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Reach us Heathurst Coatings Rowville, VIC  Australia

House Painting Services

Painting and decorating  company  based  in  Melbourne  and  has  over  30  years  of  trade  experience  in  Australia and Europe.

Residential painters  provide  methods  for  carrying  out  interior  decoration  services  with  latest  techniques  to  produce best impressions on guests and visitors. 

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The interior  painting  in  a  building  plays  a  key  role  in  promoting healthy indoor air quality. Building owners  can  focus  on  developing  the  standards  with  high  quality services to obtain optimum results.

Services As part of our total commitment to client  satisfaction we offer: 

Specialize in repairing cracks caused by the dry  weather, on ceilings, cornices and walls

Texspray Specialists

High Rise Specialists (holders of EWP licence)

Special Feature Finishes

Two Pack HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure paint  delivery system) Airless spraying Air assisted spray on Texture internal and  external finishes

We pride ourselves in being on time, on the agreed budget  without losing sight of our high quality standards

Get free  painting  estimate  quotes  online  from  Heathrust  and  you  will  get  the  response  within  24  hours.  Best advice provided  based on  your  request.


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The process of painting a building is considered as an artwork which involves innovative ideas. It plays a key role in improving the conditi...