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Monday 17th to Wednesday 19th December 7pm

Adults £5 Concessions £3.50

‘The Wizard of Oz’


Living for  Sport A   group   of   year   9   GCSE   PE   students  took   part   in   a  living   for  sport   project   with   Neill   Danns   an   Olympic   Skate   Boarder,   learning   key   skills   to   raise   their  attainment   in   GCSE  PE.

December brings  with  it  tinsel  and   our   touring   ‘Wizard’   workshops!   Weston,   Daresbury   and   Moore   primary  schools  are  all  going   to  be   visited   by   the   main   cast   of   ‘The   Wizard  of  Oz’  and  our  performing   arts  staff  on  December  10th.  Their   Year   6   students   will   be   exploring   t h e   M u n c h k i n   wo r l d   w h i l e   learning   ‘Ding   Dong   the   Witch   is   Dead’!     We   look   forward   to   hearing  about  the  day! The   Heath   will   open   its   doors   on   December   17th   to   welcome   eight   local   primary   schools,   our   own   students   and   their   parents,   to   present  ‘ The  Wizard  of  Oz’.      See  next   term’s   newsletter   for   a   full   review  

and some  photographs  of  our  festive   fun!  Tickets  now  on  sale  from  school! The  Performing  Arts  Team  wish  you  a   very   Merry   Christmas  and   a  Happy   New  Year!

Baking our  way  down  the   Yellow  Brick  Road! The  Performing   Arts  team  organised   a  ‘Bake  Sale’   this   half   term   to  raise   money   for   ‘The  Wizard   of   Oz’.     The   staff   and   students   supported   the   fundraiser   and   managed   to   raise   £180,   which   is  paying  for   a  carpeted   Yellow   Brick   Road   that   starts  in   our   school  foyer!     Huge   thanks  to   staff   and   students   for   once   again   supporting  the  Arts.

If you know of anything happening in and around our school community, let us know, or if you have any comments about the newsletter email:

2012 To help   ease   the   transition   from   Primary   to   Secondary,   The   Heath   offers   a   residential   trip   to   Kingswood  at   Colomendy  in  October   for  our  year   7   students.   The  aim   of   the  weekend   is   to   encourage  positive   peer   relations,   allow   the   students’   time  to  get   to   know   their   form   and   form   tutor   a   bit   better,   and   likewise  allow  the  year   team   staff  the  opportunity   to   get   to   know   the   students   better,   all   in   a  less   formal  setting  than  the  normal  school  day  is  able  to   provide.   130   students   attended   this   y e a r ’s   r e s i d e n t i a l ,   a l l   experiencing   2   full   days   of   outdoor   activities,   ranging   from   Lazer   Quest   in   the   woods   to   Archery   and   the   extremely   high   climb   up   Jacobs’  ladder.   Pretty   scary  at   t i m e s ,   b u t   a l w a y s   a   “challenge  by   choice”,  with  no   one   ever   being   forced   into   doing   anything   that   they   didn’t   want   to,   but   everyone   being   encouraged   to   try   something   new   and   set   themselves   a   little   goal   that   they   could   achieve.  Lots  of  us   did   things   that   we   never   dreamt   we   would   be  able  to   do,   with   many   overcoming   life-­‐long  fears  of  heights,  encouraged  by  our   friends   and  reassured  by  the  lovely  Kingswood  staff.   During  the  evenings  we  had  a  huge  camp  fire  in  the   woods.   We  sang   songs,   told  stories  and  jokes  and   had  hot  chocolate  with  marshmallows  before  going  

off to   our   dormitories  for   a  good  night’s  sleep   in   readiness  for  the  next  day’s  activities.   The   food   was   excellent   at   Kingswood,   and   made   sure  that  everyone  had  plenty  of  energy  for   all  the   running   around  during  free  time  and  climbing  the   hill   to   the   activities   several   times   a   day.   All   the   Kingswood  staff   were  extremely   helpful   and  made   sure  that   we  had  a  lovely   time  with  nothing  ever   being  too  much  trouble  for  them.   A  fantastic   time  was  had  by  all   the   students   and   staff,   and   our   aim   of   getting   to   know   each   other   better   was   well   and  truly  achieved.   Thank   you   Kingswood   and   thank   you   to   the  Year   7   staff   for   making   the   weekend   happen.  


