enthusiasm  for  Drama  wherever  they  went.     Mrs   Probert   launched   this   trip   a   number   of   years   ago   and   has   remained   passionate   and   involved   in   the   Arts.     As  she   retires   this  year  we   sadly  say  goodbye,   but  would   like  to   take  this   opportunity  to  thank  Mrs  Probert   for  her   continued   support   and   her   unwavering   commitment   to   e x t e n d i n g   l e a r n i n g   beyond   the   classroom   to   ensure   students   have   memories   that   will   stay   with   them   forever.   Enjoy   your  retirement!

School Council  Update The  past  few  weeks  have  been  busy  for  the  School  Councils! Year  7  Anti-­‐Litter  Campaign The  Year  7  Council   has  had  discussions  over  the   litter  problem   we   have   in   school,   especially   around   The   Dome.   They   decided   to   raise   the   awareness   of   the   issue   by   running   and   judging   an   Anti-­‐Litter   Poster   Campaign.  Entries  have  all  been   counted,  and   verified   by  the   judges  to   ensure  that  they  meet  the   criteria  and   it  was  decided  that  the  following   students  have  been  victorious!! Winners:  Alex  McNamara  and  Jess  Smith,   both  in   7EEY,   who  entered   a  joint  effort! Runner-­‐Up:  Lucy  Ryder  and  Lilly  Carter,  again  both  in  7EEY! Bronze  Medallist:  Elle  Turrell  7BGB! Jess  and  Alex  both  split   the  top  prize   of  100  VIVOs,  and  Lucy  and  Lilly   split  the  prize  of  50  VIVOs  for  second  place,  Elle  received  the  25  VIVOs   for   coming  third!  All  pupils  who   entered  received  2  VIVOs  per  entry   –   log  on  and  check  your  accounts! Look  out  for  their  posters  around  school  in  September! Outreach  Work  with  Helsby  High We   also   had   visitors   from   Helsby   High   School   who   brought  their  School   Council   along   to   look   at   our   Dome   –   they’re  thinking   of  getting  one.  Our  School  Council   members   met   with   them  in   the   Concept  Classroom  and  we  had   a  discussion  about  the  various  issues  affecting  all  year  groups  in  both  schools.  The  pupils  seemed  to  really  enjoy  it! Finally  a   massive   ‘Thank-­‐You’   to  all  the   Year  Council   Representatives   who   have   attended  meetings  this  year  and   given  up  lunchtimes!  Well  done  to  one  and  all! Remember,  it’s  your  voice,  use  it! Mr.  Young

Blind Football

My name   is   Ben,   I   am   visually   impaired   and   in   year   10.   I   have   played   blind   football   for   20   months.   Blind  football  is   similar  to   its   “Able-­‐bodied”   counterparts.   There   are   several   adaptions   not   just   for   safety   but   for   practicality.   The   main   adaptation   is   that   the   ball   contains   ball   bearings   this   allows  all  players  to  locate  the  ball.   Another   main   adaptation   is   that   the   people   watching   the   game   must   be   silent   as   any   noise   from   the   crowd   makes   it   almost   impossible   to   locate   the   moving   ball.   The   third   main   adaptation   is   that   the   players   must   wear   blindfolds   and   some   are   patched   depending   on   their   classification.   The  classification  ranges  from  B1  to   B3   depending   on   how   much  sight   each   player   has.   B1  is   players  who   are   totally   blind.   B2   have   more   sight  than  a  B1  player  but  less  than   a   B3   player.   In   blind   football   the   outfield  players  have  to  be  B1,   B2,   B3   and   the  keepers  do  not   have  to   have  a  visual  impairment.  As  I  have   some   sight   I   would   have   to   be   patched,   taped,   patched   again  

taped again  wear  a  gauze  and  then   put  my  blindfold  on. There   is   a   range   in   both   player’s   age   and   player’s  ability   with  Liam   being   12   and   Roy   being   27.   The   ability   in   the   team   range   widely.   Liam  is   the  newest   player   and  has   being   training   for   12   months   whereas  Roy   is   a   member   of   the   England  Blind  Squad  and  has  been   selected  to  represent  Great  Britain   in   the   London   2012   Paralympics.   Sighted   goalkeeper   Steve   is   a   m e m b e r   o f   t h e   E n g l a n d   Development  Squad. As  I   am  not  16  I  have  been  unable   to  play  a  league  or  cup  game  at   this   moment  of  time.  Since  the  start   of   2012   John  Ball   who   is  an   England   Blind   Football   Coach   has   been   attending   and   running   sessions  to   monitor  the  progress  of   both  Steve   and   Roy.   On   May   12th   2012   John   Ball  spoke  to  me  and  my  parents  at   the  end  of   the  training  session  and   informed   me   that   I   would   have   been   invited   to   the   England   Blind   Football   Development   Squad’s   training  camp  but  because  I  wasn’t   16  I  wouldn’t   be  able  to  go  but  that   I  would  be  selected  to   be  a  part   of   t h e   E n g l a n d   B l i n d   Fo o t b a l l  

