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Building Successful Futures Together

Our Five Year Goals (2012-2017) Our Resources Building Successful Futures Together requires astute management of our resources. Regular Goals • Comply with all statutory requirements • Provide the best learning resources we can source and afford, continue to invest in e-learning tools • Implement 5YA & 10YA property plans • At all times demonstrate fiscally responsible asset management Strategic Goals • Improve safety and access in car park • Plan for the next phase of the development master plan – moving towards all classrooms being modern learning environments Key Performance Indicators • Feedback from parents and visitors demonstrates an improvement in carpark safety and access to all areas of the school • A funding plan and timeline has been established for the next phase of the masterplan implementation

Our Team Building Successful Futures Together means having a motivated and capable team who share our vision. Regular Goals • Recruit and manage a high performing staff team (this includes appraisals, retention, succession planning, recognition, support) • Be an Equal Opportunity Employer • Provide appropriate professional development and a sound appraisal process • Ensure appropriate allocation of Management Units • Recognise and reward our staff for their achievements • Encourage members of the school community to assist the school as volunteers, eg. Teacher aides, providing support to the staff team

Strategic Goals • Develop a system for the Board to monitor staff morale Key Performance Indicators • Climate Survey Outcomes - Staff feel supported and motivated

Our Learning Building Successful Futures Together requires us to challenge our students and stimulate enquiring young minds. Regular Goals • Deliver a well rounded curriculum which recognises that children learn in a variety of ways and reflects best practice pedagogy • Measure, report on and recognise individual student achievement • Ensure students set and take ownership of their own learning goals • Analyse student achievement reports and set challenging targets • Continue to develop e-learning opportunities Strategic Goals • To align the Habits of Mind, Key Competencies and Values and to fully integrate them in all teaching, learning and reporting • To embed Our Learning Model within the curriculum and community • To identify at risk groups and put in place strategies to raise achievement levels • To develop a process for uncovering any gaps or weaknesses in the curriculum that we are delivering (transitioning processes/curriculum self review) Key Performance Indicators • Habits of Mind, Key Competencies, Our Learning Model and Values are embedded in curriculum delivery – most students can explain them in reference to their learning. Our community can explain what they are. • On an annual basis targets are set and achieved, and strategies to lift standards reached by at risk groups are effective • A continual process of curriculum self review is established

Our Community Building Successful Futures Together requires a strong home-school partnership and interaction with the wider community. Regular Goals • Actively encourage involvement in the school by parents, grandparents and stakeholders • Regularly consult, and report to parents on the achievement of individual students and to the community on the achievement of students as a whole

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In consultation with the Maori & Pacific Is community develop policies, plans and targets for improving the achievement of Maori & Pacific Is students Assist our students to understand and have respect for the diverse ethnic and cultural heritage of NZ, and develop pride in being a NZer.

Strategic Goals • Strengthen the PTA and community involvement • Improve reporting to parents • Develop a marketing plan designed to ensure we have out of zone applicants Key Performance Indicators • PTA involvement grows, feedback from members indicates workload is • sustainable and members feel valued • The PTA and the community play a key role in events at the school. • Parent consultation indicates parents feel well informed on their child’s and the school’s progress • School roll is at optimal level

Our Culture Building Successful Futures Together means having a school culture that is value based and nurturing, that values our heritage without being afraid to change and that gives every child a chance to shine. Regular Goals • To provide a safe emotional environment, promote healthy food and nutrition, pride in being a New Zealander and an awareness of the environment; while complying with all legislation to ensure the safety of students and employees. • To encourage participation and achievement in extra-curricular activities Strategic Goals • To review and document our traditions, with a view to preserving those we most value, while allowing freedom to make change. • To create new opportunities to celebrate success and recognise achievement • To further promote our school values, which will prepare children to make a positive contribution to our society and to understand their place in it Key Performance Indicators • Review of our most valued traditions is complete and documented. • Parent and student consultation indicates our values are well understood and children are motivated to succeed

Our Direction Building Successful Futures Together requires us to set a clear direction and maintain an ongoing programme of self review and succession planning.

Regular Goals • To regularly review our policies & procedures (using school docs) • To prepare and report against our Annual Charter • To strengthen our process of continual self review Strategic Goals • To implement and embed our vision, throughout all aspects of our school programme • To implement a new BOT operations model (and workplan) – revolving around the 6 key areas of Our Resources, Our Team, Our Learning, Our Community, Our Culture and Our Direction. • The Board’s role is clearly explained to the school community, new board members are actively recruited and supported with a streamlined handover process Key Performance Indicators • School community can recall and embraces the vision • BOT ops model revolves around 6 key areas • BOT attracts a diverse group of parent representatives

Strategic Thinking 2012-2017  

Our Plan for the next 5 years

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