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‘Mount Geography’  has  been  erupting   again  this  month  in   as   grand  a  style  as   ever.   Year   8  have  totally   overwhelmed   us   with   their   excellent   model   volcanoes.   This   year   they   have   included   sparkling   volcanoes,   cake   volcanoes   and   even   one   with   a   fan   inside  to   blow  the  crepe  paper  lava  up   in   the   air.   After   days   of   bubbling   eruptions,  it   may  take  weeks  to  get  rid   of   the   smell   of   vinegar   (!)   but   it   has   been  well  worth  it.    Thank  you   Year  8   for  all  your  hard  work.   Mrs  Hignett

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Year 7  Early  Bird  Reading  Intervention

This term   has  seen  the  launch  of  a  new  initiative  to  support  The   Heath’s  drive  on  literacy.  The   Early   Bird   Reading  Intervention   offers  early   sessions,  before   the   beginning  of  the   school   day,   for    Year   7   students  who  want  to  enhance  their  reading  skills.  This  is  a  “buddy  reading”  programme  involving  40   trained  Reading   Champions  from  Years  8  and  9.   The   level  of  commitment   and   effort  shown  by  our   Year  7  students  and  the  high  level  of  skill  demonstrated  by  our  Reading  Champions    in  supporting  our   readers  is  impressive  and  all  students  involved  are  a  credit  to  themselves  and  The  Heath.

Angela Farr    Glynis  Russell

PE News November has   been   a   busy   month   in   PE.     The   girls   have   started   on   their   new   units   of   work,   with   the  Year  8’s  studying  Health  Related  Exercise.    Some   of  the   girls  took   part   in  a  boot   camp  and,   although   some   of  them   got   rather   muddy   in   the   process,   they   all   enjoyed   the   lesson   and   would   like   a   repeat  performance! Our   Year   8   football   team   had   success   at   the   Halton   Schools   5-­‐a-­‐side   indoor  football  tournament  at   OBA.    We   were   worthy  winners  and  the   girls   want   to   thank   Mr   Cahill   for   his   managerial   skills   and   for   all   his   motivational  team  talks. Breakfast   blast   continues   throughout   this   half   term.   Our   regular   attendees  enjoy  some   games  of   basketball,  rounders  and  tennis   before   having  a  healthy  breakfast.     Big   thanks  to  Karen  from   the   bungalow  and  Mr  Bond  for  making  our  toast  each  week. Our  year  11  rugby  team  have  been  in  action  this  month  and  got  a   great  result.    They  beat  Sts.   Peter  &  Paul  17-­‐10  AND  with  only  9   PLAYERS!   Tries   were   scored   by   K   Ashley,   D   Strain   and   O   Campbell  and  T  Dempsey  kicked  2  goals  and  a  drop  goal.   Our  Leadership  groups  have  also  been  busy  this  half  term.     The   Year   11’s  have   prepared   a  fitness  session  for  a  local   residential  care   home  and  will  be  delivering  it  in  the  next   couple  of  weeks.     The   Heath   School  played   host   to   the   annual  Everton   FC   Mini   Kickers   Runcorn   Primary   Schools   festival   on   6th   November   2012.     Despite   the   poor   weather,   the   year   1   and   2   pupils   played   really   well   and   thoroughly   enjoyed   themselves. This  event   would   not  be   able  to  happen  if  it  wasn’t  for  the   brilliant   support  given   by  our   Year  10   Leadership  group  from   PE.     They  arrived  at  school  at   8am  in   order  to  set  up  the   goals  and  make   the  final  preparations   for  the  day  and  displayed  their  excellent   leadership   skills  throughout   the   festival  by   refereeing   and   supporting   the   schools   .     Paul  Bennett,   Development   Officer   for   Everton   FC,   praised   the   efforts   of   our   referees   who   had   received   some   coaching  prior  to  the   event.    The  Heath  has  had  links  with  Everton   FC  for  4  years  and  are   delighted   that  this  partnership  will  continue  into  the  future.