Development Squad  when  I  turned   16.   In   the  early   part  of  June,  John   Ball   contacted  us  to  inform  us  that  they   had   found   insurance   and   that   I   could  be  a  member  of   the  England   Blind   Football  Development  Squad   and   was   invited   to   the   training   camp   at   Hereford   on   Saturday   4th   August.   When   I   turn   16   I   am   allowed  to   participate  in  the  whole   weekend   of   the   training   camp   as   they  would  be  able  to  receive  extra   insurance  for  me. On   August   4th   I   have   to   be   at   Hereford  by  8am  to  have  a  medical,   an   eye   test   for   my   international   blind  sport   classification   and  to  be   given   my   own   official   England   Training   Kit   with   Blindfolds   and   protective  gear.  At  10am  I  will  then   have  my   first   training  session  with   the  England  Development  Squad  as   a   member   of   the   Development   Squad.   This  means  if   I   train   hard   enough  and  play   well  in  the  league   I  may   be  selected  for   the   England   Blind   1 st   Squad   and   play   in   i n t e r n a t i o n a l   g a m e s   a n d   tournaments. Ben  Jackson-­‐Spruce  (10LOG)

Creative Arts   Evening. On   the   10th   July   The   Heath   welcomed  a   sell  out  audience  to     our   annual   Performing   Arts   Showcase   at   the   Brindley   t h e a t r e .   O ve r   a   h u n d r e d   students   took   part,   performing   a  diverse  range  of  acts  from  the   D a n c e ,   M u s i c   a n d   D ra m a   departments.   Audiences   were   also   treated   to   a   look   at   the   exemplary   work   from   the   Art   Department.     The   school’s   Dance   company   ‘Revolution’   produced   a   piece  

based on   the   Olympic   Games,   which   was   recently   debuted   in   the   Stobart   stadium   for   the   Children   Of   Halton   Sing,   along   with   our   music   department   who   amazed   the   audience     again   with   the   variety   of   fantastic   musicians   and  singers.     The  year  11  GCSE   drama  group   was   welcomed   back   for   the   evening   and   delivered   an   emotional   and   harrowing   piece   inspired   by   the   Hillsborough   tragedy.     The   Creative   Arts   D e p a r t m e n t s   a r e   a l s o   celebrating  achieving  Arts  mark   Gold   this   year   and   what   better   way   to   celebrate   than   with   a   ‘ G l e e ’   s t y l e   m a s h   u p  

incorporating the   ‘Golden’   theme. We   are   very   proud   of   all   our   students   who   have   all   worked   exceptionally   hard   throughout   the   year,   their  commitment  and   passion   for   Creative   Arts   was   evident   on   the   night.   We   would   like   to   take   this   opportunity   to   thank   all   our   year   11   students   and   wish   them   good   luck   for   their   bright   futures   and   also   thank   everyone   who   attended   for  the  continued  support. This   year’s   musical   will   open   this   December   and   will   be   the   classic   ‘Wizard  of   Oz’!    We  look   forward  to  seeing  you  there.

Transition Day  In  Technology     13th  –  14th  June  2012 Year   6   pupils   enjoyed   a   creative   day   when   they  attended  Transition  Day  in  June.   Within   Technology   they   made   a   Commemorative   Mug   of   the   day   that   incorporated   SMART   materials   including   ‘Thermo   chromatic’   and   ‘Phosphorescent  Ink’,  also   incorporated  was   a  ‘promotional  tag’  for   them   to   show   how   artistic   they   were.   The   results   were   amazing   and   staff   involved  were  astounded  at   the  high  aesthetics  of  the  products  produced   –  if  this   is  a   baseline  for   what  some  of  the  pupils   can  do   in   Year  6  –  ‘the   skys  the  limit’   for  the  potential  to  be  achieved   when  they   do  their   GCSE’’s   in  Technology.  

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