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ABOUT ME I’m Heather. I’m a 2011 graduate of Miami University, where I studied theatre. In september of 2011 I decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue my creative aspirations. I’ve been formally trained as a scenic designer, but I have a love of all things art and design related. I think that design is a beautiful and universal language. Design allows us to cross great barriers with as little as one image. I tend towards a minimal aesthetic. I appreciate the simplicity, especially in today’s overwhelming world. That’s not to say that I can’t go big and bold, I certainly can. However, my designs and art tend to be simple and concise, opting for the beauty of a single picture or just a few words.

abstract horizons

When creating the “Abstract Horizons” project, I was inspired by the view from a balcony. Looking out, you see a multi-layered view, with at least 3 distinct layers. I was inspired to use color and texture in an abstracted way to recreate the feeling of this view. The “Abstract Horizons” project was done entirely in Photoshop CS5. I used a simple combination of textures and color gradations to create exciting and varied representations of this idea of an abstracted horizon.

scenic design

My formal design training focused primarily on scenic design. As a scenic designer and scenic artist, I began my training in 2-dimensional work. I focused on sketching and rendering. I learned the basic elements of design and how they effect the human psyche. After mastering 2-dimensional design basics, I was able to take these universal principles and apply them to a new form of design, 3-dimensional stage design. I began with models, and as I mastered the concepts, I moved to fully realized scenic designs. With these design principles, I was able to create a set for “Woyzeck� that was dark and jagged, reflecting the insanity of a war-crazed soldier. I was also able to create a pristine, clean white set to allow for a juxtaposition of the neat lives of the bourgeoisie friends and the very messy unravelling of a life long friendship. Though it may not be immediately obvious, there is an essential relationship between stage design and other types of design, allowing me a unique perspective for graphic design and other types of design work.



Heather Weaver's Portfolio  
Heather Weaver's Portfolio  

A collection of my photography, graphic design, scenic design and artwork.