If you  would  like  apply  for  a  place  or  find   out  more  information  please  contact Kate  Allerston,  Principal  of  LIPA  4:19  at  the   Heath t:  01928  576664  or  e:

Boe Bot Wars Learning electronics, Programming and Robotics all at once. Tuesdays 15:10 – 16:10 We’ve spent the last few weeks building our robots, adding Capacitors, Servos and LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) to our circuit boards. We finished the chassis last week and are now ready to f inish programming the two Basic Stamp 2 Microcontroller Brains using PBASIC. By Christmas we are hoping to have the robots zoom around the class independently. Student comments... “We get to program circuit boards. It teaches us stuff about programming” - Sam “Teaches us how to put real things together” - Callum “Helps you build robots” - Rhianna “It’s awesome!” - Reece “Something fun to look forward to every Tuesday!” – Mathew

Year 8 meet artist Jeni McConnell for Inspired Responses 8. This year  we  are   very  lucky  to   be   working  with   the   artist   Jeni   McConnell.   Jeni   brought   examples  of  her  work  in  and  gave   a  great   talk   to  8X4.   She  demonstrated  how  she  draws  using   pipettes,   salt   and   oak   apple   ink.   Our   students   had   a   go   and   the   results   were   really   interesting,   they   had   fun   exploring   the   techniques. Last   lesson   we   explored   ideas   about   Runcorn   and  the  Heath’s  local  history,  the   Heath  School   Badge,   Family  Coats  of   Arms,   and  ships.   Their   work   is   on   a   blog   Jeni   has   made   us   on   so   you   can   take   a   look.   The   exhibition   or   our   students   work   will  be   on   in   The   Brindley   Arts   Centre   ,   Runcorn  in  January  2013. Mrs  Wade  &  Mrs  York

Ten Heath   pupils   from   years   10   and   11   visited   It  was   not  all  hard   work  though.    We  were  able   our   partner   schools   in   Cape   Town   during   the   to   spend   time   with   Durbanville   pupils   visiting   October  half  term.    It  was   a   ‘working  holiday’;   some   of   the   tourist   areas.     One   of   the   w e   w e r e   h o s t e d   b y   highlights   was   our   trip   up   Durbanville   High   School   Table   Mountain   in   brilliant   pupils   and   we   worked   in   sunshine   –   where   we   the   Alpha   school   nearby   watched  Mr  Gregory  abseil   during  the  day. off   the   top!     We   also   saw   When   we   learned   what   p e n g u i n s   a t   B o u l d e r s   Alpha   had   in   mind   for   us,   Beach,   visited   the   District   on  our  first  day,  it   was   a  bit   Six   museum,   Camps   Bay   of   a   shock!     We   were   b e a c h ,   a   C h e e t a h   shown  to   a  patch  of   rough   sanctuary,   Cape   Town   g r o u n d   w h e r e   a   W a t e r f r o n t   a n d   playground   was   needed.     Stellenbosch.     Not   put   off,   we   came   up   On  the  Thursday,  we  were   enjoying  the  sun  at  Camps  Bay  Beach with   a   plan   (or   ‘a   vision’   to   honoured   to   be   invited   as   be   precise,   expertly  sketched   by   Mr  Gregory),   ‘VIP’   guests   to   the   Alpha’s   concert.     We  were   sourced  all  of  the  materials  and  got  to  work. treated  to   an  hour  of   dancing   and   singing  –  it   Within  four  days,  the  fence  had  been  painted,  a   was  a  truly  amazing  experience. border   had   been   installed,   the   ground   had   We   look   forward   to   hosting   pupils   from   been  levelled  out  and  tyres   had  been  delivered   Durbanville   High   School   in   June   2013   and   for   sinking   into   the   ground   and   using   as   showing  them  the  sights  of  Runcorn! swings.     The  following  day,   a   huge   amount   of   Mrs  Segal,  Miss  Olden  and  Mr  Gregory sand  arrived  to  fill   the  area  and  the   playground   was  done!    All  of  our  pupils  worked   on  the  site,   along  with  Alpha  pupils  and  our  staff  too.    

Pupils at  The  Alpha  –  you  can  just  about  make  out  George  Fairclough,  James  Shellshear,  Sam   Bazley  and  Ellie  Smith  in  the  middle!  

Taiko Drummers Our Japanese   Taiko   drumming  group   has   been   very   fortunate   to   work   alongside   the   Mugen   Taiko  Dojo   drummers  at   the  Brindley  as   part  of   the   Warrington   and   Halton   Music   Hub   Taiko   Residency.   The   drummers,   who   are   based   in   Scotland,  are  the  only  professional  touring  Taiko   group   in   Europe,   so   working   with   them   was  a   fantastic   opportunity.   The   Year   7   and   8   Taiko   group   learnt   some   new   techniques  as   well   as   improving   and   developing   one   of   our   existing   pieces. The   Mugen   Taiko   players   thought   we   were   amazing!   The   project   lasts   for  two  weeks,   and   the   group   are   travelling   around   schools   in   Halton   and   Warrington   to   work   with   Primary,   Secondary  and  College  students.  The  Heath  was   a  host  school  for  four  feeder  primaries  and   the   whole   school   resonated   to   the   sound   of   the   Taiko   drums!   Well  done   to   everyone   in   Year   7   a n d   8   w h o   w a s   i n v o l v e d   w i t h   t h e   p r o j e c t .             Miss  Dale It   is   that   time   of   year   again,   when  hundreds   of  thousands  of   p e o p l e   i n   c h u r c h e s ,   s c h o o l s   a n d   workplaces   all   around   the   UK   join   together   to   do   something   really   special.   It   is   to   make   sure   that   more   than   a   million   children   around   the   world   know   that   they   are   loved   and   not   forgotten   at   Christmas,   through   Operation   Christmas   Child.   Pupils  at   The   Heath  have   been   busy   wrapping   and   packing   shoeboxes   for   the   charity   Samaritan’s  Purse   to  be   sent  to  children   in  need  overseas. Last   Christmas   Samaritan’s   Purse   collected   1.1   million   shoeboxes   and   sent   them   to   children   in   12   countries   across   the   world.   This   year   we   collected   91   shoe   boxes   which   were   greatly   received   by  

The Samaritan’s  Bootle  depot.   Thank   you   to   all  the   parents,   pupils  and   staff   who   have   got   involved   and   contributed   to   Operation   Christmas   Child.   Your   love   and   generosity   in   wrapping,   packing   and   sending   shoeboxes   makes  a   big   difference   to   children’s   lives.



The Dance   department   were   busy     preparing   for   the   next   Halton   dance   festival  in  March  2013  buy  delivering  an   training  day   to  the  local  primary  schools   involved.   Participants  were  up  on  their   feet   –trying   out   new   ways   of   working   with   dance     (and  introducing  dance  to   those   who   may   be   less   experienced).   They   left     with   a  tool-­‐box   of   ideas   for   their  dance.  The  Title  this  year’s  festival     is  ‘Inspire  a  Generation’   and     We  have   more  schools  than   ever   taking   part   this   year.     Watch  this  space  for  details  of  the   performance  and  where  to  get  tickets.

Anti-­‐bullying Week  2012 Once   again   GCSE   D ra m a   st u d e nt s   from  Year   9   &   10   led  the  way   this  Anti-­‐Bullying   Week  as  they   performed   a   piece   of   Theatre   in   Education,   devised   at   KS4   Drama  club,  in  assemblies  throughout  the  school.    The  thought   provoking   piece   entitled   ‘How   can   you   tell?   You   can’t!’   resonated   more   so   than  usual  with   students   this  year,   as  staff   bravely   offered   their   own   experiences  of   bullying   and   these   anecdotes  were  included   in   the   performance.     The   students   wanted  to  challenge  the  stigma  attached  to   reporting  bullying   and  the  mindset   that   it’s  somehow  a  reflection  on  the  victim.     ‘How  can   you   tell?   You   can’t’   is  now  available  to  view   on   our   school  website.

Drama Partnerships The   Drama   Department   welcomed   our   friends  from   Cronton   Sixth  Form  once  again  as  our  Year  10  students  took  part  in  their   ‘Phantom   of   the  Opera’   workshop   on   Friday   November   30th.     The  Heath  students  were  keen  to  hear  the  casts’  thoughts  on  A   Level  and  university   applications.   Year   1 0   a l s o   d i d   a   s t e r l i n g   j o b   o f   capturing   the   dark   characters   in   the   classic   musical,   as   we  can  see  below!

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